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2.30 PM
5.30 PM (3 hours)
Answer ALL questions in the Answer Booklet.
Begin EACH answer on a new page
where applicable, show clearly steps taken in arriving at the solutions and
indicate ALL assumptions.
lndicate clearly answers that are cancelled, if any.
Do not open this Question Booklet until instructed.
Note : There are TWENTY ONE (211 pages in this euestion Booklet
including the cover page.
Unj-versiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Read the following passages and answer ALL the questions.
Passage I
I ln the 1940s and 50s, many artists had visions of a future where technology and
the evolution of civilisation created a kind of utopian society, There were flying cars and
underwater cities, and human civilisation had expanded outwards into space. There
were, of course, predictions
of a completely opposite kind of world, but this bright and
optimistic retro-futurism was everywhere, not least in mainstream advertising.
ll Nowadays, pop culture predictions
of the future are of a more subdued and
dystopian nature. Civilisation is being destroyed by all knds of viruses and zombie
apocalypses, the planet is ruined by ecological disaster, usually man-made, and people
are scuffling to flnd food, water and shelter. Art and life reflect each other. lt is no
wonder really that modern pop culture tends towards pessimism and disillusionment:
the world's clmate is changing, we seem to be slowly and surely destroying our
environment and as technology advances, it seems more and more possible that we,
humans, are capable of destroying ourselves.
lll Scientific studies of climate patterns and nature have shown that the Earth's
climate is actually changing, and n the past few years the changes have been
observable. Last year was among the 10 warmest years ever recorded. Earlier this
year, Europe suffered through one of its longest and coldest winters and springs ever.
The UK's Met Office reported that the country's spring was the coldest one n 50 years
and in fact, the region was still experiencing snowfall in the first few days of June, when
summer is supposed to have officially started.
lV One of the scientific theories is that the greenhouse effect is a principal cause of
global warming, which was and still is a chief contributor to the accelerated melting of
glaciers and polar ice and other changes to the environment and climate. Human-
dominated ecosystems are nothing new
as with any of Earth's species, humans
change the environment in which they live. For centuries, humans have been planting
crops and building structures. However, human influence on Earth's ecosystems has
never been as pervasive as it is now. Environmental scientists and ecologists state that
human enterprises
activities such as agriculture, industry, fishing and international
alter major biogeochemical cycles, among other things, which causes
further effect on the functioning of the Earth system.
V The Second Assessment Report of the lntergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change (IPCC) stated in 1996 that the greenhouse gas concentration that were
continuing to warm the planet and produced other changes in the Earth's climate could
be targely attributed to human activity, especially fossil fuel use, land-use change and
agriculture. Only two weeks ago IPCC produced its Fifth Assessment Report which
stated that human influence on the climate system is clear and is evidenced in most
regions of the world.
"New Straits Times, Green technolog/. 12 October, 2013
Question 1a (i
Which of the following would be the BEST title for the passage?
A. Staying Alive
B. Earth Current Focus
C. The Climate Change
D. Technology Advances
E. Greenhouse Gas Effect
ii Based on information in the passage, it can be inferred that if human actvities are
A. summer can easily be predicted
B. earth temperature will slowly drop
C. snowfall only happens occasionally
D. there is no further damage to the crops
E. greenhouse effect is no longer an ssue
iii. Which of the following pieces of evidence, if true, would BEST support the
author's argument in paragraph lV?
A. Human system drives the change to the climate.
B. Humans are aware of the damage they do to Earth.
C. Humans'activities lead to global commercialization.
D. Humans have created ways to avoid more damages to Earth.
E. Humans' activities are to be blamed for the malfunctioning of Earth system.
iv. As used in paragraph ll, which is the BEST synonym for scuffling?
A. fighting
B. relieving
C. pacifying
D. comforting
E. moderating
v. As used in paragraph lV, which is the BEST synonym for pervasive?
A, retain
B. distant
C. spread
D. withdrawn
E. unresponsive
Passage ll
I Green technology has seen many new innovations lately. Since the inception of
green technology, we have always on the lookout for energy that is efficient and clean.
