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Check us out at: www.adccaftershock.com
Grades 6,7,8
Grades 9-12
Welcome! We are so glad that you have
chosen to worshlp wlth us today!

We would love to get know you better and be able to
mlnlster to you more eectlvely.
Help us accompllsh thls ln one of two ways.
1. Plck up a "Lets Get Acqualnted" card from the Welcome
Klosk (located ln the foyer), ll lt out and
drop lt ln the nearest oerlng box.
2. Go to the "Lets Get Acqualnted" page on our webslte
and ll ln your lnformatlon.
September 10
6:00 pm
(Supper Provided)
Youth Group
September 10
6:00 pm
Age 4 - 5th Grade
"#$ %&'(' )*+#,('+-
"# $%# &%'()*+,- ')% '., (+%#*/'%0 $,( .# ,##( 0')%
1#2&3 "# $%# /$4+,- 5$6+207+,(+8+()$2 &1'/'9 ',
:#&/#6;#% <= >? $,( @>9/A
B2#$9# 9+-, )& 5'% ',# '5 /1#9# ($/#9 $,( /+6#9 +, /1# 5'0#%A
"$/*1 5'% ,#. (+%#*/'%0 )&($/# 5'%69= /''3
Please turn in your childs registration/emergency
release form (for all children ages 3-18) by Sunday,
September 21. These forms cover all activities for
children and youth ministries and will be effective until
September of 2015. Thank you so much for providing
the information we need to effectively
minister to your child.
Forms are available at the kiosk in the foyer or online.

Fall Retreat - Timberlake
Aliens and Strangers
September 26-28
Please check out the brochure found at the
kiosk in the foyer or online
(Theres also a video online:)
Register online by September 19
Youth Group
September 7 - 6:00 pm - Stromsburg
(Meet at Arbor Drive at 5:45 pm)
r D

Tonight 6:00 pm
30 Arbor Court
Taco Bar and Games
C+9*+&2#91+& *'66),+/+#9 $%# ;#+,- '%-$,+D#( ,'.A
"# .')2( 2'8# 5'% EFG /' ;# &$%/ '5 ',#3
:+-, )& ',2+,#
'% $/ /1# .#2*'6# 4+'94 +, /1# 5'0#%
David and Beth Roberts, our
missionaries to Argentina will be here
to visit with us on Sunday, September
21st. We will share a baked potato bar
luncheon with them following the
morning service.
Baked potatoes and drinks will be provided.
Please sign up in the foyer or online
for additional items that you can
bring to help out with the meal
Monday: Ministry Focus: Discipleship Communities

Tuesday: Our Church Families:
Randy and Vicki Hesson
Benji and Shannon Hoegh
Scott Horras
Wednesday: Persecuted Church In China
Pray for the continued growth of the church in China,
despite such grave persecution, as well as the safety and
strength of the millions of bold believers in this restricted
Thursday: Our Students:
- MJ Edelman - Midland
- Mariah Jensen - Centennial
- Jameson Nickels - York
Friday: Missions: Ryan and Anne Manseld - CRU

For the latest updates subscribe to our daily prayer email
at Arborprayer2@gmail.com.

September 7, 2014

Praise and Worship
Nursery available for ages 0 - 36 months.
Childrens Church available for ages 3-Kindergarten.
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Message: Jon Hawkins

Closing Song
!o"owing #e service, an Elder wi" be available in Classroom B
$directly west of #e worship cen%r& ' visit and pray wi# you.
Todays Elder: Paul Moore
(elcome '
)rbor Drive Communi* Churc+
Our Mission:
To help people know God and grow toward
spiritual maturity in Jesus Christ
Arbor Drive Community Church
1527 N Blackburn Avenue, York, NE 68467
Lead Pastor: Jon Hawkins
Email: pastorjon@generationgrace.com
Office - 402-362-3491
Email: adcc142@windstream.net
Website: www.arbordrive.org
Worldwide Ambassadors
Lincoln/Orlando York - Truckstop Ministries
Pierces and Manseld's/Campus Crusade Larry Wrightsman/Chaplain
Columbia Argentina
The Connellys/Avant Dave & Beth Roberts/Converge
Middle East Lincoln - II Pillars Church
Keith & Sharon Bateman/MECO Adam and Kalee Stahr

Honduras Africa
Ashley Hoover/CEF Mutuas/Schools & Aids Ed.
Tiny Hands International
Financial Snapshot - YTD
Budget $156,974
Actual $159,861
Excess (Deficiency) $ 3,314

Budget $ 10,450 (Yearly)
Actual $ 4,352
Balance To Fund Missions $ (6,098)
You may notice that we do not pass offering baskets or plates down
the rows; our body has a long tradition of giving their tithes and
offerings by placing them in one of the wooden collection boxes
located at each exit of the worship center.
Offering envelopes are provided at each box, at the Welcome Kiosk
and on the spinner in the foyer.
Thank you for your commitment and generosity.
Information about church finances is available in the office.
Weekly Prayer Guide
!"#$ &''( )* ) +,-./'
1onlghL: 6:00 pm - SLudy & rayer, Aershock - SLromsburg
Monday: 6:30 pm - 1rusLee Meeung
1uesday: 9:30 am - Craers lellowshlp - ?ork Senlor CenLer
Wednesday: 6:00 pm 8LAS1, 1he Wave
!"#$%" 1oday: Ld kramer, uoug Wlnkler
nexL week: Mark Panson, uale 8adcll
'#()*%$+," '#-%.#
1oday: kaue kahler, Alyssa l
nexL week: SLephen & Monlca osuer, Morgan
/-%"$%0 12*304
Sunday School:
Worshlp Servlce:
-ext Mee.ng - Monday, Oc'ber 13
/ign up now in #e foyer!!