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DHI Water & Environment

Modelling of River Flooding
A Step-by-step training guide
DHI Water & Environment
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DHI Water & Environment
DHI Water & Environment
Modelling of River Flooding
Step-by-step training guide
E!!I" #!A$!ED WI!H $I%E$ &'DE((I" I" &IKE )(''D******************* +
, -$IE) I"!$'D./!I'" !' &IKE )(''D *********************************************** +
2 0.$0'#E ') !HI# D'/.&E"! **************************************************************** +
+ &IKE )(''D E1A&0(E #E!.0 **************************************************************** 2
+*, Intro345tion to the e6am7le mo3el ************************************************************************************* 2
+*2 /reating the &IKE )(''D 8ile 8or the E6am7le &o3el set47 ******************************************* 2
+*+ (ateral 5o47ling o8 rivers to their res7e5tive 8loo3 7lains *************************************************** 7
+*2 #etting 47 a str45t4re link*************************************************************************************************** 9
2 !HE /'&0(E!E #E!.0 **************************************************************************** ,0
ii ,I-E F.//D
DHI Water & Environment
"rief Introdu#tion to MIKE F.//D
0 )te$-'1-2te$ trainin" "#ide
DHI Water & Environment
$etting Started %it& river 'odelling in MIKE FLOOD
&IKE )(''D is a tool that integrates the mo3els &IKE ,,9 &'.#E
an3 the &IKE 2, into a single9 3:nami5all: 5o47le3 mo3elling
s:stem* .sing a 5o47le3 a77roa5h ena;les the ;est 8eat4res o8 all
three mo3els to ;e 4tili<e39 =hile at the same time avoi3ing some
limitations that ma: ;e en5o4ntere3 =hen 4sing the 5om7onents
!he 74r7ose o8 this 3o54ment is to>
assist the 4ser in 4n3erstan3ing the relationshi7s among the mo3el
8iles an3 linkage t:7es that make 47 a &IKE )(''D river mo3el
sim4lation 3ata set? an39
7rovi3e a ste7-;:-ste7 e6am7le o8 ho= to set 47 a ;asi5 &IKE
)(''D 8loo37lain mo3el 4sing e6isting &IKE ,, an3 &IKE 2,
mo3el 3ata 8iles*
!he set-47 o8 a t=o-3imensional overlan3 mo3el an3 a one-
3imensional se=er mo3el is treate3 se7aratel: in the 3o54ment
@&o3elling o8 .r;an )loo3ingA
-/( Introdu#tion to t&e e0a'ple 'odel
!he e6am7le mo3el re8eren5e3 in this 3o54ment is the @)loo37lain
DemonstrationA e6am7le 3is54sse3 ;rie8l: in the &IKE )(''D .ser
&an4al9 =hi5h 5an ;e 8o4n3 on :o4r 5om74ter a8ter &IKE )(''D
installation in the s4;-8ol3er
@&an4alsB&IKEC)(''D @
o8 the installation 8ol3er t:7i5all: the installation 8ol3er is
@/>B0rogram )ilesBDHIB&IKEDeroA*
!his 3o54ment is not inten3e3 to 7rovi3e a ste7-;:-ste79
5om7rehensive t4torial on setting 47 the &IKE ,, an3 &IKE 2,
5om7onents o8 the &IKE )(''D mo3el* Detaile3 in8ormation on the
5reation o8 ne= &IKE ,,9 &'.#E an3 &IKE 2, mo3els 3atasets 5an
;e 8o4n3 in their res7e5tive so8t=are 4ser an3 re8eren5e man4als
in5l43e3 =ith the so8t=are installation* Instea39 this 3o54ment is
inten3e3 to 3is54ss the ste7s reE4ire3 to link a &IKE ,, ,-
