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Definition of BW objects and corresponding BPC naming

2. Journals configurations items for each model
3. Automatic adjustment business rules
. B!" #uer$ connection pre%re#uisite for the Drill through &ia url
'. Dashboard connection pre%re#uisites (Data )*+D, run time connection
&ia -DB-.
/. *eferential dimension
0. 1andator$ dimensions for console, o2nership, rate
3. 4hared dimensions for console, o2nership, rate,
5. Properties re#uired for currenc$ con&ersion
16. 7ogic that runs 2ithout business rule (Allocation.
11. Business rules a&ailable for Console or 8inancial model
12. Business rule configuration of currenc$ translation logic
13. Which t2o model t$pe re#uired for Consolidation ( -2ner and *ate.
1. Controls (definition, configuration methods.
1'. Consolidation monitor 9 if for particular period can see information,
for ne:t period cannot see information, 2hats 2rong;
1/. -2nership manager 9 calculating P-W<, PC=*7,PC-<4..Consolidation
method missing in the o2nership manager
10. Data and member access profile
13. Web report access 2hat needs to be configured
15. Web report ho2 to default conte:t members (specific >e$ 2ord.
26. Web report ho2 to enable manual data input
21. Boo>s and Publication, ho2 to configure, 2hich option can be used to
email static boo>?report
22. 4cript logic, scope, bod$ and destination (if destination app logic
used, and source has lesser dimension than destination, 2hat s$nta: needs to
be added.
23. Currenc$ translation logic, 2hat s$nta: is missing
2. @o2 to change !P1 report to !P1 input schedule (specific >e$2ord. and
2here is the option a&ailable
2'. What !P1 function used to calculation &ariance.
2/. 1aster data import, for transaction data from 2hich BW area can be
imported (cubes, dso, infoarea, info object.
20. Compan$ A%/6A, B% ''A, C%5A, 2hich can use e#uit$ method;
23. A4=,+<C,7!B,!"P based accounts presentation in report and database
(the sign storage. comparison
25. What acti&it$ can be run from consolidation monitor
36. Which dimension is chosen b$ default for Wor>status?BP8
31. !P1 input schedule ho2 to enable submission of data at base le&el
2ithout error messaging prompt
32. What is benefit of 2eb report &s !P1 e:cel
33. @o2 do user log on to BPC ( configure AD, C14, BW user;;.
3. Which function used to allocate base data to 12 months period 2ith
2eight 9 4pread, 2eight, or trend
3'. +f 2ant to calculate CP+ on 87D, 2hich logic msut be used (dimension
formula, script logic, 2or>sheet formula.
3/. +f 2ant to calculate a result and 2ant to be stored in database 2hich
calculation method must be used (script, dimension formula, 2or>sheet, or
business rules. 9 tric>$. ;
30. What dimension is re#uired for 8inancial 1odel
33. What dimension is re#uired for *ate model
35. 8unctions of Ceep, !:clude, !:pand, Collapse
6. 8ormatting sheet configuration for 1embers added manuall$ 9 t6 change
color of cell 2hat parameter to be configured in formatting sheet.
1. BP8 if a step is reopened, 2hat is the status of the ne:t step
( rejected, dela$ed, reopened, open.