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Training Calendar for Siemens Sinumerik CNC Systems and Drives
May 2014 September 2014, Bangalore
Sinumerik / Simodrive / Sinamics /
Duration of
Course Fee
INR* (Excluding
Service Tax)
Start End Per Participant
1 840DSL Commissioning & Maintenance 5 05.05.14 09.05.14 16,000/-
2 828D Commissioning & Maintenance 5 12.05.14 16.05.14 12,000/-
3 802DSL Commissioning & Maintenance 5 19.05.14 23.05.14 12,000/-
4 840DSL Commissioning & Maintenance 5 26.05.14 30.05.14 16,000/-
5 808D Commissioning & Maintenance 4 02.06.14 05.06.14 10,000/-
6 810D-840D Maintenance 4 24.06.14 27.06.14 15,000/-
7 840DSL Commissioning & Maintenance 5 30.06.14 04.07.14 16,000/-
8 828D Commissioning & Maintenance 5 07.07.14 11.07.14 12,000/-
9 810D-840D Maintenance 5 14.07.14 18.07.14 15,000/-
10 802DSL Commissioning & Maintenance 5 21.07.14 25.07.14 12,000/-
11 840DSL Commissioning & Maintenance 5 28.07.14 01.08.14 16,000/-
12 828D Commissioning & Maintenance 5 04.08.14 08.08.14 12,000/-
13 840DSL Commissioning & Maintenance 5 18.08.14 22.08.14 16,000/-
14 810D-840D Maintenance 4 25.08.14 28.08.14 15,000/-
15 802DSL Commissioning & Maintenance 5 01.09.14 05.09.14 12,000/-
16 840DSL Commissioning & Maintenance 5 08.09.14 12.09.14 16,000/-
17 828D Commissioning & Maintenance 5 15.09.14 19.09.14 12,000/-
18 840DSL Commissioning & Maintenance 5 22.09.14 26.09.14 16,000/-
Note: Minimum Booking should be 6 to 8 participants per each course.
Please note that the course fee is exclusive of service tax, presently it is 12.36%.
Any change in Tax Rate will be accordingly applied.
The course contents are attached below for your reference
General Information:
Retention Clause:- Siemens Ltd.,obligation to full this agreement is subject to the proviso that the fullment is not prevented by any impediments arising out of national
and international foreign trade and customs requirements or any embargos [or other sanctions]
Destination Control Clause:- Goods labeled with AL not equal to N are subject to European or German export authorization when being exported out of the EU. Goods
labeled with ECCN not equal to N are subject to US re-export authorization. Even without a label or with label AL:N, or ECCN:N, authorization may be required due to the
nal end use and destination for which the goods are to be used.
Reservation Clause:- This Quotation is made subject to all necessary export licenses and other permission being obtained by the recipient, from the relevant authorities, for
the destination & intended use of the goods and / or services.
Siemens shall not be obligated to fulll this agreement if such fulllment is prevented by any impediments arising out of national or international foreign trade or customs
requirements or any embargoes or other sanctions
Courses at Bangalore will be conducted at Competence Development Centre address as mentioned below

Competence Development Centre
2nd Floor, Jyoti Mahal,
No. 49, St. Marks Road,
Bangalore 560001
Contact Person: Ms. Swetha
Phone : 080 33422665
Email : mctraining.in@siemens.com
Web: www.siemens.co.in / sitrain
Note: For registration of seats for courses, kindly ll the registration form attached below (Page-5) and send to email: mctraining.in@siemens.com
Registration of seats for Training Courses can be made by fax or e-mail using the format, which is attached. Alternatively, your Order can be sent to our Training Centre by
post / courier as above mentioned address.
Kindly note that Rupee rates mentioned for our training programmes are applicable only for Indian nationals sponsored by Indian companies. For foreign nationals or
Indian nationals sponsored by foreign companies, rates will be quoted in EURO only. Kindly contact us for more details on the same.
