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UIDSSMT Tender (Vol.

I) KMC - Kolhapur
Detailed Tender Notice

Sealed tenders for the following work are invited by the Commissioner, Kolhapur Municipal
Corporation (KMC), Kolhapur- Maharashtra-India, on Percentage Rate basis, from the Govt. or
Semi Govt. registered contractors with KMC, PMC, PCMC, CPWD, PWD, CIDCO, MCGM,
Railways, MJP, any Government or Semi Government Organizations in India in appropriate class.

1. Name of Work :
Augmentation of Water Supply system for Kolhapur City from Kalammawadi Dam as source.

2. Security deposit :
Total 5 (five) percent of the Cost put to tender.
i) One percent (1%) Earnest money deposit will be converted into initial security deposit.
ii) Remaining Four percent (4.0%) amount of security deposit will be recovered by deducting
the amount from running account bills such that on completion of 50% of the work, full
security deposit is made up.

3. Stamp duty
The contractor shall get into agreement on stamp paper as per current practice in KMC and
contractor should quote his offer after considering all the aspects specified in tender paper.

4. Time of completion
This is as per the details given in the Press Tender Notice. This period will be counted from the
date of work order. This duration excludes following:
O & M period of five years out of which first two years will be considered as defects liability

5. Issue of blank tender form
This is as per the details given in the Press Tender Notice.

6. Date of submission and opening of tender and time
This is as per the details given in the Press Tender Notice.

7. Validity of offer
120 days (One Hundred and Twenty Days only) from the date of submission of tender.

8. Joint Venture
Joint Venture (JV) is not allowed.
UIDSSMT Tender (Vol. I) KMC - Kolhapur
Detailed Tender Notice
9. Pre-Qualification Criteria
SUB WORKS As per Approved Design & Estimate by CPHEEO, GoI & CE
a. Intake well(dia. 4.5m)
b. Inspection Well no. 1 (dia 4.0m)
c. Inspection well no.2 (dia. 4.0m)
d. Connecting pipe (NP-4 1800mm dia, L-150m &
1400mm dia, L-160m)
e. Coffer Dam
f. Jackwell & Pump house (36m x 21m x 10m height)
g. Approach Bridge at Head works.
2. Raw Water Pumping machinery and allied items
a. Pumps and allied electrical items at Head Works
H=approx. 67m, Q= approx. 2900 LPS, Total Working
Installed capacity 700 kW x 04 Nos , Pumping
configuration =(4w+2s) for ultimate stage 238 ML and
(3+1) for immediate stage for 180 ML in 23 Hrs.
b. Transformer substation and allied items
c. MS manifold / delivery main in Pump House (1300mm
dia & 12 mm thick, L= 90m)
3. Pumping and Gravity Mains
a. MS pumping main from Jackwell to BPT (1800mm dia,
12mm thick, L=100m)
b. MS gravity main from BPT to Puikhadi WTP (1800mm
dia, 12mm thick, L=52.97 Km)
c. MS branch main from Puikhadi to Phule wadi for
Bawada WTP (600mm dia., 8 mm thick, L=4.50 Km)
d. MS branch main from Puikhadi WTP to Kalamba WTP
(800mm dia, 10 mm thick, L= 9.00 Km)
e. DI branch Pure water main from Puikhadi WTP to
Chabukhadi MBR (1000mm dia, DI K-7, L=4.50 Km)
4. Break Pressure Tank (1.5 ML capacity & 20m staging)
5. Water Treatment Plant
a. WTP at Puikhadi capacity 80 MLD.
UIDSSMT Tender (Vol. I) KMC - Kolhapur
Detailed Tender Notice
b. Recirculation sump & pump house
c. Inlet pipe & pumping main for recirculation sump
d. Pumping machinery for recirculation sump.
a. SCADA system at head works, Branch point & WTP at
Puikhadi, Bawada.
7. Power supply at Head Works.
8. Miscellaneous works
a. Approach Road at head works
b. Chainlink fencing & gate
c. Staff quarter at Head Works

