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Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International

Armstrong Ecclesia 4310 Hales Rd. no code non commercial

August 31st, 200 A.!.
"o# "he pri$ate man %u&e 'artin
C(o# the de facto office of the CRA )enticton *ritish Colum+ia
CC# 'ichael .chneider the pri$ate man acting as an agent of CRA
Edmonton Collections upon ten da/s time passing from /our receipt
0a1# 1,230,
0rom# Minister James Albert Hueston the pri$ate non,commercial man
C(o# State of awareness
4310 Hales Rd. Armstrong *ritish Colum+ia
4445o Code non,commercial444
!ear %u&e,
0irst of all I 6ish to +id /ou greeting in the name of 7ahushua the Christ and state emphaticall/ that, I
communicate to /ou to ma&e /ou a6are of m/ faith pri$atel/ and tell /ou 6h/ I cannot, as of m/
Christian faith, communicate to dead legal fiction persons as in a corporate "itle or one 6or&ing under
authorit/ of a dead in la6 legal fiction person as in a pro$ince or a countr/. '/ intent here, +/ pri$ate
agreement, is to settle and negate this assumption of de+t /ou ha$e in /our possession 6hen at 6or&, as
in truth certain and complete 6ithout pre8udice. 0irst off I 6as in error to not inform the last agent for
CRA that I am left no choice in using promissor/ notes, as I am under threat duress and intimidation, to
negate assumed +ills 6ith more of the same, as the mone/ is de facto +ut the promissor/ note relates
directl/ to m/ +ond that has +een used, listing me as a suret/, 6ithout m/ permission since I 6as +orn.
It is m/ hope /ou do not assume I am acting in commerce as that is not m/ intent.
I offer m/ regret the nature of education re9uires so much reading so I offer /ou m/ sincerit/ in
diligence to co$er as much as I can so /ou can see 6hat I see. It is m/ hope /ou 6ill use the lin&s 6here
pro$ided as a guide to seeing the truth as opposed to 6hat godless la6/ers are telling /ou. I 6ill +e
sho6ing /ou, so /ou 6ill 9uestion the sanction of those same said la6/ers ad$ising /ou, that the/ ha$e
no certificate to practice la6 as re9uired +/ their o6n la6.
%u&e, 6hene$er I mention the commercial la6s of men in this pri$ate communication to /ou I intend no
use as I gain no +enefit from them +ut mention them to 6arn /ou of the la6 as a hole /ou ma/ fall into,
regardless of 6hat godless la6/ers ha$e falsel/ instructed /ou.
It is also m/ intent in deli+erate good faith, as is m/ dut/ as :od;s minister, to educate /ou as to the
false foundation of la6 and la6less de facto counsel for the Cro6n that /ou are rel/ing upon to +e
assuming to ha$e authorit/ o$er me a li$ing man.
7ou 6ill consider this first notice as 9uiet notification to /ou that I cannot, as of m/ faith, contract 6ith
/ou acting as an agent for a dead entit/, +e one of /our <Clients=, or +e assumed I am a <legal person=
that 6as created +/ the de facto go$ernment upon m/ +irth registration +eing done 6ithout m/ informed
0irst I need a little more information from /ou %u&e, that 9uest +eing pro$ided in honour, it is as&ed in
order for me as :od;s minister to esta+lish the $alidit/ of the +ill /ou ha$e assumed is relati$e to me as
:od;s minister.
7ou see %u&e I 6as taught a good moral structure as I 6as raised. I &ne6 the difference +et6een right
and 6rong, or suffered the conse9uence of ignoring those lessons. I decided, +ecause of m/ up+ringing
and m/ continual a6areness of something <smelling fish/= a+out our so called <leaders= to research the
rights and 6rongs of so called <:o$ernment.= I disco$ered to m/ disgust, our countr/ and go$ernment
6as founded upon a fraud. It started +ac& in 13, as re$ealed +/ >alter ?uhl former '), and has +een
unla6full/ incepted since and 6ith the death of the reigning monarch @ueen Aictoria in 1B01 and her
repeal of section 2 of the *ritish 5orth American Act C*5AD pro$ing she 6ished no association 6ith the
fraud for her successors.
7ou see %u&e since the go$ernment 6as formed in fraud it had to, at her ma8est/;s +ehest, repeal section
2, of the gloss and mirrors *5A act of 132, in 13B3. "his effecti$el/ cut off a la6full/ de8ure monarch
as head of state 6hen Aictoria died in 1B01. Chttp#((666.truemantuc&.ca(Columns(Column10.htmlD
"hen to add insult to in8ur/, the Ence de 8ure corporate go$ernment, no6 no longer legall/ supported +/
a la6ful so$ereign +ecame de facto Ce1plained laterD, the control of mone/ in 1B13 6as offered o$er to
those International +an&sters +/ the </es,men= )oliticians, 6ho those +an&sters had +ought and paid for.
"he/ immediatel/ +egan the charging of interest to the *an& of Canada 6hich is a $iolation of :od;s
la6, usur/. "his 6as not supported +/ a la6ful monarch as s6earing to uphold the la6s of :od is
applied to all of her ma8est/;s la6ful territor/. "he/ scooped the :old that 6as in the $aults, as it 6as
no6 in their possession, and started +onding men and 6omen to finance our Canadian dollar.
"he a+andoned Canada 6as treated as an a+andoned ship in la6 and 6as seiFed as in international
sal$age operation +/ the %ondon *an&ster;s as the/ treated the a+andoned <Canada= li&e it 6as under
International Admiralt/ la6 6ith :old in the $ault for +oot/. It 6as created as a corporation acting
under the admiralt/ ci$il la6 of nation;s also &no6n as merchant la6.
I hope /ou 6ill help me %u&e, so I can settle and end the fictionall/ assumed de+t, +/ ans6ering m/
9uestions in honour to aid and direct me as to the true de 8ure nature of the +ill in commerce as per /our
pu+licl/ applica+le *ills of E1change Act that I ma&e no use of +ut mention as a +enefit to /ou as of the
precarious position it puts /ou in as a ser$ant of the pu+lic de+tor &no6n as the corporation of Canada.
>ill acceptance of a promissor/ note, offered under threat, duress and intimidation, dra6a+le on an
account held +/ the treasur/ +oard of Canada for a num+ered legal fiction entit/ registered as suret/ for
the +ond that 6as formed at m/ +irth doG "he last one disappearedH
>ill the legitimate offer to settle this assumed de+t to a de 8ure agent of her ma8est/, as per the .upreme
Court decision of 1B23 *an& of Canada $. *an& of 'ontreal, +e a solution to the misconception that I,
as pri$ate creation of :od Ieho$ah, o6e a dead fictional corporate entit/ mone/G "he Clement !ecision
and others are confirming there is no la6ful mone/ in Canada and that a promissor/ note is la6ful
)lease read section --.1 and 1-2.3 of the Canadian *ills of E1change Act to grasp the effect of refusing
to accept our offer.
Again %u&e, I offer no permission for /ou to assume I am refusing to cooperate +ut instead &no6 that I
as of m/ faith must +e diligent to ensure a fraud is not transpiring in her ma8est/;s name and that it is m/
sincere 6ish to settle all pro$a+le $alid honoura+l/ offered de+ts o6ed +/ me the pri$ate man.
I intend no +enefit +/ mentioning the man made *ills of E1change Act here +ut to +enefit /ou so /ou
can accept m/ offer as of +eing under the intimidation and threats /ou and /our associates ha$e put me
under causing me a lot of duress as of m/ faith +eing so se$erel/ challenged. EFe&iel 33#
s. --. Holder in !ue Course Holder in due course
--. C1D A holder in due course is a holder 6ho has ta&en a +ill, complete and regular on the face of it,
under the follo6ing conditions, namel/,
CaD "hat he +ecame the holder of it +efore it 6as o$erdue and 6ithout notice that it had +een
pre$iousl/ dishonored, if such 6as the factJ and
(b) That he took the bill in good faith and for value, and that at the time the bill was
negotiated to him he had no notice of any defect in the title of the erson who negotiated it!
"itle defecti$e
(") #n articular, the title of a erson who negotiates a bill is defective within the meaning of this
Act when he obtained the bill, or the accetance thereof, by fraud, duress or force and fear, or
other unlawful means, or for an illegal consideration, or when he negotiates it in breach of faith, or
under such circumstances as amount to a fraud! $!S!, c! %&',
s. -. Right of su+se9uent holder
-. A holder, 6hether for $alue or not, 6ho deri$es his title to a +ill through a holder in due course, and
6ho is not himself a part/ to an/ fraud or illegalit/ affecting it, has all the rights of that holder in due
course as regards the acceptor and all parties to the +ill prior to that holder. R..., c. *,-,
s. -2. )resumption of $alue
-2. C1D E$er/ part/ 6hose signature appears on a +ill is, in the a+sence of e$idence to the contrar/,
deemed to ha$e +ecome a part/ thereto for $alue.
)resumed holder in due course
(") (very holder of a bill is, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, deemed to be a holder in
due course, but if, in an action on a bill, it is admitted or roved that the accetance, issue or
subse)uent negotiation of the bill is affected with fraud, duress or force and fear, or illegality, the
burden of roof that he is the holder in due course is on him, unless and until he roves that,
subse)uent to the alleged fraud or illegality, value has in good faith been given for the bill by some
other holder in due course! $!S!, c! %&',
Also if you refuse read section *'"!+ of that act!
