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Since the queer method or lens is more general than specific, we can apply it to a multitude of

subjects such as computer science. More specifically we are going to view network security through a
queer lens. he subject of network security refers to the study of protecting data, particularly from
hackers or malicious users. Several people have wondered why we give potential hackers the tools
to hack by letting the software be open sourced. !ut peering through our queer lens, we see that
there are positive outcomes into letting the community have this software. "riginally, the term hacker
was to denote people who found joy in understanding how computer systems and networks work or
someone that work to debug or fi# security problems. $ believe that certain hackers are being
oppressed and discriminated against because they are viewed as criminals that focus on malicious
activities .%ow, people are worried that giving everyone the tools to hack will increase the amount of
grey hat hackers &'rey hat refers to illegal or malicious hackers(. )es, there are stories all the time of
young teens either robbing a bank using their hacking skills or using simple *%S spoofing to garner
information. *%S spoofing refers to redirecting a victim to a different website than they originally
intent to visit. his enables hackers to create fake email, bank account, and other fake websites which
can be used to get their information. !ut, there are also numerous cases in which hackers found
methods to get around attacks such as the *%S spoofing $ described earlier. hese hackers figured out
that you could use end+to+end validation to prevent against these attacks. o put on a queer lens means
to look at something at a different direction. ,ackers are treated as outcasts because their activities are
often malicious. ,owever, in order to combat hackers, we need to understand their techniques. $f we
never release the hacking software as open source code, then programmers will not be able to build
adequate defenses against hacking. he hackers are given one label which gives people assumptions
about them. $t is similar to the situation of certain homose#ual groups. -ust because a part of the group
may act one way, it doesn.t represent the entire population or community. $t is easy to judge hackers
harshly, but if you look with a different point of you, one can see that they can help society as much as
a small part of them can hurt society. $n a sense, the hackers move out of the charm circle. he
government started hiring these hackers which could show them as moving back into the inner circle.
/t a first glace all hackers seem terrible, but with a different point of view we can see that they are
being discriminated against.