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University of California, Berkeley Fall 2005

Big Man on Campus: ASUC President

Manuel Buenrostro, A Brother in the Bond
Brothers, campaign by chalking, handing One brother played an espe-
out fliers, and approaching po- cially integral role in Manny's
Among faces like those of tential voters around campus. In successful campaign: alum-
Chancellor Robert Birgeneau addition to soliciting votes, Cal nus Bret Manley. Bret, as the
and those of the California Alpha offered the living room of Party Chair for Student Ac-
Men's Octet (featuring Brother its Chapter House to Student Ac- tion, oversaw a powerful
Patrick Cento), Brother Manuel tion, the party that Manny ran his campaign which resulted in
Buenrostro was one of the first campaign under, as a makeshift all executive ASUC positions
faces that incoming students headquarters. We provided the and 8 of 20 ASUC Senators
saw here at Cal. After serving means for a successful election. being filled by members of
as an ASUC Senator the Student Action
for the 2004-2005 party. Furthermore,
year, Manny was Manny won by
elected ASUC Presi- overwhelming
dent during last numbers, with over
spring's elections. His 900 votes more
familiar and respected than his nearest
face was certainly a competitor.
valuable asset to this Through the dili-
fall s rush. gent work of
Manny, Bret, and
Manny put in hours the other Brothers
upon hours of work of this chapter, his
while running for election to ASUC
President. Many President went
sleepless nights smoothly, and is a
served to further his valuable asset to
campaigning efforts. Phi Delta Theta.
Aside from his own
tireless work, Manny's In the coming year,
campaign demon- Manny Buenrostro
strates what can be will be busy run-
achieved when the ning the campus
brothers of Phi Delta and seeing to neces-
Theta support each sary changes. We
other and work with all wish him luck.
surrounding members
of the campus community. The Pride of Cal Alpha, ASUC President Yours in the Bond,
Members of Cal Alpha as- Manuel Buenrostro, Bond # 1284
sisted Manny throughout his Justin Henderson # 1288
2726 Channing Way Berkeley California 510-540-9036

Phi Delta Theta

Current Officers President s Report

Brothers, ing the time I ve been here, almost ASUC president, we have mem-
every single room has been reno- bers on the Inter-Fraternity Coun-
Laszlo Ladi
It is my pleasure to report that vated. The general appearance of cil, residential living, the Men s
California Alpha has once the chapter house has become one octet, and the Judicial Committee
again won a Gold for fraternities. Phi Delts con-
Vice President
Star, the most prestig- tinue to be a vital presence on
Marius Lungu
ious award given to a campus, involved in organi-
chapter of Phi Delta zations large and small.
Alumni Secretary
Theta by General
Christopher Steele
Headquarters. In ad- Nevertheless, we cannot be
dition, California complacent with our current
Alpha brought home position. My primary goal
five other awards this semester is the continued
Glenn Carrere
from General Head- modernization and digitaliza-
quarters. While it is tion of California Alpha. As
certainly gratifying to the rest of the world moves
Christopher Ithurburn
be recognized for our away from paper towards the
work and achieve- computer, it s time we should
ments, there is still too. In addition to updating
California Alpha
much to be done at the website (http://
California Alpha. www.calphidelts.org/) with a
Board of Directors
functional alumni message
We have continued to board, I ll begin the process
work towards im- of digitizing our test files,
Dennis Sidbury 91
proving the appear- officer manuals, and other
ance and physical inherited knowledge. Later in
structure of the chap- the semester, we ll be install-
Vice President
ter house. In the past ing a house server to store all
Dave Levy 91
semester and summer of this knowledge. While this
we have finished project may seem rather in-
Secretary Brothers Glenn Carrere (Secretary),
painting the rest of the first Laszlo Ladi (President), Joshua Ochoa,
significant, the benefits in effi-
Tom Greenberg 97
floor to go along with the re- and Bradford Edgerton ciency and storage will be tremen-
cently renovated front room. A dous in the long-run.
new energy efficient industrial of our strongest points, and I can
King Tuck 61
refrigerator has been installed confidently say that Phi Delta On behalf of California Alpha, I
in the kitchen, and the corre- Theta is among the cleanest and formally invite all alumni to drop
sponding room has also been most pleasant chapter houses here by the house and see some of the
Don Hoard 84
refurbished. Early this semes- at Cal. upgrades that we have made. This
Rodney Pimentel 86
ter, we rebuilt and stained the should be a truly exciting and pro-
Sam Doolittle 91
front deck, just in time for Cal Another aspect of our continued ductive semester!
Adam Garfinkle 98
football game days. The broth- success is our involvement in cam-
Bret Manley 05
ers continue to renovate their pus organizations and the Greek Yours in the Bond,
Laszlo Ladi 06
individual rooms; in fact, dur- community. Besides boasting the Laszlo Ladi #1276

