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1. PREAMBLE: Our IC75-2R8 loophole simply does not require anyone to pay a commission /tax to
anyody. In la!" the issuin# o$ an annual income-tax credit receipt on the %alue added portion o$ the
total sales is all it ta&es to ma&e the sale o$ cannais le#al. 'his tax credit y itsel$ ma&es it all le#al.
1. IN OTHER WORDS: (hy do !e !ant to pay a commission /sales tax" !hen !e don)t ha%e too*
2. ANSWER: +ecause !e !ant to. ,et)s $ace it" !hat !e)re doin# is %ery political and #ainin# lots o$
community support is %ery important. 'his 1-. commission to the ,e#ion really is actually the
catalyst to #et consent o$ the #eneral pulic to support us" /01 it pays $or memers to contriute.
1. 2this needs explainin#3 I$ the City too& the tax" !e !ould #et 4olice protection $rom and $or the
%alue added 2and that si#nals the end o$ cannais prohiition3. In this case there)s no tax credit.
2. +y remittin# a 1-. commission to a ,e#ion means this %alue-added is an income-tax-credit
1. 2to put it in a clearer !ay3 /ll" i$ not most o$" the commissions paid to the ,e#ion across a
year" !ould e a le#itimate income-tax-credit-re$und" !hen this memer $iles their taxes.
5. 4olitically" the payin# o$ a commission to this %ested ody 2especially in 6ancou%er3" ma&es it
le#ally impossile to prosecute any dispensary that supports its) community in this !ay"
ecause this mi#ht tri##er !hat 7ud#es really $ear 0/89,:; shoc&in# the pulic conscience.
1. 'he creation o$ this stale commercial en%ironment is essential in le#ali<in# our industry.
1. 'he ene$it $rom this tax loophole $ar out-!ays the liaility o$ ein# in any unstructured
quasi ille#al dispensary that really must do somethin# creati%e li&e this or e shut do!n.
3. PREMISE #1: We offe !"#$ %$ !"e &o$! 'o($e)%!#)e *%+ %(+ ,%!#'#,%!#(- Le-#o( '%( .e(ef#!
1. /ny 91/ 4ri%ate Clu that is $ully compliant !ith IC75-2R8 protocol has the est de$ence possile
$rom ein# shut do!n" y simply #i%in# this commission in order to protect our common la! ri#hts.
1. 'he local participatin# ,e#ions simply ha%e to do nothin# ut respect our %aliant e$$orts and
say than& you $or restorin# and protectin# our common la! ri#hts thru our !ar-torn trust.
1. 0ot one shot !ill need to e $ired" in order to !in this insane !ar on 4eace$ul people !ho
actually deser%e protection !hen they $ind #enuine com$ort $rom medicatin# !ith hers
2. 'hey should e proud to protect that real common la! is aout respectin# minority ri#hts
2. 'o sho! ho! it !or&s; ,et)s say this 91/ 4ri%ate Clu is landed /operatin# in 6ancou%er 9ast"
then an 91/ 2li&e 6=843 can remit this commission to the participatin# ,e#ions in 6an-9ast
1. In this !ay" this community initiati%e directly ene$its seniors in need in our local community
>. PREMISE #2: T"#$ #$ % &oe ,o-e$$#)e #(#!#%!#)e !"%! $o&e Le-#o($ %'!/%00+ '%( !%1e.
1. It)s per$ectly le#al to contract !ith an 91/ 4ri%ate Clu to operate a dispensary in one o$ the ,e#ion
?all)s side room. In this !ay the ?all #ets rent $or the space and still #et the 1-. commission.
2. /,@O; It)s per$ectly le#al $or a ,e#ion to contract !ith an 91/ and $orm an )indi%idual incorporation)
2li&e a co-op3 and run a dispensary and #ro! all its) o!n cannais" $or its) memers" i$ so desired.
1. (hen you loo& into it A this le#ally is the est most secure model o$ them all 2ut it is radical3
1. it actually con7ures up nice ima#es o$ turnin# !eapons into plou#hshares 2Isaiah 23
5. DISCLOSURE: (hen a politician 2li&e 8arc +oyer3 ma&es an o$$er li&e this" means our 91/
needs to declare i$ there are any personal #ains" i$ this initiati%e !as success$ul /01 there are.
1. In this case 8r. +oyer is partnerin# !ith a local respected restaurant de%eloper and o$$erin# a
unique opportunity to con%ert any existin# co$$ee shop into an 91/ 4ri%ate 8emers Co$$ee @hop.
2. (e)re promotin# that 2in most cases3 the shop only needs to chan#e the si#n and the menu.
