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Title: - Pressure control mode Dos and Donts

Site: - 1X500MW, SGTPS, irsin!"#ur

$%stract: - For the smooth changeover between load controller and pressure controller
mode following dos and donts should be followed.
&ntroduction a%out #ressure controller mode:-
Responsibility of pressure control loop is to maintain the throttle pressure within working
range at all loads. It has got two modes of operation.
&nitial Pressure Mode:-
A Pressure deviation signal (difference of reuired pressure as per load and actual
pressure! is fed to the controller .As long the deviation is more i.e. Actual" reuired the
pressure controller output remains as ma#imum saturation. If the deviation fall negative$
the output of the pressure controller %umps from saturation to the output of final minimum
selection output (hence it is made ready to take over!. As soon as the deviation becomes
negative$ the output of the pressure control starts decreasing and it takes over control.
&his mode comes when runback action comes into picture or it is selected from console.
'imit Pressure Mode:-
&he function of this mode is similar to the initial pressure mode .&he only difference
being that biasing of '()g*+m, is given in this loop. -ence$ all the action start after the
pressure drops by more than '()g*+m,. &his mode is used when m*c is in load control. a
small pressure correction signal is also applied /*0 side to load set point control. &his
mode should be used once the load on turbo set is stabili1ed.
Dos ( Donts
'. 2uring 3oad +ontrol 4ode of operation$ do not select IP (Initial Pressure! mode$
unless until Pressure +ontrol mode of operation is desired. Always select 3P
(3imit Pressure! mode if 3oad +ontrol operation is desired.
,. 5hile taking machine into Pressure +ontrol 4ode$ pressure reference should not
be given continuous repetitive raise* lower pulse as the rate of rise of Pressure
reference is made very slow. &hese continuous commands may get accumulated
leading to over increase or over decrease of Pressure Reference.
Prepared by Ritesh 4oon (6r.&78! '
9. 2uring :ormal Running of ;nit in 3oad +ontrol mode$ pressure deviation is to be
maintained near to <ero by Pressure Reference or by maintaining Proper Fuel.
=. Pressure +ontrol 4ode will become active if &urbine &hrottle Pressure falls
below Pressure Reference by '( )g*cm,$ i.e.$ if the Pressure 2eviation (7P0P>!
becomes more than '( )g*cm,.
(:ote? there is no automatic or button or command to change 4ode from
3oad +ontrol to Pressure +ontrol or >ice >ersa
@. 2uring Pressure +ontrol 4ode$ pressure reference is to be increased or decreased
very slowly as it will have effect on ;nit 3oad. Aut 3oad Reference will have no
effect on 3oad. Also 3oad +ontroller Butput will be tracking Pressure +ontroller
C. After attending the cause of fall in 4ain 7team Pressure$ Pressure +ontrol mode
can be e#ited by slowly decreasing the Pressure Reference. &he 6-+ position
+ontrol 7et point will saturate to '((D with decrease in Pressure Reference and
Pressure +ontrol Butput will saturate to ',(D. &he 3oad +ontrol will take over
and ;nit can be stabili1ed to desired 3oad by 3oad Reference.
E. 5hile e#iting the Pressure +ontrol 4ode$ the Pressure +ontroller Butput will
increase$ leading to full opening of -P*3P control valves. And load will increase
to ma#imum depending on 4ain 7team Pressure. -ence the switching from
Pressure +ontrol mode to 3oad +ontrol mode should :6>6R be done at Rated
&hrottle Pressure to avoid dangerous conseuences to ;nit.
F. 7tep no. C and E can be avoided by following procedure to change Pressure
+ontrol 4ode to 3oad +ontrol mode.
G. 6-+ set point is selected with 4I:I4;4 gate between Pressure +ontrol Butput
and 3oad +ontrol Butput. -ence if desired to change from one mode to another
then reuired mode output should be made minimum.
'(. For e#ample$ ;nit is running with Pressure control mode and pressure controller
output is say E@D. At this point$ load controller output will be say EC0EED
(depending upon tracking selected!.
:ow$ if one desired to change to 3oad +ontrol mode then decrease the
load reference below the actual running load (slowly! by watching the 3oad
Prepared by Ritesh 4oon (6r.&78! ,
control output. Bnce load control output falls below the pressure control output
machine will automatically change over to 3oad +ontrol 4ode. (:ote? this
process does not limit on 3oad running or throttle pressure reuired as in step no.
C and E.
''. Bnce the machine come to 3oad +ontrol mode$ make pressure reference to <ero$
so that Pressure +ontrol output will saturated and no danger of freuent
changeover from 3oad +ontrol to Pressure +ontrol (which arises due to decrease
in throttle pressure!.
',. 7tep no. F to '( can be reversed to change mode from 3oad +ontrol to Pressure
+ontrol with switching over occurs at positive pressure deviation of '()g*cm,.
Prepared by Ritesh 4oon (6r.&78! 9