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CAU 1 :

Chon t co trong am chnh nhan vao am tiet co v tr khac vi v tr trong am ch 3

t con lai va viet ch A,B,C hoac D ng vi moi t a chon vao phan tra li

A. criticism B. accomplish C. gravity D. primitive

A. divisible B. constructive C. comfortable D. miraculous

A. delicate B. considerate C. abnormal D. accessible

A. professional B. conventional C. conspicuous D. preferential

A. militant B. odourless C. immense D. sanguine

CAU 2:
Chon 1 t/cum t thich hp cho moi cho trong trong nhng cau sau:

Conversationalists are concerned that many potentially valuable of plants and
animals are threatened with extinction.
A. variations B. samples C. brands D. species

I didnt hear you in last night. You must have been very quiet.
A. come B. coming C. to come D. came

Im sure you will have no difficulty . the exam.
A. to pass B. passing C. pass D. on passing

My boss is busy just now. I think he will need time to answer your letter.
A. little B. a little C. lots of D. plenty of

Radar . pilots to land safely in difficult weather conditions.
A. forces B. gets C. enables D. warns

The picture of the soldiers me of the unhappy memories of the war.
A. reminds B. is reminding
C. are reminded C. remind

They would like to live in a country . there is a lot of sunshine.
A. which B. where C. that D. when

We think they . all that is necessary.
A. have done B. did C. had done D. would do

Is your sister serious . Marrying a foreigner?
A. of B. with C. at D. about

Air is a combination of nitrogen and oxygen in place by gravity.
A. are holding B. being held
C. held D. holding

Hoan thanh moi cau v dang thch hp cua t trong ngoac.
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312A Trng Chi nh Phng 13 Quan Tan Bnh TpHCM
Websi te: www.thanhcong.edu.vn - T: (08) 38851852 - 0942839808
Thi gian lam bai: 90 phut ESO4
16. Mike is very happy because his application for a has been accepted.
17. In the era of development and integration, there is a great demand for skillful .
in our country. (TECHNICAL)
18. The low wages and the poor working conditions caused great among workers.
19. His health was seriously affected and he suffered from constant . (SLEEP)
20. The government considers it necessary to this training centre, (MILITARY)
21. She prefers wearing clothes made of cotton in hot weather. (ABSORB)
22. There were some .. guests at the opening ceremony (DISTINGUISH)
23. They felt certain about their success (TOLERATE)
24. The gases from that factory are quite (POISON)
25. You can not imagine how . the area was damaged by the flood (SERIOUS)

Tm 1 t thch hp cho moi cho trong c anh so t 26 en 35 va ien vao o cau tra
Presents and present-giving should be fun. The whole idea of giving a present is that
you should enjoy planning (26) .. special pleasure and surprise for someone. The
(27) of a present is the least important thing about it. What matters is that it is a
token (28) .. your love and appreciation of the person. Those who never give anything
away, not (29) .. Sympathy, are sure to be disappointed and unhappy people.
An ideal (30).. should be something one will like and want , not just something
you like. Everyone has extravagant tastes as well as simple (31) And you can
usually find something inexpensive to buy or easy to make. The simples present is often
the (32) appreciated.
The most successful present givers whom I know shop all the year round for
presents. They see just the right present (33) a friend, buy it then and there at once
and put it away till it is wanted. In this case, I think it is a good idea for you (34) .
Keep a list of suitable presents for your friends so that when the time comes, you can go
out and (35) .. something special.

oc oan van sau ay va viet cau tra li ngan gon vao sau moi cau hoi.
When industrialization began, little thought was given to its ecological effects on the
environment. Raw, untreated sewage allowed to pollute our river and seas. Animals were
killed for profits to the point of extinction. The loss of trees through uncontrolled
deforestation caused erosion and unstable climate.
Acid rain was caused by the poisonous gas which man sent into the atmosphere.
Chemicals in pesticides killed animal life. Herbicides destroyed plants. As a result, the
balance of nature was disturbed.
It is only now that we are waking up to the problem. More natural, organic farming
is advocated. Legislation controls the disposal of waste products into our air and water.
Wildlife organizations are becoming more militant in their fight for animal rights.
Replanting policies in some parts of he world mean that our forests should in the future be
We can only hope that growing public awareness and enlightened legislation will
produce a world which is safe for us and will provide a good quality of life for future

36. Did the ecological effects of industrialization on the environment receive much
attention at first?

37. What happened when poisonous gases were sent into the atmosphere?
38. Why was the balance of nature disturbed?
39. What helps to sustain our forests in the futures?
40. What will growing public awareness and enlightened legislation hopeful result in?