1. In our commercial model" !e !ill not sell or permit smo&in# #rade cannais in the premises"
2. (e !ill o$$er re#ular co$$ee and in$used co$$ee" smoothies and in$used smoothies" re#ular and
in$used pastries" y pro%idin# recipes and/or $inished #oods !holesale 2li&e a @ysco ser%ice3
1. (e are not opposed to ha%in# a dispensary /%apour loun#e" 7ust not !here !e ser%e $ood.
5. 'his !ay" instead us spendin# lots o$ money openin# one location as a test location. !e are
openin# lots o$ location to contract !ith us under pulic pri%ate %entures 2it)s li&e a $ranchise"
ut !e cannot use that !ord3 and !e are openin# a commercial &itchen to re-stoc& them daily
1. Our 1
priority is to open our Co$$ee @hops and con%ert existin# dispensaries as $ast as
possile in 6ancou%er" and in this !ay our candidates #et elected y ma&in# happy %oters
B. (e do this in order to do our est at le#ali<in# our cannais industry" thru 4eace$ul 1emocratic means.
7. ON OUR PRIVATE CLUBS: (e are creatin# a 1--. common la! usiness model" and in this !ay
!e 2as a political party3 under Creedom o$ 9xpression and Creedom o$ /ssociation" can o$$er a le#al
structure that returns common la! ri#hts to any landed citi<en" 2also called an elector3. In $act the term
)landed) means that this indi%idual is )entitled) to ene$it $rom common la! protection - i$ they can $ind it.
1. 'his is a #enuine positi%e la! initiati%e to estalish real common la! ri#hts in Canada" and in our
case" this means any rules or re#ulations created /en$orced y the C1@/ are not indin# on any o$
our memers" ecause this ne! 884R is not a Canadian Institution 2as in3 its) ne! rules and
re#ulations #enerate $rom this ne! Cederal Court mandate that are under 0/'O /dmiralty rule.
1. 0o a#ent /memer in #ood standin# o$ the 8ari7uana 4arty can e su7ect to controls set y
this 0/'O C919R/, CODR' ecause ?arper thin&s he can impose this total aandonment o$
@o%erei#nty o%er )those classes o$ persons) !ho happen to e mari7uana users and pro%iders
2. 'hat $ascist 7ust mi#ht e ale to $orce this per%ersion o$ la! onto e%ery ordinary resident
5. +D' these ne! s-55 o$ the C1@/ mari7uana re#ulations simply cannot e applied to 8ari7uana
4arty memers" ecause the 9lection /ct directly $orids this $orei#n ody to re#ulate us.
>. '?I@ 89/0@ in la!" under the @upremacy o$ 4arliament" all o$ our memers in #ood standin#
are actually entitled to ene$it $rom this !ays and means to protect our mari7uana elie$s as
@o%erei#n 2as in A under Canadian case la! - not encroacheale y those ne! 884R rules3
2. (e 2as a 1-issue ,oyal Opposition called the 8ari7uana 4arty3 can insist that mari7uana ri#hts that
!ere !on in a Canadian Court cannot e stripped or encroached on y those ne! s-55 re#ulations
1. 9=D/,,: @O" i$ any mari7uana acti%ist does not see& protection under our common la! ri#hts
means 2y de$ault3 that they choose to e #o%erned under any ne! re#ulations that these ne!
s-55 re#ulatory odies con7ure up. I0 C/C'" it)s impossile to say that you)re not !antin# to e
ruled y them i$ you are co-7oined in any class action suit $iled !ith those Cederal Courts.
2. 'he tra#edy o$ class-actions suites 2li&e in this /llard /Coalition case3 is that less than 5. o$ the
88/R %ictims are as&in# to e #o%erned under those ne! international rules" and re#rettaly
that means the E5. !ho actually don)t support their actions" !ill 2y de$ault3 end up ein#
prosecuted and 7ailed $or %iolatin# these ne! international re#ulations.
5. FACT: 'hose quasi-le#al cannais #ro!ers and dispensaries that $all into some mysterious crac&s
o$ @upreme Court rulin#s" are actually only holdin# this status ecause 2e%en in this dru# !ar police
state3 police and the Cro!n !ill not prosecute anyone !ho they elie%e could !in.
1. (ith the talin# o$ s-55 o$ the C1@/" 'those classes of persons' are no! ein# told that the
only place le$t in Canada to $ind a solution to their quasi ille#al status is in Cederal Court.
