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57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall

Annual General Meeting Report

National University of Singapore

Reports from the Sports Cluster
8.30pm, 10
September 2014
Dining Hall

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report
Annual Report from Badminton (M&F) 2013/2014

Inter-Hall Games participation was high, we managed to have at least 12 members per team, which
ensured we had enough players to rotate for the competition.

General Comments

1. Having a coach helped during trainings as the coach is far more experienced than any of the
seniors. He contributed much to the success of the teams during IHG. The male team
managed to enter the semis, while female team narrowly lost before semis. The
breakthrough of male team is remarkable as it turned out to be first time we made it for
semis for years.

2. Training separately allowed the coach to focus on improving every individuals skill level. An
added bonus was that he hired assistant coaches and sparring partners to further improve
the development of the players.

3. The attendance submitted was based on the people who signed up at the start. According to
the figures, it showed that some of the players did not attend trainings on a regular basis.
However, this is not the fact that our players just joined badminton but did not show up in
our trainings. In fact, both captains would give consideration for other CCAs and would
always arrange make up trainings for those who have their duties in other activities.

4. Having trainings in PGP and SRC during the semester allowed our players familiarize
themselves with court conditions in IHG games.

Recommendations for the future

1. It is highly recommended to ask for attendance early to prevent a situation where the coach
comes for a training where attendance is mediocre.

2. Coaching budgets should plan for the IHG days on top of regular trainings.

3. For the holiday camp, all sports heads should co-operate with each other so that situations
of poor attendance would not appear that frequently. For instance, sports can arrange
physical training session together with road relay. Other examples include: PT together with
Titans in gym, PT with swimming team, especially female team.

Prepared By (Ms.) Mei Yi, Neo & (Mr.) He Yu
Badminton Captains

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report
Annual Report from Floorball (F) 2013/2014
Main events for AY13/14
Project/Event General Comments Problems
for the future

CCA FAIR We managed to get
quite a handful of sign-
ups (around 20)
Not everyone who
signed up at CCA fair
went down for trials
Noting that the pool
of members from
sign-ups to trials to
actual team shrinks
at each stage, we
should aim for
maximum sign-ups at
cca fair. We could
introductory sessions
to floorball before
CCA fair is held or
related activities to
draw interest for
Floorball trials/
Majority of the sign-ups
at cca fair turned up for
the first floorball training
cum trials.
After the first
trials/training, quite
a few people barely
turned up for the
remaining trainings,
some who were
never to be seen
again without
informing any of the
The exco should
confirm commitment
to the cca after
informing members
that they have been
Floorball camp Floorball camp was held
in early January this
year. It generally went
quite smoothly,
incorporating team
bonding activities,
trainings and a friendly.
Confirm dates for
floorball camp early,
to facilitate planning
and for better
Interhall Games
Interhall games this year
was held around mid-
Jan, carnival-style with a
maximum of 2 games
per day. KE came in
overall 4
place for the
Quite a substantial
number of our
players were injured
before IHG Floorball
commenced due to
their participation in
other sports. This
had impacted our
teams performance
in the games.
It is quite inevitable
that our players will
be involved in many
other IHG sports. We
cannot really do
anything except
remind the players to
look out for

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report
Other comments
Having JQ as our coach throughout our training and IHG season was definitely helpful for our team
and one of the main factors for our wins in IHG. His tactics and adaptation to the opponents
formations and play proved to work for us and provided us with the win over the previously
undefeated KR hall. His trainings had also evidently helped improve the teams stickwork.
Prepared by
Pang Yu Xian (Ms)
Floorball (F) Captain

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report
Annual Report from Floorball (M) 2013/2014

General Comments
This year was another record breaking year for us as we qualified for the semi-finals again for the 4

time running even though ending up in the group of death with Eusoff hall and Kent Ridge hall. We
managed a comfortable victory against Eusoff Hall which were last years finalists and it is the first
time in KE floorball history to defeat a sports hall like Eusoff. Kent Ridge hall had a great boost from
the new freshmen batch and we lost by a goal behind which costs us the chance of making it to finals
yet again. Under JQs guidance once again, we managed to build a deeper squad with a good intake
of talented freshmen and has built a very good foundation and position for next seasons rally for the
finals of IHG.