)lease +e ad$ised I ha$e +een repetiti$e and dul/ diligent in m/ efforts to a$ert the false assumptions of
emplo/ee;s of Re$enue Canada that I, as :od;s creation and minister, am a ta1pa/er. I stand in the
?ingdom of :od as :od;s minister. !o /ou ha$e authorit/ to e1tract me from the ?ingdom of :odG
!o /ou recognise and respect /our o6n la6 as defended +/ the @ueenG
EFra 2#23,2 e1plains
Can /ou pro$e I am not :od;s ministerG
I 6ill continue in honour to accept that /ou, in error, +elie$e the legal fiction on paper /ou ha$e in a file
possi+l/ in front of /ou is me.
I 6ill accept /ou +elie$e, in error, something called an <act= created +/ a dead in la6 legal fiction has
authorit/ o$er me.
An Act means something done that is not real or phone/, staged as in a pla/ or fictional performance.
!oes it e1istG "he Cler& of the )arliament has not seen it. Ha$e /ou seen itG !o /ou assume it e1istsG
!o /ou +elie$e e$er/thing /ou are toldG
>ho told /ouG
>hat is their moti$eG
Ho6 does hearsa/ ha$e authorit/ o$er me the pri$ate manG
Are /ou collecting to pa/ a de+t to a dead legal fiction in la6 +eing a foreign corporationG Is it the
>orld *an&G
Can the dead corporate +odies created +/ other men and 6omen as legal fictions assume authorit/ o$er
the li$ingG
Is the de+t +eing the reason for ta1ation +ased upon interest or usur/G
Can the Cler& of the senate as per the pu+lication of .tatutes Act produce the original Income "a1
"he <Act=, !e facto, ha$ing no pream+le, is cop/ right registered in *russels it is printed +/ a pri$ate
compan/ and is an office consolidation edition that has no force in la6.
%u&e, I ha$e disco$ered m/ faith in a creator some time +ac& and I ha$e decided in the past to e1ercise
that faith to come out of the corrupted commercial de+tor s/stem. I ha$e stum+led and made a fe6
mista&es along the 6a/ though and I hope /ou 6ill recognise m/ efforts are sincere diligent, and
dedicated, to e1tract m/self from 6hat I &no6 to +e a false and corrupted s/stem of :o$ernment. I hope
it is not /our intent as one of her agents to intimidate me to $iolate m/ faith or o+struct me in m/ official
capacit/ as :od;s minister from e1ercising m/ faith as it is accepted that if /ou are a6are of m/ faith
and a6are of m/ +elief that /ou ha$e no authorit/ to intimidate me a li$ing man to $iolate m/ faith. In
order to intimidate me la6full/ I 6ould either ha$e to gi$e consent or /ou 6ould ha$e to ha$e authorit/
higher than :od.
"he rules of corporations do not appl/ to li$ing men +ut to corporate fictions engaged in commerce or
emplo/ees of that corporation that in commerce trades on the .toc& e1change as a profit oriented
corporate entit/.
%et;s see 6hat our past statesmen had to sa/.
In order to endea$or to account for the contradictions in CanadaKs constitutional position and to suggest
a remed/ therefore, I 6ish to la/ do6n some fundamental premises on 6hich I shall +ase m/ entire
Iohn %oc&e is credited 6ith sa/ing#
<'en +eing +/ nature all free, e9ual, and independent, no one can +e put out of this estate and
su+8ected to the po6er of another 6ithout his consent. "he onl/ 6a/ 6here+/ an/one di$ests
himself of his natural li+ert/ and puts on the +onds of ci$il societ/ is +/ agreeing 6ith other men
to 8oin and unite into a communit/.=
Iefferson, in the declaration of independence states#
<>e hold these truths to +e self,e$ident# that all men arc created e9ualJ that the/ are endo6ed +/
their Creator 6ith certain inaliena+le rights# that among these are life, li+ert/ and the pursuit of
happinessJ that to secure these rights go$ernments are instituted among men, deri$ing their 8ust
po6ers from the consent of the go$erned.=
.ince the commercial courts of the de facto Canadian corporate go$ernment ha$e repeatedl/ upheld the
right to practice religious faith unimpeded, I 6ill pro$ide these cases +/ not ma&ing use of them +ut to
act as the 6atchman $ia EFe&iel 33# as is m/ ministerial dut/ and function.
"his is the leading Canadian case in the area of the ad$erse effect of discrimination and the dut/ to
accommodate. I ma&e no use of these case la6s +ut 6arn /ou the/ appl/ to /ou as per section 32 of the
Charter, 6hich is li&e a hole in the corporate la6 /ou ma/ fall into. I deri$e no +enefit from that.
C1D "he .upreme Court of Canada ruled that Central Al+erta !air/ )ool discriminated against Iim
Christie +/ failing to accommodate his need to +e a+sent from 6or& on April 4, 1B33 CEaster 'onda/D
in order to respect his faith in the tenets of the >orld >ide Church of :od. 'il& that arri$es at the
!air/ )ool on 6ee&ends must +e processed promptl/ on 'onda/s to pre$ent spoilage. >hen Christie
6as a+sent on 'onda/ April 4, 6ithout permission, his emplo/ment 6as terminated. "he Court found
that the defense of bona fide occuational re)uirement must +e approached differentl/ depending on
6hether the discrimination occurred directl/ or through ad$erse effect. The ,ourt found that where
an emloyment rule discriminates directly and where the rule is found to be a bona fide
occuational re)uirement- there is no duty on the emloyer to accommodate! However, where an
emloyment rule that is a bona fide re)uirement has an adverse effect on an individual because of
his religion or some other ground, then the emloyer has a duty to accommodate that individual to
the oint of undue hardshi. In pro$ing undue hardship, this case set out factors that might impinge
on the operation of a respondentKs +usiness. It included financial cost, disruption of the collecti$e
agreement, morale of the emplo/ees, interchangea+ilit/ of the 6or&force and facilities, and safet/
concerns. Iustice >ilson said that the list 6as not intended to +e e1hausti$e and that the factors must +e
+alanced against the right of the complainant to +e free from discrimination.
C2D 0ederal Court of Canada , !oc&et# A,20,B3 , 'ichael "a/lor, Appellant and Attorne/ :eneral of
Canada, Respondent and "he Canadian Ie6ish Congress, Inter$enor, Heard at "oronto, Ianuar/ 22, 2000
Reasons for Iudgment# .e1ton I.A. Concurred in +/# Ro+ertson I.A L E$ans I.A.
M1N In its reasons, the Court of Appeal did not <consider it necessar/ to form a concluded $ie6= on
6hether the e1clusion of mem+ers of the pu+lic 6ho 6ore head co$erings <is in itself sufficient to
constitute re$ersi+le error,= in light of its decision to accept 'r. %a6s= appeal on other grounds. .till,
the Court of Appeal did hold that >heal/ I. erred in <the e1ercise of his discretion= 6hen he
distinguished <+et6een a re9uirement of a particular faith and a chosen religious practice,= since
<freedom of religion under the Charter surel/ e1tends +e/ond o+ligator/ doctrine.= "he Court also held
that >heal/ I. erred <in suggesting that onl/ certain communities are clearl/ 6ithin the pur$ie6 of the
Charter,= adding that <./ #.0#1#02A3S /$ $(3#4#/2S ,/MM2.#T#(S (.J/5 A.5 3(SS
,HA$T($ 6$/T(,T#/. THA. TH( MAJ/$ A.0 $(,/4.#7A%3( $(3#4#/.S != "he
Court concluded that <the trial 8udge erred in e1cluding certain mem+ers of the pu+lic from the
courtroom,= and that in so doing, he <ma/ 6ell ha$e inad$ertentl/ created the impression of an
insensiti$it/ as to the rights of the minorit/ groups
C3D Adler $. Entario, M1BBN 3 .CR 0B. 30. Commission scolaire rOgionale de Cham+l/ $. *erge$in,
M1BB4N 2 ..C.R. -2-.
C4D Samur $. Cit/ of 8u9bec, M1B-3N 2 .CR 2BB no ci$il la6 can o$erride a criminal la6H "he minister
of "a1ation runs a ci$il agenc/H $! v! Hauser *:;:. "he/ cannot la6full/ proceed criminall/ and after
such a diligent effort on m/ part cannot la6full/ file this or an/ other claim into the federal court lest
the/ +e con$icted of o+struction and intimidation of a minister as the record 6ill reflect. %u&e, I am not
a commercial entit/H
C-D Attorne/ :eneral. In $! v! HauserC1B2BD, 4 C.C.C. C2dD 431, M1B2BN 1 ..C.R. B34, 3 C.R. C3dD 3B.
It 6as held C-#2D that the Attorne/ :eneral of Canada has e1clusi$e 8urisdiction to control the
proceedings in non,Criminal Code offenses 6here the particular offence does not depend for its $alidit/
on the criminal la6 po6er in s. B1C22D of the Constitution Act, 132. In particular the Attorne/ :eneral
of Canada has po6er to prosecute offenses under the 5arcotic Control Act, CCan.D since that Act is not a
matter of criminal law, +ut rather falls 6ithin )arliamentKs general 8urisdiction to legislate for the
Ppeace, order and good go$ernmentP of Canada.
