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Technology Under Your Skin, Computers without Batteries, and a Smart Interconnected World

250 leading technologists and innovators will come together for the RE.WORK Internet of Things
Summit, taking place at Broadway Studios in San Francisco on 6-7 November.

With the rapid developments in home automation, personalised healthcare and smart cities, the
Internet of Things is set to have a huge role in the future of business and society.

However, where the Internet of Things promises new opportunities for smoother processes and
time efficiency in day to day life, it also opens up new areas for security threats. How will IOT
technologies affect the future of the global community, and what challenges do we face by
integrating them? Learn from the experts in the internet of things, sensors, smart textiles, big data,
open data, connectivity, energy infrastructure and M2M.

Sessions will include:
The Smart Connected Home
The Infrastructure Behind the IOT
Technology Under Your Skin: Printed Sensors & Embeddables
Cybersecurity & Privacy
The Evolution of Design, UX and the Internet of Things

The summit will be attended by technologists, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, senior executives,
makers, investors and business managers. Learn from and connect with innovators sharing best
practices to advance the smart, interconnected world and prepare for the industrial internet.

The speaker line up so far includes:

Megan Smith, VP of Google[x]. Megan is an entrepreneur, tech evangelist, engineer, catalyst and
connector. At Google[x], Megan works on a range of projects including co-creating/hosting
SolveForX to encourage and amplify technology-based moonshot thinking and collaboration. Can
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Joshua Windmiller, CEO, Electrozyme, is an internationally-recognized expert in printed biosensor
technology. Electrozyme, a startup that he co-founded, is devoted to the development of printed
biosensors and biofuel cells for application in the personal wellness and healthcare domains.

Brooks Kincaid, Founder of Imprint Energy, has designed a new type of battery that uses zinc and
can be screen printed. This innovation could enable entirely new types of wearable electronics. The
industry could reap the most benefits from the novel and thin shapes of the batteries, as well as the
safe and less toxic materials.

Pierre-Alexandre Fournier is Co-founder and CEO of Hexoskin, a wearable health technology
company that focuses on smart clothing design and intelligent algorithms for health management.
His work at Hexoskin involves the development of new wearable sensors for remote health
monitoring during space missions, physiological modeling for health analysis, and smart clothing
Abe Gong, Data Scientist at Jawbone. Abe was the first data scientist at Jawbone, where he builds
data systems to nudge people to form good habits and live healthier, and has previously worked as
as a data scientist and statistical consultant in education, health, and public policy for over a decade

Nadeem Kassam, Founder, BASIS Science. Nadeem is a serial entrepreneur and a passionate, savvy
angel investor. Over the last decade he has led Zynik Capital into new industries like Healthcare,
Entertainment and Social Media. As Founder and Chief Alliance Officer of Basis, Nadeem is a tireless
champion for making wellness more engaging.

David Merrill, VP of Product, 3D Robotics. David, a TED speaker and human-computer interaction
expert, was formerly president and co-founder of Sifteo, a San Francisco startup spun out of his
research at the MIT Media Lab.

Lance Donny, Founder & CEO of OnFarm, is known for crafting strategy and pioneering new
innovation and trends in agriculture. Lances exploration of the trends and possibilities of
technology, the IOT and big data in agriculture has won him numerous awards including IBMs North
American Entrepreneur of the Year.

David Albert, Founder of AliveCor. David is a physician, inventor and serial entrepreneur who has
developed life-saving products over the last 30 years and turned a number of those innovations into
startups. AliveCor makes smartphone cases that double as heart monitors, allowing users to easily
record their own electrocardiograms, and then share it with their physician.

Tickets & Registration
Early Bird passes are available now and expire on 12 September.
Tickets for startups, students and academics are also available for reduced rates.
For further information and to register, go to: re-work.co/internet-of-things

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