We have tried taming energy from elements such as the sun, water, and the wind, and
even explored alternative forms of energy such as harvesting human body heat. These
past few years have seen major improvements and innovatons in the field, but have still
left many questions unanswered. A promising new technology in this area is tidal
energy, but we are
scratching the tip of the iceberg.
ll To understand tides, we need to know that the moon goes across the sky once
every 24 hours, while a full orbit around Earth takes 27 days. The position of the moon
in relation to Earth affects our tides at any given time through the forces of gravity. The
sun also plays a part in this, but only has a third of the effect compared to the moon. lt
also affects solid material such as land and stone, but only by millimetres. As the moon
has its set time orbiting around the Earth, this makes high and low tides very
predictable. Of course, this is an oversimplification of how it all really works, but it helps
us see how tidal energy can be a reliable source of energy in the future.
lll Tidal energy has always been a concept and it has been around for a long time.
There have been traces of its usage from the Middle Ages. Mostly, it has been used to
mill grain with the use of tide mills. The reason why this technology has been put on the
backburner is because it is expensive to produce. Talk about tidal power has been
revived, mainly because it is a more predictable form of renewable energy, and it can
power up to 20 percent of UK's demand of electricity. lt also has much
potential in the
amount of power available to hamess 250MW
450MW, especially in the Asian,
Ganadian and Russian region. lt has overtaken the efficiency of wind power and it even
out-powers solar energy, making it a liable solution to our energy problems.
lV As feasible as it sounds, putting turbines on the seabed is not as easy as it
seems. lnstallation in itself is a problem. Getting access to the bottom of the oceans or
rivers and fixing a fan into the ground is one of the challenges. There is also the harsh
environment of the sea
salt water and unforgiving Mother Nature always puts us in our
place whenever we try to tame her. SeaGen, the wodd's first tidal generator in lreland
faced such wrath. During the first trials of the system, the tide was so strong that it
damaged the turbine fans. The fan blades are also a
threat to sea life, but
scientists are already looking for ways to slow the fans down while mantainl$ergy
production. Gompared to how far we have corne in terms of technology, hamessing tidal
industry is still in its beginning stages. There are only two commercial-sized running
plants and one experimental plant in the world.
V While initial implementation mht be costly, the maintenance after installation is
miniscule compared to other forms of energy. This is the biggest reason why tidal power
is seeing so much hype rently. Tidal energy also takes the cake of being a clean
source of power. There are no emissions or waste, and no pollution known to damage
the place it draws its energy from. Couple to the fact that the tides are much more
reliable and predictable than the wind or sun, you are looking at a real contender for
renewable energy. Tfie disadvantages of tidal energy on the other hand are more
severe. The act of restraining water flow from coast lines will affect how long mudflats
are exposed to water. This is extrernely important because mudflats usually harbour
many forms of life from birds to mammals to fish. Not only the water flow changed, but
silt will also form near banages, causing indirect pollution to the coastal areas. Thus,
the scale of operations needs to be huge and suitable.
Vl As promising as it may seem, experts seem to think that tidal energy is
dark horse in the industry, yet to realize its full potential. Competition is one factor to be
considered. As fossil fuels have already been through endless trial and error, they are
able to generate more power for only the fraction of the cost. Tidal energy does not
have this luxury. There is also the matter of logistics and the unpredictability of its effect
on the ecosystem if industrialised on a large scale without prior research. Tidal energy
is worth keeping an eye on, and its time will come, but all it is for now is
a view on
the horizon of a distant future.
'New Straits Times, Tidal energy
the next frontief. 12 October, 2013.
Question 1b (i
What is the thesis statement in this passage?
It has overtaken the efficiency of wind power, making it a liable solution to our
energy problems. (paragraph lll)
A promising new technology in this area is tidal energy, but we are
scratching the tip of the iceberg. (paragraph l)
Compared to how far we have come in terms of technology, hamessing tidal
industry is still in its beginning stages. (paragraph
Tidal energy is worth keeping an eye on, and its time will come, but all it is
now is
a view on the horizon of a distant future. (paragraph Vl)
Of course, this is all an oversimplification of how it all really works, but it helps
us see how tidal energy can be a reliable source of energy in the future.
