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Q.1) Which of the following are virtual memory based caches?

(Choose Three)

A. ule Cache (Correct Answer)
!. ules Assembly Cache (Correct Answer)
C. uleesolution Cache (Correct Answer)
". #oo$u% #ist Cache
&. 'tatic Content Cache
(. "ictionary Cache
Q.)) When a rule e*ecutes what is really e*ecuted? (Choose +ne)

A. ,-# which is stored in the !#+!
!. .ava code which is com%iled from the ,-# stored in the !#+! (Correct Answer)
C. A class /le which is stored in the !#+!
". A seriali0ed 1ava ob1ect which is stored in the !#+!
Q.2) Which statement best describes the ules Assembly Cache? (Choose +ne)

A. The ules Assembly Cache is a dis$ based cache that stores the generated ,-# and
resulting class /les3 %ost com%ilation since what /nally gets e*ecuted is ,-#3 not 1ava code.
!. The ules Assembly Cache is a memory based cache that reduces 4ega5#&'
database tra6c as it contains co%ies of rules recently accessed or recently u%dated by
C. The ules Assembly Cache is a memory based cache that allows 4rocess
Commander to ra%idly identify com%iled .ava C#A'' /les that corres%ond to com%iled and
assembled rules (Correct Answer)
". The ules Assembly Cache is a memory based cache used by 44C to feed the
7nstance Cache as the 7nstance Cache is the instance of a given rule for which code has been
Q.8) Where can you view the contents of the ule 7nstance Cache? (Choose +ne)

A. . 5sing the '-A you can view the contents of the instance cache which are
dis%layed in the form of an &*cel /le (Correct Answer)
!. !. 5sing the "evelo%er 4ortal you can view the contents of the instance cache
which are dis%layed in the form of an e*cel /le and is accessed from the tools 9 instance cache
C. C. !y viewing the ,-# /les from the T&-4"7:4;en.ava:,-# directory
". . !y viewing the ,-# /les from the %07ns<ey column by using ."!C code
Q.=) What determines which table a wor$ ob1ect is %ersisted to? (Choose +ne)

MSAT Internal
A. A. The "ata>Admin>"!>Table record for the class grou% the wor$ ob1ect belongs to
and the access grou% the current user belongs to
!. !. The ule'et the class belongs3 and "ata> Admin>"!>Table de/nitions
C. C. The "ata>Admin>"!>Table record associated to the class grou% the wor$ ob1ect
belongs to (Correct Answer)
". ". The ule'et the class belongs to
Q.?) The !#+! is stored in the %04@'tream column of a table and contains the data
associated with the instance. Which two statements are false? (Choose two)

A. 'ince it is a column in a table in a database3 you can e*tract the !#+! and use it in
another system (Correct Answer)
!. The blob contains the same clear te*t *ml you see when clic$ing the rule data or
the @iew ,-# o%tion in the cli%board (Correct Answer)
C. The ? 404@'tream? Can be eliminated by use of sim%le tables (those without
embedded %ages and %age lists)
". The !#+! enables a single table to store com%le* data structures that would
normally reAuire multi%le tables in a normali0ed database.
Q.B) 4ega5#&' is installed on a multi>node system3 and a co%y of the various caches is stored
on each node. &ach of these nodes must be u%dated with rule changes. Which functionality in
44C manages the u%date %rocess? (Choose +ne)

A. Code> 4ulse
!. ule Cache
C. 'ystem>5%date
". 'ystem>4ulse (Correct Answer)
Q.D) Which statements in regards to commits in 44C are false? (Choose Two)

A. All database u%dates reAuire that the reAuestor holds a loc$ on the ob1ect (Correct
!. The system %erforms commits automatically when %rocessing for a submit
o%eration of a Eow action com%letes3 for both connector and local Eow actions
C. Commit o%erations can trigger the e*ecution of "eclare> Trigger rules
". Assuming distributed transaction is not con/gured and the deferred o%eration list
contains o%erations for only one database. When the system commits all deferred o%erations for
the reAuestor3 if any of the writes fail3 they all fail
&. The deferred o%erations will be committed when you use the write>now o%tion with
the ob1>save method because this causes a commit to occur (Correct Answer)
MSAT Internal
Q.F) 44C can be installed using a WA or &A con/guration. Which of the following does C+T
reAuire an &A con/guration? (Choose +ne)