In Hauser, the .upreme Court ruled that 'ari8uana %a6s, originall/ prosecuted under the pro$isions of
the Criminal Code of Canada 6ere un,constitutional or ultra $ires parliament and re,shuffled the
%egislation under the 5arcotic Control Act Cno6 the Controlled !rugs and su+stances ActD a.&.a. the
>ar 'easures Act, Cpeace, order and good go$ernmentD pursuant to the pro$isions of .ection B1 of the
*ritish 5orth America Acts 132 to 1BB2, &no6n toda/ as the Canadian Charter of Rights and
It 6asnKt criminal then and it is not criminal no6. It is a non,criminal federal health la6, un,
constitutional under an/ guiseH
CanadaKs "a1 Effenders are currentl/ prosecuted +/ the Attorne/ :eneral of Canada on +ehalf of the
ci$il la6 'inister of "a1ation Canada and +eing treated as if criminals as the record 6ill reflect three

times the normal fee +eing charged +/ the cro6n for litigation as opposed to the normal fees for ci$il
litigation. "hat is e$idence of a fraud +eing +rought +efore the court 6hich $iolates the rules of courtH
In criminal la6 there must +e a $ictim and the complainant must +e the $ictim of the alleged offense.
"a1 la6s ha$e al6a/s +een referred to as $ictimless crimes. Reference# Hauser, supra and in the
Criminal Code Pcomplainant meansP the $ictim of the alleged offense.
>e are +eing illegall/ prosecutedH
Administered +/ the 'inister of 5ational Re$enue, the pro$isions of the Income "a1 %egislation,
originall/ said to passed under the federal go$ernments ci$il residual po6er to ma&e la6s for the peace,
order and good go$ernment of Canada, are of no force or effect until la6full/ instituted as in pro$iding a
true certified cop/ of the Act, and locall/ adopted and proclaimed into force $ia the ma8orit/ of $oters in
each 'unicipalit/ across Canada 8ust li&e CanadaKs )rohi+ition of Alcohol. Reference# %as&inKs
Constitutional %a6, C1B-1D and R. $. Hauser.
Chief Iustice !ic&son offered the follo6ing definition of freedom of religion#
P"he essence of the concept of freedom of religion is the right to entertain such religious +eliefs
as a person chooses the right to declare religious +eliefs openl/ and 6ithout fear of hindrance or
reprisal, and the right to manifest religious +elief +/ 6orship and practice or +/ teaching and
Inde1ed as# ./ndicat 5orthcrest $. Amselem
5eutral citation# 2004 .CC 42.
0ile 5os.# 2B2-3, 2B2-2.
2004# Ianuar/ 1BJ 2004# Iune 30
'c%achlin C.I. and #acobucci, 'a8or, Ar+our and 0ish II.#
!efined +roadl/, religion t/picall/ in$ol$es a particular and comprehensi$e s/stem of faith and
6orship. In essence, religion is a+out freel/ and deepl/ held personal con$ictions or +eliefs
connected to an indi$idualKs spiritual faith and integrall/ lin&ed to his or her self,definition and
spiritual fulfilment, the practices of 6hich allo6 indi$iduals to foster a connection 6ith the
di$ine or 6ith the su+8ect or o+8ect of that spiritual faith.
<reedom of religion under the 8uebec (and the ,anadian) Charter consists of the freedom
to undertake ractices and harbour beliefs, having a ne=us with religion, in which an
individual demonstrates he or she sincerely believes or is sincerely undertaking in order to
connect with the divine or as a function of his or her siritual faith, irresective of whether
a articular ractice or belief is re)uired by official religious dogma or is in conformity
with the osition of religious officials. "his understanding is consistent 6ith a personal or
su+8ecti$e understanding of freedom of religion. As such, a claimant need not sho6 some sort of
o+8ecti$e religious o+ligation, re9uirement or precept to in$o&e freedom of religion. It is the
religious or spiritual essence of an action, not an/ mandator/ or percei$ed,as,mandator/ nature
of its o+ser$ance, that attracts protection. "he .tate is in no position to +e, nor should it +ecome,
the ar+iter of religious dogma. Although a court is not )ualified to >udicially interret and
determine the content of a sub>ective understanding of a religious re)uirement, it is
)ualified to in)uire into the sincerity of a claimant?s belief, where sincerity is in fact at
issue! Sincerity of belief simly imlies an honesty of belief and the court?s role is to ensure
that a resently asserted belief is in good faith, neither fictitious nor caricious, and that it
is not an artifice! Assessment of sincerity is a )uestion of fact that can be based on criteria
including the credibility of a claimant?s testimony, as well as an analysis of whether the
alleged belief is consistent with his or her other current religious ractices . .ince the focus
of the in9uir/ is not on 6hat others $ie6 the claimantKs religious o+ligations as +eing, +ut 6hat
the claimant $ie6s these personal religious Po+ligationsP to +e, it is inappropriate to re9uire
e1pert opinions. A courtKs in9uir/ into sincerit/ should focus on a personKs +elief at the time of
the alleged interference 6ith his or her religious freedom. It is inappropriate for courts rigorousl/
to stud/ and focus on the past practices of claimants in order to determine 6hether their current
+eliefs are sincerel/ held. *ecause of the $acillating nature of religious +elief, a courtKs in9uir/
into sincerit/, if an/thing, should focus not on past practice or past +elief +ut on a personKs +elief
at the time of the alleged interference 6ith his or her religious freedom.
<reedom of religion is triggered when a claimant demonstrates that he or she
sincerely believes in a ractice or belief that has a ne=us with religion. /nce
religious freedom is triggered, a court must then ascertain whether there has been non
trivial or non&insubstantial interference with the e=ercise of the imlicated right so as to
constitute an infringement of freedom of religion under the 8uebec (or the ,anadian)
Charter. Ho6e$er, e$en if the claimant successfull/ demonstrates non,tri$ial interference,
religious conduct 6hich 6ould potentiall/ cause harm to or interference 6ith the rights of others
6ould not automaticall/ +e protected. "he ultimate protection of an/ particular Charter right
must +e measured in relation to other rights and 6ith a $ie6 to the underl/ing conte1t in 6hich
the apparent conflict arises.
'orin I.A., in a concurring opinion, found that Rochon I. had adopted an interpretation of freedom of
religion that 6as undul/ restricti$e. After considering the meaning of freedom of religion as articulated
in R. $. *ig ' !rug 'art %td., M1B3-N 1 ..C.R. 2B-, he 6rote, at para. 32#
According to that case, it is the sincerit/ of the indi$idualKs +eliefs as dictated +/ his or her o6n
conscience that must +e considered 6hen he or she relies on freedom of religion to 8ustif/ an act
or a refusal to act. It matters little that those +eliefs ma/ +e erroneous in relation to the official
teachings of the leaders of the religious communit/ to 6hich the indi$idual +elongsQ
.o 6e can see clearl/ that those .upreme court 8udges support the fact that /our right to /our faith
cannot +e 6al&ed on, as does 12 of the criminal code aided +/ 423 and 130 +eing +asic de facto
corporate la6.
Remem+er 6e are not in commerce and an/ filing into the de facto )).A 6as done in error as indicated
+/ a letter of !ecem+er 200- to the pri$ate 6oman >end/ )etersme/er for Iustice Canada referencing a
fault/ claim in the pro$incial )).A, against the pri$ate men acting as the minister of Iustice, and
Re$enue, the pri$ate man acting as commissioner of the RC') and the pri$ate man acting as
commissioner of re$enue.
"hose letters are included for /our +enefit as 6ell as copies of all the other ministers of our Church that
ha$e +een diligent in ma&ing pri$ate men and 6omen a6are of our faith.
In no 6a/ can the errors of an/ of our ministers in su+mitting to the use of mans la6 +e considered as
sanctioned +/ the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International as it is a $iolation of our faith to
su+mit to false gods.
I am not ma&ing use of that case onl/ sho6ing /ou the hole in /our o6n la6 /ou ma/ fall into opening
/ourself up for a ci$il litigation.
I 6ould hope /ou can tell me 6here the la6 sa/s /ou, once pri$atel/ a6are of m/ faith and +eliefs +ased
in the ?ing Iames *i+le as defended +/ the @ueen, can la6full/ intimidate me to $iolate those +eliefs.
"he application of that letter /ou sent 6as to a corporate fiction of a commercial nature as indicated +/
the postal code /ou applied to the letter that 6as opened in error.
"he Registration of the Church of Ecumenical Redemption as +eing a creditor, +eing separate and
distinct from the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International, into the pro$incial )).A 6as an
error made +/ an ine1perienced mem+er.
7ou see it is our faith;s re9uirements are to not parta&e of nor ser$e the commercial interests of the
commercial de+tor go$ernment of a de facto regime.
!e facto, 9uite irrefuta+l/ in the la6ful sense, means illegitimate. If /ou care to see 6h/ 6e ha$e faith
the go$ernment /ou 6or& for is a false god I ha$e pro$ided a fe6 lin&s for /our +enefit so /ou can +e
a6are of the irrefuta+le facts the treasur/ +oard of Canada 6as +riefed on +/ senior anal/st Cameron
'cE6an and that the/ agreed 6ith our position in faith and 6hat it is +ased upon.