Major Competitions
Continuing the tradition, our team participated in the Singapore Floorball Association Division 3 league
which provided valuable match experience for our members. We finished 7
in the league and it will
continue to be an important platform for our players to develop. We finished 3
in the IHG as well.

Problems encountered
There was a lack of momentum in the build-up training for the IHG due to the December holidays
where many members have commitments overseas. It is important to get everyone in the team on
the same page and convince the members to commit together if the team wishes to achieve a
breakthrough in this competition. Physical fitness was also a big issue as it was evident that the team
could not keep up with the pace and level the game was played at.

Recommendations for the future
It is important to incorporate physical fitness training in each session and must begin from day one
and sustain until the end of the competition. Commitments during the December holidays should be
set out clearly and early for the team to accommodate their schedule.

Value added from coaching
The coach has managed to bring in structured and organized play to the team and increased the level
at which our hall team can compete at. It is important to have this in order to compete at the level of
IHG which is developing into that similar of even the inter-varsity games. The coach also takes care of
the team strategy and substitutions which is extremely crucial in floorball and allows for the players
to focus on the game.

I would like to sincerely thank the SCRC and JCRC for their continuous support in developing the KE
Floorball team. We appreciate the amount of resources vested in the team and will continue to train
hard and develop this sport to be a niche in KEVII hall, upholding the values of teamwork and
sportsmanship in which all KEVIIans can be proud of.

Prepared By
Mr. Vernon Yap
Floorball (M) Captain 2013/2014

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report
Annual Report from Netball 2013/2014
General Comments
The Netball team was anchored mainly by experienced seniors, although there were a few freshmen
who were new to the sport. The introduction of a coach for the very first time in KE Netball history
saw good attendance for the weekly trainings held, and the team established a direction to work
towards. The late coming rule (the whole team had to run one extra round around the court on top
of the warm ups for every minute one member is late for) also helped instill discipline as a whole to
the team, making trainings more efficient. Initially, the whole team was split into two groups
experienced and new, and the two coaches took one group to coach respectively. The experienced
group consisted mainly of those who has played netball competitively before, and the new group
had otherwise. Although it was a good strategy for efficiency (given how trainings were only held
once every week; 2 hours per training), it has one way or another created a gap between the two
groups of players. One of the major difficulties faced was the commitment of some members,
especially those with experience. It was difficult to value add to the previous training because some
members were not as committed and hardly turned up for trainings, or turn up once every two to
three weeks. These were mostly members who came in through masters list. In addition, the loss of
the vice-captain in semester two, also the main shooter that we were training for most of the time in
the first semester, also got us to re-plan our strategy with the limited number of experienced players
that we had. As the team was all fired up for the inter-hall games, two of our main team players,
Dolly and Michelle got injured even before the first game due to their involvements in other IHG
sports, and the whole team had to go through a major restructure all over again. Although we did
not achieve our main goal of getting second place in IHG, we managed to get into the semi-finals,
and this is already an improvement from last year, also a great achievement given the obstacles that
the team faced throughout the year. KE Netball is thankful to their coaches, Justin Teh and Ethel
Goh, for their continuous help and guidance; the JCRC and SCRC (especially Michelle and Ms
Angeline Kwek) for their support for allowing more KEVIIans to be exposed to the sport and for the
team to be able to improve and learn to be more proficient together. The team hopes that the hall
would continue to render this support to the Netball teams in the following years, for the growth of
both the team and members individually.
Major Events in AY13/14
Event Participation
Comments Improvements to be made
Inter Block
Games (IBG)
Intermediate One of the last few sports of
IBG, hence participation was
not as good as compared to the
earlier sports
Fortunately, the allowance of
males to participate in the
game helped with attendance
for all blocks
Each match was reduced to 15
minutes (with half time being
cut by two minutes) to reduce
total match time, and seemed
to be reasonable enough to be
continued the following year
Perhaps more males can be
allowed to participate in
future to help with the
formation of the full team.
Alternatively, a street game
can be considered in place
of a full game if there is an
expected low turnout
The captain, SMC and block
heads should be made
clear of and agree upon
how the score should be
kept (before IBG, for all
sports) in the event of a
rain or bad weather such