The course fee is to be paid in advance only on conrmation of seat. The course fee is to be paid by DD / Cheque in favour of Siemens Ltd. payable at Bangalore or you can
also do RTGS / NEFT online transfer for details pls. contact us.
The course fee includes course material, lunch, tea and excludes breakfast, accommodation, transport and also any other incidental charges
Since there are limited seats in each programme. The seats are conrmed on First come rst served basis.
The normal Course timings are from 09:45 to 17:30Hrs with a one-hour lunch break between 13:00 and 14:00Hrs. Any alteration in the venue or Course Timings will be
intimated to the participants at least a week in advance.
Every attempt will be made to conduct the courses as announced. However we reserve the right to postpone or cancel the courses due to inadequate booking or
circumstances beyond our control. We shall do our best to send timely communication in such situations, if possible.
For foreign nationals, rules laid down by Govt. of India are applicable. Please intimate us 4 weeks in advance.
In the event of non-attendance, you will be invoiced for 80% of the applicable price per course, if a written cancellation is not received at least 7 calendar days prior to
the start of the course.
Course Registration Form
Siemens Ltd.
Jyoti Mahal, 2nd Floor,
49, St. Marks Road,
Bangalore 560 001
Telephone No. : 080 33422665, 33422688
Mobile : +91 9611499399
Fax No. : 080 33422580
E-mail: mctraining.in@siemens.com
Attn: Ms. Swetha.R / Mr. Ravichandran
Course Selected at Bangalore
Please register seats as per the following details:
Company Name :
Address :

Tel.: Fax:
Name(s) of Participants Course Name Course Fees Course Date
Payment: Cheque / DD No. dated
For amount enclosed / sent by courier on
Any others (please specify)
(Company seal) Date:
SINUMERIK 802DSL Commissioning & Maintenance Course:
Overview of Sinumerik controls Doc on CD usage
About CNC (Axis, Channel, Mode & Groups) System overview of 802DSL
Installation of Commissioning tools Line Modules, Protection Levels
RCS Data Transfer tool
LED Diagnosis HMI-Drive Pushbutton test (MCP),Profbus confguration
MCPA signal test Save Data Backup, Restore Data Backup
External data backup and restore Exercise: Data Backup, Restore
Diagnose PLC program, PLC Alarm Creating alarm texts
Alarm structure Diagnosis of Cycle alarms
Editing of NC Machine data Drive Diagnostic parameters
Service Displays Creating the PLC program & Loading a PLC program
PLC Subroutine library
Commissioning of Options & ISO Dialect commissioning Start-up of NC parameters
Display options Preparation of series machines
Reference - encoder adjustment Install additional axis
Optimization with Starter & Optimization with IBN tool Interface signals, Machine data lists
Fault detection, practical training for commissioning on training racks
Review of Day 1 to Day 3 informations Exercise on taking archive backups and reloading
Fault fnding exercise Open session
SINUMERIK-828D Commissioning & Maintenance Course:
System Overview (24X, 26X, 28X) Line & Motor Modules (Combi & S120)
PPU Connections & Diagnostics Tool Box Installation
Time & Date Settings Machine Control Panel
Day 2
Remote diagnosis (RCS) License & Option Commissioning
Machine and Setting Data MCP & PP Module PN Confguration
Data Management (Backup of NC-PLC backups, PLC backup through Programming tool 828)
Day 3
828D Plc Instructions PLC Interface
Creating PLC Program Commissioning sequence