7ou can also see 6h/ 6e as men and 6omen of faith cannot register 6ith dead in la6 fictional
corporations +/ the 6ords +elo6.
Here is 6h/ in the Entario Iustice departments o6n 6ords.
@!' Secial situations of religious organiAations
Religious organiFations should consider certain issues carefull/ +efore incorporating.
4overning 3aw
#f a religious organiAation becomes incororated, its ecclesiastical, canon or church laws, rules or
regulations may be sub>ect to the ,ororations Act! This means that if any ecclesiastical, canon or
church law, rule or regulations conflicts with the ,ororations Act, the organiAation, once
incororated, must comly with the ,ororations Act and will no longer be able to use that law,
rule or regulation in administering its affairs!
*! #t is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that registration with dead de facto regimes re)uires
and contracts to rovide servitude! Be as men and women of faith in 4odCs laws cannot of our
faith submit to de facto regimes as it is our contention and belief as ,hristian ministers that de
facto governments are false gods and have no de >ure authorityD
"! #t is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that Jesus never aid ta= to ,aesar who had declared
himself god, but aid Hebrew temle ta= with a coin from a fishes mouth e)ual to one shekel,
being the Hebraic covenanted temle ta= tribute for two men himself and 6eter!
+! #t is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that 6aul in $omans *+ says they are ministers of 4od
three times and that any minister of 4od when asked of the meaning of his oath will
immediately know it is to uhold all of 4odCs laws as er (Ara ;E"'&"@!
7ou ma/ 6ish to see the go$ernor :eneral;s 6e+site 6here she admits she is de facto. /ur
governor 4eneral is de facto! That means illegitimate!
Rape is a de facto se1ual act. 'arital coitus is a de8ure se1ual act. They are both se=ual acts of
identical hysical function! /ne is lawful one is not!
F! #t is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that a de>ure government rules with the %ible or other
religious te=t such as Torah and is lawful as long as no harm befalls the men and women who
are sub>ect to that form of government as a result of adding to or taking away from 4od
JehovahCs law! G3ove your brother as yourselfH is the golden rule!
'! #t is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that these facts are not meant to deceive you but to
rove you have been deceived by lawyers who have a rivate agenda not founded uon law but
It is hoped /ou 6ill not act +lindl/ and follo6 these de facto la6/ers 6ithout 9uestion as the facts
indicate /ou are +eing decei$ed. As& them to sho6 /ou the la6 that supports and la6full/ as appro$ed
+/ the @ueen, 8ustifies the intimidation of men and 6omen to $iolate their faith in follo6ing the la6s of
:od as defended +/ the @ueen.
If /ou fail to as& that 9uestion /ou 6ill ha$e to $alidate 6h/ later as it ma&es /ou lia+le for damages
pri$atel/ as it 6ill +e pro$en /ou 6ere pri$atel/ a6are of m/ Christian faith and position in de8ure la6.
$ead the whole thingD
"he follo6ing e1cerpts are ta&en from the 6e+site for the :o$ernor :eneral of Canada, under the
categor/ :o$ernor :eneral, su+,categor/ Roles and Reponsi+ilities#
Her (=cellency the $ight Honourable MichaIlle Jean, ,!,!, ,!M!M!, ,!/!M!, ,!0!, 4overnor
4eneral and ,ommander&in&,hief of ,anada
(*) $ole and $esonsibilities of the 4overnor 4eneral
"he Effice of the :o$ernor :eneral, CanadaKs oldest continuing institution, is a thread that ties
Canadians together. 0rom .amuel de Champlain in 103 to Aiscount 'onc& in 132 to Aincent 'asse/
in 1B-2 to toda/;s :o$ernor :eneral, the institution of :o$ernor :eneral dates +ac& nearl/ 400 /ears.
(") Bhat is the 4overnor 4eneral?s osition in 4overnmentJ
Canada is a parliamentar/ democrac/ and a constitutional monarch/. "his means Canadians recogniFe
"he @ueen as our Head of .tate. ,anada?s 4overnor 4eneral carries out Her Ma>esty?s duties in
,anada on a daily basis and is ,anada?s de facto Head of State!
(+) The 4overnor 4eneral
represents "he @ueen 6ho is the Head of .tate
is appointed +/ "he @ueen on the ad$ice of Canada;s )rime 'inister
7ou 6ill note +elo6 that 'ichaTlle Iean acting as :o$ernor :eneral Admits she is a de facto head of
state. %et;s see 6hat that 6ord means.
0e <actoE
1. M%.N actuall/J in factJ e1istingJ as a &ing de facto, distinguished from a &ing de jure, or +/ right.
American Dictionary of the English Language, Noah Webster 1828, Vol. I, page -.
2. Actuall/J in factJ in deed. A term used to denote a thing actuall/ done. A go$ernment de facto
signifies one completel/, through onl/ temporaril/, esta+lished in the place of the la6ful
go$ernment. "homas $. "a/lor, 42 'iss. -1, 2 Am. Rep. 2-, Chisholm $. Coleman, 43 Ala. 204,
B4 Am. !ec. 22, .ee !e Iure Austin, Iur. %ect. $i. p. 33. Bouviers Law Dictionary, "hird
Re$ision C3
EditionDC1B14D, Aolume 1, page 21.
3. CdT fa&;tUD. In fact, as distinguished from <de 8ure,= +/ right. Law Dictionary, James A. Ballentine,
.econd Edition, 1B43, page 344.
4. In factJ actuall/J indeedJ in realit/. Ridout $. .tate, 11 "enn. 243, 30 ..>.2d 2--, 2-2, 21 A.%.R.
330. Blacks Law Dictionary 4
Edition C1B-1D page -04.
5. CdT fa&;tU, da,, de,D. MM%NN e1isting or +eing such in actual fact though not +/ legal esta+lishment,
official recognition, etc. [de facto go$ernment]# cf. de 8ure. Westers !ew Worl" Dictionary, 3
College Ed. C1B3D.
6. 0e facto government! Ene that maintains itself +/ a displa/ of force against the 6ill of the rightful
legal go$ernment and is successful, at least temporaril/, in o$erturning the institutions of the rightful
legal go$ernment +/ setting up its o6n in lieu thereof. >ortham $. >al&er, 133 "e1. 2--, 123 ..>.2d
1133, 114-. Blacks Law Dictionary 4
Edition C1B-1D page -04.
7. de facto government. A go$ernment 6herein all the attri+utes of so$ereignt/ ha$e, +/ usurpation,
+een transferred from those 6ho had +een legall/ in$ested 6ith them to others, 6ho, sustained +/ a
po6er a+o$e the forms of la6, claim to act and do act in their stead. 30 Am Iur 131.
Law Dictionary, James A. Ballentine, .econd Edition, 1B43, page 34-.
Here 6e ha$e the >orld *an&s definition of de facto go$ernment and the 6orlds most authoriti$e la6
dictionaries. "he/ act as CanadaKs creditor(o6ner and since 6e are 2-0 *illion in de+t. "he creditor
o6ns Canada as the corporate entit/ it 6as formed as, as 6e as li$ing flesh ha$e +een registered as the
persons of de+tors and chattels in corporate fiction st/le since +irth and ha$e +een unla6full/ +onded as
sureties for the de+tQ .ee Canadian E6nership Control and !etermination Act Regulations.
Ene of our Churches of the Ecumenical Redemption International mem+ers has spo&en to the drafter of
that Act and he 9uit the 8ustice department in disgust as of the sla$er/ su+8ect of that enactment. <It 6as
the most $ile and despica+le legislation I ha$e e$er 6or&ed on as it deals 6ith the sale of men and
6omen as persons= defined as oil and gas producers act. 7es /ou produce oil and gas %u&eH
He resigned himself from Iean ChrOtien;s ministr/ under Attorne/ :eneral of Canada as of the corrupt
nature of that enactment 6hich 6as to act as a 8u+ilee consolation to ensure the @ueen li$ed up to the
*i+lical Iu+ilee of %e$iticus 2- su+8ect to the ensla$ement of Canada and all of it;s possessions since the
recei$ership of the +an&rupt corporation of Canada commenced on April 10
1B33 +/ orders in council
suspending the :old from gi$ing $alue to the paper mone/. Count for6ard 4B /ears until April 12th
C .e$en
da/s graceD
1B32 and /ou ha$e the a6a&ening of the Iu+ilee la6 of redemption mentioned in %e$iticus
chapter 2- that the @ueen defends.
*elo6 find the V.A orders in council a+rogating and suspending the :old and Canada;s o6n reciprocal
legislation - da/s later.
E1ecuti$e Erder Ef April -, 1B33
"HE )RE.I!E5"
Issued April -, 1B33
All persons are re9uired to deli$er
E5 ER *E0ERE 'A7 1, 1B33 all :E%! CEI5, :E%! *V%%IE5, A5! :E%!
CER"I0ICA"E. no6 o6ned +/ them to a 0ederal Reser$e *an&, +ranch or agenc/, or
to an/ mem+er +an& of the 0ederal Reser$e ./stem.
0ER*I!!I5: "HE HEAR!I5: E0 :E%! CEI5, :E%! *V%%IE5, A5! :E%!