A. .-' message services su%%ort need to be %rovided
!. 'u%%ort for two>%hase commits is reAuired
C. 'u%%ort for &.! services need to be %rovided
". .)&& security is reAuired
&. .'>F8 su%%ort is reAuired (Correct Answer)
Q.1G) 'elect the valid modes an Agent can have since 44C =.8? (Choose Three)

A. Cormal
!. #egacy (Correct Answer)
C. 'tandard (Correct Answer)
". Advanced (Correct Answer)
&. -odes are not reAuired to be selected for Agents in 44C =.8
Q.11) Why does 44C create a "ata>Agent>Queue instance when you create a ule>Agent>Queue
instance? (Choose +ne)

A. "ata> Agent>Queue instances are not loc$ed so they allow you to control the
behavior of Agents in a loc$ed ule'et at runtime (Correct Answer)
!. "ata>Agent>Queue instances are created by 44C to su%%ort the new Queue (or
Agent functionality which was %rovided since 44C v=.8
C. "ata>Agent>Queue instances are created automatically by 44C whenever the
Queue>(or> Agent method is used in an activity te% to Aueue wor$ for the Agent
". "ata>Agent>Queue instances are data instances which are used by the Queue
-anager functionality to allow for concurrent access to a Aueued %iece of wor$ by agents
running on multi%le nodes
&. "ata>Agent>Queue instances re%resent the master de/nition of 44C agents and
have been de%recated as of 44C v=.8 in favor of using ule>Agent>Queue
Q.1)) Which statement is true regarding how loc$ing wor$s with covers? (Choose +ne)

A. !y default3 the cover does not get loc$ed when you o%en a covered ob1ect3 but this
is con/gurable
!. !y default3 the cover is loc$ed when you o%en a covered ob1ect3 but this is
con/gurable (Correct Answer)
C. The cover must always be loc$ed when wor$ing on the cover or one of its covered
wor$ ob1ects because u%dates occur on the cover throughout %rocessing of the covered wor$
". Cover ob1ect loc$ing is identical to that of other wor$ ob1ects3 in that it is only loc$ed
when it is o%ened by a reAuestor
MSAT Internal
Q.12) What %ur%ose and eHect does the +b1>efresh>and>#oc$ method have? (Choose +ne)

A. 7t has no eHect if a loc$ is held and has not e*%ired (Correct Answer)
!. 7t will reacAuire a loc$ and will always refresh the contents of the ob1ect from the
C. 7f the loc$ is not held3 the method will acAuire a loc$ and always re%lace the ste%
%age contents with the current values from the database
". This method has been de%recated as of 44C =.2 in su%%ort of the +b1>!rowse
method which handles refresh and loc$ing automatically
&. This method is highly e6cient and will only refresh the ob1ect if the content on the
cli%board is older than the current state in the database and will also force loc$the ob1ect
regardless ofholds the loc$
Q.18) What does the rollbac$ method do? (Choose Two)

A. CancelsIWithdraws any %ending ob1>save and ob1>delete methods (Correct Answer)
!. ollbac$ is not su%%orted by 44C when using a WA de%loyment. The only way you
can do a rollbac$ is by using the com%ensating actions method
C. ollbac$ is a way to rollbac$ an ob1ect to a %revious state using the Jistory instance
for a wor$ ob1ect
". olls bac$ the deferred stac$ of o%erations for the s%eci/ed %age (Correct Answer)
Q.1=) What does the system %ulse do? (Choose Three)

A. 7t is used by 44C to synchroni0e changes to the "ata>Agent>'chedule instances
whenever a ule>Agent>Queue instance is modi/ed
!. 7t invalidates rule caches on a %er node basis using entries in the
%rKsysKu%datescache table (Correct Answer)
C. 7t %rocesses changes to the #ucene inde*es that su%%ort full te*t searches (Correct
". 7t synchroni0es the loo$u% list cache deletions and any rule>/le>deletes (Correct
&. 7t is used by 44C to send out information to 4A# on a wee$ly basis so that
%erformance analysis can be %erformed over a %eriod of time
Q.1?) Which one of the following statements is true regarding the 44C threading model?
(Choose +ne)

A. 4Threads are similar to .ava threads and the ty%es include 'TAC"A"3
"&@&#+4&3 and +4&C4+TA#
!. A 4Thread is essentially a names%ace which allows a eAuestor to have se%arate
cli%board %ages that do not interact with each other (Correct Answer)
MSAT Internal
C. -ulti%le 4Threads can be e*ecuted concurrently de%ending on whether multi>
threading is enabled
". All of the above
Q.1B) A customer im%lementation necessitates the usage of -essage>driven beans. Which of
these %latforms can the solution be de%loyed on? (Choose Two)

