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Name: Orion Lewis

Chapter 2 Section 1 Outline

I. Ecology
Scientific discipline in witch relationships among living organisms and
interactions the organism
Organisms depend on other organisms and nonliving factors in their
environment for survival
Ecologist observe experiment and model using a variety of tools and methods
II. The Biosphere
The biosphere is the portion of the earth that supports life
Includes land and lower portion of the atmosphere
A. Biotic Factors
Living factors in organisms enviro
Interactions among organisms are necessary for survival of species in the
same geographic location
B. Abiotic Factors
The nonliving factors in an organisms environment
Organisms adapt to survive in the abiotic factors present in their natural
III. Levels of Organization
The biosphere is to large and complex to study as a whole
Ecologist divide the biosphere into levels of organization to study
The level of organization
The levels increase in complexity as the numbers and interactions between
organisms increase.
A. Organisms, populations, and biological communities
The lowest level of organization is an individual organism
Organisms of a single species that share the same location at the same time
make up a population
A biological community is a group of interacting pop that occupy the same
geo area at same time
B. Ecosystems, biomes, and the biosphere
An ecosystem is a community and the abiotic factors that affect it
A biome is a large group of ecosystems that share same climate and same
IV. Ecosystem Interactions
A habitat is where the organism lives
A niche is a role or position that an organism has in its environment
V. Community Interactions
A. Competition
Occurs when more than one organism uses a resource at the same time
Competition is stronger when resources are scarce
B. Predation
Predation is act of something consuming another for food
The org that peruse is predator the org that is perused is pray
C. Symbiotic relationships
Symbiosis is the closed relation that exist when to or more species live
3 types
Mutualism both organisms benefit
Commensalism one organism benefits the others is neither help nor
Parasitism one organism benefits at the expense of the other