*/ $irtue of the authorit/ $ested in me +/ .ection -C+D of the Act of Ecto+er ,
1B12 as amended +/ .ection 2 of the Act of 'arch B, 1B33, entitled <An Act to )ro$ide
Relief in the E1isting Emergenc/ in *an&ing, and for other purposes= in 6hich
Amendator/ Act Congress declared that a serious emergenc/ crises, I, 0ran&lin !.
Roose$elt, )resident of the Vnited .tates of America, do declare that said national
emergenc/ still continues to e1ist, and pursuant to said .ection do here+/ prohi+it the
hoarding of gold coin, gold +ullion, and gold certificates 6ithin the continental Vnited
.tates +/ indi$iduals, partnerships, associations and corporations, and here+/ prescri+e
the follo6ing regulations for carr/ing out the purposes of this Erder.
.ection 1. 0or the purposes of this regulation the term <hoarding= means the
6ithdra6al and 6ithholding of gold coin, gold +ullion or gold certificates from the
recogniFed and customar/ channels of trade. "he term <person= means an/ indi$idual,
partnership, association or corporation.
.ection 2. All persons are here+/ re9uired to deli$er on or +efore 'a/ 1, 1B33,
to a 0ederal Reser$e *an& or +ranch or agenc/ thereof or to an/ mem+er +an& of the
0ederal Reser$e ./stem all gold coins, gold +ullion or gold certificates no6 o6ned +/
them or coming into their o6nership on or +efore April 23, 1B33, e1cept the follo6ing#
CaD .uch amount of gold as ma/ +e re9uired for legitimate and customar/
use in industr/, professions, or art 6ithin a reasona+le time, e1cluding gold prior
to refining and stoc&s of gold in reasona+le amounts for the usual true
re9uirements of o6ners mining and refining such gold.
C+D :old coins and gold certificates in an amount not e1ceeding in the
aggregate X100 +elonging to an/ one personJ and gold coin ha$ing a recogniFed
special $alue to collectors or rare and unusual coins.
CcD :old coin and +ullion earmar&ed or held in trust for a recogniFed
foreign go$ernment Cor foreign central +an& or the *an& for International
CdD :old coin and +ullion licensed for other proper transactions Cnot
in$ol$ing hoardingD including gold coin and +ullion imported for re,e1port or held
pending action on application for e1port licenses.
.ection 3. Vntil other6ise ordered +/ an/ other person +ecoming the o6ner of
an/ gold coin, gold +ullion or gold certificates after April 23, 1B33, shall 6ithin three
da/s after receipt thereof, deli$er the same in the manner prescri+ed in .ection 2#
unless such gold coin, gold +ullion or gold certificates are held for an/ of the purposes
specified in paragraphs CaD, C+D, or CcD of .ection 2# or unless such gold coin, or gold
+ullion is held for purposes specified in paragraph CdD of .ection 2 and the person
holding it is, 6ith respect to such gold coin or +ullion, a licensee or applicant for license
pending action thereon.
.ection 4. Vpon receipt of gold coin, gold +ullion or gold certificates deli$ered to
it in accordance 6ith .ection 2 or 3, the 0ederal reser$e +an& or mem+er +an& 6ill pa/
therefore an e9ui$alent amount of an/ form of coin or currenc/ coined or issued under
the la6s of the Vnited .tates.
.ection -. 'em+er +an&s shall deli$er all gold coin, gold +ullion and gold
certificates o6ned or recei$ed +/ them Cother than as e1empted under the pro$isions of
.ection 2D to the 0ederal reser$e +an&s of their respecti$e districts and recei$e credit or
pa/ment therefore.
.ection . "he .ecretar/ of the "reasur/, out of the sum ma&e a$aila+le to the
)resident +/ .ection 301 of the Act of 'arch B, 1B33, 6ill in all proper cases pa/ the
reasona+le costs of transportation of gold coin, gold +ullion or gold certificates deli$ered
to a mem+er +an& or 0ederal reser$e +an& in accordance 6ith .ection 2, 3,or - hereof,
including the cost of insurance, protection, and such other incidental costs as ma/ +e
necessar/, upon production of satisfactor/ e$idence of such costs. Aoucher forms for
this purpose ma/ +e procured from 0ederal Reser$e *an&s.
.ection 2. In cases 6here the deli$er/ of gold coin, gold +ullion or gold
certificates +/ the o6ners thereof 6ithin the time set for the a+o$e 6ill in$ol$e
e1traordinar/ hardship or difficult/, the .ecretar/ of the "reasur/ ma/, in his discretion,
e1tended the time 6ithin 6hich such deli$er/ must +e made. Applications for such
e1tensions must +e ma&e in 6riting under oath, addressed to the .ecretar/ of the
"reasur/ and filed 6ith a 0ederal reser$e +an&. Each application must state the date to
6hich the e1tension is desired, the amount and location of the gold coin, gold +ullion
and gold certificates in respect of 6hich such application is made and the facts sho6ing
e1tension to +e necessar/ to a$oid e1traordinar/ hardship or difficult/.
.ection 3. "he .ecretar/ of the "reasur/ is here+/ authoriFed and empo6ered
to issue such further regulations as he ma/ deem necessar/ to carr/ out the purpose of
this order and to issue licenses there under, through each offices or agencies as he
ma/ designate, including licenses permitting the 0ederal reser$e +an&s and mem+er
+an&s of the 0ederal Reser$e ./stem, in return for an e9ui$alent amount of other coin,
currenc/ or credit, to deli$er, earmar& or hold in trust gold coin and +ullion to or for
persons sho6ing he need for the same for an/ of the purposes specified in )aragraphs
CaD, CcD and CdD of .ection 2 of these regulations.
.ection B. >hoe$er 6illfull/ $iolates an/ pro$ision of this E1ecuti$e Erder or of
these regulations or of an/ rule, regulation or license issued there under ma/ +e fined
not more than X10,000, or if a natural person, ma/ +e imprisoned for not more than ten
/ears, or +oth and an/ officer, director or agenc/ of an/ corporation 6ho &no6ingl/
participates in an/ such $iolation ma/ +e punished +/ a li&e fine, imprisoned, or +oth.
"his order and these regulations ma/ +e modified or re$o&ed at an/ time. 0RA5?%I5 !. REE.EAE%" "HE >HI"E
HEV.E April -, 1B33
5e1t 6e ha$e Canada;s suspension of the :old fi$e da/s later.
0urther I
E1cerpts from the >orld *an& Eperational 'anuel Y Eperational )olicies
"hese policies 6ere prepared for use +/ >orld *an& staff and are not necessaril/ a complete treatment
of the su+8ect.
0ealings with 0e <acto 4overnments
Note: This O !."# re$laces O !."#, dated No%e&ber 1''(. )uestio*s &a+ be addressed to the Chief
Cou*sel, O$eratio*s olic+
1. A Gde facto governmentH comes into, or remains in, ower by means not rovided for in the
countryCs constitution, such as a cou dC9tat, revolution, usuration, abrogation or susension
of the constitution!
2. A decision to ma&e a loan to, or to ha$e a loan guaranteed +/, a countr/ 6ith a de facto go$ernment,
or to continue dis+ursing under e1isting loans to or guaranteed +/ such countr/, or to pro$ide a
guarantee in respect of a pro8ect in the territories of such countr/, does not in any sense constitute
%ank GarovalH of the government, nor does refusal indicate GdisarovalH! The %ank under
its Articles is re)uired to refrain from interfering in the olitical affairs of any member-
moreover, the olitical character of the member country concerned may not influence its
3. #n many cases, a de facto government either susends the constitution or abrogates it! #n other
instances, the constitution and other basic laws remain artially or wholly in force. In either
situation, the *an& 6hen continuing dis+ursements under an e1isting loan or ma&ing a ne6 loan or
issuing a guarantee ascertains that CaD a proper legal frame6or& e1ists to secure appro$al of the *an&
loan or the *an& guarantee and the related counter,guarantee of the countr/, to permit the pro8ect to
+e carried out, to allo6 the pro8ect o+8ecti$es to +e achie$ed and to allo6 the loan to +e repaid or an/
re9uired pa/ments under the countr/;s counter,guarantee of the *an& guarantee to +e madeJ and C+D
all parties to the agreements 6ith the *an& in respect of the pro8ect ha$e ta&en or 6ill +e a+le to ta&e
all actions necessar/ to carr/ out their respecti$e o+ligations under their respecti$e agreements 6ith
the *an&. "he *an& also ascertains that these o+ligations are or 6ill +e $alid and +inding.
.ince it 6as mentioned that the po6er of a de facto go$ernment is usurped let loo& at those definitions
for the +enefit of those /ou act in go$ernance of.
2suration K 2sur
2S2$6C, %. t. s. as ,. M0r. usur$erJ %. usur$o.N "o seiFe and hold in possession +/ force or 6ithout rightJ
as usur$ a throneJ to usur$ the prerogati$e of the cro6nJ to usur$ po6er. "o usur$ the right of a patron,
is to oust or dispossess him. Aice sometimes usurps the place of $irtue. Denham!
American Dictionary of the English Language, Noah Webster 1828, Vol. II, page 10-.