PI services and PLC Functions PLC Alarm & Message structure
Day 4
Axis & Drive diagnostics Referencing of Encoders
Maintenance Planner Easy Extend
Easy Messenger Servo Optimization
Day 5
Electronic Log book Explanation of Euna & RSV procedure
Electrical Cabinet Design System Restore
Tips & Tricks
SINUMERIK 840DSL Commissioning & Maintenance Course:
System Overview Line and Motor Modules
Service & commissioning Tools Menu Structure
License & Option Management PCU, TCU and OP Diagnostics and Interfaces
NCU Diagnostics Displays and switches
Day 2
Machine and setting Data DATA Management (Backup of NC-PLC backups, PLC backup through SIMATIC Step7)
Machine control Panel Testing Creating a PLC Program
Basic PLC Function Digital Inputs & Outputs
Day 3
Commissioning Sequence Referencing Encoder Adjustment & Parameters
Alarm Structure PLC Alarms & Messages - Basic
PLC Onboard Diagnostics
Day 4
Axis & Drive Diagnostics Auto Optimization
Starter Explanation NX Module Confguration
Adding / Removing Module from confguration
Day 5
Ghost Backup on and PCU50.3 Exercise on Commissioning the NC and PLC
Fault fnding exercise Open session
SINUMERIK 810D / 840D Maintenance Course:
Overview of Sinumerik controls Doc on CD usage
About CNC (Axis, Channel, Mode & Groups) About all Siemens Systems old and new
Motor compatible & brief description HMI compatible & brief description
Drives, UE / IR explanation Terminals description & Interfacing
FDD / MSD Explanation System overview 810D / 840D Drive components & Interfacing Terminal Description
Overview Operating Areas Brief Operating modes Jog, MDI, Auto, Operating areas Services
Data In / Out on PG / PC Binary Format, Punch tape / text format Data Backup & Restore on MMC / HMI
Exercise Data transfer using RS232
Overview Interface Signal & explanation of required IS Overview of machine data
Commissioning and Sin 8x0DnMD and MCP Confguration Exercise
Data backup and restore on MMC Exercise confguring the NC machine data
Brief description on PLC S7300 & commands Familiarization of Simatic manager.
(Data backup & restore, archive, retrieve) Diagnosis using Simatic manager Exercise - enabling of CNC & Drives (S7300)
Fault Finding Exercise Data backup (Restore on MMC) Confguring User alarms in HMI
Data backup MMC 103 (PCU 50 on GHOST) Exercise
Fault fnding exercise Open session
SINUMERIK 808D Commissioning & Maintenance Course:
System Overview of 808D Overview of individual hardware connected in 808D
Switching on and preparing for commissioning Commissioning diagram
Default PLC applications Commissioning the prototype
Other frequently used functions
Day 2
Overview SINAMICS V60 and V20 drive connected to 808 Interface defnition
Signal sequence example Commissioning of V60
Main menu, Function menu Setpoints from NC
First commissioning System commissioning
Parameter list
Day 3
Operating in the SYSTEM area in 808D Data backup
808D Service Guide V60 and V20 LED Status Indicators
Errors during the self test- other faults
Day 4
Review of Day 1 to Day3 informations Exercise on taking Backup / Restore of NC-PLC backups,
Fault fnding exercise PLC backup through Programming tool 808
Open session
Guide for planning your stay in Bangalore
This is only for your easy refernce. Siemens does not take / own any liability for any data below this sheet. This info is given to help training participants for booking hotels in
advance. Hotel charges will be settled directly by participants.
Hotels Near by Siemens training center.