(paragraph ll)
ii. As used in paragraph lV, what is MOST likely meant by "feasible"?
A. delicate
B. complex
C. sensitive
D. practicable
E. challenging
ii. Using the information in paragraph VI, which of the following statements reflects
"a dark horce in the industry"?
A. The maintenance is remarkably low.
B. lt has the full potentialto be implemented.
C. Competition with fossilfuel is not a problem at all.
D. Apart from a good source of energy, it has some drawbacks.
E. lt is a more predictable energy compared to other renewable energies.
iv. Which of the following sentences from the passage represents an opinion, rather
than a tad.?
A. As promising as it seems, experts seem to think that tidal energy is
dark horse in the industry, yet to realize its potential.
B. To understand des, we need to know that the moon goes across the sky
once every 24 hours, while a full orbit around Earth takes 27 days.
C. There is also the harsh environment of the sea
salt water and unforgiving
Mother Nature always put us in our place whenever we try to tame her.
D. The fan blades are also a potential threat to sea life, but scientists are already
looking for ways to slow the fans down while maintaining energy production,
. E. We tried taming energy from elements such as the sun, water and the wind,
and even explored alternative forms of energy such as harvesting human
body heat.
v. Which of the following statements BEST describes the MAIN idea of paragraph
A. Tidalenergy is a claan source of energy.
B. Tidal energy has more potentialthan wind energy.
G. The ability to generate energy is very encouraging.
D. Tidal power is the best predictable renewable energy.
E. Although it is expensive, there are no emissions that lead to pollution.
Passage lll
I lce was a hard-to-get commod for centuries. Only the rich and famous could
manage the cost of harvesting and storing it in insulated chambers with adequate
drainage. The genesis of ice cream can thus be trad back to icy beverages enyed
by royalty. The Persians concocted grape.juice concentrate poured over snow, in a
bowl, as a treat in hot summers. The fad evolved into one where ice was mixed with
saffron, fruits, and various other flavours
precursors to our modem day sorbets, frozen
desserts made from fruit
or puree, mixed with syrup, served at elaborate French
meals as a palate cleanser between courses.
ll But ice cream as we know today, usually made from dairy products, was first
whipped up by the inventive Arabs. They used milk as a major ingredient in the
production of ice cream, sweetened with sugar (rather than fruit
lt was only in
the second half of the 20h century, after cheap refrigeration became common that ice
cream was enjoyed by us comrnoners. Thereafter, important refinements followed. Soft
ice cream, served from a spigot onto a cone came about after researcher discovered
the rnethod of dotrbling the air amount in i ceam. Further innovations introduced food
additives into ice cream, most notably the stabilising agent gluten. lt allowed the
concoction of thicker, creamier ice cream in the vein of Hagen Daaz etc that spur a full-
on caloric camage.
lll Depending on which part of the globe it is made, ice cream takes on different
characteristics. ltaly's version of ice cream, gelato, has significantly less butterfat than
other variets. That translates to it melting faster in your mouth and because it has less
fat, it doesn't coat the tongue so you get to taste the flavours of gelato more intensely.
Another reason gelato rates hher in the frozen-treat stakes with connoisseurs is
because it is more flavourful as it has a much higher density. Why? lce cream is
produd by whipping together cream, milk and sugar that adds air to the product. The
air nearly doubles the quantity of the product but cuts the quality in half. No air or
snificantly less air is added to gelato. Gelato is also served 10 to 15 degrees warrner
than ice cream. As it is less solidly frozen, gelato's taste is further enhanced as it melts
in the rnouth in a heartbeat.