2S2$6ACT#/., *. Msupra.N "he act of seiFing or occup/ing and en8o/ing the propert/ of another,
6ithout rightJ as the usur$atio* of a throneJ the usur$atio* of supreme po6er. Vsurpation, in a peculiar
sense, denotes the a+solute ouster and dispossession of the patron of a church, +/ presenting a cler& to a
$acant +enefice, 6ho is thereupon admitted and instituted. C+c. American Dictionary of the English
Language, Noah Webster 1828, Vol. II, $a-e 1#..
2S2$6C($, *. Ene 6ho seiFes or occupies the propert/ of another, 6ithout rightJ as the usur$er of a
throneJ of po6erJ or of rights of a patron. /ha0. 1r+de*. C+c. American Dictionary of the English
Language, Noah Webster 1828, Vol. II, page 10-.
2S2$6AT#/.! "he unla6ful assumption of the use of propert/, 6hich +elongs to anotherJ an
interruption or the distur+ing a man in his right and possession. "omi. "here are t6o &inds of
usurpation# first, 6hen a stranger, 6ithout right, presents to a church and his cler& is admittedJ and,
seco*d, 6hen a su+8ect uses a franchise of the &ing 6ithout la6ful authorit/. Co. %itt. 222 b. #n
4overnmental 3aw. "he t/rannical assumption of the go$ernment +/ force, contrar/ to and in
$iolation of the constitution of the countr/. Bouviers Law Dictionary, "hird Re$ision C3
C1B14D, Aolume 3, page 3330.
2S2$6($! Ene 6ho assumes the right of go$ernment +/ force, contrar/ to and in $iolation of the
constitution of the countr/. "oul. 1roit. Ci%, n. 32. Ene 6ho intrudes himself into an office 6hich is
$acant, and ousts the incum+ent 6ithout an/ color of title 6hate$erJ his acts are $oid in e$er/ respectJ
'cCra6 $. >illiams, 33 :ratt. CAa.D -13J Hooper $. :ood6in, 43 'e. 30. Bouviers Law Dictionary,
"hird Re$ision C3
EditionDC1B14D, Aolume 3, page 3330.
usuration C-zr-pshonD. "he a+solute ouster or dispossession of a patron +/ a stranger 6ho has
no right to do so presented a cler& to a +enefice 6ho 6as thereupon admitted to the li$ing and instituted
therein. .ee. 3 *l. Comm. 242. Law Dictionary, James A. Ballentine, .econd Edition, 1B43, page
usurer CZ,F[r,p[rD. A person 6ho assumes possession of an office, 6ho performs the duties, and 6ho
neither la6ful title nor color of right. .ee Hamlin $. ?assafer, 1- Ere. 4-, 3 Am. .t. Rep. 12, 12B, 1-
)ac. Rep. 223. Law Dictionary, James A. Ballentine, .econd Edition, 1B43, page 1324.
2S2$6AT#/.! "he unla6ful assumption of the use of propert/, 6hich +elongs to anotherJ an
interruption or the distur+ing a man in his right and possession. "omlins. "he unla6ful seiFure or
assumption of so$ereign po6erJ the assumption of the go$ernment or supreme po6er +/ force or
illegall/, in derogation of the constitution and of the rights of the la6ful ruler. <Vsurpation= for 6hich
6rit of prohi+ition ma/ +e granted in$ol$es attempted e1ercise of po6er not possessed +/ inferior
office. E1 parte >il&inson, 220 Ala. -2B, 12 .o. 102, 104. Blacks Law Dictionary 4
Edition C1B-1D
page 1213.
2S2$6($! Ene 6ho assumes the right of go$ernment +/ force, contrar/ to and in $iolation of the
constitution of the countr/. "oul. 1roit. Ci%, n. 32. Blacks Law Dictionary 4
Edition C1B-1D page
uLsur C/UU Furp;, ,surp;D vt. MM'E usur$e* \ '0r usur$er \ % usur$are \ usus, a use ] ra$ere, to
seiFe# see rapeNN to ta&e or assume Cpo6er, a position, propert/, rights, etc.D and hold in possession +/
force or 6ithout right Y vi. to practice or commit usurpation Con or uponD Y usurp;er n. Y usurp;ing^l/
a"v. Westers !ew Worl" Dictionary, 3
College Ed. C1B33D page 1420.
uLsuration C/UU Fer p_;shen, ,ser,D n. MM'E usur$acio* \ % usu$aretioNN the act of usurpingJ esp., the
unla6ful or $iolent seiFure of a throne, po6er, etc. Webster2s Ne3 World 1ictio*ar+, 3
College Ed.
C1B33D page 1420.
5o6 su+8ect to the .tatute of >estminster of 1B31 Canada had no la6 in place to create the office of
:o$ernor :eneral as the ?ing specificall/ renounced that capacit/ in 1B31 so in 1B42 'ac&enFie ?ing
the then prime 'inister of Canada usurped the authorit/ of the ?ing to appoint a :o$ernor :eneral and
unla6full/ created a document claiming to act 6ith the ?ings authorit/ and +/ his command. "his
&eeping in mind that su+8ect to the repeal of section 2 from the *ritish 5orth America Act the Act
effecti$el/ died in 1B01 6hen @ueen Aictoria died lea$ing no pro$ision for the act to +e the
responsi+ilit/ of an/ of her successors.
3etters 6atent ,onstituting the /ffice of 4overnor 4eneral of ,anada
C 5ote no la6 e1isted for the )rime 'inister to sign this and as such 6as a de facto act and all la6 since
1B01, 6hen @ueen Aictoria died has +een de facto su+8ect to the repeal of the *ritish 5orth America
Act +/ the repeal of section 2 in 13B3HD
"he *5A Act C132D section 2# "he pro$isions of this Act referring to Her ma8est/ the @ueen e1tends
also the heirs and successors of Her 'a8est/, ?ings and @ueens of the Vnited ?ingdom of :reat +ritain
and Ireland.
"he Imperial )arliament repealed section 2 of the *5A Act C132D +/ the .tatutes Re$ision Act of 13B3.
Vnder 6hat authorit/ did the successor to @ueen Aictoria, or successors to the *ritish throne since,
continue to rule Canada as the Cro6n of CanadaG
>here is the PCRE>5 E0 CA5A!APGGGG >here is the P"HRE5E E0 CA5A!APGGGG
%elow the bogus law instituted by the de facto rime minister at the time
with no authority from the Ming at the time to do so and no signature of
the Ming was alied! #t is a fraudulent forgeryD
Effecti$e Ecto+er 1, 1B42
N4(/$4( $!N
:eorge the .i1th, +/ the :race of :od, of :reat *ritain, Ireland and the *ritish !ominions +e/ond the .eas ?ing, !efender
of the 0aith.
"o All "o >hom these )resents shall come,
>hereas +/ certain %etters )atent under the :reat .eal +earing date at >estminster the "6ent/,third da/ of 'arch, 1B31, His
late 'a8est/ ?ing :eorge the 0ifth did constitute, order, and declare that there should +e a :o$ernor :eneral and
Commander,in,Chief in and o$er Canada, and that the person filling the office of :o$ernor :eneral and Commander,in,
Chief should +e from time to time appointed +/ Commission under the Ro/al .ign 'anual and .ignet#
And 6hereas at .t. IamesK on the "6ent/,third da/ of 'arch, 1B31, His late 'a8est/ ?ing :eorge the 0ifth did cause certain
Instructions under the Ro/al .ign 'anual and .ignet to +e gi$en to the :o$ernor :eneral and Commander,in,Chief#
And 6hereas it is Eur >ill and pleasure to re$o&e the %etters )atent and Instructions and to su+stitute other pro$isions in
place thereof#
5o6 therefore 6e do +/ these presents re$o&e and determine the said %etters )atent, and e$er/thing therein contained, and
all amendments thereto, and the said Instructions, +ut 6ithout pre8udice to an/thing la6full/ done thereunder#
And >e do declare Eur >ill and pleasure as follo6s#
#! >e do here+/ constitute, order, and declare that there shall +e a :o$ernor :eneral and Commander,in,Chief in and o$er
Canada, and appointments to the Effice of :o$ernor :eneral and Commander,in,Chief in and o$er Canada shall +e made +/
Commission under Eur :reat .eal of Canada.
##! And >e do here+/ authoriFe and empo6er Eur :o$ernor :eneral, 6ith the ad$ice of Eur )ri$/ Council for Canada or of
an/ mem+ers thereof or indi$iduall/, as the case re9uires, to e1ercise all po6ers and authorities la6full/ +elonging to Vs in
respect of Canada, and for greater certaint/ +ut not so as to restrict the generalit/ of the foregoing to do and e1ecute, in the
manner aforesaid, all things that ma/ +elong to his office and to the trust >e ha$e reposed in him according to the se$eral
po6ers and authorities granted or appointed him +/ $irtue of the Constitution Acts, 132 to 1B40 and the po6ers and
authorities hereinafter conferred in these %etters )atent and in such Commission as ma/ +e issued to him under Eur :reat
.eal of Canada and under such la6s as are or ma/ hereinafter +e in force in Canada.
###! And >e do here+/ authoriFe and empo6er Eur :o$ernor :eneral to &eep and use Eur :reat .eal of Canada for sealing
all things 6hatsoe$er that ma/ +e passed under Eur :reat .eal of Canada.
