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Central Union High School

Teacher: Mr. Pea
Cla!!roo": Science #
Phone $: %&'() **'+,,-#
e+"ail: a.ena/c0h!d.net
1e2!ite: c0h!.h3!ic!.4ee2l3.co"
Course Title: Physics
Grade Level: 10-12
Requirements: This course fulfills the graduation requirement for one of two years of laboratory Science.
Approed by !S" and satisfies the A-# requirements for "! system.
Prerequisite: Algebra $$ or higher.
Course Description: This course is aimed to help students with a wide range of bac%grounds and abilities to learn Physics
by becoming inoled in the sub&ect' challenging them to bring out their creatiity and potential' their
ability to wor% with others' and to refine their mathematical methods of laboratory measurements. $n
addition( it stri%es a balance between emphasi)ing the principles and concepts of Physics and the
solution of realistic problems. Students are also encouraged to e*perience physical results in a
different way by means of tables and graphs.
Instructional Materials+ #lencoe ,c #raw -ill( 2002 edition.
Author+ .it)ewit)( Paul /. and 0thers
Online Textoo!+ http+11www.glencoe.com1sites1common2assets1science1ose1
"ser 3ame+ pp"p Password+ dru#$tr%hu 43ote+ not case sensitie5
*(7 o8 the grade:
Points earned from homework, class assignments, participation and lab reports.
&(7 o8 the grade:
Quizzes and exams
Grade will be available to view online at Aeries through the district website. Grading is calculated by point
accumulation and averaged.
5rade Percentage 7
A !"" and #igher
A $% & $$
A& $" & $'
( )* & )$
( )% & )+
(& )" & )'
, ** & *$
, *% & *+
,& *" & *'
- +* & +$
- +% . ++
-& +" . +'
/ 0$ and 1nder
2ake up assignments due to a :0!ti8ied absence are to be completed after school. 3ork has to be made up within -
school days after absence. 4ime extensions can be arranged depending on circumstance. NOTE: 5t is the
responsibility of the student to re6uest the make up assignments within the allowed time.
5f a student misses the day an exam was administered, the student will take the exam the first day the student
returns to class. /ew exceptions apply.
7etaking an exam is possible under the following rules.
!87etakes are optional and therefore, they are offered after school only.
'87etakes are not make&up exams and they are not to be 9made&up: if a student misses
the day a retake was offered. 5f the student knows he;she will definitely not be able to
retake an exam for a good reason, he;she should speak with me before the retake date.
%8A student will not be allowed to retake an exam if he;she has not completed a 9test self&
evaluation: on where <the test8 he;she scored poorly.
Any assignment that is submitted after the due date will either lose points or will simply not be counted at all,
depending on how late the assignment is submitted.
=xtra credit assignments are >?4 available for this course.
A binder is re6uired for this class. 5t is acceptable to use a binder used in another class as long as the material for
the physics class is kept separate from the other sub@ects. 4he binder will have two sections. 5n !ection #, you will
keep notes, vocabulary and reference papers. 5n !ection -, you will keep all your graded assignments including
exams. 5 will announce ahead of time when binders will be collected to be graded.
PACIN5 5UI6E %Si".li8ied)
?Motion and =orce!
<Chapters 3, 5, 6, 7, 8: speed, velocity, acceleration, >ewtonAs laws, law of gravitation, circular motion8
B,onservation of =nergy and 2omentum
<Chapters 9, 11: momentum, kinetic energy, potential energy, collisions8
B#eat and 4hermodynamics
<Chapter 12: heat, thermal energy, heat engine, entropy8
<Chapters 14, 15, 16: properties and behaviors of waves, mechanical waves, sound, electromagnetic waves8
B=lectric and 2agnetic Phenomena
<Chapters 13, 21-25, 29: electric circuits, ?hmAs law, electric charges, magnetism, induction, plasma8