lV ln North lndia, ice cream is known as kulfi, made primarily with buffalo's milk
said to be thicker and creamier than cou/s milk
but contains less fat, giving it a unique
taste. And kulfi is a premium i cream because it contains no air
it is solid, dense
frozen milk that's sweetened and flavoured with exotic ingredients like cardamom, malai
(cream) and saffron and put into moulds and frozen. This rich, buttery product is
gamished with pistachios and/or almonds when served. lce cream is served in a unique
way in Japan. lts mochi ice cream is wrapped in delicate, sticky rice. The Japanese
have started to even exporting them to western countries. There's also fried ice cream,
associated with Ghinese and Japanese rnenus, and even Mexican cuisine. lt's a treat
that involves what seems implausible
placing a frozen treat into boiling oil and keeping
it intact. A scoop of frozen ice cream is coated in tempura batter in the Asian recipe or
com flakes, nuts, cookie crumbs or tortillas in the Mexican version.
V And if the incamations of i cream boggle the mind, the choice of flavours can
leave one seeing stars. The days of ordering plain vanilla ice cream might be numbered
as gastronomic innovations with sugar, cream and ice push the envelope. You can now
choose from beetroot and wasabi to smoked oil and black pepper ice creams, even
car-smoke caramel flavor for those nicotine addicts needing a sugar fix. The latest
innovation is a liquid nitrogen injec'tion system which is the world's first glow in the dark
ice cream using protein from
fish. lt works with neutral PH, so the glow is inactive
lick it.
Heaven in a.scoop". March 2003.
Question lc (i- v)
Choose the MOST suitable headings for Paragraphs I, ll, lll, lV and V. Write the
appropriate alphabets (A - H) in your answer booklet.
A. Royalroots
B. Across the globe
C. Have it your way
D. Democratic spread
E. Counting the twists
F. Popularincarnations
G. Addictirre brain freeze
H. More surprises in store
Questions lc (vi- x)
Complete the sentens below EITHER W|TH WORDS TAKEN OR INFERRED from
Reading Passage lll. Use NO iIORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.
vi. Only ...... ..eats ice cream with rice.
vii. .......the air in ice cream would make it softer.
viii. Maintaining ice cream in the past was very .......
ix. When being served, ice cream is 10 to 15 degrees .......than
x. The newlyr-invented ice cfeam will glow when it touches humans'
Question I
Read the following business documents and fill in the blanks from the words in the box. DO NOT
use the same word twice. Make sure the words you select make sense in the context of the
documents. Write your answers in the answer booktet.
motivating development suggest confidence implemented
supervising for into developed disperse
numerous developing explored performed accomplishments
Tirnothy Moore
987 Maplewood Park.
Tronoh, 31750
Home: (060)5552366
Cell: (060X05756 323
ti m othy_m oore@ya h oo. com
Mr Antonia Gill,
The Manager,
16 Jalan Tulip, Perindustrian Kota Putri,
81750 Masai, Johor, West Malaysia,
Tel: (607) 3882521
Fax: (607) 3882523
Email : sales@sbbbiz,com
Website: http://www. sbbbiz. com
11 November 2013
Dear Mr. Antonia Gill,
lf your organization is seeking a skilled and experienced Project Manager, I would
appreciate the opportunity to discuss your needs and objectives with you. The
noted within the accompanying resume will illustrate the value and
vision that I can bring to your team.
For the last five years, I have led various project implernentations, providing Custorner
Relationship Management and Data Warehousing solutions to Gateway Computers. I
have demonstrated success in managing these full project lifecycles, which have
resulted in fil savings for this company. I possess a deep
understanding of how to utilize technology in order to deliver enterprise solutions that
meet requirements of business.
My expertise includes strong hands-on technical skills with GRM software applications
including JDE and Siebel. I am highly skilled in database
oriented analysis/desn, data modeling, clienUserver applications devekcpment and
data warehousing/knowledge management. I possess a solid track record for leading
technical professionals in order to achieve hh levels of
performance. These trends I intend to continue long the future.
ln review of your company's objectives and possible openings, I believe that my
experience is in perfect line with your current needs. lf your firm is looking for a
dependab, results-odented professional with a solirJ performan track, I would be
interested in speaking with you to discuss the value that my strengths and experience
can bring to your search. I can be reached in {v at one of the above
telephone numbers and look forward to hearing from you. Attached is my resume for
your perusal.