A. .!oss (&A "e%loyment) (Correct Answer)
!. Web#ogic (WA "e%loyment)
C. Web'%here (&A "e%loyment) (Correct Answer)
". Tomcat (WA "e%loyment)
&. All of the above
Q.1D) A 44C installation has 2 nodes. An Agent rule has a single agent listed which ta$es data
from an e*ternal system. 7t would cause contention issues if it ran on more than one node. What
is the recommended way to ensure the agent only runs in one cluster? (Choose +ne)

A. "elete the Agent schedule on two nodes
!. "isable the Agent schedule on two of the nodes3 either from the Agent 'chedule
rule form or using the 'ystem -anagement A%%lication (Correct Answer)
C. "isable the master agent on two nodes
". 7n your Agent activity call a decision table to verify host name of the system
Q.1F) What four ste%s must be ta$en to unit test a connector within a Eow when the target
interfaceIsystem is not yet available? (Choose (our)

A. Create a 'imulation activity (Correct Answer)
!. 'et the connector to simulate in the 'imulation data instance and s%ecify the
activity (Correct Answer)
C. 5se Tracer and set a brea$%oint
". "e/ne a Connect 'imulation instance (Correct Answer)
&. Test the Eow with simulation enabled (Correct Answer)
(. Create a new 7ntegrator tas$
Q.)G) Which methods of service integration within 44C reAuires the con/guration of a listener?
(Choose Two)

A. !4&#
!. JTT4
C. .-' (Correct Answer)
". -Q (Correct Answer)
MSAT Internal
&. dotCet
Q.)1) Which method of service integration within 44C reAuires the con/guration of a listener?
(Choose +ne)

A. '+A4
!. !4&#
C. &.!
". .-' (Correct Answer)
&. 'Q#
Q.))) Which two statements are false when using stateless services? (Choose Two)

A. Lou are guaranteed to connect to a new a%%lication reAuestor each time the service
is invo$ed (Correct Answer)
!. Lou cannot assume which a%%lication reAuestor you will connect to
C. Lou must manually clear the cli%board of any data left on from %revious a%%lication
reAuestors (Correct Answer)
". When invo$ed your service may or may not result in the creation of a new
a%%lication reAuestor
Q.)2) What is the default error handling mechanism for connector rules generated through the
Connector wi0ard? (Choose +ne)

A. The connector activity does not handle a failure in the connectorM %rocessing is
transferred to the Connection4roblem Eow (Correct Answer)
!. The connector activity handles the result of the connector via a 4recondition on the
ste% following the call to the connector
C. The connector activity handles the result of the connector via a Transition
". The connector activity does not handle a failure in the connectorM %rocessing is
transferred to the (low4roblems Eow
Q.)8) Which statement is true about running Connect> methods in %arallel? (Choose +ne)

A. +nly Connect>'+A4 and Connect> JTT4 methods oHer a un7n4arallel %arameter
!. -any Connect> methods oHer a un7n4arallel %arameter (Correct Answer)
C. The Connect> Jold is used with the un7n4arallel %arameter to wait for the %arallel
connector(s) to /nish
". All Connect> methods oHer a un7n4arallel %arameter
MSAT Internal
Q.)=) 7s it a%%ro%riate to use the "!>'ave method to saveIu%date wor$ ob1ect instances to the
4ega5#&' database out of the bo* table structures? 'elect the most a%%ro%riate answer.
(Choose +ne)

A. Les3 you can run 'Q# inserts and u%dates against the 44C database for any 44C
ob1ect and maintain %ro%er data integrity
!. Les3 but access via "!>'ave will be less e6cient than an +b1>'ave call
C. Co3 because not all %ro%erties are distinct database columns and some data may be
lost (Correct Answer)
". Co. The byte governor will %revent me from o%ening an "! connection to the
4ega5#&' database
Q.)?) Com%are '+A4 and JTT4 messaging %rotocols. Which of the statements below are correct?
(Choose Two)

A. JTT4 is a low> overhead alternative to '+A4 (Correct Answer)
!. '+A4 is a more reliable %rotocol than JTT4
C. '+A4 is needed if 7 want to e*change ,-# messages
". JTT4 services can be con/gured to %rocess service reAuests asynchronously
(Correct Answer)
&. JTT4 connectors can be generated with the Connector and -etadata accelerator
Q.)B) Which two statements are true about testing services and connectors? (Choose Two)

