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La Trobe University

School of Law
Finance Law
Take-home examination
Instructions 20!
"hen to be con#ucte#
The take-home examination is from 0$00 am Fri#ay % Se&tember 20! '"eek () (the start
time) due in to the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law Student Services ffice, Level !,
"onald #hitehead $y ! &m Tues#ay * Se&tember 20! (the due date) in "eek +%
,xaminable to&ics
To $e announced in Lecture%
The examination will consist of &ro$lems re'uirin( le(al advice a$out Finance Law%
Allowable materials
The examination is o&en $ook%
Further .etails re/ar#in/ Take-0ome ,xamination
$ Availability of ,xam 1a&er
The take home examination &a&er will $e made availa$le at the start time on the Finance Law
we$ site on L)S%
*t is your res&onsi$ility to $e a$le to access the examination &a&er online an# &a&ers will not
be emaile# or faxe# to stu#ents if you cannot access the &a&er owin( to &ro$lems relatin( to
the com&uter you have chosen to use to access the L)S or &ro$lems caused $y your internet
service &rovider%
2$ Submission of answers
+nswers must $e su$mitted on or before !$00&m Tues#ay * Se&tember 20! '2the #ue
#ate3) in hard co&y via the essay su$mission $ox that is located at the Faculty of Business,
Economics and Law Student Services ffice, Level ! "onald #hitehead Buildin( and must
have a duly com&leted Statement of +uthorshi& attached, the form is availa$le on the su$-ect
site on the L)S% Su$mission $y email or fax is not &ermitted for any reason whatsoever%
Each student is re'uired to make and kee& a co&y of every &iece of work su$mitted durin( the
year% .o mem$er of staff will $e res&onsi$le for the loss of any &a&er% *f any irre(ularity does
occur, the student will $e ex&ected to &roduce a co&y of the &a&er%
A##itional submission of .i/ital 4o&y 5ia L-S
*n addition to the hard co&y su$mitted via the essay su$mission $ox, you must also su$mit a
di(ital version throu(h the assi(nment su$mission tool in the Finance Law L)S &a(e $y the
due date% The hard co&y will $e the ori(inal and will $e marked% #hether or not an
examination &a&er has $een su$mitted on time will $e determined from the su$mission time of
the hard co&y not the di(ital co&y% The di(ital co&y will $e used for the &ur&oses of verifyin(
word counts, checkin( for &la(iarism and for other &ur&oses relevant to assessment of the
student0s or any other student0s examination &a&er as determined $y the su$-ect coordinator%

6$ Late submission &olicy an# the cut-off time$
7o extensions will be /rante# for late submission$ This is an examination not an
#here the take-home examination is su$mitted late, a markin( &enalty will $e im&osed
at the rate of /12 of the total marks availa$le for every minute (or &art thereof) after
the due date 19:5I.,. T0AT no take-home examination will $e acce&ted if it is
su$mitted after 3%34&m on Tuesday 5 Se&tem$er !1/3 (6the cut-off time0)%
Failure to su$mit $y the cut-off time (for any reason whatsoever includin( illness, failure to
o$tain a car &ark in time, traffic con(estion, car accident, com&uter or other e'ui&ment
failure) will be treate# like a failure to atten# an en# of semester examination$
Students who wish to a&&ly for s&ecial consideration for failure to su$mit the take-home
examination must su$mit an a&&lication for s&ecial consideration in writin( to the su$-ect
coordinator to(ether with a&&ro&riate su&&ortin( documentation within +2 hours of the
#ue #ate% Failure to su$mit an a&&lication within the re'uired time is (rounds for refusal to
(rant s&ecial consideration%
!$ 1ercenta/e of Assessment
The take home examination is worth 202 of the final assessment%
%$ "or# limit
7our answer to the examination 'uestion should $e a maximum of 000 wor#s% The word limit
will $e enforced strictly and any excess will incur a markin/ &enalty% +nswers that exceed
/111 words will incur a &enalty of /12 of the total availa$le marks, for every /11 words (or
&art thereof) in excess of /111 words% You must include a word count at the beginning of your
exam answer. Students are advised that any disparities between the actual word count of the
paper and the word count as set out at the beginning of your exam answer run the risk of being
reported to the Head of School as possible academic misconduct. +ll discussion of the answer
to the &ro$lem should $e incor&orated in the text of the answer and not in the footnotes%
($ Footnotes
7ou should only use footnotes for referencin(% 8rovided that no text a&&ears in the footnotes
these do not count in the word limit% 9owever, if you &ut text in the footnotes then the
footnotes will $e counted in the word limit%
+$ 4itations an# 9eferencin/
7ou should &rovide a full citation and acknowled(e all sources for any case or other material
you refer to% Students must ensure that all 'uotes are enclosed in 'uotation marks and the
source of the 'uote is also cited% Law uses the +ustralian :uide to Le(al ;itation (+:L;) as its
referencin( style% For a co&y of the full :uide and ex&lanations a$out referencin( see
htt&,<<latro$e%li$(uides%com<content%&h&=&id>/34?43@sid>/!31/A1 - 3/?!4A3% Students who
are familiar with another style of referencin( (the 9arvard style for exam&le) may use that if
they wish, althou(h they should follow the +:L; in relation to citin( case law and le(islation%
Students should note that the week A tutorial will include a discussion of how to cite references%