Project Cost Rs. in Crore Rs. 42384.00 Lakhs i.e. Rs. 423. 84 Crores
(Rs. 41301.79 lakh i.e. say Rs.413.02 Crore for Water Supply
Scheme and Rs. 1082.00 Lacs i.e.Rs.10.82 Crores for O & M for
05 years.)
Average annual turnover during
the last 3 years, ending 31

March 2013
Not Less Than Rs. 200.00 Crore
Bid Capacity as on 31-12-2013 Not Less Than Rs. 300.00 Crores
Solvency/ Unutilised Line of
Credit (Not More than 3 months
Old as on 31-12-2013) from
Nationalised Bank/Scheduled
Not Less Than Rs. 100.00 Crores
Net Worth FY 2012-13 Not Less Than Rs. 100.00 Crores



The Bidder should be registered contractor for unlimited class
from MJP/ PWD / Irrigation / any Government or Semi
Government Departments in India.
Works Experience- The bidders should have experience of having successfully
completed similar works during last 7 years ending up to 31-12-
UIDSSMT Tender (Vol. I) KMC - Kolhapur
Detailed Tender Notice
2013, should be as shown below. The bidder should have
executed similar works comprises of all major components like
head work, rising / gravity main, water treatment plant including
electro-mechanical installations in India.
Head work The contractor should have successfully completed the Intake
structures comprising of min 10.00 Mtrs dia individually or
minimum 13 Mtr. Diameter for twin wells (combined) or equivalent
area in rectangular structures along with minimum depth of 20
Mtrs. at river/ Dam/ major canal submergence under single
The bidder/ manufacturer should have experience of design,
Manufacturing, supply, erection and successfully commissioning
of 4 Nos. of Vertical Turbine Pumps (including HT motors) having
discharge of not less than 700 Lps of each Pump having total
installed capacity of minimum 1900 HP along with suspension
length of column pipe assembly more than 26 meters (suspension
length of Pump will be considered Below Motor Stool including
Column Pipes, Bowl Assembly, Bell Mouth and Suction Strainer
etc.); in last seven years under single contract within single
pumping station and running satisfactorily for minimum 2 years
before the date of submission of this Tender.
The bidder not having this experience may associate through a
MoU with an approved Pump manufacturer who has the above
mentioned experience to fulfil this requirement (Approved makes
for Pumps- KBL/ M&P/ JYOTI/ WPIL).
Mild Steel Popes for
Transmission Main

a. About Diameter and Length: The Bidder/ manufacturer
should have experience of successfully completed MS
pipe line including manufacturing, supply, erection &
hydraulic testing of minimum 900 mm and above diameter
of MS pipeline with total length of minimum 15 Km water
transmission project under single contract. AND
b. Manufacturer and Methodology: Spirally welded ERW /
SAW MS pipes manufactured including factory lining and
all types of factory testing as per relevant IS provisions.
The bidder/ manufacturer shall have ISO/ BIS certification
for manufacturing along with the minimum installed
UIDSSMT Tender (Vol. I) KMC - Kolhapur
Detailed Tender Notice
capacity of 25,000 Tonnes/ annum. In case, if the bidder
is other than manufacturer, the MoU for the said
collaboration shall be submitted along with the bid
document. No change of the Manufacturer shall be
permitted after the submission of the bid.
Water Treatment Plant

The Bidder should have experience of design, construction and
commissioning of Water Treatment Plant of capacity 40 MLD
minimum, under single contract. The bidder not having this
experience may collaborate with another firm having above
mentioned experience. The MoU for the said collaboration shall
be submitted along with the bid document.
Operation and Maintenance

The bidder should have experience of successfully carried out
operation and maintenance of similar type of works in India, for
minimum period of 01 (one) year prior to 31-12-2013. The
experience of the primary bidder and / or his associate contractor
shall also be considered, provided with the documentary
evidences duly authorised by the competent authority.
Other Conditions

