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Week at a Glance

Reading: Read 20 minutes/get signature
Reading: Read 20 minutes/get signature
September calendar
Language: Write your words in ABC order 2 times
Math: HW & PS 2.1
Reading: Read 20 minutes/get signature
Language: Worksheet "Come On, Goldie!"
Math: HW & PS 2.2
Reading: Read 20 minutes/get signature
Language: Get someone to quiz you on your spelling. Get
it graded and signed by mom/dad. If you misspell words,
you need to show you practiced them on the paper.
Math: HW & PS 2.3
Scholastic Book Orders
Got Email?
Please make sure to get an email
account and send me an email. It
is okay to have a shared account
with your parents. Email me by Friday.
Check Agendas Please
Thank you so much for taking time out of your
busy schedule to come to Back to School Night
last week!
As we discussed, your child is on a journey
towards responsibility and problem solving.
However, s/he still needs our support during this
journey. So please make it a habit to check your
child's Lincoln Agenda every school night. That
should be the rst step when discussing
homework. Your child is using this like a "To Do"
list. Please go through each item, make sure it is
completed, and then mark the item as done. This
will help your child to come to school prepared.
Math Facts
We discussed the math facts weekly homework on
Back to School Night. I will collect the math facts
practice the rst day of the week (usually Monday).
Reading Lotto
Your FIRST book must be nished by NEXT
Friday (9-12). Remember, you need to ll out the
Rate the Book form (on our website). Then make
sure you ll out the box on the Reading Lotto form.
Finally, you must get a parent signature verifying
that you read the book.
No School!
No Homework!
September 2, 2014 eller_ruth@cusdk8.org Mrs. Eller
No Excuse Words
Do you love to read? Do you love to save money?
Well, youre in luck...book orders are going home.
There are some really great deals to take advantage
of! Scholastic also has ebooks that can be
downloaded to a mobile device. You can send in the
paper order with a check made out to Scholastic.
Or you can order on-line. Its easy to do:
1. Go to http://www.scholastic.com/parentordering
2. Set up a user name and password - its fast and
3. FYI: the activation code is GVFVY
4. Deadline is September 30.
(FYI: Online orders earn free books for the class!)
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Word Power!
Word Power begins this week. Please go to our
website to read all the information about it.
Then take a deep breath, because we are just going
to PRACTICE it together this week. We will all be
using the same word and learning the process.
There will be lots of "hand holding." Whew!
Got Help?
Please take a look at the volunteering sheet that went
home last week in your child's blue folder. If there is any
way you can help, please send the form back. Thanks!
A new requirement this year is for all parents
who help on eld trips to get ngerprinted. I
hope you read my announcements last
week on our website. As a reminder, the Live
Scan Station will be at Lincoln on Tuesday,
June 2. Hopefully you have already made an
appointment using the sign-up Google form.
You can also call the ofce to see if any
appointments for today are still available.