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17, Nehru St, Pammal, Email: mahendranp_siva@yahoo.co.in

Pallavaram, Chennai Mo: !"!#$%&&7"
'o (or) in the *ield o* E+P ,evelopment as a S-P .unctional Consultant (ith .ocus on SAP Sales &
Distribution Module
'o ta)e up career in a pro*essional environment to achieve / per*orm (ith the o0ective o* 1ro(in1 the
or1ani2ation as (ell as sel*.
'rained end3users in S-P 3 +etail and S-P +4% support PP modules and has 1ood documentation s)ills.
5 years e6perience in En1ineerin1 and +etail (ith support o* S-P +4%.
7n this, % years e6perience as an End #ser%SAP retail in +eliance +etail 8td, Mysore.
9or)ed as Produ&tion En'' in 7ron ore Mines, 'EMP8, :rissa.
9or)ed in Production in -CM production, Sinetech, -mattur, Chennai
E6posure in S-P *unctional areas includin1 S,, MM, PP, C+M.
Manu*acturer o* construction and minin1 e;uipment, diesel and natural 1as en1ines and industrial 1as
7mplemented 1 *ull li*e3cycle implementation pro0ects esides e6tensive ac)1round in % productions
support and up1rade o* PP, PP3P7 and MM modules in <ersions #.=c, #.7, ECC 5.& and ECC=.
9ell versed (ith the usa1e o* -S-P methodolo1y *or the structured and systematic S-P pro0ect
9or)ed on M'S >Ma)e3to3Stoc)?, M': >Ma)e3to3:rder?, Ma)e3to3:rder *or Con*i1urale Material,
Stoc) +e;uirement4 M+P 8ists, variant con*i1uration, super @:Ms, phantom items.
E6pertise in 1atherin1 re;uirements *rom end users and trans*ormin1 the re;uirements into *unctional
documents in +7CE. components.
7nte1rated PP, PP3P7 (ith MM in 1oods movement, ac) *lushin1, automatic 1oods receipt, S':
process, reservations, production order, plannin1, purchase re;uisition, M+P process, su3contractin1,
e6ternal operations, and operational outsourcin1.
Con*i1ured and evaluated the cost centers, mappin1 (ith (or) centers, carried out product costin1 *or
di**erent materials includin1 semi3*inished, *inished, co3products etc.
E6pertise in atch mana1ement, atch classi*ication and ac) *lush to issue materials.
9or)ed in discrete manu*acturin1, production process industry >PP3P7? and repetitive manu*acturin1
Con*i1urale Materials AM-' (ith Super @:M and +outin1, <ariant Class, Characteristics,
Characteristics <alues. -ssi1ned :0ect ,ependencies, Preconditions, -ctions, Selection Conditions,
Constraints and Procedure to Con*i1urale Pro*ile.
Con*i1uration o* PP3M+P processes, production orders, process orders, repetitive manu*acturin1,
classi*ication, atch mana1ement, capacity plannin1, demand mana1ement.
E6pertise in settin1 up PP master data, M+P, @:Ms, routin1s, (or) centers4 resources, planned order
mana1ement, plannin1 and optimi2ation.
E6pertise in con*i1uration o* process industry solutions, handlin1 recipe mana1ement, resources,
resource net(or)s, order type con*i1urations, recipe mana1ement, desi1nin1 P7 sheets.
E6tensive e6perience in usin1 Bser E6it, Bser 'rainin1, ,ocumentation, Co live, post implementation
support mainly in PP includin1 customi2ation4con*i1uration and Enhancement development. Cenerated
S-P ;uery reports and per*ormed ,ata Mi1ration usin1 @,C and 8SM9 Procedure.
E6perience o* all the phases o* the *ull li*e cycle pro0ect implementation, 1atherin1 usiness
re;uirement, usiness lue printin1, reali2ation, unit testin1, inte1ration testin1, Co 3 8ive preparation
and Post Production support.
,e*inin1 Supply -rea, Control cycle, Aanan correction, Aanan Control oard, ,e*inin1 Aanan
Strate1ies *or the usiness process, D7', Aanan Evaluation, Aanan (ith M+P and Aanan (ithout
Stron1 team player (ith e6cellent analytical, interpersonal and or1ani2ational s)ills.
Relian&e Retail 8td. is a susidiary company o* Relian&e Industries. .ounded in $&&= and ased in
Mumai, it is the lar1est retailer in 7ndia in terms o* revenue. 7ts retail outlets o**er *oods, 1roceries, apparel
and *oot(ear, li*estyle and home improvement products, electronic 1oods, and *arm implements and inputs
SAP R/3 ECC 6.0, SAP- Sales & Distribution
Con*i1uration o* master data in sales and distriution li)e customer master data, material master data
and Customer material master data.
