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Zachary Kennel

Phone: 770-899-8171
Email: zkennel@students.kennesaw.edu
Address 2746 Meadow View Drive, Acworth GA, 30102

To be a "sponge" and learn as much as possible in every computer field while at the same time creating excellent products.

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Graduated: December 2013
Minor in Applied Mathematics 3.38 major and 4.0 minor GPA
Kennesaw State University Kennesaw, GA

Relevant Courses
Programming: Java and C# Programming; Software Engineering, UML Modeling, Data Mining;
Network: Computer and Network Architecture, Advanced Data Communications;
Analysis: Calculus-3, Computers and Mathematics, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra-2, and Numerical Methods.
Oracle Created multi-table databases and PL/SQL for Data Mining.
IBM Rational Software Architect Professional software for programming and UML modeling.
ITGuru Network Creation and Simulation (Simulated global Token ring)
Ubuntu OS Portable operating system on Flash drive.
Microsoft SQL Servers Experience with both versions 2003 and 2008
Experience with Window XP, Vista, 7, and 8 as well as some usage Ubuntu and CentOS.
Microsoft office - Word, Power point, Excel, Access.
Open Office
Programming Software: JGrasp, BlueJay, Eclispe, Visual Studio, GNAT, NetBeans, and Terminal/Command-Prompt.
Knowledge of Visual Basic, Java, Android, C#, HTML, SQL, PL/SQL ASP.net, Ada.
Able to recognize patterns very, very, very well for algorithms and optimization efficiency.
Have pride in work, always give best effort. Always want the best results in the least time.
Great team player and conflict solver, as well as natural leader that guides team-focus.
Travelport -- Intern in Window Support Group Fall Semester 2012
Updated, Fixed, and Added features to Travelport's GLOBAL Infrastructure Project Management System.
o Large scale C# browser application
Connects to LDAP systems: Red Hat and Windows Active Directory Systems.
Connections to Microsoft SQL Servers 2003, and 2008.
Thorough knowledge of how Projects are compiled and flow in a Global Corporation.
Created Travelport's Internship Flier for 2012

KSU Advanced CS-Tutor -- Tutored students in all class tiers. August 2012 - December 2013

Arby's -- Team Trainer 2008 - Present
Ability to work every position fluently and above standards.
o Charged with opening and closing responsibilities for kitchens and registers.
o Operate any station during lunch rushes.
o Oversee and coordinate shifts when managers are busy.
Demonstrated excellent customer service and received perfect reviews for working hard, teamwork, and
Church -- Volunteer Usher (Lead Usher and Usher Trainer) 2007 - Present
Activities Computer Games: running Minecraft Servers, League of Legends, and Clan Leader of over 200 players.
Sports: Dancing, Fencing, Tree/Rock Climbing, Soccer.
Computing: researching upcoming technologies and how they work, Programming.