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report
Due to the lack of alternative
venues, some games had to be
postponed due to the rain. The
attendance for the postponed
games were quite poor, and
resulted in one of the games
being a run over due to the lack
of players from one of the
that the game has to be
suspended or postponed to
avoid any conflicts
CCA Fair Low Due to the lack of manpower
and heavy commitments of the
netball members, CCA Fair was
carried out alone by the
captain, with minimal publicity
Signups totaled to about more
than 20 from the 2-3 hours of
CCA Fair. Admittedly it was
difficult to beat the other
sports who had other members
helping out
More publicity efforts
could be done, perhaps,
although the captain this
year believed that netball is
a very boring sport for
most people at the
university stage and many
would want to try other
more exciting sports, and
publicizing would do only
minimal help in getting
more members.
Holiday Training Intermediate Due to various commitments of
the members, it was difficult to
get many members down for
trainings, resulting in only the
same few people turning up for
trainings all the time. This was
not a good situation given how
the team employed a
coach/coaches, and
he/she/they had to teach
despite the small numbers
sometimes. As a sport that
requires seven players a team,
it can be difficult to train with
such low attendance
However, there were indeed
times when there were good
attendance, when about more
than half the team turned up
for training.
Perhaps more effort can be
put into team bonding
from the start so that
members feel more into
the team to attend
trainings. It would be good,
definitely, if netball could
become their first priority.
High Generally, most of the
members turned up for the few
friendly matches that was
organized throughout the year
The friendly matches gave a
good opportunity for the team
to practice strategies on court
and also allowed new players to
As much as possible,
friendly matches should be
organized frequently to
expose the team to more
competitive games.
Otherwise, it serves as a
good chance to practice
strategies too.

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report
be exposed to netball in a more
competitive manner
Bonding Camp Intermediate Similar to the holiday trainings,
the attendance throughout the
camp fluctuated, starting with a
few to ending with about 12
members (out of 18)
The main reason for absence
was definitely commitment.
The camp was set on the dates
when most members were able
to make it, and there were
many members who were
initially able to attend had
various last minute reasons
that did not allow them attend
eventually. This made it difficult
for planned activities to be
carried out accordingly as some
activities were only meaningful
with most of the team present.
However, the camp ended on a
high note with a karaoke
session, which saw most
members attending, despite
having low attendance at some
point of time. This is actually
quite an encouraging turnout as
an inaugural camp.
It was difficult to
accommodate everyones
free dates, and it cannot be
helped that many had last
minute commitments.
However, the nature of the
camp came from good
intentions and can be
continued in following
It is important to have fun
with the team amongst all
the competitive spirit of
IHG itself. If future camps
turned out to be more
physical, there should still
be fun elements for
bonding purposes
Inter Hall
Games (IHG)
High Most members, especially the
main players were committed
during this period of time.
However, due to the various
injured main players (Dolly, Zi
Gui, Michelle), the team had to
bring to court what we usually
did not practice. It was almost
an immediate change of line-
ups due to the unforeseen
circumstances, and did cause a
drop in team morale or
otherwise, created various
panic attacks for many players.
The commitments that some
players had (e.g. IVP) also
clashed with one of our games,
and made it even more difficult
for the team to put on a good
fight with the opponent. This is
one part due to the captains
oversight of clashes and could
Captain should be alert of
all members schedule and
try to fight for competition
dates with the least
number of clashes as much
as possible
The competition dates
were changed a few times
even when we were in the
midst of the competition,
and should be, as much as
possible, avoided in future,
as it was not only confusing
but also unfair to the team
members. The future
captain can work with the
Sports Director to
communicate with other
halls to avoid any problems
like that.
Members getting injured
can be quite inevitable