A. 5sing tools that allow you to monitor tra6c and interaction between a '+A4 client
and service can be hel%ful in determining where the %roblem lies
(Correct Answer)
!. 'ervice invocation in 44C cannot be traced because the reAuesto does not e*ist
before the service invocation
C. When connect simulation is enabled for an -Q connector3 the connector itself is not
tested (Correct Answer)
". The only way to simulate a connector when the service isnNt available is to comment
out the Connect>'+A4 method and re%lace it with an activity that directly creates %ages and
%ro%erties as the connector would
Q.)D) Which two statements are true about services and the 'ervices Accelerator? (Choose Two)

A. The 'ervice Accelerator generates service activities that allow services to create or
manage wor$
!. The 'ervice Accelerator generates a service rule for activities of your choice3
allowing you to invo$e those activities remotely (Correct Answer)
C. 'ervices can be con/gured so that service reAuests that fail 44C %rocessing are re>
Aueued for another attem%t (Correct Answer)
MSAT Internal
". The %erformance of long running service reAuests can be signi/cantly im%roved
through reAuestor %ooling
Q.)F) What is the recommended way to con/gure 'ervice end%oint 5#s and other connector
s%eci/c information? (Choose +ne)

A. The reAuestor %age
!. The %rocess %age
C. A declarative %age (Correct Answer)
". The %rimary %age
Q.2G) Which of the following is the best way to detect long>running services and connectors in a
%roduction 44C environment? (Choose +ne)

A. 5se 4A#
!. 5se '-A
C. 5se Tracer
". 5se the 'ystem #ogs
&. 5se the Alerts #ogs (Correct Answer)
(. There is no way to detect long>running services or connectors
Q.21) Which two of these statements about +b1>O methods are correct? (Choose Two)

A. +b1> methods can only access internal classes
!. +b1> methods must be used if 44C loc$ing is to be used (Correct Answer)
C. +b1> methods reAuire that the referenced database table contains a column named
". '%ecifying WriteCow on an +b1> method will always commit regardless of other
transactional settings
&. '%ecifying WriteCow on an +b1> method is discouraged in favor of allowing 44C to
dictate commit %oints as %art of Eow e*ecution (Correct Answer)
Q.2)) Cot all connectors can be run in %arallel. Which of the following can be run in a %arallel?
(Choose Two)

A. 1 Connect>&.! (Correct Answer)
!. ) Connect>(T4
C. 2 Connect>(ile
". 8 Connect>'+A4 (Correct Answer)
MSAT Internal
Q.22) Which two statements are true about ule'et %rereAuisites? (Choose Two)

A. ule'et %rereAuisites as s%eci/ed in the ? eAuires ule'et and @irsions ? /elds of
the ule'et form are enforced at run time
!. 4rereAuisite ule'ets govern the creation of new rules during develo%ment. (Correct
C. ule'et %rereAuisites are validated during e*%ort of a%%lication archives
". When saving a%%lication rules3 ule'et %rereAuisites are validated. (Correct Answer)
Q.28) Which one of the following techniAues is most a%%ro%riate for s%eciali0ing by C+5CTL or
'TAT&? (Choose +ne)

A. Class
!. Circumstancing
C. Class or Circumstancing (Correct Answer)
". ule'et (e.g. a se%arate ule'et where rules a%%ly to the same class)
&. ule'et or Class
Q.2=) Which one of the following techniAues is most a%%ro%riate for s%eciali0ing by "AT&?
(Choose +ne)

A. ule'et +nly (e.g. a se%arate ule'et where rules a%%ly to the same class)
!. Class
C. Circumstancing (Correct Answer)
". ule'et and Class
&. Class and Circumstancing
Q.2?) Which two of the following statements are true? (Choose Two)

A. Wor$ and "ata classes should always go into se%arate ule'ets to ensure
!. 7n most cases there is no need to se%arate Wor$ from "ata classes by ule'et as
they are both %art of the a%%lication (Correct Answer)
C. 7nterface classes should go in a se%arate ule'et because this achieves the highest
level of reuse and %ortability (Correct Answer)
". 7nterface and "ata classes should be stored in the same ule'et to $ee% the
number of ule'ets down
&. Wor$3 "ata and 7nterface classes should be stored in the same ule'et to $ee% the
number of ule'ets down
Q.2B) Which two statements are true about the A%%lication Accelerator (&AA)? (Choose Two)
MSAT Internal

