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BSS Performance

Troubleshooting Instructions
SDCCH Blocking
Version 0.2
Copyright 2007 okia Siemens et!orks"
#ll rights reser$e%"
Title an% $ersion Performance troubleshooting instructions & BSS
Target (roup P) engineers *!orking in )# pro+ects,
Technology an%
S- release
2(. 2"/(
'elate% Ser$ice
'a%io net!ork optimi0ation 1 Capacity 23tension 4anagement
Ser$ice Item
#uthor 5arri Sunila
Date &
#ppro$er 2ric 5roon
This section pro$i%es a history of changes ma%e to this %ocument
0"6 02"07"2060 5arri Sunila #88 9irst %raft:
0"2 60"07"2060 5arri Sunila #ll 4o%ifications base% on comments
Copyright ; okia Siemens et!orks" This material. inclu%ing %ocumentation an% any
relate% computer programs. is protecte% by copyright controlle% by okia Siemens et!orks"
#ll rights are reser$e%" Copying. inclu%ing repro%ucing. storing. a%apting or translating. any
or all of this material re<uires the prior !ritten consent of okia Siemens et!orks" This
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the prior !ritten consent of okia Siemens et!orks"
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
6" Purpose an% Scope""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
2" SDCCH Blocking""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
2"6 SDCCH Blocking 5PIs""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
2"2 'eferencing 5PIs to be checke%"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
2"7 'eferencing parameters""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
2"= 'eferencing 9eatures""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
7" Troubleshooting""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
7"6 #larms"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
7"2 SDCCH #$ailability *ua$>22,"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
7"7 SDCCH Configuration"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
7"= SDCCH allocation"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
7"/ SDCCH Blocking reason"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
7"? Solution for re%ucing SDCCH loa%""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
7"7 Traffic han%ling""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
7"@ Asage of capacity features""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
7"B eighbor plan""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
7"60 Parameters""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
Copyright 2007 okia Siemens et!orks"
#ll rights reser$e%"
6" Purpose an% Scope
This %ocument is an optimi0ation gui%eline !ith the purpose to instruct P)
engineers !orking in )# pro+ects to %eli$er performance troubleshooting"
This %ocument is meant for IT2'#8 AS2 )8C
The scope of the %ocument is the follo!ing:
To sho! ho! to troubleshoot cells to impro$e certain 5PIs"
Note #ll the net!orks are %ifferent an% thus is hea$ily recommen%e% to analy0e
net!ork properly before optimi0ation" #lso properly optimi0ation strategy shoul%
be create%. !ill it be better to use special cell le$el optimi0e% parameter $alues
an% loose control of the net!ork or use some general *not cell le$el optimi0e%,
Copyright 2007 okia Siemens et!orks"
#ll rights reser$e%"
2" SDCCH Blocking
The SDCCH is not in$ol$e% in paging but it is the channel use% for 8ocation
#rea Ap%ates" *'outing #rea Ap%ates are performe% $ia a TB9 on a PDTCH",
Anlike the PCH an% #(CH. the SDCCH is use% for $arious transactions:
o Call set&up
o Short 4essage Ser$ice *S4S,
o 8ocation #rea Ap%ates
o Dueuing *%uring call&setup,
These transactions are of $ariable length as they %epen% on elements other than
the BSS
2"6 SDCCH Blocking 5PIs
In follo!ing 5PIs can be use% to analy0e SDCCH blocking in the net!ork
o Blck>/a *benchmarking 5PI,
Typical problems for SDCCH blocking are:
o 8ack of SDCCH capacity
o Incorrect SDCCH configuration
o SDCCH a$ailability
2"2 'eferencing 5PIs to be checke%
In parallel !ith blocke% SDCCH. follo!ing 5PIs shoul% be checke%
2"2"6 SDCCH a$ailability
SDCCH una$ailability means that SDCCHs channels are not a$ailable" on
a$ailable SDCCH are up%ate% !hen:
Copyright 2007 okia Siemens et!orks"
#ll rights reser$e%"
o -hen a T'E is blocke%
o -hen an SDCCH TS8 is blocke%
2"7 'eferencing parameters
Parameter assessment shoul% be %one to make sure that there are no any
parameter %iscrepancies !hich coul% cause %rops" Some parameters are
effecting on %rop call rate"
o Han%o$er Threshol% Parameters. le$el. <uality. interference" Threshol%
