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Cisco 7960 / 7940 SIP upgrade procedure

This is a short HOWTO type document on ho to upgrade and use a cisco ip
phone 7940 or 7960! These phones are shiped in Ca""#anager $s%inny& mode
Setting up your local network.
'irst things (irst) you i"" need to *e running a +HCP ser,er! This is -ust a matter
o( setting up your (a,ourite dhcpd on your (a,ourite operating system! .ou need
to ma%e sure that your phone can get the /ateay/router) +0S ser,er and T'TP
ser,er sent ith the dhcp "ease! .ou then i"" a"so need to set up a t(tpd! This is
not going to *e co,ered here at a""!
Upgrading the phone from a early call manager firmware
To start you need a 1231 (irmare or a*o,e! I( you don4t ha,e this you i"" ha,e to
use ca"" manager! 2(ter this is done you i"" need to create your T'TP (i"es! 'irst
(i"e you i"" need is P0S50606!*in or simi"ar! Put this (i"e in the root o( your T'TP
(o"der! 2"so you i"" need your OS7977!T7T!
Open this (i"e up in your (a,ourite editor and edit it so that it contains the ("oing
Sa,e the (i"e and go *ac% to your T'TP root! .ou shou"d a"so put the (i"es
18inger9!PC#1 and 8I0/3IST!+2T! The Contents o( ring"ist!dat is simi"ar to
O"d Sty"e ringer9!pcm
Pu"se Pu"se9!ra
Where the (irst ts, is the name) and the second is the (i"e name! Sa,e this (i"e as
e""! I ha,e recent"y *een in(ormed that this is not nescessary un"ess your adding
more ringers to the phone 0e:t create to (i"es SIP+e(au"t!cn( and SIP
; Image <ersion
image=,ersion> P0S50606
; Pro:y Ser,er
pro:y9=address> 1(d!pu",er!com1 ? Can *e dotted IP or '@+0
pro:y9=port> A060
; Pro:y 8egistration $0Bdisa*"e $de(au"t&) 9Bena*"e&
pro:y=register> 9
; Phone 8egistration C:piration D9B5956900 secE $+e(au"t B 5600&
timer=register=e:pires> 5600
; Codec (or media stream $g799u"a $de(au"t&) g799a"a) g769a&
pre(erred=codec> g799u"a
; TOS *its in media stream D0BAE $+e(au"t B A&
tos=media> A
; In*and +T#' Settings $0Bdisa*"e) 9Bena*"e $de(au"t&&
dtm(=in*and> 9
; Out o( *and +T#' Settings $noneBdisa*"e) a,tBa,t ena*"e $de(au"t&) a,t=a"ays B a"ays a,t &
dtm(=outo(*and> a,t
; +T#' dF 3e,e" Settings $9B6dF don) 6B5d* don) 5Bnomina" $de(au"t&) 4B5d* up) AB6dF up&
dtm(=d*="e,e"> 5
; SIP Timers
timer=t9> A00 ? +e(au"t A00 msec
timer=t6> 4000 ? +e(au"t 4 sec
sip=ret:> 90 ? +e(au"t 90
sip=in,ite=ret:> 6 ? +e(au"t 6
timer=in,ite=e:pires> 9G0 ? +e(au"t 9G0 sec
; +ia"p"an temp"ate $!:m" (ormat (i"e re"ati,e to the T'TP root directory&
dia"=temp"ate> dia"p"an
; T'TP Phone Speci(ic Con(iguration 'i"e +irectory
t(tp=c(g=dir> 11 ? C:amp"e> !/sip=phone/
; Time Ser,er $There are mu"tip"e ,a"ues and con(igurations re(er to 2dmin /uide (or Speci(ics&
sntp=ser,er> 1994!G9!667!6671 ? S0TP Ser,er IP 2ddress $this is ntp9!-a!net&
sntp=mode> anycast ? unicast) mu"ticast) anycast) or directed*roadcast $de(au"t&
time=Hone> /#T ? Time Ione Phone is in
dst=o((set> 9 ? O((set (rom Phone4s time hen +ST is in e((ect
dst=start=month> 2pri" ? #onth in hich +ST starts
dst=start=day> 1691 ? +ay o( month in hich +ST starts
dst=start=day=o(=ee%> Sun ? +ay o( ee% in hich +ST starts
dst=start=ee%=o(=month> 9 ? Wee% o( month in hich +ST starts
dst=start=time> 06 ? Time o( day in hich +ST starts
