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CINEC, comply with International Standards and conform

ARTICLE TO THE PAPERS to the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO)

Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and
From Colombo International Nautical and Watch keeping (STCW 1995). The Maritime Administration
Engineering College of Sri Lanka has approved all IMO/ STCW courses
conducted by CINEC.
Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College
(CINEC), is the largest Maritime Education & Training Customers, Ship Owners, Ship Crew Managers and
Facility registered to operate under the board of investment Employers of our alumni have always been supportive of our
(BOI), approved by the Directorate of Merchant Shipping of quest for excellence in Maritime Education and Training.
the Ministry of Ports and Aviation of the Democratic CINEC offers an unparallel learning experience to students
Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. and continue to be a reliable corporate partner for quality
human resources.
Popularly known as Cinec Maritime Campus, located in the
picturesque IT–Park, at Millennium Drive, Malabe, CINEC Having established in 1990, 20years of continual
was the first Education and Training Institution in Sri improvement and development of CINEC is the result of the
Lanka to be certified to BS EN ISO 9002: 1994 Quality absolute commitment, dedication and untiring efforts of our
Management Standards, established and maintained since faculty. Without them our intention of becoming one of the
1996. best Maritime training facilities in the world would have
been a distant dream. Top management at CINEC firmly
Three Generations of Quality Management. believes that talents and dedication of both our academic
The organization was showered and fed with three and non-academic staff are the foundation for our growth
generations of quality management – ISO9002:1994 - ISO and success.
9001:2000 –and ISO 9001:2008 – A culture that is
incomparable to the strongest competitor if there is one. Our CINEC Maritime Campus comprises of four Faculties.
total commitment to quality education & Training was
recognised as a recipient of the prestigious National Quality Faculty of Maritime Sciences,
Award (NQA), for being the best service organisation in Sri Faculty of Marine Engineering.
Lanka in 1999. Faculty of Commercial Sciences.
CINEC was adjudged the best Education & Training Faculty of Engineering Sciences,
facility, in the island, and bestowed with the prestigious
Cinec Maritime Campus offers education & training
National Quality Award, for the second five year term in
succession, in the year 2004. programs from Ratings & Cadets right up to Chief Engineer,
& Master Mariners (Ship’s Command), Electrical,
electronic, & Control Engineering, Maritime Electronics, &
Large, Medium or Small, Manufacturing, Service, Health
Radio Communication, BSc degree programmes in
Care, Education, National, Multi-national, Private, or
International Transportations Management & Logistics,
Government –No other Organization has been able to WIN
BSc in Maritime sciences, BSc in Marine Engineering
the Prestigious Sri Lanka National Quality Award for the
Sciences, Diploma and Certificate courses in Logistics and
third consecutive five year term – 1999 – 2004 – 2009.
Transportation, Safety & Survival Training, Bachelor of
Engineering Degree Programs in Electrical & Mechatronic
Modelled on the world renowned Malcolm Baldrige National Engineering, Electronics & Micro-engineering,
Quality Award programme of USA, with Leadership, Telecommunications, Computer Systems Engineering,
Strategic Planning, Customer and Market Focus, Electronics, and Communications. International Computer
Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management, Driving License (ICDL) Asia Pacific, Computer aided
Human Resource Focus, Process Management, and Business learning for school teachers and the University of
Results, as the seven criteria for evaluation, and with a five Cambridge Diploma Programs, Maritime English, and
level judging process; winning the prestigious Sri Lanka communication Skills, diving emergencies, working in buddy
National Quality Award for the third consecutive term was systems, underwater welding and cutting technology, and
recognised with a Special Award. horizontal vertical and overhead welding techniques..
Training programs are offered for beginners, semi skilled and CINEC is probably the only Maritime Educational
technical trainees, for the local and foreign heavy industry, Institution / facility in the world to be accredited to
factories, and shipyards. Other than seafarers, Cinec ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Standard,
Maritime Campus offers training facility for students who being upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 version;
are selected from youth care centres Island wide. ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System
