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My topic this afternoon is Carefully Select Which Sales Presentation Method to Use.

Before we go to the main topic we will tackle first the The Golden Rule: Presentation Methods.

The Golden Rule: Presentation Methods. Guided by The Golden Rule:
Master the art of creating effective sales presentations
Have fun presenting your product
Select your presentation method based on:
Prior knowledge of customer
Sales call objective
Customer benefit plan
You will see that ethical service builds true relationship

What is Sales Presentation?

The Sales Presentation- Completely and clearly explains all aspects of the salespersons
proposition as it relates to a buyers needs.

An effective sales presentation completely and clearly explains all aspects of a
proposition as it relates to a buyers needs.

(Sales presentation refers to how we sell our products or service to the target costumers. Eto
yung ginagamit natin para mag benta.)
There are Several Sales Presentation Methods and You Must Select One According to Your:
Prior knowledge of the customer
Sales call objective
Customer benefit plan

Exhibit 9.1: The Third Step in the Sales Process
is the First Step in the Sales Presentation
The sales presentation method determines how you open your presentation.
In this diagram we can see here the steps on how we present our products.
In this diagram, we will be fucosing on Approach and Presentation.
Sales Presentation Strategy: Salespeople face numerous situations
Salesperson to buyer: A salesperson discusses issues with a prospect or customer
in person or over the phone.
Salesperson to buyer group: A salesperson gets to know as many members of
the buyer group as possible.
Sales team to buyer group: A company sales team works closely with the
members of the customers buying group.
Conference selling: The salesperson brings company resource people to discuss
a major problem or opportunity.
Seminar selling: A company team conducts an educational seminar for the
customer company about state-of-the-art developments.

There are four Sales Presentation Method:
(1) memorized, (2) formula, (3) need-satisfaction, and (4) problemsolution selling
What is Memorized method?
The memorized presentation is based on either of two assumptions: that a prospects
needs can be stimulated by direct exposure to the product, via the sales presentation,
or that these needs have already been stimulated because the prospect has made the
effort to seek out the product.
Memorized method or Scripted na yung mga sinasabi nila.
Why Choose the Memorized (Canned) Sales Presentation Method?
Because it:
Ensures the salesperson gives a well-planned presentation
Ensures all of the companys salespeople discuss the same information
Both aides and lends confidence to the inexperienced salesperson
It is effective when:
Selling time is short, as in door-to-door or telephone selling
The product type is non-technical such as books, cooking utensils, or cosmetics
Why Not to Choose the Memorized (Canned) Sales Presentation Method?
Because it:
Presents Features, Advantages Benefits that may not be important to the buyer
Allows for little prospect participation
Is impractical to use when selling technical products that require prospect input
and discussion.
Requires the salesperson to proceed quickly through the sales presentation to
the close, resulting in several closes or requests for the order, which may be
interpreted by the prospect as high pressure selling
May kwento dito tungkol sa disadvantage ng Memorized Method:
The story is told of the new salesperson who was halfway through a canned presentation
when the prospect had to answer the telephone. When the prospect finished
the telephone conversation, the salesperson had forgotten the stopping point and
started over again. The prospect naturally became angry.
( Theres a new salesperson who was halfway through a canned presentation, tapos may
tumawag sa customer, after nung phonecall nya pinatuloy nya ulit yung sinasabi nung
salesperson, ngayon yung salesperson nakalimunan na nya kung san sya huminto kaya
unumpisahan nya ulit. So ngayon nagalit yung customer nya syempre mag uumpisa nanaman sa
umpisa yung presentation nung sales person.)
Next is The formula presentation, often referred to as the persuasive selling presentation,
is imilar to the memorized method: It is based on the assumption that similar prospects
in similar situations can be approached with similar presentations. However, for the
formula method to apply, the salesperson must first know something about the prospective
buyer. The salesperson follows a less structured, general outline in making a
presentation, allowing more flexibility and less direction. ( in here the Salesperson should know
something about his or her customer. The salesperson will present the Features, Advantages
and Benefits of the product then he or she will let the customer to ask question about the
product. Parang nag uusap lang kayo.)
Why Choose the Formula Sales Presentation Method?
Because you:
Are contacting similar prospects in similar situations
Know something about the prospect
Have called on the prospect in the past
Want to ensure all information is presented logically
Want to have reasonable amount of buyer-seller interaction
Because it allows for smooth handling of anticipated questions and objections
Examples of product types that work well with this method are:
Consumer goods
Pharmaceutical goods
Why Not to Choose the Formula Sales Presentation Method?
Because you:
Do not know the prospects needs
See a need for the prospect to talk more
Have a complex selling situation such as:
Selling a technical product
Selling to a group
The third is The Need-Satisfaction Presentation: A sales presentation requiring questions,
comments, and long discussions by the buyer challenges the seller to set aside the planned
to allow conversational interaction.

The need-satisfaction presentation is different from the memorized and the formalized
approach; it is designed as a flexible, interactive sales presentation. It is the
most challenging and creative form of selling.

(Its like Question and Answer conversation.)

Why Choose the Need-Satisfaction Sales Presentation Method?
Because you:
Need a flexible, interactive sales presentation
Need to uncover needs by asking questions
Need the prospect to talk about his needs
Use this method the first time you call on a prospect
Should you have to come back a second time, you would use the formula sales
presentation method
Examples of product types that work well with this method are:
Financial services
High priced goods/services such as vehicles, real estate, computer systems,
industrial equipment
Why Not to Choose the Need-Satisfaction Sales Presentation Method?
Because you:
Need more control over the conversation
Feel should not ask too many questions
Are new to the sales profession
The Need-Satisfaction Presentations Phases
(referred to as the need-development phase) is devoted to a discussion of the buyers
needs. 5 Once aware of the prospects needs (the need-awareness phase), the
salesperson begins to take control of the conversation by restating the prospects needs to
clarify the situation. During the last stage of the presentation, the needfulfillment
(or need-satisfaction) phase, the salesperson shows how the product
will satisfy mutual needs.

Need Development- itatanong muna o aalamin mo yung gusto ng customer mo/
Need Awareness- dun kana mag uumpisang mag promote ng product mo.
Need Fulfillment- dito ipapakita mo kung pano makakatulong yung product mo.

The fourth is Problem Solution Sales- The problemsolution presentation is a flexible,
customized approach involving an in-depth study of a prospects needs, and it requires a well-
planned presentation.
Often, the need-satisfaction and problemsolution presentations are used when it is
necessary to present the proposal to a group of individuals.

Why Choose the Problem-Solution Sales Presentation Method?
Because you:
Are selling highly complex or technical products
Are required to make several sales calls to develop a detailed in-depth analysis of
a prospects needs
Need a flexible, customized presentation based on findings