1. THE HARPSTER CREATED A TRAP: 'hose 0/'O CODR'@ can and !ill strip all our
@CC !on ri#hts y imposin# 0/C'/ /0/'O re#ulations" thru those C919R/, CODR'@
2. THE STAGE IS SET: /ll they need to do is insist that it)s a crime to not pay F@' /?@'
sales tax on the sales o$ mari7uana" then impose all these ne! rules that !e must oey
1. I$ you pay your taxes to Rome" then Rome sets the rules" and those rules can
chan#e at any time" under those ne! mar#inal pro%isions o$ s-55 o$ the C1@/
5. I$ you don)t pay taxes A it)s a strai#ht $or!ard application o$ a tax e%asion crime.
2. TRAP SET: I$ you pay F@' /?@' tax 2e$ore the Cederal Courts set these ne! re#ulations3
actually let)s you maintain a quasi-ille#al status" until the Cederal Court rules next sprin#.
1. TRAP: (hen those rules and re#ulations are taled" means e%eryone payin# these
taxes are contractually ound to oey e%ery rule that these Cederal Courts dictate.

>. I!3$ *e00 /(4e$!oo4 !"%! !"e SCC 4oe$ (o! 0#)e #( % )%'//&. 6=84 has een $ilin# all &inds o$
criminal char#es in +C@C that are re#ularly ein# loc&ed $rom #ettin# to a @upreme Court room"
ecause !hen you #et ri#ht do!n to the core issueG the /F simply does not !ant to challen#e that;
1. 0/89,:; 0o 91/)s entitlement to common la! ri#hts can e trampled on y anythin#
created y or ein# en$orced under the $oundin# principles o$ 4art-E o$ the 1EE8 4olice /ct.
2. /s !e see it; 'im Cel#er % R http;//!!!.scc-csc.#c.ca/case-dossier/in$o/sum-som-en#.aspx*casH557E5
is ein# o$$ered" y the @CC in order to redress this po!er #ra to create this police state
1. /s !e see it" the ause o$ police po!ers contained in 4/R'-E is inexcusale ecause
the intent o$ 4/R'-E is to destroy common la! ri#hts o$ ordinary citi<ensG '?/' @/I1;
2. 'he @CC must intercede !hen the common ri#hts o$ our 4arty are ein# trampled on.
5. Our 4arty is simply ein# o$$ered a chance to see& remedy $rom the total ause o$ police po!ers"
1. (hat Chie$ Constale +o Rich $orced onto 'im Cel#er is criminal and unconscionale.
2. I84OR'/0'; Immediately a$ter ein# acquitted o$ all char#es 2that are no! e$ore the @CC3
resulted !here he !as char#ed a#ain" $or doin# !hat he !as 7ust $ound innocent o$.
1. It really is impossile to deny that he !as )destroyed) y the total ause o$ police po!ers.
1. 2@ec 5E; 8a#na Carta - 0o ody can destroy a pri%ate indi%idual3 in 'im)s case -
2. ?is real estate holdin# 2$arm and usiness3 !ere all under 91/ common la! and stolen
then they stole actual #old and raided his an& accounts" !hen they had no such ri#ht"
ecause $or the last E-- years they ha%e no ri#ht to any o$ that to a pri%ate indi%idual.
5. ?is $arm !as sold $rom under him" and he)s still stru##lin# to #et occupancy o$ his
Campai#n ?eadquarters ac&. ?e)s ne%er #i%en up the $i#ht to #et his property ac&.
>. Iohn ,oc&e; On tyranny 217123 'hey too& !hat no ody doth ha%e the ri#ht to ta&e

B. 'he @CC has scheduled ?earin#s set $or mid Octoer" !here 'im Cel#er is no! a C9O o$ an 91/"
!here 8arc +oyer is the CCO 2thin#s chan#e3 !here !e #et a rulin# /in7unction that the /F or
anyone under their employe cannot inter$ere !ith our 4ri%ate 91/ 8emers Clus that protect
landed Citi<ens $rom the aritrary $orei#n rule o$ the 884R or the C1@/ until the @CC rules"
1. 2at $ace %alue3 this occurs aout the same time as the Cederal Courts are scheduled to rule
7. THE BIGGER ISSUE AT STA5E IS THIS: (ith the talin# o$ s-55 o$ the C1@/" ?arper insists
that all Canadian dru# policy must no! e #o%erned under these ne! rules and re#ulations set y
0/'O Courts. 'he crime ele%ates to @91I'IO0 y en#a#in# /contractin# this 0/'O court system
to deal !ith )those classes o$ persons) 2dru# users3 !hich the C1@/ is declarin# as undesirales"
y insistin# that C1@/ %iolations must no! e #o%erned directly y these $orei#n 0/'O Iud#es.