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report
have been avoided if she was
more alert.
However, most members from
the initial new group were
not present for the matches
most of the time, perhaps
because it was intimidating for
them given how they were not
exposed to the sport
competitively. It could also
have been that they did not
feel a part of the team as the
others might have. (Evidently,
more could have been done to
promote team bonding and gel
the team together on the
captains part)
sometimes. Hence, to work
with this problem, the
team can come out with
various strategies and
formations to work with in
the event that main players
get injured or are unable to
play due to other
Closing Dinner High This was a dinner organized to
conclude the year and
celebrate our achievements as
a team with the coaches and all
team members. Expected
attendance was good, although
on the day itself many had last
minute commitments and could
not make it. Still, most of the
members who played during
IHG were present and it was a
fun-filled night with about half
the team present.
It would have been better
if more could make it, but
the turnout was good
enough to the coaches and
Perhaps it could be held in
hall in future so that more
members can attend

Prepared by:
Miss Zhang Xifan
Netball Team Captain AY13/14

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report
Annual Report from Sports Management Committee 2013/2014
Review of the Year Past
It has been noted in time past that King Edward VII Hall is lacking a governing and administrative
body that covers all hall-wide sporting events and CCAs. With this in mind, Zachary Low (Mr.)
created this new CCA in this academic year with the intent of it being a mostly administrative,
logistical and managerial committee set up to run activities and to support the sports CCAs. This is
with the help of a small group of highly specialized, experienced and committed seniors in hall that
helped to craft the structure, intents, purposes and outreaches of this Committee. Timothy Tan (Mr.)
then took over and helped to specialize and diversity the Committee. He has recently passed the
baton on to super freshman and woman Alvin Hadi (Mr.) and Pei An (Ms.) for AY 2014/2015, to
whom he trusts and has high hopes for ;)
With the help of these seniors and the addition of freshmen to the ranks, and under the supervision
and cooperative support of the 57
JCRC and the SCRC, we have managed to create a Committee
that has organized many events for the sporting scene in hall.
Summary of Events
To summarize the young history of this CCA and the events it has helped to organize, we will briefly
cover the purpose, contents, perceived results, and the subsequent feedback and recommendations
for several events: Gym makeover, IBG and IHG.

Feedbacks/ Recommendations
Gym makeover
Was approached by Liauw Kee Wei (Mr.), Head of KE Titans, with a proposal to
revamp the KEVII Gym, with a focus on it being a haven for the Titans
Agreed with the plan, with assisted supervision from JCRC, SCRC and senior
management, cleared it but with a shifted focus towards a KE gym for KE residents
as a whole
Carried out much needed revamping and refurbishing
Some bonding between SMC members
Did an inventory check, ordered more equipment, threw out several old ones to
make space, notably the huge pigeonhole cupboard along the wall

Project contents can be physically seen for oneself in a tour of the gym
Couldnt have been done without the hard work and cooperation of the 56
SCRC, KE Titans under Kee Wei, and the SMC and her many faithful minions.

Perceived Results
Increased gym attendance and occupancy rates
Buffer guys
Hotter Hall in general

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report
Good place to bring people for in a tour of KEVII
Increased pride in KE, haven for bodybuilders around NUS, especially the KE Titans

Feedback and Recommendations
Much needed gym makeover completed. KIV next makeover in 5-10 years time
Consider shifting gym to larger area with higher ceiling so that multi-machines,
cages, and larger systems can be brought in and implemented
To follow this years example and send out a Google Docs survey beforehand to
gather suggestions, opinions and feedback BEFORE actually doing anything to the

To serve as a platform for sports CCA captains to scout out potential players so
that they can start recruitment early
To allow freshmen to try out new sports, or to affirm their decision to join the
aforementioned sports CCAs
To promote block bonding


Perceived Results
With a proper CCA to organize the Inter-Block Games this year, the logistical and
operational requirements were more easily met. The JCRC Sports Secretary was
also less taxed in this case, with more time provided to focus on other sports-
related issues like the allocation of training venues, and the liaising with the sports
Organization and hierarchy was more streamlined, and an avenue for feedback,
problem-solving and discussion was provided in the form of this CCA