House Furnishings
The Chapter House is constantly in need of new supplies, and we graciously accept donations of furniture
and electrical equipment in working condition. We are continually trying to improve the appearance of the
house and would gladly accept any possible donations. If you would like to make a contribution, please
contact Christopher Steele at 949.291.9031 or at csteele@berkeley.edu. We could use the following:

Couches Office Equipment DVD/VCR Player Tables Kitchenware

Computers Tools/Hardware Stereo Equipment Chairs Cleaning Supplies

Alumni Events
As always, we will be holding Game Day BBQs at the Chapter House at 2726 Channing Way for every home football game. Cal has
already seen two overwhelming victories this season against
Sacramento St. (41-3) and Washing ton (56-17). Come out and
support Cal, and stop by before and after the game!
2005 Football Schedule
Date Time Opponent
Later in Fall 05 09/17 2:00 PM Illinois
09/23 7:00 PM @ New Mexico St.
Duck Dinner will be at the Faculty Club this year on Thursday, No- 10/01 TBA Arizona (Homecoming)
vember 17th, 2 days before the Big Game. Check page 7 for details. 10/08 TBA @ UCLA
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 949.291.9031 10/15 TBA Oregon St.
or email me at csteele@berkeley.edu 10/22 TBA Washington St.
Yours in the Bond,
11/05 TBA @ Oregon
Christopher Steele # 1292 11/12 TBA USC
Alumni Secretary 11/19 4:00 PM @ Stanford (Big Game)

Fall Rush 2005

Brothers, Induction Ceremony was held Sunday,
September 11th, where six men were
Fall recruitment 2005 started off with an formally made into Phikeia. Another
oink, as we hosted our Third Annual Hog will be inducted Sunday the 18th.
Roast. Cal Alpha s event hosted live After that date, Fall Rush 2005 will be
music from an up and coming local band, over for Cal Alpha. Therefore, this
with the added benefit of showcasing our coming week will be filled with events
new deck. The grill out front certainly as we make one last push to bring
had use for the many fans, and we were friendly, scholarly, moral men into
left with a few more rushees. this great Fraternity.

Following shortly after was another suc- Recruitment is definitely the busiest
cessful event, Fight Night. It was a box- time of the year, as we are looking for
ing tournament, where brothers matched qualified Cal students to transmit this
up head to head in three rounds to deter- fraternity to. This recruitment period
mine who wanted it more. In all, it was a has produced seven good men so far
fun evening that brought many new faces and we hope to see that number grow
by the Chapter House, at the cost of only before the pledge semester gets under-
a few bloody lips and bruised egos. way.

Several other events rounded out formal Yours in the Bond,

rush. Thanks to the effort of all of the Kalin Semrick # 1289
Brothers, we have seven good pledges.
Rush Chair
They form a solid base for our Fall 05 Brothers Kalin Semrick and Justin Henderson in the
Phikeia class. living room, ready to rush hard on Fight Night.

House Improvements
Dear California Alpha Alumni, internet access throughout the entire house. Your building fund donations continue to fund our
and internet access is easier than ever. house improvement projects. The chapter would
If you have been by the Chapter House for like to thank the generous alumni that
Game Day events, you may have noticed several The foyer and dining room have been re- support our chapter. We are continually improving
improvements. The old front deck has under- painted to match the living room, and plans are the chapter house and appreciate all your dona-
gone major construction, thanks to the efforts of in the works to paint the surrounding hallways tions. Please consider returning your donation in
many Brothers in the house. The aesthetics of to continue the color scheme. The molding has the enclosed envelope. Please make checks payable
the entire house have been improved considera- also been replaced in many places, but it is an to California Alpha Association.
bly, and is a much more pleasant place to live. ongoing project.
Yours in the Bond,
On the interior, the installation of a wireless I look forward to a very productive semester, Ian Nicholson # 1297
internet network covering the entire length of and we have another work day coming up on House Manager
the house means that all brothers can share the 24th of September. Stop by if you would
pictures, music, and other files. Also, it provides like to lend a hand, or even some tools.