dst=stop=month> Oct ? #onth in hich +ST stops
dst=stop=day> 1601 ? +ay o( month in hich +ST stops
dst=stop=day=o(=ee%> Sunday ? +ay o( ee% in hich +ST stops
dst=stop=ee%=o(=month> G ? Wee% o( month in hich +ST stops GJ"ast ee% o( month
dst=stop=time> 6 ? Time o( day in hich +ST stops
dst=auto=ad-ust> 9 ? Cna*"e$9B+e(au"t&/+isa*"e$0& +ST automatic ad-ustment
time=(ormat=64hr> 9 ? Cna*"e$9 B 64Hr +e(au"t&/+isa*"e$0 B 96Hr&
dnd=contro"> 0 ? +e(au"t 0 $+o 0ot +istur* (eature is o((&
ca""erid=*"oc%ing> 0 ? +e(au"t 0 $+isa*"e sending a"" ca""s as anonymous&
anonymous=ca""=*"oc%> 0 ? +e(au"t 0 $+isa*"e *"oc%ing o( anonymous ca""s&
dtm(=a,t=pay"oad> 909 ? +e(au"t 909
; Sync ,a"ue o( the phone used (or remote reset
sync> 9 ? +e(au"t 9
pro:y=*ac%up> 11 ? +otted IP o( Fac%up Pro:y
pro:y=*ac%up=port> A060 ? Fac%up Pro:y port $de(au"t is A060&
pro:y=emergency> 11 ? +otted IP o( Cmergency Pro:y
pro:y=emergency=port> A060 ? Cmergency Pro:y port $de(au"t is A060&
; Con(igura*"e <2+ option
ena*"e=,ad> 0 ? <2+ setting 0Bdisa*"e $+e(au"t&) 9Bena*"e
nat=ena*"e> 9 ? 0B+isa*"ed $de(au"t&) 9BCna*"ed
nat=address> 11 ? W20 IP address o( 02T *o: $dotted IP or +0S 2 record on"y&
,oip=contro"=port> A060 ? K+P port used (or SIP messages $de(au"t B A060&
start=media=port> 965G4 ? Start 8TP range (or media $de(au"t B 965G4&
end=media=port> 56766 ? Cnd 8TP range (or media $de(au"t B 56766&
nat=recei,ed=processing> 0 ? 0B+isa*"ed $de(au"t&) 9BCna*"ed
out*ound=pro:y> 1996!646!69!6471 ? restricted to dotted IP or +0S 2 record on"y $this is
out*ound=pro:y=port> A0G6 ? de(au"t is A060
; 2""o (or the *ridge on a 5ay ca"" to -oin remaining parties upon hangup
cn(=-oin=ena*"e > 9 ? 0B+isa*"ed) 9BCna*"ed $de(au"t&
; 2""o Trans(er to *e comp"eted hi"e target phone is sti"" ringing
semi=attended=trans(er> 9 ? 0B+isa*"ed) 9BCna*"ed $de(au"t&
; Te"net 3e,e" $ena*"e or disa*"e the a*i"ity to te"net into the phone&
te"net="e,e"> 6 ? 0B+isa*"ed $de(au"t&) 9BCna*"ed) 6BPri,i"eged
; 7#3 K83s
?ser,ices=ur"> 1http>//your!site/ser,ices!:m"1 ? K83 (or e:terna" Phone Ser,ices
ser,ices=ur"> 1http>//995!995!AG!956/*t/1 ?*t ser,ices
directory=ur"> 1http>//your!site/directory!:m"1 ? K83 (or e:terna" +irectory "ocation
"ogo=ur"> 1http>//your!site/"ogo!*mp1 ? K83 (or *randing "ogo to *e used on phone disp"ay
; HTTP Pro:y Support
http=pro:y=addr> 11 ? 2ddress o( HTTP Pro:y ser,er
http=pro:y=port> G0 ? Port o( HTTP Pro:y Ser,er $G0Bde(au"t&
; +ynamic +0S/T'TP Support
dyn=dns=addr=9> 11 ? restricted to dotted IP
dyn=dns=addr=6> 11 ? restricted to dotted IP
dyn=t(tp=addr> 11 ? restricted to dotted IP
; 8emote Party I+
remote=party=id> 0 ? 0B+isa*"ed $de(au"t&) 9BCna*"ed
; Ca"" Ho"d 8ing*ac% $0Bdisa*"ed) 9Bena*"ed) 6Bdisa*"ed no user contro") 5Bena*"ed no user
ca""=ho"d=ring*ac%> 0 ? +e(au"t 0 $+isa*"e ring*ac% o( he"d ca""&
Sa,e this (i"e and open SIP
; 3ine 9 appearance
"ine9=name> "ine9
; 3ine 9 8egistration 2uthentication
"ine9=authname> 1authname1
; 3ine 9 8egistration Passord
"ine9=passord> 1passord1
; 3ine 6 appearance
"ine6=name> "ine6
; 3ine 6 8egistration 2uthentication
"ine6=authname> 1authname1
; 3ine 6 8egistration Passord
"ine6=passord> 1K0P8O<ISIO0C+1
;;;;;;; 0e Parameters added in 8e"ease 6!0 ;;;;;;;
; 2"" user=parameters ha,e *een remo,ed