1. The bidder should have not incurred loss in more than one
financial year during the last three financial years, showing
the soundness of the financial position of the organisation
and long term sustanability.
2. The Bidder/MOU partners contract should not have been
terminated in any State Govt/Municipal
Corporations/Central Govt./ Any state Govt. organization
because of delay in Projects during last seven years
ending on 31-12-2013.
3. The Bidder / MOU partner should not have been
blacklisted in any State Govt / Municipal Corporations /
Central Govt. / Any state Govt. Organization during last
seven years ending on 31-12-2013.
4. All the financial documents/ statement should be signed by
Chartered Accountant
5. All the work experience certificates should be signed by
the officer not below the rank of Executive Engineer or
equivalent for the concern Government/ Semi Government
6. All the above experience documents/ evidences
UIDSSMT Tender (Vol. I) KMC - Kolhapur
Detailed Tender Notice
(Technical and financial criteria) shall have Indian
experience only.
7. All MoU's shall be on a Non Judicial stamp paper of 100
Rs value duly signed by respective authorized
representatives and Notarised

9.1. Personnel Capabilities
Minimum Engineering staff to be deployed for this work shall be as under:
No. Position
Education (Degree
Project/ Construction Manager -
multidisciplinary works
1 BE Civil 15 10
Asst. Construction Manager
multidisciplinary works
BE Civil 10 5
3) Quality Control & Safety Engineer 1 BE Civil 5 3
4) Construction Engineer - Civil 6 BE Civil 5 3
5) Construction Supervisor 6 BE/ DCE - Civil 3 2
6) Construction Engineer - Mechanical 1 BE Mechanical 5 3
7) Construction Engineer - Electrical 1 BE Electrical 5 3
NA: Not applicable

9.2. Equipment Capabilities
The Bidder should own, or have assured access (through hire, lease, purchase agreement,
availability of manufacturing equipment, or other means) to the equipment /machines listed
hereunder and in full working order, and must demonstrate that based on known commitments, they
will be available for use in the proposed contract. The Bidder may also list additional equipment that
he would propose for the contract, together with an explanation of the proposal.
Equipment Type and Characteristics
Minimum Number
1. Crane or Hydra (10 ton) 4
2. Loader cum back hoe (0.7m
) 6
3. Excavators (1m
) 3
UIDSSMT Tender (Vol. I) KMC - Kolhapur
Detailed Tender Notice
Equipment Type and Characteristics
Minimum Number
4. Tipper / Dumper Trucks (10 ton) 6
5. D.G. Set (50 kVA) 2
6. Weigh Batch Mixer 2

9.3. Bid Capacity
The bidder shall have assessed available bid capacity more than the estimated cost put to tender.
For the purpose of this,
Assessed available bid capacity = A X N X 2 B, where
A = Maximum turn over achieved during last Three Financial years ending on 31.03.2013 (corrected
to current level of value)
N = Execution period of the contract
B = Value of existing commitments to be completed during the execution period of contract.
For the purpose of enhancing the costs, following multiplying factors shall be used:

Financial Year Multiplying Factor
2012-13 1.00
2011-12 1.10
2010-11 1.21

10. Pre tender conference
a) The pretender conference will be held on the date & time and at the venue as mentioned in
the pres tender notice, where in the prospective bidders will have an opportunity to obtain
clarification regarding the work and the tender conditions.
b) The bidders are free to ask for any additional information or clarification only in writing which
shall be sent two (2) days prior to the date of pre-tender conference and the replies to the
same will be given in writing and this clarification referred to as common set of deviations
shall also be common and applicable to all bidders and will form part of tender document.
These replies will be uploaded on the Website of Kolhapur Municipal Corporation and no
hard copies of the same will be provided to the bidders.
c) Tender containing any deviations from the contractual terms and conditions, specifications
or requirements will be summarily rejected as non-responsive.
d) The Bidder, at the Bidders own expense, responsibility and risk, is encouraged to visit and
examine the Site of Works and its surroundings and obtain all information that may be
necessary for preparing the Bid and entering into a contract for construction of the works.
The cost of visiting the site shall be at the Bidders own expense.
UIDSSMT Tender (Vol. I) KMC - Kolhapur
Detailed Tender Notice

11. Manner of submission of tender and its accompaniments
As the process for tendering is e-tendering. The bidder shall submit the proposal online through
internet as mentioned in the Tender Notice. The tenders should be submitted in two Envelopes.
Each Envelope should be super scribed on top as Envelope No. 1 or 2 as the case may be, Name
of work, date and signature of contractor. The Bidder while submitting the tender shall submit the
documents in Two Envelopes as detailed below:

