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1.Executive Producer-enables the making of a commercial entertainment product.

2.Producer-oversees the making of films

3.Screenwriter- a writer who practices the craft of screenwriting, writing screenplays on which mass media such
as films, television programs, comics or video games are based.
4.Unit Production Manager-the Directors Guild of Americaapproved title for the top below-the-line staff position
responsible for the administration of a feature film or TV production.
5.Director-is a person who directs the making of a film.
assistant director/1
AD- has overall AD responsibilities and supervises the Second AD.
assistant director/2
AD- creates the daily call sheets from the production schedule in cooperation with the
production coordinator.
8.Casting Director- the person responsible for selecting the cast of a theatrical production, motion
picture, etc.
9.Script supervisor- a member of a film crew responsible for maintaining the motion picture's internal continuity and
for recording the production unit's daily progress in shooting the film's screenplay.
10.Director of Photography- the person who is responsible for all operations concerning camera work
and lighting during the production of a film.
11.Camera operator/videographer- a professional operator of a film or video camera.
assistant camera/1
AC- a member of a film crews camera department whose primary responsibility is to
maintain image sharpnesson whatever subject or action is being filmed.
assistant camera/clapper/loader- part of a film crew whose main functions are that of loading the raw film
stock into camera magazines, operating theclapperboard (slate) at the beginning of each take, marking the actors as
necessary, and maintaining all records and paperwork for the camera department.
14.Sound Mixer-the person who mixes various sound sources into a composite programmer
15.Boom Operator-an assistant of the production sound mixer.
16.Production Designer-the person responsible for the overall look of a filmed event such as films, TV
programs, video games, music videos or adverts.
17.Art Director-the person who determines the staging requirements for a production and often
designs the sets or supervises their building and dressing.
18.Set Dresser-arrange objects on a film set before shooting.
19.Props Master-an artistic and organizational employee in a film, television or theatrical production who is
responsible for purchasing, acquiring and/or manufacturing any propsneeded for a production.
20.Gaffer-the chief electrician on a motion-picture or television production.
21.Best Boy Electrician-assistants to their department heads, the gaffer and the key grip, respectively.
22.Key Grip-the chief stagehand on a movie set.
23.Dolly Grip-a dedicated technician trained to operate the camera dolly.
24.Special Effects Artist-creates realistic and imaginative scenes for theater, TV, movie, and Internet
25.Visual Effects Artist-the processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live
action shot.
26.Editor-a person who edits material for publication, films, etc.
27.Production Manager-a sub-division of stagecraft
28.Sound Recordist-the person in charge of sound recording on a film set.
29.Make-up/costumes-the fabrication of clothing for the overall appearance of a character or performer.