$alues an% P3.3 $alues
o (eneral control parameters F H)s must be enable% *e3cept 24S. 2nable
4S Distance Process,
o H) margin parameters. PB(T.<uality.le$el
o '3 8e$ 4in Cell *S8,
o '3 8e$ #ccess 4in *'EP,
2"= 'eferencing 9eatures
o Increase% %ynamic SDCCH
o #4' H'
o Traffic han%ling features. see 2"66 an% 2"62
oteG 4ore %etaile% information relate% to capacity feature can be foun% from
capacity optimi0ation gui%e
SDCCH Blocking means that 4S attempts to sei0e an SDCCH but the attempt is
unsuccessful because all SDCCHs are busy" This %oes not necessarily mean
that the call attempt is lost. because the call may be establishe% as an 9#CCH
call setup using TCH instea% of SDCCH"
Counter 6006 is not triggere% !hen the TCH reconfiguration is attempte% because
of %ynamic SDCCH allocation" If the attempt fails. the SDCCH>busy>attempt is
triggere% together !ith counter 66// ASACC>I44>#SS>SDCCH>#TT24PT"
2"/ #larms
Check that there are no any HH or HHH acti$e alarms" Connection to et#ct is
Copyright 2007 okia Siemens et!orks"
#ll rights reser$e%"
2"? SDCCH #$ailability *ua$>22,
SDCHC a$ailability is first thing !hich shoul% be checke% if there are some
blocking problems"
o If some a$ailability problems. these shoul% be repaire% as soon as possible
o Blocking results can be truste% only if all sites are in the air"
2"7 SDCCH Configuration
The SDCCH can be foun% in t!o configurations:
o SDCCH1=: This is normally foun% !ith a combine% BCCH an% is illustrate%
in figure belo!" There are four SDCCH channels a$ailable
o SDCCH1@: This pro$i%es eight SDCCH channels *an% their associate%
S#CCHs, on one ra%io timeslot
-ith Dynamic SDCCH. you can use 6? SDCCHs per T'E" By using Increase%
Dynamic SDCCH Capacity. you can use up to 72 SDCCHs per non&BCCH T'E
an% 2= per BCCH T'E"
2"@ SDCCH allocation
SDCCH blocking means that 4S attempts to sei0e an SDCCH but the attempt is
unsuccessful because all SDCCHs are busy" This %oes not necessarily mean that
the call attempt is lost. because the call may be establishe% as an 9#CCH call
setup using TCH instea% of SDCCH"
oteG There can be a situation"
o Counter 6006 sho!s some attempts !hen all SDCCHs !ere bus
o counter P2#5>BASC>SDCCH sho!s only / *ma3 is 7, an%
o counter 066// : ASACC>I44>#SS>SDCCH>#TT>C sho!s also 0"
SDCCH han%o$ers can be re+ecte% !ithout SDCCH congestion time" The reason
is that intra cell SDCCH&SDCCH han%o$ers can not be ma%e insi%e ra%io timeslot
e$en if there !ere free channels"
Copyright 2007 okia Siemens et!orks"
#ll rights reser$e%"
2"B SDCCH Blocking reason
Before re%ucing SDCCH it shoul% be kno!. !hat is the reason for SDCCH
blocking. S4S. location up%ates etc"
#s the transactions on the SDCCH are of $ariable length an% the number of
SDCCH channels can be $arie%. the SDCCH capacity re<uire% is normally
calculate% using the 2rlang B traffic formula"
#n e3ample of an SDCCH re<uirement calculation is gi$en belo!" 9igures
appropriate to your net!ork can be substitute% for the assumptions ma%e here"
SDCCH Tr!ns!ction
Nu"#er per su#scri#er
per $our
$o%& ti"e
Tot!% 's(
Perio%ic location up%ates 2 7"? 7"2
4obility location up%ates = 7"? 6="=
I4SI attach 0"6 7"? 0"7?
I4SI %etach 0"6 7 0"7
4TC set&up 6 2"@ 2"@
4)C set&up 6 2"@ 2"@
4T S4S 6 ?"2 ?"2
4) S4S 6 ?"2 ?"2
)$er an hour the a$erage SDCCH hol% time for one subscriber is =0"2?
secon%s" This is e<ual to 66"6@ m2rl"
2"60 Solution for re%ucing SDCCH loa%
The follo!ing acti$ities can be %one for better SDCCH functionality *check also
o Increase of Perio%ic location up%ate timer 1 Perio%ic '# up%ate timer *P'#A,
*it can be risky to change these parameters on net!ork le$el,
o Increase of 4S 'eachable timer *4S'T,
o 4ore SDCCH allocation *e3pan% configuration, . Dynamic SDCCH or
increase% Dynamic SDCCH feature usage
oteG If TCH traffic must be re%uce% to increase range of SDCCH. see
TCH traffic han%ling chapter 2"66
o Combine% '#A *4)&I !ith (s for *2,(P'S,
o *'esume feature %ecreases the amount of '#As,
o 8#1'# re&planning
o )ptimi0ing o$ershooting
Copyright 2007 okia Siemens et!orks"
#ll rights reser$e%"
2"66 TCH Traffic han%ling
The purpose of the traffic han%ling is not to mo$e capacity but balance traffic
bet!een cells 1 sites" -hen TCH traffic is pushe% a!ay from cell. more 'TS8 are
a$ailable also for SDCCH"
2"66"6"6 (S4 F(S4 traffic han%ling
Traffic han%ling bet!een %ifferent sites1cell can be as follo!s:
o #%+usting H) parameters
8e$el an% <uality H) margins
BTS po!er parameters can be also a%+uste%. but before P)C changes.