#1! And >e do further authoriFe and empo6er Eur :o$ernor :eneral to constitute and appoint, in Eur name and on Eur
+ehalf, all such Iudges, Commissioners, Iustices of the )eace, and other necessar/ Efficers Cincluding diplomatic and
consular officersD and 'inisters of Canada, as ma/ +e la6full/ constituted or appointed +/ Vs.
1! And >e do further authoriFe and empo6er Eur :o$ernor :eneral, so far as >e la6full/ ma/, upon sufficient cause to him
appearing, to remo$e from his office, or to suspend from the e1ercise of the same, an/ person e1ercising an/ office 6ithin
Canada, under or +/ $irtue of an/ Commission or >arrant granted, or 6hich ma/ +e granted, +/ Vs in Eur name or under
Eur authorit/.
1#! And >e do further authoriFe and empo6er Eur :o$ernor :eneral to e1ercise all po6ers la6full/ +elonging to Vs in
respect of summoning, proroguing or dissol$ing the )arliament of Canada.
1##! And >hereas +/ the Constitution Acts, 132 to 1B40, it is amongst other things enacted that it shall +e la6ful for Vs, if
>e thin& fit, to authoriFe Eur :o$ernor :eneral to appoint an/ person or persons, 8ointl/ or se$erall/, to +e his !eput/ or
!eputies 6ithin an/ part or parts of Canada, and in that capacit/ to e1ercise, during the pleasure of Eur :o$ernor :eneral,
such of the po6ers, authorities, and functions of Eur :o$ernor :eneral as he ma/ deem it necessar/ or e1pedient to assign to
such !eput/ or !eputies, su+8ect to an/ limitations or directions from time to time e1pressed or gi$en +/ VsJ 5o6 >e do
here+/ authoriFe and empo6er Eur :o$ernor :eneral, su+8ect to such limitations or directions, to appoint an/ person or
persons, 8ointl/ or se$erall/, to +e his !eput/ or !eputies 6ithin an/ part or parts of Canada, and in that capacit/ to e1ercise,
during the pleasure of Eur :o$ernor :eneral, such of the po6ers, authorities, and functions of Eur :o$ernor :eneral as he
ma/ deem it necessar/ or e1pedient to assign to him or them# )ro$ided al6a/s, that the appointment of such a !eput/ or
!eputies shall not affect the e1ercise of an/ such po6er, authorit/ or function +/ Eur :o$ernor :eneral.
1###! And >e do here+/ declare Eur pleasure to +e that, in the e$ent of the death, incapacit/, remo$al, or a+sence of Eur
:o$ernor :eneral out of Canada, all and e$er/ the po6ers and authorities herein granted to him shall, until Eur further
pleasure is signified therein, +e $ested in Eur Chief Iustice for the time +eing of Canada, Chereinafter called Eur Chief
IusticeD or, in the case of the death, incapacit/, remo$al, or a+sence of Eur Chief Iustice, then in the .enior Iudge for the time
+eing of the .upreme Court of Canada, then residing in Canada and not +eing under incapacit/J such Chief Iustice or .enior
Iudge of the .upreme Court of Canada, 6hile the said po6ers and authorities are $ested in him, to +e &no6n as Eur
)ro$ided al6a/s, that the said .enior Iudge shall act in the administration of the :o$ernment onl/ if and 6hen Eur Chief
Iustice shall not +e present 6ithin Canada and capa+le of administering the :o$ernment.
)ro$ided further that no such po6ers or authorities shall $est in such Chief Iustice, or other 8udge of the .upreme Court of
Canada, until he shall ha$e ta&en the Eaths appointed to +e ta&en +/ Eur :o$ernor :eneral.
)ro$ided further that 6hene$er and so often as Eur :o$ernor :eneral shall +e temporaril/ a+sent from Canada, 6ith Eur
permission, for a period not e1ceeding one month, then and in e$er/ such case Eur :o$ernor :eneral ma/ continue to
e1ercise all and e$er/ the po6ers $ested in him as full/ as if he 6ere residing 6ithin Canada, including the po6er to appoint
a !eput/ or !eputies as pro$ided in the .e$enth Clause of these Eur %etters )atent.
#Q! And >e do here+/ re9uire and command all Eur Efficers and 'inisters, Ci$il and 'ilitar/, and all the other inha+itants
of Canada, to +e o+edient, aiding, and assisting unto Eur :o$ernor :eneral, or, in the e$ent of his death, incapacit/, or
a+sence, to such person as ma/, from time to time, under the pro$isions of these Eur %etters )atent administer the
:o$ernment of Canada.
Q! And >e here+/ declare Eur )leasure to +e that Eur :o$ernor :eneral for the time +eing shall, 6ith all due solemnit/,
cause Eur Commission under Eur :reat .eal of Canada, appointing Eur :o$ernor :eneral for the time +eing, to +e read and
pu+lished in the presence of Eur Chief Iustice, or other Iudge of the .upreme Court of Canada, and of mem+ers of Eur )ri$/
Council for Canada, and that Eur :o$ernor :eneral shall ta&e the Eath of Allegiance in the form follo6ing#,PI, ................. do
s6ear that I 6ill +e faithful and +ear true allegiance to His 'a8est/ ?ing :eorge the .i1th, His Heirs and successors,
according to la6. .o Help me :odPJ and li&e6ise he shall ta&e the usual Eath for the due e1ecution of the Effice of Eur
:o$ernor :eneral and Commander,in,Chief in and o$er Canada, and for the due impartial administration of 8usticeJ 6hich
Eaths Eur Chief Iustice, or, in his a+sence, or in the e$ent of his +eing other6ise incapacitated, an/ Iudge of the .upreme
Court of Canada shall, and he is here+/ re9uired to, tender and administer unto him.
Q#! And >e do authoriFe and re9uire Eur :o$ernor :eneral from time to time, +/ himself or an/ other person to +e
authoriFed +/ him in that +ehalf, to administer to all and to every erson or ersons, as he shall think fit, who shall hold
any office or lace of trust or rofit in ,anada, that said /ath of Allegiance, together with such other /ath or /aths
as may be from time to time be rescribed by any 3aws or Statutes in that behalf made and rovided!
Q##! And do further authoriFe and empo6er Eur :o$ernor :eneral, as he shall see occasion, in Eur name and on Eur +ehalf,
6hen an/ crime or offence against the la6s of Canada has +een committed for 6hich the offender ma/ +e tried thereunder, to
grant a pardon to an/ accomplice, in such crime or offence, 6ho shall gi$e such infomation as shall lead to the con$iction of
the principal offender, or of an/ one of such offenders if more than oneJ and further to grant to an/ offender con$icted of an/
such crime or offence in an/ Court, or +efore an/ Iudge, Iustice, or 'agistrate, administering the la6s of Canada, a pardon,
either free or su+8ect to la6ful conditions, or an/ respite of the e1ecution of the sentence of an/ such offender, for such a
period as to Eur :o$ernor :eneral ma/ seem fit, and to remit an/ fines, penalties, or forfeitures, 6hich ma/ +ecome due and
pa/a+le to Vs. And >e do here+/ direct and en8oin that Eur :o$ernor :eneral shall not pardon or reprie$e an/ such offender
6ithout first recei$ing in capital cases the ad$ice of Eur )ri$/ Council for Canada and. in other cases, the ad$ice of one, at
least, of his 'inisters.
Q###! And >e do further authoriFe and empo6er Eur :o$ernor :eneral to issue E1e9uaturs, in Eur name and on Eur +ehalf,
to Consular Efficers of foreign countries to 6hom Commissions of Appointment ha$e +een issued +/ the Heads of .tates of
such countries.
Q#1! And 6hereas great pre8udice ma/ happen to Eur ser$ice and to the securit/ of Canada +/ the a+sence of Eur :o$ernor
:eneral, he shall not 9uit Canada 6ithout ha$ing first o+tained lea$e from Vs for so doing through the )rime 'inister of
Q1! And >e do here+/ reser$e to Eursel$es, Eur heirs and successors, full po6er and authorit/ from time to time to re$o&e,
alter, or amend these Eur %etters )atent as to Vs or them shall seem fit.
Q1#! And >e do further direct and en8oin that these Eur %etters )atent shall +e read and proclaimed at such place or places
6ithin Canada as Eur :o$ernor :eneral shall thin& fit.
Q1##! And >e do further declare that these Eur %etters )atent shall ta&e effect on the first da/ of Ecto+er, 1B42.
In 6itness 6hereof >e ha$e caused these Eur %etters to made )atent, and for the greater testimon/ and $alidit/ thereof, >e
ha$e caused Eur :reat .eal of Canada to +e affi1ed to these presents, 6hich >e ha$e signed 6ith Eur Ro/al Hand.
:i$en the eighth da/ of .eptem+er in the 7ear of Eur %ord Ene "housand 5ine Hundred and 0ort/,.e$en and in the
Ele$enth 7ear of Eur Reign.