A . Viet lai cac cau sau ay sao cho ngha cua chung khong thay oi. hay bat au moi
cau bang t/cum t cho san.
41. It will be impossible to avoid pollution if we dont find other fuels.
We cant .
42. People say that nuclear energy has caused lots of problems.
Nuclear energy is supposed
43. Im sure you were surprised when you heard the new.
You must .
44. It is extremely difficult for them to cut down on smoking.
They find
45. We regret to inform you that your application has not been successful.
Much to ..

B . S dung nguyen dang cua t /cum t cho san trong ngoac e viet lai cac cau sau ay
sao cho ngha cua chung khong thay oi.


School leavers dont know much about their future job. (little)
47. Its a pity I cant answer that question. (_wish)
48. Cars caused pollution, but people still want them (although)
49. The designer have made a dress for Candys party (had)
50. It is necessary to spend a lot of money to find new fuels (mean)

Cau 7 :
Moi cau t 51 en 55 co mot loi. viet ay u cau ung vao v tr tng ng cua moi cau.
51. Many woman pharmacists enjoy dealing with the drugstore public.
52. The bad news made Sarah crying bitterly.
53. Would you like to pay by cheque or by cash?
54. It I were you , I wouldnt recommend to take the car.
55. They are not tolerant with other peoples faults.

S dung nhng t/cum t cho san di ay viet thanh nhng cau hoan chnh. Anh/ch co
the dung them t/ cum t va thc hien nhng bien oi can thiet nhng khong bo bat ky t
nao a cho.
56. We/ not/ clean up/ polluted river/ seas/ overnight//
57. Scientists/ find/ various practical users/ laser/ past decade//
58. Instant/ world-wide communication/ no longer/ be / problem/ this era//
59. It/ always/ best/ ask/ before/ you/ light up/ cigarette/ other peoples house//
60. Most/ students/ my class/ not/ used/ work/ under pressure//

1. B. accomplish 2. C. comfortable 3. A. delicate
4. D. preferential 5. C. immense

Cau 2: (10 iem moi cau ung c 1 iem)
6. D. species 7. A. come 8. B. pasing
9. B. a little 10. C. enables 11. A. reminds
12. B. where 13. A. have done 14. D. about
15. C. held

Cau 3: (20 iem moi cau ung c 2 iem)
16. scholarship 17. technicians 18. dissatisfaction
19. sleeplessness 20. militarize 21. absorbent
22. distinguished 23. tolerably 24. poisonous
25. seriously

Cau 4: (20 iem moi cau ung c 2 iem)
26. a 27. value/ cost 28. of 29. even
30. present 31. ones 32. most/ best 33. for
34. to 35. buy/ get

Cau 5: (15 iem moi cau ung c 3 iem)
36. No, they didnt
37. They caused acid rain
38. Because chemicals in pesticided killed animal life and herbicides destroyed
39. Replanting policies (in some parts of the world) do.
Replanting policies (in some parts of the worlds) help to sustain our forests in the
40. They will hopefully result in a safe/ safer world for us and a good quality of
life for future generations

Cau 6: (15 iem)
A. (10 iem moi cau ung c 2 iem)
41. We cant avoid pollution unless we find other fuels. We cant avoid polltion
if we dont find other fuels
42. Nuclear energy is supposed to have caused lots of problems.
43. You must have been surprised when you heard the news
44. They find it extremely difficult to cut down on smoking
45. Much to our regret, your application has not been successful

Cau 1: (5 iem moi cau ung c 1 iem)
B. ( 5 iem moi cau ung c 1 iem)
46. School-leavers know (very) little about their future jobs
47. I wish I could answer that question
48. Although cars cause pollution, people still want them
49. Candy has had a dress made for her party (by the designers)
50. Finding new fuels means spending a lot of money

Cau 7: (5 iem moi cau ung c 1 iem)
51. Many women pharmacists enjoy dealing with the drugstore public
52. The bad news made Sarah cry bitterly
53. Would you like to play by cheque or in cash?
54. If I were you, I wouldnt recommend taking the car
55. They are not very tolerant of/ towards other peoples faults

Cau 8: (10 cau moi cau ung c 2 iem)
56. We cannot clean up (out/ the) polluted rivers and seas overnight
57. Scientists have found various practical uses for (the) laser during/ in/ for/
over the past decade/decades
58. Instant and world-wide communication has no longer been a problem in this
era. / Instant, world-wide communication has no longer been a problem in this era
59. Its always best to ask for permission before you light up a cigarette in other
peoples house
60. Most of students in my class are not used to working under pressure.