3imensional river mo3el a &'.#E se=er mo3el =ith the &IKE 2, 2-
3imensional 8loo37lain mo3el to 5reate a &IKE )(''D 5o47le3 ,-
DF2-D 8loo37lain mo3el* It is ass4me3 that the 4ser has a =orking
4n3erstan3ing o8 the a77li5a;le h:3ra4li5 engineering 7rin5i7les an3
h:3ra4li5 mo3elling in general ;e8ore ;eginning this &IKE )(''D
e6am7le set47*
-/* Creating t&e MIKE FLOOD file for t&e E0a'ple Model setup
!he 7ro5e34re ;elo= =ill =alk :o4 thro4gh the ste7s to link an
e6isting &IKE ,, an3 an e6isting &IKE 2, mo3el set47 th4s
5onstr45ting an &IKE )(''D mo3el en5om7assing the rivers an3 the
s4rro4n3ing 8loo37lains* Go4 =ill 5reate a ne= &IKE )(''D
sim4lation 8ile an3 a33 lateral9 str45t4re9 <ero 8lo= an3 4r;an links
H3es5ri;e3 in 3etail in the &IKE )(''D .ser &an4alI to a55om7lish
this* I8 :o4 =ish instea3 to loa3 the 84ll: linke3 &IKE )(''D
sim4lation 5o47ling 8ile9 it 5an ;e 8o4n3 in the e6am7les 8ol3er o8 the
installation t:7i5all: the lo5ation
!o 5reate the &IKE )(''D e6am7le mo3el 8rom the e6isting ,D an3
2D mo3els 3o the 8ollo=ing>
MIKE FLOOD e0a'ple
,* #tart &IKE )(''D 8rom :o4r 5om74terJs #!A$! men4 4n3er
0rograms3DHI #o8t=are3&IKE )(''D*
2* /reate a ne= &IKE )(''D sim4lation 8ile ;: 5hoosing
)ile3"e=3&IKE )(''D3&IKE )(''D* #ave the &IKE
)(''D set47 8ile 4n3er a name o8 :o4r 5hoosing in the
e6am7les 8ol3er
+* DonJt over=rite the e6isting &IKE )(''D set47 8ile in the
e6am7le 8iles 8ol3er*
)ig4re ,> #ele5tion o8 &IKE 2, 8ile*
2* A5tivate the De8inition men4 item on the le8t o8 the &IKE
)(''D inter8a5e*
5* #ele5t the a77ro7riate &IKE 2, sim4lation 8iles in the
De8inition se5tion o8 the &IKE )(''D e3itor H8o4n3 in the
8ol3er @#4r8a5eAI*
K* A5tivate the ti5k ;o6 to a5tivate the &IKE ,, mo3el sele5tion
Hsee )ig4re 2I*
7* E67lore the &IKE ,, mo3el net=ork ;: 5li5king on the @E3it
&IKE ,, In74tA ;4tton in the De8inition 3ialog* !o see the
river net=ork9 5li5k the In74t ta; on the res4lting 3ialog ;o69
then 5li5k the @E3itA ;4tton ;esi3e the item s7e5i8:ing the
@"et=orkA 8ile H)ig4re 2I* 0lease re8er to the &IKE ,, 4ser
man4al 8or in8ormation on ;ro=sing 8eat4res an3 3ata 8orms in
the river "et=ork 8ile9 the /ross-se5tion 8ile9 an3 other &IKE
,, sim4lation 8iles*
)ig4re 2> #ele5tion o8 a river set-47* "ote the ti5k ;o6 =hi5h has ;een
sele5te3 7rior to a5tivation o8 the ;ro=se ;4tton Hthe elli7sesI* )4rther
the ;4ttons are not a5tive 4ntil the ti5k ;o6 has ;een sele5te3*
L* E67lore the &IKE 2, mo3el set47 ;: 5li5king on the @E3it &2,
In74tA ;4tton* 0lease re8er to the &IKE 2, 4ser man4al 8or a
84ll 3es5ri7tion o8 &IKE 2, mo3el 7arameters an3 their
9* !o see the &IKE 2, mo3el gri3 3es5ri;ing the 8loo37lain
to7ogra7h: sele5t the men4 item M-asi5 0arameters 3
;ath:metr:J an3 then the vie= ;4tton as sho=n in )ig4re 2* !o
;etter vis4ali<e the res4lting to7ogra7h: in the gra7hi5 vie=
:o4 5an 5hoose to generate a ne= 7alette* !his is 3one thro4gh
the main tool;ar thro4gh the men4 M%ie= 3 0alette 3 ne=J* o
thro4gh the ste7s nee3e3 in generating 7alette*
As 5an ;e seen the river ;ran5hes are not 3e8ine3 in great 3etail in the
