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Kayles Comprehensive Ship Combat Guide.

Shooting Phase.

Misfire! Chart.
Roll 1 The cannon explodes. -1 Hull
Point, the cannon is destroyed.
Roll 2 The gunpowder ignites but the
cannonball stays still, the
cannon jolts back. -1 Hull Point.
Potential injury.
Roll 3 A jet of hot flame flies across the
deck. Crewmen roll 40+ to avoid
Roll 4 The cannon recoils heavily, its
operator takes a wound. New
operator required.
Roll 5 The powder was wet, nothing
Roll 6 The cannon was overloaded
with powder, it explodes but
fires its cannonball. 2 enemy
hull points, -1 to your hull
points. The cannon is destroyed.

Roll 1 - 20 Misfire! Consult Misfire! chart
Roll 21 - 49 Miss.
Roll 50 - 79 Hit -1 Hull Point
Roll 80+ Critical hit! -2 Hull points

Reloading Phase.

Ships have 15 Hull Points each. Crews may elect to restore either 1
Hull Point or 1 Cannon per turn, the repaired cannon is unloaded and
cannot be fired in the subsequent shooting phase. This is successful
on a 30+ from whomever is repairing it.

During all of the aforementioned phases, crews of both ships are free
to fire shots at one another. Arrows, bolts, bullets and spells are all
to be taken at the targets discretion. A rolling system may be
instigated upon request.

Evasive Manoeuvres.
The Captain/man at the wheel of each vessel may elect to take
Evasive Manoeuvres after any reloading phase. Doing so will provide
you with a chance to shrug off a successful Hit result on the roll of
70+. As a result, one cannon is unable to be fired next turn. Note that
this CAN be a destroyed/unloaded cannon.

Shooting Phase -> Reloading Phase -> Evasive Manoeuvres.

Boarding Phase.

Roll 1-10 Failure.
Roll 11+ Success.
Once a ship has reached 0 Hull Points OR all cannons are destroyed,
the crew may attempt a Boarding action.
The deck of the boarding crew will be showered with grape shot
from their opponent, each member is expected to suffer minor to
major injury, depending on individual opinion/rolls if required.

The boarding ship will then ram or otherwise close on its target, a
roll of 30+ will be required from each boarding crew member as they
swing across on grappling hooks/ropes. If they roll less, they fall into
the water and either need to be saved by their allies or can save
themselves, at the realistic cost of climbing out. They must then
attempt to roll again to board.

From there, combat is through emotes exclusively, Captains and
other crew members may Challenge one another at their own