; Phone 3a*e" $Te:t desired to *e disp"ayed in upper right corner&
phone="a*e"> 1Phone using 1 ? Has no e((ect on SIP messaging
; 3ine 9 +isp"ay 0ame $+isp"ay name to use (or SIP messaging&
"ine9=disp"ayname> 1 "ine 91
; 3ine 6 +isp"ay 0ame $+isp"ay name to use (or SIP messaging&
"ine6=disp"ayname> 1 "ine61
;;;;;;; 0e Parameters added in 8e"ease 5!0 ;;;;;;
; Phone Prompt $The prompt that i"" *e disp"ayed on conso"e and te"net&
phone=prompt> 1SIP Phone1 ? 3imited to 9A characters $+e(au"t B SIP Phone&
; Phone Passord $Passord to *e used (or conso"e or te"net "ogin&
phone=passord> 1cisco1 ? 3imited to 59 characters $+e(au"t B cisco&
; Kser c"assi(cation used hen 8egistering D none$de(au"t&) phone) ip E
user=in(o> none
Sa,e this (i"e! 2nd create a (i"e ca""ed syncin(o!:m"! This (i"e needs to contain
LI#2/C <C8SIO0J1N1 S.0CJ191/M
Sa,e this (i"e and create dia"p"an!:m" This (i"e shou"d contain!
LTC#P32TC #2TCHJ1N1 TimeoutJ1A1/MM
Sa,e this (i"e! 2nd *oot the phone! It shou"d say on the screen!
Con(iguring <320
Con(iguiring IP
8eOuesting Con(iguration
Kpgrading So(tare
2nd then it shou"d re*oot! $a(ter a seiers o( "ight ("ashing on the headset/spea%er
and mute *uttons!& This is you phone no upgraded to SIP ,6!6 (irmare! .ou can
no proceded to the ne:t step!
Upgrading to SIP v3.x firmware
To do this you need to edit the OS7977!T7T (i"e to contain P0S5B05B0B00! 2"so you
then need to change the "ine in SIP+e(au"t!cn( so that
Image=,ersion> P0S5B05B0B00
Is the "ine at the top! 2(ter you ha,e done this ma%e sure that the P0S5B05B0B
00!*in (i"e is in the t(tp root! 2nd then send the phone a CHCCPBS.0C message! I
ha,e *een in(ormed that this shou"d 0OT *e nesscessary (or "oca" updates)
hoe,er (or some reason my phone reOuired it) so i sha"" "ea,e it here -ust incase
This can *e done using the (o""oing per" script
use Soc%et? re*oot$1996!96G!0!9651&? ; this is the phones ip
su* re*ootR
Sphone=ip J shi(t?
S#CS/J10OTI'. sip>sipTUSphone=ip>A060 SIP/6!0
C,ent> chec%Bsync
+ate> #on) 90 Vu" 6000 96>6G>A5 B0700
Ca""BI+> testTU996!96G!0!9
CSeO> 9500 0OTI'.
ContentB3ength> 01?
Sproto J getproto*yname$4udp4&?
soc%et$SOCPCT) P'=I0CT) SOCP=+/82#) Sproto& ?
Siaddr J inet=aton$166!965!9G7!G01&?
Spaddr J soc%addr=in$A060) Siaddr&?
*ind$SOCPCT) Spaddr& ?
Shisiaddr J inet=aton$Sphone=ip& ?
Shispaddr J soc%addr=in$Sport) Shisiaddr&?
send$SOCPCT) S#CS/) 0)Shispaddr & WW arn 1send Shost SQTn1?
8un this script and then that shou"d ma%e the phone re*oot and upgrade the
(irmare! 2(ter this is done you shou"d *e running a ,5 SIP (irmare!
Upgrading to V4.
C2KTIO0 ,4!4 is the on"y SIP (irmare that i"" or% ith 'W+ and most other SIP
ser,ices! This is apparent"y (i:ed in ,4!4 and I seem to *e ha,ing no pro*"ems
using! To do this you need to edit the OS7977!T7T (i"e to contain P0S5B04B4B00!
2"so you then need to change the "ine in SIP+e(au"t!cn( so that
Image=,ersion> P0S5B04B4B00
Is the "ine at the top! 2(ter ma%ing sure that your (irmare (i"e is in the root o( the
T'TP ser,er! 8e*oot the phone $poer cyc"e& and it shou"d automatica""y upgrade
your (irmare! Once this is done you shou"d *e running ,4!4 o( SIP (irmare! I
Ha,e recent"y got the A!5 'irmare) and upgradeing is much the same as 4!4