A. The AA can create a framewor$ layer and a corres%onding 7m%lementation lyer in
one run (Correct Answer)
!. Lou need to generate framewor$ and im%lementation layers in tw se%arate AA runs
C. The AA can create the &nter%rise +rgani0ational and "ivisional euse layers
(Correct Answer)
". When generating a new im%lementation3 7 can %ic$ the wor$ classes in the
framewor$ for which to generate the im%lementation classes
Q.2D) Which statement is true about withdrawn rules? (Choose +ne)

A. Withdrawn rules ma$e reEecting a class a rule ?a%%lies to? &asier (Correct Answer)
!. 'etting a rulePs availability to ?withdrawn? is the same as setting it to ?C+?
C. Withdrawn rules remove all instances of the rule from the database
". Withdrawn rules are the same as bloc$ed rules
&. A withdrawn rule aHects other rules in its Qa%%lies toQ class and any %arent classes
Q.2F) Which one statement is valid for As>+f date %rocessing and date Auali/ed circumstancing?
(Choose +ne)

A. As>+f date %rocessing uses the rule whose date circumstance matches a wor$
ob1ect %ro%erty
!. As>+f date %rocessing reAuires a ule'et eHective date3 and date Auali/ed
circumstancing uses the current system time
C. As>+f date uses a %ro%erty on the wor$ ob1ect3 and date Auali/ed circumstancing
uses the current system time (Correct Answer)
". "ate Auali/ed circumstancing allows selecting rules based on a wor$ ob1ect
%ro%erty3 and As> +f date %rocessing uses the current system time
Q.8G) %rimary reason for using the &nter%rise Class 'tructure to reach reusability goals is?
(Choose +ne)

A. To %ut most rules in the &nter%rise 'hared layer
!. To create new classes for each ty%e of s%eciali0ation
C. To consider the most a%%ro%riate class and ule'et for each rule (Correct Answer)
". To use it as is and do not try to alter it
Q.81) Which of the following is not a fundamental way to im%rove reusability? (Choose +ne)

A. Thoroughly document all rules
!. 4arameteri0e rules
C. 5se a "ynamic Class eferencing design %attern
MSAT Internal
". #imit your design to utili0e no more than D diHerent rule ty%es (Correct Answer)
&. 5se naming conventions when naming rules
Q.8)) Withdrawn rules are im%ortant in reuse and s%eciali0ation because? (Choose +ne)

A. 7t is the %rimary way to notify other develo%ers that the rule should not be reused
!. 7t is the %rimary way to notify other develo%ers that the rule can be reused but
should not be overridden
C. 7t allows a develo%er to ?move? the rule to a more generic class in the class
structure (Correct Answer)
". 7t allows a develo%er to use an older version of the same rule (and the same a%%lies
to classes)
Q.82) Lou want to restrict develo%ers to save rules that a%%ly to the -yA%%>#oan>.umbo#oan
class only in the .umbo#oan' ule'et. Jow can you accom%lish this? (Choose +ne)

A. 5se the estrictions tab on the Class "e/nition form (Correct Answer)
!. Create an access rule
C. #oc$ the .umbo#oan' ule'et
". Create a series of activities and declarative e*%ressions
Q.88) What are the bene/ts of the Rframewor$ layerR and why is it im%ortant? (Choose Three)

A. 7t allows you to collect all enter%rise shared rules in a single layer (Lour Answer)
!. 7t can be overridden with rules s%eci/c to an organi0ational division or line of
business (Lour Answer)
C. 7t %romotes reuse of a%%lication framewor$s across the enter%rise (Lour Answer)
". 7t allows you to im%lement a common business %rocess (Correct Answer)
&. 7t allows for simultaneous develo%ment across organi0ations
Q.8=) What is the 7nt>class in the "ivisional euse #ayer used for? (Choose +ne)

A. (or generated connector classes and rules that are shared by all a%%lications within
a division (Lour Answer)
!. (or classes and rules internal to a given division
C. (or generated connector classes and rules that are shared across all divisions
". To internationali0e an a%%lication
Q.8?) Which of the following statements is false? (Choose +ne)
MSAT Internal