to7ogra7hi5 gri3* !he lo5ation o8 the rivers is most 5learl: vis4ali<e3
thro4gh the &IKE )(''D inter8a5e Ha 5lose 47 is sho=n in )ig4re +I*
)ig4re +> /lose 47 o8 the 5om;ine3 river an3 8loo3 7lain mo3el*
)ig4re 2> A55ess to the gri3 8ile 4se3 to 3es5ri;e the 8loo37lain is
gaine3 thro4gh the &IKE 2, inter8a5e*
At this 7oint the t=o main mo3el 5om7onents have ;een ;ro4ght into
the &IKE )(''D inter8a5e* !he goal 8rom here on is to 5o47le the
river an3 the 8loo37lain 4sing the vario4s tools availa;le =ithin the
&IKE )(''D e3itor*
-/- Lateral #oupling of rivers to t&eir respe#tive flood plains
!he set-47 has t=o ;ran5hes @$iverA an3 @tri;A* !hese =ill ;e 5o47le3
along the river ;anks to the t=o-3imensional 3omain to 3o this the
8ollo=ing ste7s sho4l3 ;e 8ollo=e3*
,* $ight 5li5k in the gra7hi5al vie= to 3is7la: a range o8 tools*
)ig4re 5> $ight 5li5king in the gra7hi5al vie=*
2* #ele5t the o7tion M(ink river ;ran5h to &IKE 2,NJ to 3is7la:
the linking men4*
)ig4re K> !he lateral linkage tool
+* !his 8irst link is ;et=een the tri;4tar: stream an3 the le8t over
;ank 8loo37lain area o8 the &IKE ,, river ;ran5h 5alle3
@!$I-* !he linkage e6ten3s along the tri;4tar: 8rom &IKE ,,
5hainage ,+50*00 meters to 5hainage ,LL5*00 meters9 an3
sho4l3 Ooin the &IKE ,, rea5h to a n4m;er o8 gri3 5ells in the
&IKE 2, mo3el* #ele5t the M(ateral linkJ as the link t:7e*
2* #ele5t a M(e8tJ in the 5om;o ;o6*
5* #7e5i8: the river name an3 the to7o ID along =ith the 5hainages
o8 the rea5h to ;e 5o47le3*
K* !he a77ro7riate 5ells have no= ;een sele5te3 in the gri3*
7* !he 8irst link entr: is em7t: an3 sho4l3 ;e 3elete3* !his is 3one
;: marking it an3 then 5li5king the 3elete ;4tton on the right
Hsee )ig4re 7I*
)ig4re 7> Deleting the 8irst non-vali3 ro= in the &IKE )(''D e3itor*
L* !he s7e5i8i5 linke3 5ells is s7e5i8ie3 in the le8t ta;le name3
@&2, /oor3 ,A* &IKE 2, gri3 5ells are set 47 in a P an3 K
5oor3inate s:stem instea3 o8 "orthing an3 Easting9 to allo= 8or
rotate3 gri3s* In this 5ase9 the P 3ire5tion re7resents 5ol4mns in
the gri3 H=hi5h =o4l3 ;e 1 or Easting in a t:7i5al ma7
5oor3inate s:stemI9 an3 the K 3ire5tion re7resents ro=s in the
gri3 HG or "orthing in a non-rotate3 gri3I* !he rotation o8 the
&IKE 2, gri3 is 3etermine3 47on initial mo3el set479 an3
sho4l3 generall: ;e oriente3 so that 7re3ominant 8lo= 3ire5tion
8ollo=s either the P or K 3ire5tion*
9* A8ter :o4Jve s7e5i8ie3 where the 8loo3ing 8rom &IKE ,,
sho4l3 enter the le8t-si3e 8loo37lain9 no= :o4 nee3 to s7e5i8:
how 8lo= =ill ;e inter5hange3 8or this link ;et=een &IKE ,,
an3 &IKE 2,* #o9 in the &IKE )(''D e3itor9 5li5k the
(ateral (ink '7tions se5tion* #et 47 the lateral link o7tions as
sho=n in )ig4re 5* 0lease re8er to the &IKE )(''D .ser
&an4al 8or a 3es5ri7tion o8 the meaning an3 4se o8 the o7tions
availa;le here 8or (ateral an3 other t:7es o8 links*
)ig4re L> !he lateral ink o7tions 8or the le8t link along the M!ri;J
/ongrat4lationsQ Go4Jve no= set 47 :o4r 8irst &IKE )(''D mo3el