Envelope No. 1
a) A power of attorney duly authorized by a Notary Public, indicating that the person (s) signing
the Tender has the authority to sign the Tender and that the Tender is binding upon the Bidder
during the full period of its validity.
b) Earnest money deposit, in form of demand draft / Bank Guarantee, valid for 180 days from
date of submission of tender of any Nationalized Bank drawn in favour of Commissioner,
Kolhapur Municipal Corporation, Kolhapur, payable at Kolhapur.
c) Certificate of registration in appropriate class with KMC, PWD, MJP, Irrigation, CIDCO, MIDC,
etc. or any other Government or Semi Government Organizations of India.
d) Copies of original documents defining the constitution or legal status, place of registration and
principal place of business of company.
e) In case of partnership firm a certified copy of partnership deed as per Companies Act and
power of Attorney to sign the tender document and other proceedings pertaining to the work
f) Permanent Account Number (PAN) (Income Tax), CST/VAT/TIN Registration Certificates.
g) Audited balance sheets and turnover for the last three years, solvency, audited Net Worth duly
certified by C.A.
h) Assessed Bid Capacity duly certified by C.A.
i) List of machinery such as indicated under the Clause Error! Reference source not found. -
Equipment Capabilities shall be immediately available with the Bidder for use on this work and
list of machinery proposed to be utilized on this work but not immediately available and the
manner in which it is proposed to be procured.
j) Details of works of similar type and Magnitude, Quantity, fulfilling the Qualification Criteria,
carried out by the contractor with full details of cost of work, time taken for execution duly
certified by the authority not below the rank of Executive Engineer. Attested copies of such
certificates shall be submitted and original certificates may be produced for verification, if
required, during the process of evaluation.
k) Details of technical personnel on the roll of the Bidder giving qualification & experience of each
of them as per Clause 9.1 shall be submitted.
UIDSSMT Tender (Vol. I) KMC - Kolhapur
Detailed Tender Notice
l) Details of other works in hand with value of work unfinished on the last date of submission of
the tender. The certificate from the head of the offices under whom the works are in progress
should be enclosed.
m) Method statement of the bidder indicating approach & methodology along with environmental &
safety policy.
n) Activity schedule.
o) Copy of Electrical Contractors Licenses from statutory Authority.
p) The tender volume and common set of deviations duly signed but excluding Volume of Price

Envelope No. 2
The second Envelope clearly marked as Envelope no. 2 and the name of the work shall contain only
price schedule duly signed by the bidder. The Bidder shall quote his offer in % basis in Volume 3
Price Schedule of the tender at the appropriate place of tender document to be submitted only in
Envelope no.2. The bidder shall not quote his offer any where directly or indirectly in Envelope no.1.
The Bidder shall quote for the work as per details given in the main tender and also based on the
details of common set of deviations, additional stipulations made by the department after pre tender
This tender offer shall be unconditional.

Submission of tender
The process of e-tendering shall strictly be followed. The scanned copy of EMD shall be
attached in the submission made under Envelope No. 1 and the original may be submitted to the
authority at the time of opening of the tender. The Bidder shall strictly ensure that his tender is
uploaded on or before the submission date & before the scheduled time as mentioned in the Tender
Notice. Tender received late will not be accepted.

12. Opening of Tender
The tenders will be opened on the date specified in the tender notice, if possible in the presence of
the intending bidder or their authorized representatives who may choose to remain present.
Following procedure will be adopted for opening of the tender:

Envelope No. 1
First of all, Envelope No. 1 of the Bidder will be opened to verify the contents as per the
requirements. If the various documents contained in this Envelope do not meet the requirements of
the KMC, note will be recorded accordingly by the tender opening authority and the Engineer In
charge. Envelope No. 2 of such Bidders will not be considered for further evaluation but the same
will be rejected.
UIDSSMT Tender (Vol. I) KMC - Kolhapur
Detailed Tender Notice

Envelope No. 2
After opening of Envelope No. 1 if the contents of the same are found to be acceptable to the KMC,
then only the Envelope No. 2 shall be opened.

13. Rights Reserved
Rights to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason thereof is reserved by the
Commissioner, KMC and whose decision will be final and legally binding on all the Bidders.