%5 H#S MAJ(ST5?S ,/MMA.0, ( A total fabrication and lieD) .o such command ever e=isted)
>. %. 'AC?E5`IE ?I5:,
)rime 'inister of Canada
!ear old all caps corporate 'AC?E5`IE ?I5: reall/ pulled one off as the ?ing 5e$er e$er signed
that document, he did. All de facto fiat mone/ is +ased in flesh as per "almud, http#((666.come,and,
hear.com and %e$iticus 2-. Read the 6hole chapter that is defended +/ the @ueen,
@! #t is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that the debtor cororation of ,anada, listed on the
.ew 5ork Stock (=change, has been a bankrut country since *:+* and has had no gold to
back the aer money since *:++ when receivershi for the creditor, being the Borld %ank,
kicked in! #t has bonded the men and women in ,anada for R million dollars a iece and
classified the %onded men and women as sureties for the debt and as fiduciaries for the legal
fiction ersons (straw men) created by rovincial and federal statute as er the regulations of
the ,anadian /wnershi ,ontrol and 0etermination act of *:R" formerly the <oreign
#nvestment Act of *:++ created by the debtor cororation of ,anada to enable the
international cororate market to buy the bonds sold in blocks of *SSS created and backed
with flesh for value!
;! #t is agreed that legal fictions, being unlawfully created as all caital names called ersons with
ostal codes attached, are creations of de facto law for the convenience of the court and are
done with out gaining ermission from the one whose name is being monetiAed, evidencing
fraud! R.$. .taufen *C.C 2001
R! #t is agreed with no rebuttal to the fact that the debtor commercial cororation of ,anada
assumes a financial interest in such registrant after the alicant has consented to registry and
issues a certificate of %irth, drivers license, roerty registration, social insurance number etc!
as the birth certificate resulting from such commercial registry roves, having been rinted on
,anadian %anknote aer reserved under law for security documents and valuable securities
such as currency!
Iu+ilee of %e$iticus 2-# is supported +/ the %e$itical high priest +eing EliFa+eth Ale1andra 'ar/
>indsor the @ueen of the Common6ealth.
7ou ma/ not ha$e researched this, +ut to one of faith in :od;s la6, 6e are to not ignore &no6ledge.
Hosea 4#

"he creditor ma&es the commercial rules. "he >orld *an& is the Creditor. The Borld %ank,
,anada?s commercial creditor, says defacto is usured ower like under military ruleD #t is
$emember they are the cororate ,anadaCs creditor and they are a rivate for rofit venture
owned by %ankers all having the same religious affiliation using Talmud, fraud and usury to )uite
literally enslave the nations!
5otice ho6 a usurped de facto go$ernment is defined. %a6 at the end of a gunHHH
"hese facts ma/ shoc& /ou so as to dis+elie$e 6hat /ou ha$e read +ut I assure /ou all of it is true. 7ou
6ere purchased at +irth and sold again on the international e1change as a commodit/ and onl/ +/
reading "almud 6ill /ou see 6ho is controlling the la6s and mone/ in this countr/.
"his site is supported +/ the Vnited .tates .upreme Court Iustices and the head Ra++i;s of the >orld as
6ell as president *ush. It chec&s out as totall/ factual and the/ are not &idding 6hen the/ tell /ou that if
/ou are not Ie6ish /ou are not e9ual to them.
>e also 6ish to &no6 if /ou can pro$ide us 6ith the proof as to 6hich legislation of man can a+rogate
:od;s la6 as defended +/ the @ueen per the Coronation Eath Act of 133 +eing an act of parliament
still in forceQ see section 12, that applies to /ou, of the criminal code. E1odus 20#3,-, 5um+ers
1-#1-, !euteronom/ 4#2J 12#32, )salms 113#3J Acts -#2B. 'atthe6 22#1.Romans 1#12,20, Iames 2#B
3uke be abundantly aware, in the name of 5ahushua the ,hrist, that # cannot, as of m/ ministerial
calling and dut/ to :od, compl/ 6ith the false god;s de facto Income "a1 re9uirements as the/ appl/ to
a fictional person 6hich is defined in the interpretations act as a corporate +od/ as 6e simpl/ are not the
client /ou ha$e a file on as that <)erson= is a corporation Etta6a in$ented. It e1ists on paper and has no
+lood in it as it is descri+ed as a legal fiction person +eing dead in la6 that 6e are not to ha$e an/thing
to do 6ith as of :od;s commands.
%u&e if it is /our intent to further attempt to intimidate me the flesh and +lood man as :od;s creation
and minister, /ou 6ill ha$e to cease using postal codes, and sho6 me ho6 /ou get to ha$e authorit/ o$er
m/ faith in Iesus Christ telling me to ignore :od;s command +/ su+mitting to a false :od;s la6s. I 6ill
+e for6arding all future unla6ful attempts at using m/ pri$ate ministerial name for commercial
purposes to the special in$estigations unit of the RC'), as /ou 6ill +e +/ /our continuance of the de
facto harassment &no6ledga+l/ committing a fraudH
"his letter is from a Canada post emplo/ee confirming 6e are not re9uired to use postal codes, as the/
are commercial. %u&e is $er/ a6are that I 6ill not accept an/ further attempt at commercialiFing m/
name, as that is fraud.
On August 1, 2006 PALIWAL, Sanjay wrote:
!ear 'inister *elanger#
I am 6riting further to the e,mail message /ou sent to 's. 'o/a :reene, )resident and Chief
E1ecuti$e Efficer, regarding the use of the postal code. I regret an/ confusion that resulted from
the e,mail message to 'inister 'iecFsla6.
As per the Ca*ada ost Cor$oratio* 4etter 5ail 6e-ulatio*s, items paid +/ postage meter or
postal indicia must include the applica+le postal code to 9ualif/ for standard mail prices,
other6ise higher postal rates 6ill appl/. 0or the most part, postage meters and(or postal indicia
are used by businesses and other NcommercialN organiAations.
The ostal code is not re)uired on standard mail if it is mailed using ostage stams.
Should you wish to mail an item using our $egistered Mail service, it should be brought to
the ost office, addressed but not bearing any meter imression or ostal indicia! 6ostal
staff can then rocess the item for you! The ostal code would not be necessary in such a
I appreciated the opportunit/ to clarif/ our position on this matter. )lease +e assured 6e are
committed to pro$iding the +est possi+le postal ser$ice, and the postal code 6ill al6a/s help in
ensuring efficient and timel/ mail deli$er/.
7ours sincerel/,
.an8a/ )ali6al
"o +e repetiti$e +ut diligent in honour in m/ efforts to +e clear and ensure /ou are pri$atel/ a6are of
6hat damages /ou are inflicting upon me, the la6 that applies to /ou, as an emplo/ee of the
go$ernment, sa/s /ou are not onl/ for+idden from intimidating me, as in I do not consent, +ut also from
o+structing me from officiall/ performing the functions of m/ calling. .ee section 12 of the criminal
code. .ee section 32 of the Charter to see it onl/ applies to go$ernment and is its supreme la6 that must
+e in line 6ith all of its other la6s. "he/ in li&e fashion must +e in line 6ith the supreme la6 that sa/s it
onl/ applies to go$ernments. Can /ou pro$e I am go$ernment %u&eG
.o in conclusion if it is /our choice to ignore this letter and continue the harassment and intimidation, +e
full/ pri$atel/ informed and totall/ +e pri$atel/ a6are it is m/ intent to file a pri$ate information against
/ou in /our pri$ate capacit/ and 6hiche$er superior inclusi$e +ut not limited to the pri$ate man acting
as the attorne/ :eneral of the pro$ince or an/one man or 6oman 6ho 6ould encourage /ou to $iolate
the de facto la6 that applies to pu+lic emplo/ees. It 6ill +e o$er stood, +/ /our deli+erate actions and
continued progress of intentional intimidation to get me to $iolate m/ Christian faith and su+mit to /our
de facto criminal enterprise of forced ta1ation and sla$er/, that /ou ha$e &no6ledge of 6hat /ou are
doing, as in mens rea, and that /our action is not +ac&ed up +/ legitimate legislation.
)u+lication of .tatues Act. )aul *elisle Cler& of the )arliament sa/s the Income "a1 Act in true
certified form does not e1istH
Roncarelli $. !uplessis .CCR 1B-B EFe&iel 33#.
I am 6illing to meet 6ith /ou pri$atel/ in Aernon to resol$e this issue as other ministers 6ish to resol$e
this issue collecti$el/ rather than ha$e the perpetual unla6ful intimidation to $iolate our collecti$e
religious +eliefs unla6full/ continued and incited +/ /our associates.
7ou ma/ contact, Ale1ander .and/ !a$idson and Charles 'ac5a+ +oth CRA la6/ers, to esta+lish /our
fault/ position in de facto la6 as the/ are a6are of our faith and its re9uirements and ha$e +een +riefed
as to the la6.
7ou ma/ also 6ish to contact 'ichael .chneider of Canada place CRA Edmonton to esta+lish
a6areness of the histor/ of the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International +/ Re$enue Canada
officials li&e *ill Reich and *ill %emmon and 'ichael has +een $er/ understanding of our position and
has helped resol$e a fe6 unla6ful issues such as pension seiFure in the past. He has +een assigned +/
commissioner 'ichel !orais to aid in the communication and the resol$ing of issues 6ith our Church. I
hope /ou 6ill +e honoura+le in contacting him again as he has e1tended his efforts to accommodate our
mem+ers in the pastH
*lessings upon /our position in honour to ac&no6ledging our position of faith in honour.
'inister Iames Al+ert Hueston
All Rights in :od;s la6 reser$ed