;$ 1rescribe# materials
This is not a research exercise% 7ou should rely only on the &rescri$ed readin( and material from
the lectures and tutorials for your answer% 7ou must acknowled(e all sources (see ;itations
section a$ove)% 8lease &rovide a reference list at the end of your &a&er (this is not included in the
word limit%
*$ Assessment criteria
7our take home exam answer will $e marked in accordance with +ssessment ;riteria "ocument
&osted on the L)S% This document also ex&lains what distin(uishes $etween a fail, ", ;, B and
+ (rade%
Students are encoura(ed to make use of headin(s and su$ headin(s to identify issues and
&rovide structure for their answer
0$ <oint work an# aca#emic miscon#uct
Boint work is &rohi$ited% "iscussion of the examination 'uestion with other students or any
other &erson is not &ermitte#% 7ou are not &ermitte# to #o any of the followin/ thin(s, each
of which constitutes aca#emic miscon#uct% 7ou must not,
discuss the examination 'uestion with any &erson (other than the su$-ect coordinator C see
&oint // $elow)D
colla$orate with anyone else in &re&arin( an answer to the examinationD
view another &erson0s written notes a$out the examination or their &reliminary or final
versions of an answer to the examinationD
&ermit another student to view any written notes you have made a$out the examination or
your &reliminary or final versions of an answer to the examinationD
make written notes of what anyone else says to you durin( the examinationD or
&ermit another student to make written notes of what you say durin( the examination%
7ou should kee& co&ies of your notes and drafts in case your lecturer wants to interview you
a$out the &rocess $y which you &re&ared your answer%
n what constitutes &la/iarism and aca#emic miscon#uct and the Eniversity0s &olicies a$out
them, see &ara(ra&h 4 a$ove A7. htt&=88www$latrobe$e#u$au8learnin/8inte/rity$html A7.
the +cademic )isconduct Statute !115 at
$ >uestions re/ar#in/ take-home examination
+ny 'uestions re(ardin( late su$mission or s&ecial consideration should $e directed to the
su$-ect coordinator -r <ohn ?ourke $y email (-%$ourkeFlatro$e%edu%au)% *f you $elieve there
are any am$i(uities or errors in the examination 'uestion that need to $e clarified $efore it can
$e answered you should contact the su$-ect coordinator, )r Bohn Bourke $y email% :nly
@uestions about &erceive# errors or ambi/uities in the exam @uestion or instructions will
be answere#$ )r Bourke will not answer 'uestions a$out how to structure your answer% *f any
si(nificant am$i(uities or errors in the examination 'uestion are identified durin( the
examination &eriod, the su$-ect coordinator will announce a correction or clarification $y
&ostin( a notice on the Finance Law we$ site on the L)S% Stu#ents shoul# therefore monitor
the web site #urin/ the examination for any announcements concernin/ the &a&er$
2$ 1resentation Aenerally
The take-home &a&er must
Be ty&ed in Times .ew Homan /! &oint font%
Be &rinted on +3 &a&er on one side of the &a&er only%
Be /%4 or dou$le-s&aced%
9ave reasona$le mar(ins%
9ave &a(es that are consecutively num$ered%
Be securely sta&led%
State the 'uestion num$er for each 'uestion you have attem&ted $efore each 'uestion%
7:T $e enclosed in a &lastic &resentational folder%
9ave a title &a(e that includes,
7our name and student num$er
Tutorial day and time
#ord count
6$ Time allocate# for the examination
The examination is desi(ned to $e com&leted within a&&roximately ? hours if a student is
&ro&erly &re&ared%
!$ Fee#back
Feed$ack will $e &rovided in the LectureD the examination &a&er will $e returned to you with
very brief comments on the &a&er% "etailed comments are &rovided in the (rou& feed$ack in
the Lecture%