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unit two

Read the advertisement opposite from the website of the American
Company Cognex, and match the information below with the corresponding
red boxes in the advertisement.

1 Cognex provides evening entertainment for its employees.

2 There is a place for employees to play and unwind.

3 Employees are given the opportunity to travel to foreign countries.

4 Cognex like to recognize and thank employees for their hard work.
Presidents Awards
given yearly to top
performers, with
bonuses up to $10,000
Tokens for pinball
games in company
game room
Plane tickets to
visit customers
around the world
Movie tickets for
monthly company
movie nights
Practice This is part of a report that a personnel manager wrote after
interviewing a candidate for the position of Director of
Software Development. Put the verbs in brackets into the
present simple or present continuous tense.
Subject + Verb 1 (s, es)
Subject + is, am, are + Verb ing + ( Object )

Articulate and well presented, Paul Sutherland is an excellent candidate for the
post of Director of Software Development. He______________ (want) to leave
his present employer, a small computer company, because he_________ (feel)
that he _______________ (not use) his knowledge of software engineering to
the full. He_____________ (look for) a more challenging position where his field
of specialisation can be exploited in a more stimulating environment.
He___________ (realise) that our company ________________ (grow) rapidly,
and that he would be expected to contribute to that growth. He is familiar with
our existing range of software and regularly ________________ (read) our
Although at present he ____________ (live) in the south, he __________ (say)
that he is willing to go wherever we _________________ (decide) to send him.
He occasionally _________________ (travel) to various European countries for
trade fairs and exhibitions and _________________ (enjoy) meeting people of
different nationalities. At the moment he _____________ (attend) a training
course at the Goethe Institute in order to perfect his German.
J Hargreaves
Personnel Manager
27th January 2000
Interview Assessment
isnt using
is looking for
live say
is travelling
1. ______________

Fiona Scott
52 Hanover Street
Edinburgh EH2 5LM
Phone: 0131 449 0237
E-mail: fiona.scott@caledonia.net

2. ______________

1991-1992 London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Diploma in public Relations
1988-1991 University of London
BA (Honours) in Journalism and media Studies (Class II)
1981-1988 Bradfield School, Brighton
A levels in German (A) English (B), History (B) and
Geography (C)
Personal detail
3. _______________________

1995-present Public Relations Officer, Scottish Nature Trust
Responsible for researching and writing articles on all aspects of
the Trusts activities and ensuring their distribution to the press
Editor of the Trusts monthly journal
In charge of relations with European environmental agencies.

1992-1995 Press Officers, Highlands Tourist Board .
Preparation of promotional materials and brochures
Co-ordination of media coverage.

Summers of The Glasgow Tribune newspaper
1990 and 1991 Two three-month training periods as assistant to the Sports Editor
Arranging and conducting interviews
Preparation of articles covering local community sports events
Professional Experience
4. _________

IT Office 2000 and Windows NT, Excel, Internet, PowerPoint
Languages Fluent German and proficient in French
Additional Driving licence (car and motorcycle)

5. _________

Cross-country skilling, rock climbing and swimming
Ski Instructor (grade II)
Secretary of the local branch of Action, an association organizing sports
activities for disabled children

6. _________

Geoffrey Williams Brenda Denholm
Professor of Journalism Sports Editor
University of London The Glasgow Tribune

Recruitment (n.)
when you recruit people graduate recruitment.

Curriculum vitae (n.)
all the subject taught in a school, college, etc.

Candidates (n.)
one of the people talking part in an elitism or trying to get a job
a presidential candidate.

Applicants (n.)
someone who asks for something officially.
Managerial (adj.)
relating to a manager or management managerial skills.

Cunning (adj.)
clever at getting what you want.

Accomplishment (n.)
when you succeed in doing something good finishing the
course gave me a great sense of accomplishment.

Intangible (adj.)
An in tangible feeling or quality exists but you cannot describe
or prove it.

Interrogation (n.)
a word or sentence used when asking a question.

Articulate (adj.)
able to express ideas and feeling clearly in words sheds
an intelligent and highly articulate young woman.

1.How many President's Awards given the bonuses for the job employees of year?
- $10,000

2.What is the Cognexs entertainment for the employees?
- Movie tickets for monthly.

3.What position Mr. Paul Sutherland apply?
- Director of Software Development.

4.Why he want to leave his present company?
- Because he want to use his knowledge of software engineering to the full.

5.Where are Fiona Scott come from?
- Scotland.