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spearheading innovation

Sumeet Arora
Founder & CTO
Vijendra Chauhan

Who We Are?
What We Do?
How We Do It?
Product Engineering
Qualit Assurance
Outsourcing Central
!ulti"le Plat#or$ E%"ertise
&trea$lined Processor #or outsourcing
&trong Technical Tea$
Testing In#rastructure
Do$ains We &erve
Quic' (in's)Custo$i*ations
Who We Are?
Evon+a so#tware consultanc is a tea$ o# ,--. technolog evangelists+
si$"l in love with the town we are head/uartered in0 This town has scenic
1eaut+ talented "ool o# "ro#essionals+ aweso$e weather and $ost
i$"ortantl+ e%cellent govern$ent su""ort #or co$"anies li'e ours0 Although
co$$uting ti$es are getting worse each da+ 1ut we can live with that0
What We Do?
We are a custo$ so#tware develo"$ent and Custo$ we1 design co$"an in
india0 Our di##erent units #or design+ a""lication develo"$ent 2des'to"+ we1
and $o1ile a""lication develo"$ent3 and QA hel" us satis# all our
technolog needs0 Our co$"lete ecosste$ revolves around the /ualit o#
codes and services we "rovide to our clients0 Our tea$ wor's hard to
i$"rove itsel#+ starting #ro$ HT!( to i$"le$entation o# design "atterns
#ro$ 4gang o# #our40
As we learn+ and unlearn $ore+ we can surel sa+ 4We en5o ever 1it o#
what we do and ta'e Pride in what we create40
Rapid Prototyping Experts & Startup
We are an e%"erienced o##shore technolog "artner+ who 'nows which
technolog and develo"$ent $ethodolog can e$"ower organi*ations to
achieve their 1usiness o15ectives0 Evon understands the need o# custo$i*ed
a""lications that contour our 1usiness needs0 Our evolved and "roven
a""lication develo"$ent $ethodolog co$"rises ca"ture and analsis o#
1usiness re/uire$ents+ and all "hases o# &D(C0
!o" We Do #t
Our Pro5ect Develo"$ent !ethodolog is "urel 1ased on agile 0We use
water#all $odel a""roach onl when we #eel that the client6s "ractice is
de#ined and the re/uire$ents will not change radicall in the course o# the
%eatures o& Agie Deveopment
Active Client Involve$ent is i$"erative
7e/uire$ents evolve 1ut the ti$escale is #i%ed
Ca"ture 7e/uire$ents at a high level
Focus on #re/uent Deliver o# Pro5ects
Testing Integrated Throughout the (i#eccle
We have learnt the hard wa that o##shore engage$ents do well i# 1oth
"artners are e/uall involved during the "rocess o# "ro5ect evolution0 The
Pro5ect 7e/uire$ent Docu$ent is 5ust a s$all "art o# contri1ution #ro$ our
side on the road to success 2although our consultants will create one i# ou do
not have it30
We need ou there at ever ste" o# "ro5ect e%ecution0 We re/uire long
$eetings with ou0 Our wee'l releases are inco$"lete without our reviews
and valua1le in"uts0 We "re#er to wor' with ou rather than wor'ing #or ou0

Deveopment Process at a 'ance
7e/uire$ent 8athering
I$"le$entation Phase
&ta1ili*ation Phase
8o (ive Phase
Product Engineering
We Per#or$ Product Engineering as9:
Product !aintenance and Enhance$ents
Product !igration
Product Conce"tuali*ation
;ew Product Develo"$ent
(uaity Assurance
In Qualit assurance our tea$ #ocuses in the #ollowing9
Functional Testing
Per#or$ance testing
Test Auto$ation
)utsourcing Centra
In outsourcing our tea$ $ainl #ocuses on
8lo1al Deliver !odels
$utipe Pat&orm Expertise
Our tea$ E%"ertise in !ulti"lat#or$s to give ou the $ost scala1le and
7elia1le &olutions li'e
Cloud &erver
&cala1le Portals
!ulti"le =ideo Codec !ani"ulatoin
Streamined Processor &or )utsourcing
It includes:
7a"id Protot"ing
&horter 7elease Ccles
Price ca""ed !odules
7is's !ini$i*ed
Faster ti$e to $ar'et
7easona1le &aving
Strong *echnica *eam
We hel" ou in #acing the challenges o# the world 1:
;atural (anguage Processing
!athe$atical Algorith$s
I$"le$ent Protocols
Design Protocols

*esting #n&rastructure
Functional Testing
Per#or$ance Testing
&ecurit Testing
Domains We Serve
We &erve the Following Do$ain9
<usiness Identit Portals using C!&
!edia and Entertain$ent
Travel and (eisure
7eal Estate
;iche &ocial ;etwor's
Custo$er 7elationshi" !anage$ent
(uic+ ,in+s-Customi.ations
Here are the Quic' (in's #or our custo$ we1 develo"$ent &ervices9:
=ideo &trea$ing and "rocessing
social ;etwor' Integration
;atural (anguage "rocessing
i"hone &D> Develo"$ent
Word"ress Develo"$ent
?oo$la Develo"$ent
Dru"al Develo"$ent
!ac Develo"$ent
P&D to HT!(
<lac'1err Develo"$ent
Android Develo"$ent
Face1oo' A""lication Develo"$ent