1. 'his creation o$ 88/R memers into ein# )those classes o$ persons) is not 7ust #rotesque ut
a repeat o$ !hat ?itler did in order to strip ri#hts $rom his 1
list o$ undesirales in 1E55.
1. It actually is 7ust another attempt y dar& $orces to Institute the horrors o$ @tar Chamers
8. It)s hard to re$ute '?/'; In oth 'im Cel#er)s case and 8arc +oyer)s case" and no! in this ne!
@CC case re%ie! that the same asic le#al !ordcra$t phrase is ein# pressed" 0/89,:;
1. 'he Courts are insistin# that our )commercial premise) 2notions3 cannot e trampled on" and
2. 4olice insist that under the $oundin# principles o$ 4/R'-E" they must destroy common la!"
ecause it stops them $rom committin# crimes 2li&e- hi#h!ay roery3 2li&e- incitin# riots at
peace$ul pulic protest e%ents3 2li&e- loc&in# our aility to #et our messa#e out to the %oters3
5. Cran&ly" under common la! 7urisdiction 2!hich the @CC is duty ound to protect and en$orce3
!e actually can expect this @CC Iustice to en$orce that police cannot impose any pro%isions
that this ne! C919R/, CODR' con7ures up" ecause those courts cannot unilaterally o%er-
ride the ri#hts o$ any 91/ memer $rom ein# #o%erned under our landed ri#hts to Canadian
case la! precedents 2unless !e as& $or it3 and apparently some people !ant to
>. +O''O8 ,I09; 4olice cannot trespass /ostruct our commercial premise or in%ite themsel%es
into our commercial premises" ecause !ithout these landed common la! ri#hts that !e are
protectin# !ill mean that there !ill simply e no political means to really protect human ri#ht.
E. In 6=84)s case" pro#ress to!ard this common la! initiati%e ha%e een repeatedly and criminally
loc&ed $rom #ettin# a ?earin# in any +C@C rulin#. 'he timin# o$ this 'im Cel#er case ein#
accepted lea%es us !ith the hope that !e can #et an in7unction to reco#ni<e this inalienale ri#ht to
4eace$ully protect oursel%es" !hen the ?arpster)s solution is contract it to 0/'O)s !ar on dru#s
8. (ith the $ilin# o$ this $all)s @CC schedule" all &inds o$ pundits are sayin# that the C1@/ has lost it)s %ice
#rip on controllin# the mari7uana industry that is ein# destroyed y these ne! C1@/ re#ulations
1. It)s sel$ e%ident that e%erythin# is in place $or i# case la! precedent rulin#s comin# this !inter.
2. 'he Cederal Court can implement it)s rules and re#ulation on its) corporate millionaire #ro!ers"
ecause they actually !ant access to a 0orth /merican mar&et that s-55 o$ the C1@/ !ill create.
1. On the understandin# that those !ho pay taxes to Rome must $ollo! Respondent @uperior.
E. /01 the @CC can rule that the est interests o$ restorin# real human ri#hts to our 2other!ise3
destroyed cannais community is est ser%ed y $ollo!in# our 91/)s )commercial premise)" under
common la!" in their community" $or their community" in order to end this !ar on #ood people !ho
ene$it $rom an ancient medical practice that 2historically3 the ma7ority tolerated" yet $round upon.
16. I( !"e 0%-e $'o,e of !"#(-$7 !"e SCC 1(o*$ e8%'!0+ *"%! #! (ee4$ !o 4o *"e( !+%((+ e#-($
1. 'o put it in layman)s terms; @he 2@CC3 can shoot the =ueen in the $oot" and oth remain standin#"
1. 'hen the $orm is redressed in any !ay @he !ants" y cherry pic&in# any case la! they !ant.
1. 2as in3 Canadian case la! 2as !e &no! it to e3 is @upreme in Canada 2since 1E553.
2. '?/' @/I1; in our case" !e are re$errin# to this experiment called 4/R'-E o$ the 1EE8 +C
4O,IC9 /C' and the case la!" the +C @upreme Court steered into place" ended up creatin#
the case la! precedents $or this O80I+D@ CRI89 +I,, that the ?arspter implemented.
1. 9%entually the @CC must redress the Constitutional ause o$ the O80I+D@ CRI89 +I,,.
1. (hen the roots are rotten then the $ruit is rottenG 7ust loo& !here the spoils are #oin#.