Standard, OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health &
A Leap forward Safety Management system; and DNV Standard for
In the year 2008, in a strategic, breakthrough improvement Maritime Academies and 5S Concepts.
effort, all simulators were upgraded to the best that was
available worldwide. CINEC is probably the only such institution in the world to
be concurrently certificated to FOUR Internationally
Simulators recognised management systems.
State of the art Bridge Simulator upgraded to Transas Navi-
Trainer Professional 4000 with high quality photo textured In order to preserve improved quality standards, and to
visualization, improved to 270 degree vision. Engine Room maintain exceptional delivery capabilities, our faculty
Simulator upgraded to full mission Transas ERS 4000. comprises of professionally qualified, highly experienced
specialised staff.
Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator with ARI Multimodal
2004 Advanced. The Bridge simulator, the full mission Our distinguish Board of Directors and the Top
Engine simulator, GMDSS Radio Communication Management, highly qualified with vast experience, are well
simulator, and the Liquid cargo handling simulators provide known in the global Maritime Industry, both internationally
seamless, integrated and more realistic education & training and in Sri Lanka. With their perpetual guidance and
capabilities. direction, senior managers, ensure the students are trained
for best results, under a sound professional foundation. The
The Campus has provided comfortable residential facilities pride of CINEC is its faculty of professionally qualified,
within the premises. Management intends to improve the innovative, experts, with a wealth of knowledge and many
residences to house at least 150 students. years of experience in the maritime field and industry. The
Major development projects have been strategically planned supporting network of computers, and 24h Internet, provides
to be launched in the year 2009/2010, with the construction some of the best facilities to those who are in serious pursuit
of a new residential block for students, Library & a of academic excellence. The information centre / Counselling
classroom block which will provide an enhanced academic room had been created for students / parent’s convenience.
environment to both students & faculty.
The TOP Management at CINEC believes in developing a
Our Officer Cadet Trainees are taught Meditation, corporate culture within a framework of professional ethics.
Swimming, Yoga, 5S Concepts, & Ball room and Latin From the inception CINEC has given priority to the quality
American Dancing, adding value to training to produce a of training programmes, to ensure customer satisfaction.
Distinctive Brand “CINEC CADETS”. With a team of well-informed Quality Improvement Steering
Group (QISG), it has never been a difficult task to be ahead
A fully equipped kitchen and café with a seating capacity of of significant developments in the field of Maritime and
350, provides wholesome meals, prepared to highest hygienic Industrial world.
standards. An international standard Swimming pool, and a
fully equipped air-conditioned gymnasium provides for Moulded by four Management Systems, we believe that we
health and well being of both students & staff. The air provide a culture and an environment rich with quality,
conditioned Auditorium with modern communication health & safety, for the benefit of the students and the staff.
equipment, with multimedia, can house a total of over 500
guests. The facility is for special seminars, international Our Vision
conferences or any other social event. “To demonstrate the ability to develop worthy and
productive men and women by facilitating quality
education and training leading to gainful employment”
The introduction of state of the art simulators and other
modern and sophisticated training equipment in the
curriculum provides trainees, both local and foreign, the
necessary exposure in a conducive environment to build
confidence to be competent in their respective fields of
operation on board modern ships.

The relationship between CINEC and its customers is

fostered on trust and loyalty arising out of our reputation of
being able to offer quality education and training which
results in customers delight.

CINEC has adopted continuous quality improvement

strategies to be in line with modern developments and has
kept its market share growing despite of increasing strengths
of competitors.

CINEC is considered to be superior, as we cater to the ever-

growing needs and demands of the global maritime and
industrial market, with the realization of organizational
strategic challenges, which leaves the strongest competitor



Ranjana T.De S.G.Punchihewa.

Management Representative since 1998
Dean of Faculty of Marine Engineering.
Cinec Maritime Campus.