H)C changes shoul% be %one *P)C is affecting to all neighbors an% can
cause problems,
Before a%+usting H)C parameters. H) strategy shoul% be create%. to
keep call on %ominance area or use o$erlapping area as a backup
Note H)C optimi0ation shoul% be base% on strategy" If lots of cell le$el
optimi0e% $alues. control of the net!ork can be %ifficult to han%le"
o #%+usting antenna configurations
4ore gain antennas
A8 1D8 boosters *check link balance,
'e%ucing losses *cable. combiner etc,
o Asing traffic han%ling features. see also 2"62
Dual ban% net!ork
Ambrella feature
o #AC8 parameter
o 8oa% parameters
o Signal le$el parameters
o Segment le$el parameters
Traffic reason H)
o Cell splitting is one solution to re%uce blocking
Same traffic is sprea% to ne! cells IJ traffic per cell !ill re%uce
o Asing features. !hich are impro$ing interference"
H) margins *for e3ample !hen fre<uency hopping is use%,
#4' *impro$ing $oice <uality,
9re<uency hopping
D9C#. impro$es spectral efficiency
o Selecting site places properly
Hot spots are not locate% in the e%ge of the cell
2"66"6"2 (S4 F A4TS traffic han%ling
Copyright 2007 okia Siemens et!orks"
#ll rights reser$e%"
(S4 FA4TS traffic han%ling shoul% be base% on capacity optimi0ation strategy"
-hich layer is prioriti0e% for CS traffic an% !hich for PS trafficK Co$erage shoul%
be goo% enough to support this strategy"
Traffic bet!een 2( an% 7( can be han%le% by parameters" 4ore %etaile%
information relate% Inter&system han%o$ers *ISH), can be seen from ISH)
Planning L )ptimi0ation (ui%e *https:11sharenet&ims"insi%e"nokiasiemensnet!orks"com1)pen17?7?7=B/=,

2"66"6"7 Cell splitting
Cell splitting can be use% to balance traffic bet!een cells in case of blocking" In
case of cell splitting ne! cells are create% to balance traffic bet!een cells" Cell
splitting can be use% if TCH traffic or SDCCH traffic is increase% an% other
capacity optimi0ation tasks are not !orking"
If cell splitting is %one base% on blocking *can be also %one base% on co$erage,
traffic analysis shoul% be %one carefully" It must be analy0e%. !here an% !hy
traffic is come to the cell. other!ise ne! cell !as create% but ol% cells are still
collecting traffic
o Hot spots *TCH. SDCCH,
o PS features are causing a%%itional SDCCH traffic
o 8ocation up%ates. S4Ss etc
o CCCH traffic too high" 'eason for traffic must be analy0e% *not ba% 8#C
planning etc,
o If interference le$els are too high to a%% T'E. cell splitting can be use%
2"62 Asage of capacity features
The purpose of the capacity feature is to han%le a%%itional capacity nee%s !ithout
H- implementations. for e3ample !ithout a%%ing ne! T'Es" 4ore %etaile%
information of S621S67 capacity features can be seen from references 2rror:
'eference source not foun%"
9ollo!ing traffic features can be use% for traffic management
o #4H
o D' an% intelligent D'
o Traffic reason H)
o Increase% SDCCH capacity feature
o CommonBCCH
o #4' 9'1H'
2 H' calls can be %one in one 'TS8
T'E le$el feature F license is nee%e%
Check also that H' is !orking *'S>266,
Copyright 2007 okia Siemens et!orks"
#ll rights reser$e%"
o BSC le$el features
BSC7i 7000
Note More &et!i%e& in)or"!tion re%!te& to c!p!cit* )e!ture c!n #e )oun&
)ro" c!p!cit* opti"i+!tion ,ui&e
Note 8icense% features can be run !ith 448 comman%s" 'un 448 Comman%s
as follo!s * states. on. off an% conf,
o -./I:0EA10U22:0STATE3ON4
o -./I:0EA10U22:0STATE3O004
o -./I:0EA10U22:0STATE3CON04
2"67 eighbor plan
(oo% neighbor plan in playing important role" If some o$ershooting an% %ue to
that some neighbor cells are missing. traffic is not properly han%le%" Due to
missing neighbors calls !ill be longer time in certain cell increasing traffic *an%
possible causing some TCH an% SDCCH blocking,
o Check all neighbor cells in planning tool *$isual check is recommen%e%,
Check Timing a%$ance %istribution" If high %istance samples an% only
nearest cells as a neighbor cells. these !ill be some missing neighbors
oteG If cell is locate% near the sea. neighbor planning is more
challenging" Signal in the sea might come far a!ay. so neighbor
planning shoul% be base% on that information"
Copyright 2007 okia Siemens et!orks"
#ll rights reser$e%"
2"6= Parameters
It is important that parameter $alues are the same as these are planne%" If there
are some parameter %iscrepancies. these shoul% be correct before more %etaile%
Parameter assessment shoul% be %one to get clear picture !hat kin% of
parameters $alues are in the net!ork" 4ore %etaile% information ho! to %o
parameter assessment can be foun% from here
Some parameters. !hich can impro$e SDCCH Blocking rate. are mentione%
belo!" It is important that engineer. !ho really un%erstan%s ho! these parameters
are effecting on net!ork. can a%+ust these parameters" -ith incorrect $alues DC'
can be e$en higher"
o H' parameters
frl. fru