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Annie Dinh

A Beautiful Mind
I think that John Nash had paranoid schizophrenia. Nash showed many positive
symptoms of schizophrenia such as hallucinations and delusions. Nash had hallucinations
because he believed that harles! Marcy! and "heeler were real people. #his was seen when
Nash believed harles was his roommate at $rinceton! when in fact! Nash lived alone in his
dorm. Nash also had delusions because he believed that he worked for the Department of
Defense! as a code%breaker. Nash believed that America was in dan&er because there was a bomb
planted by the 'ussians. #his is seen when Nash spends his time in his office lookin& for codes
in ma&azines.
Nash had many symptoms which supported that he had paranoid schizophrenia. Nash had
very twitchy movements. Nash also mumbled and used rhymin& words when speakin&. Nash
was very paranoid. #his was seen when he would constantly look over his shoulder or out the
window. Another supportin& e(ample is when Nash tried to &et his wife to &o to her sister)s
house because he believed the 'ussians were comin& after them.
#he filmmakers of this movie made the audience believe that harles! Marcy! and
"heeler were real people. #he filmmakers made the audience think that harles was in fact his
roommate at $rinceton. It was not until Nash was admitted into the mental hospital and
dia&nosed! when the audience found out that harles! Marcy! and "heeler were ima&inary. #his
came as a shock to the audience! and &ave a little taste of how a schizophrenic person mi&ht feel.
In usin& this techni*ue! the filmmakers were successfully able to convey the fear and confusion
of a schizophrenic.
At first! Nash is very confused and believes that his psychiatrist is a 'ussian spy.
+owever! when Nash finds out that he is schizophrenic! he is &iven medication as treatment.
Nash takes his medication! but later stops. +e does this because it is stoppin& his work. Nash
wants to &et reinstated! but the medication makes it difficult for him to concentrate on his work.
Also! Nash cannot respond to his wife because of the medication. +e knows that this frustrates
his wife because she throws a cup at the bathroom mirror. Also! Nash feels like he cannot help
with the baby while on medication! thus forcin& his wife to handle all the hardships. Nash)s
medication makes him feel useless! and therefore he is unwillin& to take it.
In the movie! Nash be&ins to take steps to overcome his illness. +e first does this when he
realizes that Marcy never &ets old! and therefore must be ima&inary. After this realization! Nash
tries to reason his way into knowin& what is real or not. Nash then &oes to his old friend! Martin!
at $rinceton and asks to han& around for a while. +e does this in order to &ain attachment to real
thin&s. #his sense of community is helpful in Nash)s ,ourney to overcome his illness. +owever!
Nash will not be cured of his illness because it has been &oin& for too lon&! untreated. Nash will
never be cured! but he can learn to live with his illness.
#he movie differs from Nash)s real life