;: linking &IKE ,, to &IKE 2,* Go4 5an start the mo3el sim4lation
;: 5hoosing $4n 3 #tart #im4lation 8rom the to7 men49 an3 then
e67lore the mo3el res4lts to see ho= 8lo= is e65hange3 in this ver:
;asi5 mo3el* All :o4 nee3 to 3o no= is to 5onne5t the remaining
;ran5hes to their res7e5tive 8loo37lains to 5om7lete the lateral linking
-/1 Setting up a stru#ture lin2
!his se5tion =ill 8o54s on 5o47ling a 54lvert 4n3er a maOor roa3
em;ankment to the t=o-3imensional 3omain* !he 54lvert has alrea3:
;een set-47 in a short &IKE ,, ;ran5h* !he ;ran5h 5ontaining onl:
t=o 5ross se5tion* !he goal is no= to 5o47le the en3 7oints o8 this
;ran5h to 5ells =ithin the t=o-3imensional 3omain*
!he 8ollo=ing 7ro5e34re sho4l3 ;e 8ollo=e3 to a55om7lish this*
,* $ight 5li5k in the gra7hi5al vie= Hsee )ig4re 5I an3 sele5t the
M(ink $iver -ran5h to &IKE 2, NJ
)ig4re 9> !he sele5tion o8 the ;ran5h en3 to 5o47le 8or the 54lvert
2* #ele5t the 47stream en3 o8 the ;ran5h name3 M54lv,J an3 the
to7o ID Mstr45J an3 5li5k 'K*
+* A ne= str45t4re link has no= ;een a33e3 to the ta;le* "ote that
the ta;le on the le8t hol3s one set o8 HO9kI 5oor3inates tho4gh it
is 7ossi;le to link m4lti7le 5ells*
2* #in5e a 54lvert has ;oth an 47stream en3 an3 a 3o=nstream
en39 it is ne5essar: to s7e5i8: a linkage 8or ;oth en3s o8 the
@/.(%,A ;ran5h to the &IKE 2, gri3* !he 3o=nstream
linkage is set 47 ;: re7eating the a;ove 7ro5ess an3 sele5ting
the M3o=nstream en3 o8 the ;ran5hJ*
5* 'n5e again9 :o4 have to s7e5i8: ho= 8lo= =ill ;e inter5hange3
8or these 54lvert links ;et=een &IKE ,, an3 &IKE 2,* In the
&IKE )(''D e3itor9 5li5k the #tan3ar3F#tr45t4re (ink
'7tions se5tion* #et 47 the link o7tions as sho=n in ro=s 2
an3 + in )ig4re ,0*
)ig4re ,0> !he lateral link o7tions 8or ;oth en3s o8 the 54lvert*
0lease re8er to the &IKE )(''D .ser &an4al 8or a 3es5ri7tion o8 the
meaning an3 4se o8 the o7tions availa;le here 8or #tr45t4re an3 other
t:7es o8 links* #in5e these 54lvert links are #tr45t4re t:7e links9 there
is no in8ormation to 8ill in on the (ateral (ink '7tions se5tion o8 the
&IKE )(''D E3itor*
Go4 5an no= r4n the sim4lation again9 to see =hat e88e5t a33ing the
54lvert has9 ;: 5hoosing $4n 3 #tart #im4lation 8rom the to7 men4*
1 !,E COM+LE!E SE!)+
"o= that :o4Jve 5reate3 :o4r o=n ;asi5 &IKE )(''D mo3el9 =ith
t=o o8 the most 5ommon link t:7es9 :o4 ma: =ant to e67lore an
e67an3e3 version o8 this same mo3el area ;: o7ening the original
e6am7le* !he larger mo3el in5l43es several more links9 in5l43ing
lateral links 8or the le8t an3 right over;anks o8 ;oth the tri;4tar:
;ran5h @!$I-A an3 the main river ;ran5h @$I%E$A an3 a se5on3
54lvert 5alle3 @/.(%2A* !his e6am7le 8ile also in5l43es t=o <ero-
8lo= linkages9 =hi5h are here 4se3 to 7revent 8lo=s 8rom 5rossing
8rom one si3e o8 a river to the other si3e in &IKE 2, =itho4t 8irst
7assing thro4gh the &IKE ,, river 5hannel net=ork*
Go4 5an rea3 more a;o4t <ero-8lo= links an3 also the #tan3ar3 link
t:7e9 an3 8in3 3etaile3 3es5ri7tions o8 the linkage o7tions availa;le in
&IKE )(''D9 in the &IKE )(''D .ser &an4al*