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Course Syllabus: Applied Analysis of Variance, STP 531, Fall 2013

*The course syllabus is a general plan for the course; deviations from the syllabus may be necessary
and will be announced by the instructor.

Lecture hours: T & Th 3:00 4:15 PM (ECG G315)

Instructor: Ming-Hung (Jason) Kao
Office hours: T & Th 1:30 2:30 or by appointment
Office: PSA 741
Phone: (480) 965-3466
E-mail: mkao3@asu.edu

STP 420 or equivalent

Text Books:
Applied Linear Statistical Models, 5
Ed., by Michael H. Kutner, Christopher J. Nachtsheim,
John Neter and William Li (required)

SAS for Linear Models, 4
Ed, by Ramon C. Littell, Walter W. Stroup, and Rudolf J. Freund

15. Introduction to the Design of Experimental and Observational Studies
16. Single-Factor Studies
17. Analysis of Factor Level Means
18. ANOVA Diagnostics and Remedial Measures
19. Two-Factor ANOVA with Equal Sample Sizes
20. Two-Factor Studies - One Case per Treatment
21. Randomized Complete Block Designs
22. Analysis of Covariance
23. Two-Factor Studies with Unequal Sample Sizes
25. Random and Mixed Effects Models
26. Nested Designs, Sub-sampling, and Partially Nested Designs

Grading policy:
Homework (50%), midterm (20%), final (30%)


We will have one in-class midterm exam (tentative date: 10/8), and a take-home final project.
You are allowed to bring a double-sized, letter-sized formula sheet and a calculator (NO computers
or cell phones or devices with internet access). Statistical Tables will be provided. Makeup midterm
exams might be given only in the case of verified medical or other documented emergencies. There
will be NO makeup finals!

There will be 5-7 homework assignments. Students are encouraged to work together on
homework, but each individual student is required to submit their own work. Assignments will be
collected at the beginning of class on the due dates. Late assignments are accepted only on a
documented emergency basis.

Statistical Computing:

You will only be given a grade of Incomplete if all of the following statements apply to you: a) The
circumstances which make it impossible for you to complete the course before the end of the
semester are beyond your control and occurred within the last two weeks of the semester. b) You
have been in attendance through most of the course. c) You have a passing grade on the work
completed. d) You have written documentation (a doctor's excuse, for example) of your need for an

All academic work must meet the standards contained in the Academic Integrity Policy manual.
Students are responsible for informing themselves about those standards before performing any
academic work. The link to more detailed information about academic honesty is at