Alumni Contributors: Spring 2005 THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

#526 Mr. Edward F. Willi #552 Mr. Edwin C. Callan #554 Mr. Robert T. Coats #662 Mr. Richard W. Strong
#741 Mr. Donald F. Dorward #875 Mr. Robert C. Weiss #1022 Mr. Steve Williamson #1050 Mr. Rodney Pimentel
#1097 Mr. Steven H. Scott #1150 Mr. Dennis D. Sidbury #1258 Mr. Brian Johsz

Spring 2005

Brothers Chris Steele, Glenn Carrere, Pat Cento, Dan Keegan, and Paul
Bishop spending some quality time together.

Brothers Paul Bishop, Kosi Anago, and Brian Gorajski enjoying

themselves on the staircase.

Cal Alpha out supporting Patrick Cento, who received 2nd place
in Mr. Casanova charity event run by Kappa Alpha Theta.

A cake baked by the adoring fans of Cal Alpha.

One of many bands playing at Spring Music Fest 05.

Alumni News: Spring 2005

Sailing the Good Ship Phi

Rodney Pimentel, #1050, sailed his boat across the Pacific Ocean this summer
in the 100th anniversary of the Trans Pacific Yacht Race (Transpac). The
Transpac from Los Angeles to Hawaii is one of the most popular and enduring
long-distance ocean races in the world, dating back to 1906. The finish was off
the Diamond Head lighthouse just east of Honolulu, following a journey of
2,225 nautical miles. The race began on July 11th and lasted 14 days.
Brother Pimentel bought his Cal 40 a year ago and worked feverishly to pre-
pare for the race. The boat was painted azure and argent, with three stripes at
the waterline. It was fitting that she was christened Azure . There were four-
teen Cal 40 s in the race, which made up the largest class of the 75 boats par-
ticipating. Azure finished in 10th place in the Cal 40 s and 36 place overall.
Brother Rodney Pimentel on his seaworthy vessel the Azure.

Good News for the Charles E. Stuart Scholarship Fund and

Creation of the Bill Eisenwinter Memorial Scholarship
Charles E. Stuart is an alumnus of the California Alpha chapter of Phi Delta Theta (Bond #151 initi-
ated September 19, 1902). Brother Stuart set up a scholarship fund to aid active members of the Berke-
ley chapter in their academic pursuits. Over the years, this fund has enabled a number of students to
meet increasingly difficult financial requirements for attending the University of California, Berkeley.

Over the last several years, the corpus of the fund has been shrinking as the fees charged by the former
trustee exceeded the amount of return we recognized on our conservative investment portfolio. Rather
than investing more aggressively at the risk of losing money, we were able to transfer the assets of the
trust to Phi Delta Theta s Educational Foundation. Doing so provides us with all the benefits enjoyed
under the previous trustee at a fraction of the cost and keeps the entire endeavor in the Phi family.

With the trust in new hands and as we continue to collect on past due loans, we have been able to grant
our first scholarship in some time. Joon Song, a very deserving active member of the fraternity, was
given $2,500 for the Fall 2005 semester. As the corpus grows through donations and investment re-
turns, we plan to continue providing scholarships to other members of the fraternity.

This also means that there is now a tax-deductible way to give to the local chapter through the Educa-
tional Foundation. Previously, donations made locally were taxable because neither the chapter nor the
housing corporation held 501 (c) 3 status for I.R.S. tax purposes. The Educational Foundation, how-
ever, enjoys all the benefits of a non-profit entity, including tax deductibility of donations.

I know many of you have donated to General Headquarters over the years and this has enabled Phi Delta
Theta to fund over $150,000 in annual scholarships to Phi Delt members across the country. You now
have the option of donating specifically to the Charles E. Stuart Scholarship Fund, which will ensure
that the money is made available to a member of the California Alpha Chapter at Berkeley.

