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Architectural House Plans In India Driven By Diversity And

India has been a traditionally rural country and the greater part of its
population still resides in hinterlands! The Indian house plans in
general have thus adored more of a country yard look and feel except
in the cities and metros where the urban classes have started to
express their desires for more vibrant and beautiful homes! Such
desires were not as potent some 2-3 decades ago when the economic
uotients of the households used to be constrained and prosperities
con!ned to creamy social stratum! The situation has now transformed
drastically and with the continuous inward migration towards the
splurging cities and towns in India" the demographic bases have got
The in migrants were divided into the have and haven#t categories and
the former class has been signi!cant enough in determining the urban
development patterns including the housing designs and aesthetics! $
di%erentiated social base thus emerged in the urban matrix of India
and it gave rise to a variegated pattern of house designs and
aesthetics& 'verall" modern Indian house plans continue to be
guided by the native building materials presented by in situ geography
and included limestone based cements" baked mud bricks" sand and
!ne river gravel! (welling units in the hinterlands also have
transitioned to Pucca houses as according to the !nance uotients of
the households!
Great Architectural Diversity -
The country like India is bestowed with some of the most diversi!ed
and antagonistic geographic patterns including climate and
conseuent to this we get to see highly di%erentiated patterns of
Indian house designs and aesthetic characteristics! )rom the
shikaras of *ashmir +alley to the sturdiest concrete establishments in
the mainland ,anges Doab, there is a great diversity! -owever the
architectural house plans that have taken hold in modern India
mostly pertain to the mainland plain region of India&
Novel Concepts are being served by the Architecture ertical!
The growing prosperity emerged as a potent factor that actually drove
the profession of architecture to heights in India! .ith the emergence
of a/uent urban classes" there developed and matured passions for
beautiful and designer houses& Architectural house plans prepared
with the aim of aesthetically superior looks and usages got heavy
acceptance among the high gentries who approached architect !rms
prior to the construction maneuvers&
.ith the passage of time some novel concepts that were imported
from alien cultures were also received with enthusiasm and the !rms
began serving accordingly! Terrace gardens" sun houses 0
conservatories" clima intrinsics and other re!ned concepts were the
signi!cant options that continue to guide the primary architecture
plans as also modi!cation plans! 'verall" as for intricate house plans"
India has a vibrant and di%erentiated demand and the individual
fancies are architecture vertical brilliantly&
Charming Designs #or the Corporate Pro$ects -
$part from Indian house designs" the corporate sector had its own
array of reuirements from the architecture profession& The growing
number of malls and shopping places that were developed at the
initiative of private builders were designed with appealing frontage
characteristics and structure! The aim was to create a charm and
attraction in the youth generation and generate viabilities for the
shopping places so created& This phenomenon has emerged
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