Creatin1 various types o* sales documents such as in;uiry, ;uotation, orders suc) as cash sales, rush
order, *ree o* char1e delivery.
Sales ,ocuments Con*i1uration o* various Sales :rders, consi1nment sales, stoc) trans*er, also *or
credit memo, returns and *ree o* char1e materials etc.
,elivery document type and delivery process and assi1nment o* shippin1 points.
7nitial stoc) postin1 *or material created and availaility chec) in MM@E
@illin1 documents *or various types o* sales orders, li)e Credit memo ,eit memo etc.
Pricin1 33 Con*i1uration o* pricin1 procedure (ith necessary condition types, access se;uence, condition
tales and condition records as per the type o* order and delivery o* the materials.
Credit Mana1ement, ased on the customer pro*ile assi1nin1 credit 1roups and ris) cate1ories.
T/ri0eni , a (ell estalished and esteemed name in the minin1 industry, o**ers minin1 solutions
*or a variety o* minerals such as 7ron :re, Coal, Copper, 8imestone 8i1nite, @au6ite, Euart2ite and -rmour
+oc)s. 9ith the inclusion o* S-P E+P minin1, crushin1 and au6iliary minin1 e;uipments, 'hriveni 1ets
reco1nition *or providin1 unrivaled and e6cellent minin1 solutions.
Prepare technical reports *or use y minin1, en1ineerin1, and mana1ement personnel.
E6amine maps, deposits, drillin1 locations, or mines to determine the location, si2e, accessiility,
contents, value, and potential pro*itaility o* mineral, oil, and 1as deposits.
Supervise, train, and evaluate technicians, technolo1ists, survey personnel, en1ineers, scientists or other
mine personnel.
Prepare schedules, reports, and estimates o* the costs involved in developin1 and operatin1 mines.
Select locations and plan under1round or sur*ace minin1 operations, speci*yin1 processes, laor usa1e,
and e;uipment that (ill result in sa*e, economical, and environmentally sound e6traction o* minerals
and ores.
Select or develop mineral location, e6traction, and production methods, ased on *actors such as sa*ety,
cost, and deposit characteristics.
Monitor mine production rates to assess operational e**ectiveness.
7nspect minin1 areas *or unsa*e structures, e;uipment, and (or)in1 conditions.
,esi1n, implement, and monitor the development o* mines, *acilities, systems, or e;uipment.
,esi1n, develop, and implement computer applications *or use in minin1 operations such as mine
desi1n, modelin1, or mappin1 or *or monitorin1 mine conditions.
,evise solutions to prolems o* land reclamation and (ater and air pollution, such as methods o* storin1
e6cavated soil and returnin1 e6hausted mine sites to natural states.
8ay out, direct, and supervise mine construction operations, such as the construction o* sha*ts and
Evaluate data to develop ne( minin1 products, e;uipment, or processes.
Select or devise materials3handlin1 methods and e;uipment to transport ore, (aste materials, and
mineral products e**iciently and economically.
Conduct or direct minin1 e6periments to test or prove research *indin1s.
'est air to detect to6ic 1ases and recommend measures to remove them, such as installation o*
ventilation sha*ts.
7mplement and coordinate mine sa*ety pro1rams, includin1 the desi1n and maintenance o* protective
and rescue e;uipment and sa*ety devices.
,esi1n minin1 and mineral treatment e;uipment and machinery in collaoration (ith other en1ineerin1
E+P <ersions : ECC =.& and S-P +4%
:peratin1 Systems : MS3,:S, 9indo(s 7,9indo(s FP, 87NBF
,esi1n : -uto C-,, Coral ,ra(
Pac)a1es : MS3:**ice
Nov $&113 Present, ,epartment Mana1er, Relian&e Retail Industries) M4sore
Sep $&&7 3 :ct $&&", Production En11, 'hriveni Earth Movers Pvt 8td, :rissa.
-pr $&&7 3 Sep $&&7, ,esi1n and Production, Sine 'ech , Chennai.
MBA 6Mar7etin' 8, Sri Arishna School o* mana1ement, Coimatore, 'amilnadu. June 9-::
BE 6Me&/ani&al En''8, ,r.Sivanthi -ditanar Colle1e o* En11 and 'ech, 'uticorin, 'amilnadu A;r 9--<
Name : P.Mahendran
,:@ : &" -BC 1!"5
Permanent -ddress : 17=, -runachala <inaya1ar Aoil Street,
Pulian1udi,'irunelveli G =$7"55
'amil Nadu.