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report
Feedback and Recommendations
Followed last years recommendations and did not put any fixtures or events on
Fridays, or Saturdays, and also provided more welfare this year in the form of cold
drinks and modified game play.
To squeeze the M and F fixtures of every sport into just one event. E.g. GH floorball
females vs AB floorball females in first half of fixture, then GH males vs AB males
in second half. This reduces the number of fixtures by approximately half.
To shift some sports over to KEWOC as an exposure, to reduce the total number
of events, and effectively the overall duration of the IBG.
As always, Inter-Hall Games are held every year between all 6 halls in NUS
To boost intra and inter-hall bonding
To provide hall sports CCAs with a goal to work towards during trainings
To promote the sporting vibe and hype the atmosphere in the NUS Hall culture
To promote pride in our Hall

The SMC focused on publicity via banners, posters, mass media, social media, and
Powerpoint slides. Also helped to coordinate competitions to ultimately aid in the
designing of the player jerseys, and supporter shirts, with the help of KE Design. Also
focused on welfare, sports team managers, and the getting of supporters down to
support the various sports via the aforementioned publicity, and the hiring of vans, as
well as the specific allocation of various committees and CCAs to get their members
down. Also scheduled SMC members down to support, such that there were at least
2-3 SMC members down for EVERY fixture at ANY one time.
Spammed banners, the Twin Flags our newly anointed trademark field talismans, noise
makers, cymbals, van trips, and iceboxes

Perceived Results
Welfare in the form of sports drinks were given out, under sponsorship obtained
by the organizing hall, and through Michelle Kwek, Sports Sec JCRC. Supporters
were pulled down to the respective venues to support and cheer.
Many CCAs reached new heights of achievement. Table Tennis Gold anyone?
We are incredibly thankful for the support of the JCRC, SCRC and the other CCAs
for helping in one way or another. This could never be possible without wonderful
people like Alyssa and Taylor (Heads of the Support Comm), Liangxun and Meng
(Heads of the 7
CSS), the drivers and hardcore chiongsua drivers of the 7
like Nicholas Loh and Zhen Ning, and the many proud saikang warriors of the 13/14
SMC, to whom I attribute all success in the Games to.
Timothy here, doing my last Hall thingy. I am really proud to be part of the SMC,
and to have been honored with the opportunity to bring the hall to greater heights.

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report

Sports Management Committee 13/14

CSS 13/14
KE Slide
To follow tradition and hold a KE slide down the slope from the MPC to the barbeque
To end the academic year with a bang, by having fun with the KE Slide, and pizza later

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report

Review of Past Recommendations and Recommendations for the Future

Prepared by,
Timothy Tan (Mr.)
Sports Management Committee, Head 13/14

First event to be organized by the newly crowned heads of SMC, Pei An and Alvin Hadi.
Date: Sometime during KEWOC
Watch this space
More micro-managing and individual personal development, with freshmen being roped to
help take charge from Inter-Block Games onwards (DONE)
More duties and dissemination of roles and responsibilities so that everyone has something
to be in charge of, or to do (DONE)
More transparency within the Committee, where everybody knows everything happening or
going to happen (DONE)
More feedback and recommendations collection by the heads (DONE)
A senior-junior link so that experience, expertise and knowledge can be passed down from
senior to junior. Basically, 1-2 freshmen will be attached to every senior in the Committee (TO
A stronger spirit of unity, brotherhood and teamwork in the SMC. Increasing the sense of pride
in being a saikang warrior. (TO KIV)

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report
Annual Report from Squash (M&F) 2013/2014
Main events for the year
Activity Comments Recommendations
CCA Fair/
Many people signed up for squash during the CCA
fair and turned up for squash trials. To not quell
the interest of the individuals who were interested
yet could not make it into the main team, a
separate recreational team was set up. Training
for the recreational team was set on a separate
day as the main team due to spatial constraints
and was conducted by a member of the main
team each week.