Additionally, we are announcing the creation of the Bill Eisenwinter Memorial Scholarship Fund. You
may recall from a previous Alpha Star that Bill Eisenwinter, Cal Alpha Bond #1098, passed away in a
tragic car accident on May 23, 2003. Bill was the truest of brothers and was loved by all who knew
him. We are very proud to be able to offer an annual scholarship in his honor.

If you are interested in helping fund these scholarships, checks should be made payable to California
Alpha Association . In the memo line of the check, please indicate either Charles E. Stuart Scholar-
ship Fund or Bill Eisenwinter Memorial Scholarship . Checks should be mailed to the Educational
Foundation as follows:

Phi Delta Theta Educational Foundation

2 S. Campus Ave.
Oxford, OH 45056

If you have any questions, please contact Dennis D. Sidbury at 415.433.2149.

Yours in the Bond,

Dennis Sidbury # 1150
Cal Alpha Association Board President

Lost Phi Delts


Mr. Robert W. Stutt 503 Mr. Ruben L. Navarro 710 Mr. Alan C. Doscher 959 Mr. Philip S Mah 1164
Mr. Lyman R. Gillis 505 Mr. James R. Payne 721 Mr. Steven C. Morrell 960 Mr. Paul D. Morrison 1165
Mr. Robert T. Petersson 509 Mr. Thomas L. Robertson 724 Mr. Clayton T. Rowley 964 Mr. Alex B. Szeto 1201
Mr. Demott Modisette Jr. 511 Mr. Nathaniel M. Ball 736 Mr. Craig S. Nelson 965 Mr. Justin Corrocherr 1205
Mr. Laurin F. Tolman 512 Mr. Richard N. Peterson 749 Mr. Michael P. Schelp 966 Mr. Jay Panchal 1211
Mr. Allen N. Maybury 515 Mr. John H. Risbrough Jr. 751 Mr. H. D. Roebuck 968 Mr. Ethan J. Danberry 1213
Mr. George W. Shipley 520 Mr. Robert A. Smith 757 Mr. Robert L. Johnson Jr. 969 Mr. Edward Youssoufian 1226
Mr. Paul R. Eckley 521 Mr. Malcolm P. Boghosian 758 Mr. Dennis J. Fitzgerald 970 Mr. Gabriel A. Harley 1239
Mr. Jack R. Sloan 540 Mr. Wesley C. Colbert 759 Mr. Richard L. Armstrong 976 Mr. Shailendra Kulkarni 1252
Mr. Robert P. Shoemaker 550 Mr. Charles R. Fitch 767 Mr. Carl A. Northcraft 977 Mr. Salim Durrani 1253
Mr. Gordon A. Jackson 565 Mr. Robert S. Jackson 768 Mr. William P. Leary 1001 Mr. Ryan Carney 1254
Mr. Richard E. Baum 566 Mr. Dennis T. Cutland 777 Mr. James J. Arnstein 1020 Mr. Mike Pfisterer 1255
Mr. William D. Switzer 568 Mr. Alan B. Jenkins 785 Mr. Kimble D. Goodman 1031
Mr. Richard M. Drach 576 Mr. John N. Lawton Jr. 787 Captain John S. Walsh 1052
Mr. Charles S. McDonald 589 Mr. David K. Brown 792 Mr. Matthew Grimes 1054
Mr. Newell D. Mitchell 591 Mr. Richard C. Orear 798 Mr. Mehdi Ganjeizadeh 1055
Mr. Paul R. Taber Jr. 592 Mr. William N. Taylor 799 Mr. Timothy E. Salter 1068
Mr. George M. Brodrick 595 Mr. Curtis K. Townsend 800 Mr. Stephen D. Machado 1070
Mr. Jack D. Griffith 627 Mr. Robert M. Watkins 801 Mr. Michael A. Reed 1074
Mr. Charles Ayres 628 Mr. Donald B. Shea 818 Mr. Mark D. Fowler 1075
Mr. Richard C. Apman 632 Mr. Donald M. Howard 829 Mr. Bradley W. Coburn 1079
Mr. Bert L. Smith 637 Mr. James D. Rhoades 832 Mr. James W. Fannin 1085
Mr. Henry A. Kinnison Jr. 645 Mr. Laurence D. Oliveri 839 Mr. James M. Hirst 1086
Mr. Marion E. Willson 648 Mr. John B. Nance 868 Mr. Dennis G. Lee 1092
Mr. Gordon W. Nelson 649 Mr. Richard B. Griffin 890 Mr. Jeffrey J. McElvaney 1094
Mr. Warren E. Davis 651 Mr. James J. Kennington 892 Mr. Christopher J. Allen 1124
Mr. Roger H. Ransom 652 Mr. Mark C. Covington 896 Mr. Jeffrey T Han 1125
Mr. Robert O. Hawes 658 Mr. William E. Dempsey 897 Mr. Lasse B. Kjelsaas 1128
Mr. Richard W. Henley 661 Mr. Thomas J. Seed 902 Mr. Frank R R. Avenilla 1132
Mr. George A. Leatherman Jr. 667 Mr. Gary E. Meyer 915 Mr. Felix A. Torres 1134
Mr. George W. Smith 669 Mr. Jeffrey M. Brennan 918 Mr. Douglas E. Davies 1140
Mr. Jack R. Howell 673 Mr. James E. Richards 946 Mr. Lee S. Roberts 1144
Mr. Ben E. Foster 691 Mr. Joseph A. Wharton 954 Mr. Robert K. D. L. Izumi 1151
Mr. Jack W. Booth 700 Mr. Richard A. Potts 957 Mr. Adam D. Griffin 1156
Mr. James H. Llewellyn 703 Mr. John Wisnom IV 958 Mr. Jason M. Redd 1161

