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Power Solutions

Power Solutions –


Our latest, state-of-the-art, range of UPS systems, include IGBT-based, 20 KHz PWM technology,
ONLINE type of UPS; microprocessor-based Line Interactive/ Sine wave UPS, OFFLINE/QUASI
SINEWAVE type of UPS systems. We also manufacture and market other power conditioning
equipment like Inverters & Power Plants for telecom application CVTs, Servo stabilizers and Isolation
transformers. We have an installed base of more than 50,000 UPS Systems across the country,
supported by over 65 Service Support Centers.

TIPL enjoys strong brand equity with the IT & Telecom players, in the Banking & Insurance segment;
Central & State Govt. departments; Defence services & PSU’s. The company has strong capabilities
to handle large & multi location projects and has executed several, some directly & some as a sub

Our factory based in 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Parwanoo which is Equipped with modern manufacturing
and test equipment. At factory

We have Computerized inventory, production, purchase, and finance and logistics management.
Dedicated team of experienced technicians, engineers and management staff to ensure timely
delivery of the product.

Stringent quality inspection at Incoming Raw Material, In-process, and for the Final Product with
100% “Burn In” to ensure better reliability of the products.
Dedicated Technical Support team of engineers to customize the product as per the customers’
Solar & Wind

In addition to the generic UPS and power

conditioning equipments we have specialized
power generation solutions with Design,
manufacture, supply, installation and servicing of all
types of Wind-Solar, only Wind and only Solar
photovoltaic power plants. Our team of engineers
and technicians are fully experienced in wind solar
hybrid design, system integration and installation

Remote Monitoring & Survey

Speed and solar irradiation survey through our

unique remote monitoring systems for efficient
micro sitting (i.e. locating the exact site for
installation) for wind power and solar power plants.
Through this survey, potential users can decide on
a roof top or a backyard power plant installation -
with full information on exactly how much power
this system will generate. This allows the best
possible return on investment, even better than
market bank rates. Products

1. South West Wind Turbines

Distributed Generation
2. Remote Monitoring / Data Logging
3. Tubular Storage Batteries & Cells
Laying a Power distribution grid at remote areas 4. Rover Battery Watering System
like hills, forests, small islands or off grid locations 5. Solar & Wind Charge Controllers
is expensive and sometimes impossible. In these 6. Solar & Wind Inverters
locations, Our "Wind solar hybrid installations" or 7. Solar Modules
"Wind -solar - battery - diesel hybrid installations 8. Towers & Structures
with auto operation" are the only cost effective
solutions. Instead of "Power distribution" we deliver
"distributed generation". What's more, our remote
monitoring system allows customers to obtain
continuous information on system performance,
down time and power generation from their remote
"Wind Solar" power plants, - located anywhere in Tritronics (India) Pvt. Ltd
the world - simply through internet 794/1A, Joshi Road
Karol Bagh, New Delhi- 110005
Tel: 011-23684575,41546121,23533427
Fax: 011-23684576
Email: mktg@tritronicsindia.com