Hotel St. Marks INN
#35, St. Marks Road, Bangalore - 560001
Tel: +91-80-41122783
Email: stmarksinn@yahoo.com
#9, St Marks Road Bangalore - 560001
Tel: 91-80-2211-2888 / 2211-2889 / 2211-2889
Fax : +91-80-2211-2890
E-mail : sales@9marksinn.com
Website : www.9marksinn.com
Nahar Heritage Hotel
14, St. Marks Road
Bangalore, Karnataka - 560001
Phone: 080 22278731
Email: nahar@blr.vsnl.net.in
Hotel Nandhini
No.72, St. Marks Road, Bangalore - 560001
Tel: 4126 6666, 4123 3333,
Fax:412 1456
Hotel T.A.P Silver Square
#185, Deenas,3rd oor, Brigade Road,
Next to 5th Avenue, Opp. McDonalds Bangalore - 560001
Tel: 080-25595656 / 57
Hotel Ajantha
22A, MG Road, Bangalore - 560001
Tel: 080-5584321
Craig Park - Green Homes
no - 21 / 6, ground & rst oor, Craig Park layout, M.G. Road, behind Nalli silks, Bangalore - 560001
Tel: +91 (080) 2532 5524
The Compact Guest Houses, for reservations contact Ph: 080-41150505 Fax: 080-41150231
E-mail: sales@compactguesthouses.com
St. Mark's Hotel St. Mark's Road Tel: 4001 9000 Fax: 2227 5700
The Monarch Brigade Road Tel: 2532 7191 Fax: 2532 7199
Museum Inn Museum Road Tel: 4111 3335 Fax: 5111 3300
The Richmond Hotel Richmond Road Tel: 2223 3666 Fax: 2223 377
Ashraya International Infantry Road. Tel: 2226 1921 Fax: 2226 3982
Hotel Maurya Race Course Road Tel: 2225 4111-119 Fax: 2225 6685
Compact Guest House Domlur Layout Tel: 2535 3881 / 41150505
Highgates Hotel Church Street Tel: 4022299 Fax: 2559 7799
Hotel Algate Residency Road Tel: 2559 4786 / 87 / 88 / 89, 2559 6965 / 66
Hotel Rama Lavelle Road Tel: 2227 3311-14, 2227 3381-84
Hotel Shangrila Brigade Road Tel: 2558 8994 / 41121621 Fax: 2558 2984
Hotel Vellara Brigade Road Tel: 2536 9116, 2536 9205, 2536 9775, 2536 5684
Ivory Tower MG Road Tel: 2558 9333 / 2558 5164 / 4178 3333 Fax: 2558 8697
Vintage Residency Mission Road Tel: 2227 4509 / 10 / 98450-14862
Sana Hotel Infantry Road Tel: 2558 1982-89 Fax: 2558 1990
The Basil Sampige Road Tel: 233 15123, 40402323 Fax: 2334 3904
Sukh Sagar Hotel Gandhinagar Tel: 222 02255 / 222 02256 Fax: 222 5673
Service Apartments
Arahna Homes: #148, 2nd Cross, Domlur II Stage, Indira Nagar, Bangalore 560071.
DHabitat Serviced Apartments: No.485, 6th D Cross, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560 095. Tel.: +91 80 4150 1950
Coporate Suites: Prestige St Johns Wood Apartments, Tavarekere Main Road, Koramangala, Bangalore- 560 095. Mobile: +91-98452 83949
Guesthouse Bangalore & Bungalow Bangalore
HomeStead: Lavella Road. Phone: 2212-0966 / 67 / 68
Lavelle Inn: Lavelle Mansion, Lavelle Road. Phone: 5112-0187, 5112-0203, 2221-1033
Melange: 21, Vittal Mallya Road. Phone: 2212 9700-3
The Abode: No. 14, Cornwell Cross Road, Langford Gardens, Bangalore - 560 025. Mob: +91-9844028126 Fax : +91 80 5124 0891
The Executive Inn: #510, 15th Cross, 15th C Main HSR Layout IV Sector, Bangalore 560 034. Phone: +91-80-57723175
Route Map from Majestic Railway Station to St Marks Road

From Majestic bus stand (Platform No.17) to Richmond Circle stop. Bus No.317, 316, 315, 304, 305, 308 etc
Roadmap from Richmond circle to Siemens Ofce
Road Map from Chancery Bus stop to Siemens Offce @ Jyothi Mahal
Route Map from Bangalore Airport to St Marks Road

Volvo Bus Service from Airport (Bus frequency every half an hour) is the bus
no BIAS-7
BIAS-7 Start from Airport Get Down at Richmond Circle Stop opposite to
Chancery Pavilion Hotel. From here it is Just walk able distance.
Private Cab Services from Airport
Private Cab service Help / Booking Counters are available at Airport.
Private Cabs:
Meru Cabs : 080-4422 4422
Easy Cabs : 080-4343 4343
Prepaid Cab from Karnataka Tourism : 080-4346 4346