What are you doing? Has something interesting happened to you in the past year? Then contact us and
let us know what s new. We are always curious to learn about the various ex-
periences or accomplishments of our fellow brothers. Please fill out this form or
contact Christopher Steele at 949.291.9031 or csteele@berkeley.edu


Thursday The annual Duck Dinner will once again be held on campus at the
November 17 Faculty Club. The Chapter House is located at 2726 Channing
Way, just off College Avenue on the south side of campus. This
Special welcome to year, we re extending a special invitation to all graduates of
graduates of years years ending in 5! Come say hello and enjoy a formal dinner with
2005, 1995, 1985, 1975, fellow Phi's. We look forward to seeing you there!
1965, 1955, 1945...

The Brothers of Phi Delta Theta would be pleased to have you as our guests. Please return the
form below ASAP or contact Christopher Steele at 949.291.9031 or csteele@berkeley.edu

YES, I would like to attend Duck Dinner.


Please Select an entrée:

Roast Duck N. Y. Steak Vegetarian Pasta

I would like to make a lasting commitment to the
Brothers of Phi Delta Theta, Cal Alpha!
Please accept my contribution of:

$250 $100 $50 Other $_______

Please Make your check payable to the California Alpha Association, with a memo entry of Building Fund.
Thank you for your generous support.
P.O. Box 4338, Berkeley, CA 94704

Summer Adventures
Christopher Steele 07 and Ian Nicholson 07 climbed to Justin Henderson 07 went home to Austin, Texas to stay with
the top of Mount Whitney at the end of August, along with his family. He also worked several months for IBM
3 friends. Recently, another member of the Mt. Whitney Daniel Keegan 08 traveled to Maui for 5 weeks, where he
crew, Evan Basakis 08, was inducted as a pledge this fall. worked on a cooperative organic farm. He surfed many of
Christopher Warren 05 drove across the country, visit- the south island reefs, and enjoyed the Hawaiian sun.
ing 25 states, as well as Canada. Marius Lungu 08 visited his homeland in Germany, hanging
Glenn Carrere 07 summered in Berkeley as a Resident out with old friends and having fun. He also worked in a German
Assistant, working with international students. ice cream store.

The SF Alumni Club holds a luncheon on the first Friday

of every month (The next one will be on October 7th).
Lunch is served at the famous Schroeder s Restaurant,
which is located on 240 Front St. in downtown San
Francisco. The lunch is informal and begins at noon.
Alumni are encouraged to attend. If you have any
questions, call Dennis Sidbury at 415.902.5834

Mt. Whitney Crew - Phi Delta Theta is at the top.

PO Box 4338

Berkeley, CA 94704
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