However, since recreational training was subject
to the availability of members that could conduct
training, the training schedule was erratic and
attendance of the recreational team showed a
decline over the semester. Furthermore, it was
taxing on the squash team member conducting
training as it was an additional day on top of the 2
squash training sessions.
To be more stringent regarding
selection criteria for squash
members, even for the
recreational team members.
This keeps numbers small and
recreational members who
have moderate ability can be
allowed to join the main team
for training, eliminating the
need for a separate team.
Training this year was conducted on a 3-choose-2
basis, i.e. 3 days (Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday) are set aside for training and members
are allowed to select 2 of which to come for
training. Out of these 3 days, 2 were conducted in
hall and the last at the SRC courts. Members were
encouraged to attend the training at the SRC
courts and come for the second training in hall.
This system was put into place to allow team
members more flexibility in planning their training
dates and minimise clashes with other CCAs.

This system still did not manage to work with
members with high CCA load such as Michelle
Kwek, Yi Ning and Jessica. Furthermore since they
were in the same CCAs, they were likely to miss
training together on the same day, making the
attendance for a particular day poor and wasting
resources, such as coaching time or the SRC

It was also difficult to book the SRC courts each
week as we were competing with other halls for
the courts. This reduces our exposure to playing in
the courts where the eventual IHG competitions
would be held in.
The 3-chose-2 system could be
retained but attendance for
the week should be checked at
the start of the week to
determine days with higher
attendance so as to not waste
coaching time, Discussions
with other CCAs which
majority of squash members
are in to work out a training
schedule where most
members can attend.

To book the SRC courts, 6
members (preferably those
that dont have lessons at the
point where SRC courts are
open for booking) can be
tasked to book the courts once
the booking system is open.
Reimbursement of booking
fees can also be more flexible
as it is troublesome to submit
6 separate claims for training
on one day.
IHG The Squash team sadly, did not manage to better
their performance in the Inter-Hall Games (IHG)
this year. The male team managed to enter the
Exposure to more gameplay is
essential. Apart from friendly
matches with other halls,

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report
semi-finals but the female team underperformed
and was knocked out in the preliminary rounds.

Coaching has definitely helped the squash
members improve their techniques and game
play. If based on squash ability alone, the female
squash team should have no problem entering at
least the semi-finals. The problem here was that
the team (female team especially) lacked the
mental calm during their games.
members can also invite
squash players from their
previous teams in JC (if any) for
friendly matches.

Additional Comments
The Squash Team would like to thank Deis for taking time out of his schedule to train and prepare us
for the IHG competitions. With regards to the Alumni fund, perhaps the transport reimbursement
can be made for public transport instead of cab fares.

Prepared by
Miss Ang Hwee Chieh
Squash Captain (F) 13/14

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report
Annual Report from Tennis (M&F) 2013/2014
General comments
This year, majority of both teams were made up of beginners. However, we were still proud of our
fighting spirit especially for the girls who were so close to make it into the semi-final, losing 2-3
against EH in the round robin match.
Major event
- Participation rate satisfactory
Although some of the players were not chosen to play on the day itself, they still came down
to SRC to cheer for the team. That is something commendable.
Problems encountered
- Poor attendance in trainings
As much as we tried to get people down for every training, their commitments, especially
the guys, was poor. The poor attendance made it even more difficult for the coach to
correct their skills, especially when most of our players were new to the sports.
- Poor courts conditions
The lights were out at the beginning of the first semester. Besides, the algae was basically
everywhere on the courts at the start of the semester, making it very dangerous to train on
because people might slip and get injured. Even though the cleaners got rid of the algae, the
courts were constantly covered with dry leaves and branches most of the time, causing back
bounces. In addition, the soccer goal posts inside the courts made it really dangerous to
conduct some drills.
Recommendations for the future
It is better to have the algae cleared out before the semester starts so we can conduct proper
trainings earlier. Besides, it would be good to purchase tools for court maintenance, such as big
brooms over the courts for us to clear away the leaves and branches ourselves as well as new rollers
at the MPC to dry the courts as the current ones are rather worn out, in case it rains before the
training and the floor is wet. We would also advise not to keep anything big, for example the goal
post, inside the courts as it is really dangerous.
Apart from that, having a coach is important as she is more experienced in teaching the beginners in
a faster pace and the intermediate players can have proper and rigorous trainings under her
guidance to improve faster. This is essential to increase the competitiveness of our team given the
number of experienced tennis players from other halls.