2. 'im Cel#er % Re#ina and 6=84 insist on at least tryin# to turn sour #rapes in #ood 1
1. @imply put; ecause they as&ed $or it" means the @CC really needs to address our asic
commercial premise o$; )'he @CC did not rin# this case $or!ard to )ta&e-a!ay) our
)commercial premise) '?9R9COR9 let)s mo%e on" and $ix the ause created y the police
re$usin# to stand under +C@C case la! 2O0 '?I@3- It 7ust mi#ht !or& - under @ec 1 Charter
it)s 7usti$iale and prescried y la! in order to preser%e a )Cree and 1emocratic @ociety)

11. In all cases" the $orm is $ixed y $allin# ac& a $orm or t!o or three 2as in3 our elie$ is that !e need to
#o ac& to implement the ideals o$ 1ie$ena&er)s 1E55 +I,, OC RIF?'@ in order to $ix the $orm
1. In practice this means" $allin# ac& to the ori#inal CCC 2Criminal Code o$ Canada3 case la!.
2. Read !hat it says" and re-$orm )accordin#ly) 2such a i#-!ord in la!3 2a&a; normati%e order3
5. In the 8unicipality o$ the City o$ 6ancou%er)s case" this means the @CC really needs to redress
the ause o$ our City ?all in order to return to still ein# #o%erned under the 1E55 Charter"
1. 2in 6ancou%er)s case3 'he liaility created !hen ,arry Campell $raudulently aandoned this
archetypal $orm is exactly !hy 6ancou%er)s unci%il ser%ants are so scre!ed up" today
12. ON PRESING SOME RELAVENT HISTORICAL FACTS: Our o$$er to help those in need in our
community is actually the thin# that e%ery society 2li&e3 the Jni#hts o$ Columus" the @hriners" the 9l&s
2$or example3 did to 7usti$y !hy they could create their 4ri%ate Indi%idual Clus in the 1
1. Dnder our solid structure" !e are commissionin# the commissionaires o$ the local ,e#ion ?alls"
2. +9C/D@9" since ((-2" the Canadian ,e#ions actually ha%e a duty to protect common la! ri#hts
$rom ein# destroyed" y especially the Order o$ the Farter. 2under the trust o$; ,est !e $or#et3
1. 4eople accept '?/'; )odd minority elie$s) are actually !hat upholds the sound cultural elie$s
o$ #enerations o$ #ood people" !ho insist that they ha%e a Fod #i%en ri#ht to use hers
1. (e actually cannot e pro%en !ron#. Cran&ly" all !e as& is to e respected and le$t alone
to parta&e in !hat is actually the )credo) o$ common la! 0/89,:; do no harm to others.
2. I$ anyone thin&s !hat mari7uana ad%ocates do in our 4ri%ate Clus is stran#e or ille#al" then
they are hypocrites !ho choose to e lind $or not carin# !hat the @hriner)s do in their clus.
1. Dp to no!" 2in this set o$ articles3 !e ha%e een expressin# that !e can protect all these mari7uana
ri#hts to #ro!" sell and le#ally possess transport mari7uana" ecause o$ our landed citi<ens) status.
1. '?/' @/I1; 'he 8ari7uana 4arty can accept donations" and protect all ordinary residents o$
Canada" ut they cannot claim our income tax deductions" until a$ter they #et $ull landed status.
2. /nother limitation placed on ordinary residents is that they need to ha%e een dia#nosed !ith
ha%in# a medical disease" in order to e a memer o$ an 91/ 4ri%ate Clu 2li&e the status quo3
2. LANDED STATUS HAS ITS PRIVILEDGES THO: 2as in3 any landed Citi<en 2o$ %otin# a#e3 simply
does not need a medical excuse to e a memer o$ the 8ari7uana 4arty. Dnder the 9lections /ct"
!e can attract anyone to participate in our 4arty" and !e cannot deny any elector 2!ho is a healthy
memer o$ our 4arty3 the ri#ht to uy and possess cannais $rom an 91/ 4ri%ate Clu
1. CAVEAT: as lon# as this memer is in #ood standin#. 2as in3 $ollo!s the rules that protect them"
and the clu $rom 8aritime la! en$orcers in%itin# themsel%es into our )commercial premise)
2. /ny elector in #ood standin# can ecome an 91/ a#ent" in $act" this policy is an inte#ral part o$
returnin# to $ull common la! commercial ri#hts. - In practice" this status !ill allo! this 91/
a#ent the ri#ht to !or& $or any 91/ a#ency 2li&e3 a #ro!er or a 91/ 4ri%ate 8emers Clu
5. Dnder common la!" all 91s are aout preser%in# equal representation. 'hat means" there
really shoud e reasonale limits on ho! many #ro!ers /dispensaries a community needs.

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