Sincerely yours
Timothy Moore
987 Maplewood Park
Tronoh, 31750 Perak
Home: (060)555 62366
Cell : (060X05756 323
tim othy_moo re@ya h oo. com
Two years professionalexperience in software engineering and using VisualC++.
Programming Languages: Msual ++, G, Java Databases: SQL, MS Access
Tools: MFC, UML, MS Visual Studio 97, VisualSource Safe, Procom Plus, J Together
Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT, UNIX
Networks: CGI Script, Perl, UNIX, Windows NT, HTML
Bulent Technologies, Singapore, April 1999
March 2001
Position: Softryare Engineer
Jan O0
Mar 01: Member of a team developing a Local Debug Terminal and a Local
Craft Terminal as part of Bulent Technologies SYNERGY
project which aims at
configuring and
rural and urban wireless networks using common
user interfaces and specific network agents. The LDT and LCT are to be used as
managefient tools for the TDMA trunk-- mar cornponent of the system.
Designed and
the user interfaces (Ul).
Performed Unit Tests, specified and performed Feature Deliverables Test plans.
Coded ProcomPlus scripts to simulate the network station behavior.
Used: MS Msual C++, MFC, MS Developer Studio, Windows 98/NT, ProcomPlus
Apr 99
Dec 99: Member of a team fixl a Robot for the collection of
alarm and data from Telstra's lRT2000 network and storage of this data on the Telstra
l-AN for further analysis.
Produced lnterface Control Document, Feature Design Document (HLD and LLD)
according to Bulent Technologies standards.
Coded the Data Formatting Subsystem used to interpret the network central station
messages and collect the data they contain.
Perfonned Unit Tests : Speciffi and {x) Feature Hiverables Tests.
Used: MS Visual C++, MFC, MS Access, SQL, Windows 95
La Salle High School, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 1990-94
BS in lCT, UniversitiTeknologi PETRONAS, Perak 1994-98
lr. Dr Suhala Erdegon
Senior Lecturer
Phone :
368 7153
Question 2 (20 marks)
Revwite the following flawed resume. ln doing so, revise the enors and create TWO
types of resumes for Mukhriz bin Mahfouz - a chronological resume and a functional
resme. You may add necessary details. Each of the resumes should not be more
than TWO (2) pages.
384 Harmoni Street,
Taman Setia Tropika,
81200 Kempas, Johor Bharu.
Resume of Mukhriz bin Mahfouz (email: mukhriz_mahfouz@yahoo.com)
My Detals: I am a single, Malay, holding Malaysian Passport bearing number W: 123
4321. I was born at Assunta Hospital, Petaling Jaya on May, 13.
Career of Summary: Seeking a position in Computer Technology Customer Service
where I can use my rnany technology and people'person skills. I want to help
troubleshoot software and hardware problems
and work in a progressive company that
willgive me an opportunity for advancernent and personalgrowth.
Work Experience
Jan.20C4 to now Aramco.net as a Tech Support Specialists
Primarily I provide customer support for customer problems with ++, Visual Basic,
Java, Networking, and Databases (Access, Oracle, SOL). I provide solutions to software
and hardware problems and respond to e+nail queries in a timely manner.
Oct. 2002 to Dec. 22, 2003 DocuHelp, Subang, 3.344 Selangor as a Computer
Provide technical support for PCs and Macs. I also trained new PC and Mac users in
hardware applications. When business was slow, I repaired computer problems, using
my many technology skills.
May 2OO2 to Oct. 2002 Ranon-theRun, Petaling Jaya, 45050 Selangor as a
Computer Salesman
Sold laptops, PCs, printers,
and other computer actessories to men and women.
Answered customer questions. Won Salesman of the Month Award three months in a
rowdue to exceeding sales quotas.