Prepared by
Mr. Koh Zhao Ming
Tennis (M) Captain 13/14

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report
Annual Report from Touch Rugby (M&F) 2013/2014
General Comments
Both the male and female teams started off with many players totally new to the sport. Thankfully,
there was a sizeable number of seniors who stayed on and continue to help train the others. At the
start, we were worried that we will not be able to retain the players but were grateful that majority
stayed on and enjoyed the sport. Despite having seniors around, training sessions would not have
been possible without our coach, Raihan, as most of the seniors only have a year of experience. Our
coach was also very attached to the team and sacrificed a lot of his time to train us even when we had
ran out of coaching funds. He inspired the team with his dedication and commitment.
The touch rugby team is appreciative of the support that the SCRC and JCRC has lent us, allowing us
to introduce the sport to more players and bringing the sport to a higher level with our coach. The
touch rugby team hopes that this support can be continued on to following years, for the team to
share their passion with fellow KEVIIans.
Major Events for the AY 13/14
Event Participation
Comments Improvements to be made
High - Participation was high for both the
males and females team which allowed
more people to be exposed to the sport
which is relatively new for many
- A round robin system with 4 v 4 was
adopted to allow everyone to have
more play time and also to play with all
the teams
- The objectives were to expose
residents to the sport and spark their
- It was challenging to explain the rules
to everyone as not many know the
sport but majority had fun
- This year we were unable to
use the SRC field (clashed
with SUNIG training) and
were restricted to the
communal hall and tennis
court. This was dangerous as
there were physical
boundaries and due to the
nature of the sport.

High - Thankfully, CCA fair was held after IBG
Touch Rugby as it is one of the few
sports offered which many pre-
university institutions do not offer and
the IBG was needed to expose people
to the sport.
- There were many sign ups with the
active recruitment by the seniors as
well as a television showcasing
interesting videos of the past years
training and games.

High - Training camp included several
friendlies with halls and external
institutions, which gave us a wide range
of game exposure with different
playing styles by the teams.
- Although it was held towards
the end of the holidays, the
touch rugby IHG was towards
the end of IHG. If possible, it
would be better to push the

57th JCRC, King Edward VII Hall
Annual General Meeting Report
- Our coach also made it down for all the
sessions although we did not have
sufficient coaching funds.
- Many players showed great
improvements after the camp and the
team spirit was greatly strengthened.
touch rugby IHG earlier
provided that the team will
be prepared by then, both
mentally and physically.
High - The team was big this year, both for the
male and female teams which allowed
complete line substitution, giving the
players time to rest.
- Despite the increased number of
training sessions compared to previous
years, both teams failed to achieve
their goals. However, all players
enjoyed the process of IHG and playing
with one another with the camaraderie
built over the numerous training
- Just prior to IHG, many
players sustained injuries
bringing the team morale
down. Players should take
extra care of themselves
whether or not IHG is near.
Injuries may be unavoidable
but the morale of the players
should not be brought down.
- The attendance for training
sessions leading up to IHG
were not as high as many
players had to participate in
other games. This can be
avoided if IHG touch rugby
was made earlier.

New Initiatives
Winter Touch League
A team (together with our coach) was formed to participate in the annual Winter Touch League
organised by Touch Football Singapore. This competition took place over 8 Saturdays. The team got
to play with many experienced teams and it was a valuable and fun learning experience. Moving
forward, the team would encourage more players to partake in such external competitions,
including the upcoming Summer Touch League.
Prepared by
Mr Timothy Ling and Miss Michelle Kwek
Touch Rugby Captains (M&F) 2013/14

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