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Industrial Hazard and Industrial Safety

These days all the Industries are changing their strategies to improve the working conditions for their
employees and in turn get better productivity. The companies and industries today are also
pressurized to follow CSR (Company Social Responsibility) and so they are employing Industrial
Safety and Management practices at their workplace.
To get a proper idea of industrial safety we had to first understand, that
What is Industrial Hazard?
Industrial Hazard may be defined as any damage to any persons life, cause an injury, loss of product
or property while present at the workplace of the Industry. These hazards can be classified in different
ways; however the main types of hazards are as follows:
Environmental Pollution

Mechanical hazards usually take place by the combination of unsafe condition & carelessness. Most
of industrial accidents are due to faulty assessment, lack of ability of employee, poor discipline, lack of
concentration, unsafe practice, mental & physically unfit employee for job, damaged equipment or
improper working circumstances, inappropriate training regarding the safety aspects
Electrical hazards mainly consist of shocks, sparking, fire, electric wiring fault etc. These can be
avoided by
Proper repairs of wiring & equipment
High voltage equipment should be properly enclosed
Good house keeping
Water should not be used for extinguishing electric fire
Worker should avoid wet clothing or shoes near electrical equipments.
Physical hazards are classified as
Fire and Explosion
Heat and Cold
Biological hazards lead to diseases such as
Brucellosis (dairy industry)
Byssinosis (textile industry)
Bagassosis (sugar-cane)
These can be prevented by taking measures such as
Periodic health check up
Personal protection
The manufacturer should also provide
First aid facilities
Initial examination
Facility for vaccination
Routine sanitation program
Chemical hazards are classified into three types:
o Dermatitis
o Eczema
o Ulcers
o Cancer
o Gas Poisoning
o Living tissue may be destroyed by chemical reactions such as
o Dehydration
o Digestion
o Oxidation
Environmental hazards include
Air pollution
Water pollution
Thermal pollution
Sound pollution
Now that you have a brief idea of different hazards in the industry lets understand,
What are Indust rial Safety and Management Measures?
The measures taken to prevent any event which cause any kind of industrial hazard are called safety
measures. Main motive of Industrial safety is to reduce the chances of any injury, loss or danger to
the persons and property involved in the industrial production and processing of goods. And to fulfill
this objective steps are taken to improve the existing health and safety standards and implement new
strategies. And to establish "separate but dependent responsibilities and rights" for employers and
employees for the achievement of better safety and health conditions. There are various
organizations which take care that the industry is following the safety norms or not.
So to maintain the safety standards a team of qualified people is employed in each industry which
manage the quality of working conditions. There are various colleges and institutes providingsafety
management courses in Indiaoffering diploma and full engineering in safety management. So this
also helps students to create a carrier in a new and emerging field.
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