Jan. 2002 to May 20OZ Kempas Hh School Kempas, Johor Bahru Lab
Worked in the school's computer lab, helping Mr. Suresh with computer-related
classwork. This included fixing computer problems and tutoring new students having
trouble with assnrnents.
2004 Bachelo/s Degree, Information Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaya,
Bangi, 43430 Selangor. lt was a 4 year programme.
Concentration : Data base/Prog ramm i ng App lications
Relevant classes: Business lnformation Systems, Hardware Maintenance, Database
Management, Visual Basic, Systems Analysis and Design, C++, Web Design
2OOO Graduate Kempas High School, SPM: 4A's, 4C's and PMR: 7A's. lt is at Kempas,
54565 Johor Baru, Johor. I was schooling here for five years.
1990- 1995 Finished Primary School at Sek Keb Kempas Baru, Kempas, il565
Johor Baru, Johor. I entered my primary school at the age of 7.
Member of the Computer Technology Club
Member of FFA and DECA
Principal's Honor Roll, senior year
Computer Expertise
Cisco Gertified, knowledge of C++, vB, Microsoft office Suite xP, HTML, Java, SML
Mr. Suresh Murugesan, ComputerApplications Teacher, Kempas High School
Mr. Tony Thompson, Manager, Aramco.net. The company is located at no 77, Jalan
Klang Road, 31233 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
Mr Suresh can be contacted at suresh_rnrru@yahoo.m and Mr Tont's email is
Additional information
I am a good team player, who works well with others. I was excellent in studies and
made all A's in my university major classes. I also have good interpersonal,
communication & technical writing skills, ln terms of management; I am good in
managing events ard conducting programmes
Language: My written lt/lalay is excellent and my spoken Malay is good. Besides, I can
write and speak English fairly.
sEcTtoN c
Question 1 (30 marks)
Write at least 250 words about the following topic:
WIth the advancement of technology, the disabled have enjoyed a mote
meaningtullife and eceived bettertrcatments in society.
ldentify one type of disabilities. Cfroose one technology gadgef ased on that
disability and explain how it helps them.
Question 2
Malaysia's recently announced fuel price hike has been met with quite diverse opinions.
The foiiowing charts iiiustrate the history of Petroleum price in Maiaysia. The line graph
shows the Crude oil (Petroleum) monthly price for 10 years while the two histograms
depict the retail prce of Ron 92 before 1990s to 2008 and the price of Ron
from the
day it was launched to recent price hike. The table, furthermore, indicates the reasons
and effec'ts of the petrol price hike and the measures to cope up with the problem.
Using the information in the charts presented below, write a report about the price of
petrol in Malaysia since 1990s. ln your report, integrate the information from the charts
and give reasonable explanations, causes or reasons for the hike of the price. You
should write at least 150 words.
Figure Q2a: Grude oil monthly price for l0 years in Malaysia Ringgit per barrel
Figure Q2b: The price of Ron 92 before 1990s to 2008
Crude Oil
for 10 years
MYR Per barrel
E 200

ts88 t3t3838t8tt888888889399:
j jtitts:








The Price of RON92 before 1990s to 2008


rllll ll I
r RoN92
Figure Q2c: The price of Ron 95 from May 2009
Table Cl2: Reasons and effects of petrol price hike in Malaysia and the measures.
Nofes: Ron92 was phased out frcm the Malaysian petrcl maket srnce 2009. Rong was
introduced on 12 May 2009 and was launched on I Sept 2009-
Source: http:/furuw.worldoil. com
The Price of RON95
O_r Ct'r O O d d d d N N N N N ry) .y) ry

Reasons Effects Measures
- Government says
of subsidies
for fuel would save
RM3.3 billion annually".
- Non-renewable
- Malaysian currency has
become smaller for the
last decade.
- Reduce smuggling of
petrol and diesel
- Save petrol for the next
- The price of goods will
also increase.
- People say "Government
should improve public
transport and reduce road
- Encourage carpool
- Produce more goods that
can be exported to increase
the rate of currency