A. The &nter%rise Class 'tructure (&C') allows building enter%rise> grade a%%lications
that are scalable and e*tensible
!. 4ega best %ractices call for all a%%lications on 44C v= %latform be built using the
&nter%rise Class 'tructure (&C')%atterns (Lour Answer)
C. The &nter%rise Class 'tructure (&C') %rovides the foundation for su%erior
a%%lication %erformance (Correct Answer)
Q.8B) According to 4ega best %ractices3 in which class should rules that are reusable across the
wor$ classes of all divisions reside? (-yCo stands for an arbitrary com%any name and "iv1
stands for an arbitrary division name) (Choose +ne)

A. Wor$>
!. -yCo> (Correct Answer)
C. -yCo>Wor$>
". -yCo>"iv1>Wor$> (Lour Answer)
Q.8D) What does 44C do when e*ecuting a bloc$ed rule? (Choose +ne)

A. 7t writes a message to #og8.
!. 7t only ignores the rule and continues to search for the ne*t rule via rule resolution
(Lour Answer)
C. 7t throws an e*ce%tion (Correct Answer)
". 7t either ignores the rule or throws an e*ce%tion de%ending on the %rcon/g.*ml
Q.8F) ules with circumstances ran$ ahead of unAuali/ed rules . (Choose Two)

A. e*ce%t when the base rule Eag is chec$ed on the circumstanced rule (Lour Answer)
!. even when the unAuali/ed rule is in a higher ule'et version (Lour Answer)
C. e*ce%t when the base rule Eag is chec$ed on the unAuali/ed rule (Correct Answer)
". only when the unAuali/ed rule is in the same ule'et version as the circumstanced
Q.=G) We can im%rove the reusability of a rule in 44C in following waysS (Choose Three)

A. !y using A%%lication 4ro/ler
!. !y following naming conventions and documentation (Lour Answer)
C. !y using the Availability feature in the ule form (Lour Answer)
". !y using %arameters in the rules where %ossible (Lour Answer)
&. &. !y com%leting the Jistory tab (Correct Answer)
MSAT Internal
Q.=1) What rule will 44C select if no circumstances match the current cli%board data? (Choose

A. The base rule (Lour Answer)
!. 7t will fail to /nd a rule that matches and throw a general ?nt found? &*ce%tion
C. 7t will choose the last version created as the best match.
". An T baseclass default activity is called that returns no value and logs the failure of
the attem%ted call
Q.=)) An activity rule has multi%le circumstanced instances. All instances are in ule'et ,raySG1>
G1>G1 and have availability U Les. &ach rule has an as>of date circumstance and a "ate ange.
The banana;rown"ate %ro%erty of the wor$ ob1ect is 1)th 'e%tember )GGD and the system date
is )Gth 'e%tember )GGD. Which of the following rule would be selected by rule resolution?
(Choose one)

A. banana;rown"ate V "ate Circumstances (as>of) GFI1)I)GGF3 "ate ange
G1IG1I)GGF to 1)I21I)GGF
!. banana;rown"ate V "ate Circumstances (as>of) GFI12I)GGD3 "ate ange
GFI)1I)GGD to GFI2GI)GGD (Lour Answer)
C. banana;rown"ate V "ate Circumstances (as>of) GFIG1I)GGD3 "ate ange
GDIG1I)GGD to GFI)GI)GGD (Correct Answer)
". Cone of the above ? the base rule would be selected.
Q.=2) What is true about Container>-anaged and 44C -anaged authentication? (Choose +ne)

A. Container>-anaged authentication disables the entire 44C authori0ation
!. Container>-anaged authentication cannot be used when de%loying a 44C WA on
Tomcat (Correct Answer)
C. Container>-anaged authentication eliminates the need to store the +%erator 7" in
44C (Lour Answer)
". 44C does not su%%ort Container>-anaged authentication
Q.=8) A user wants access to modify activity &stablish+%erator&*ternally in class Code>'ecurity3
with the system level setting being =. 7f the following class ma%%ings are the only %art of that
access role3 which combination does C+T give the user su6cient access rights?

A. (Choose +ne) A. !. C. ". (Lour Answer)
!. """
MSAT Internal
Q.==) Which three statements are true about roles? (Choose Three)

A. A role de/nes the levels of access to rules that a%%ly to a class and instances of that
class (Lour Answer)
!. oles can be created and modi/ed using the ole &ditor (Lour Answer)
C. A role de/nes various levels of access to ule'ets and ule'et versions (Lour
". &ach Access of ole to +b1ect rule may have 0ero or one %rivilege
&. An Access When rule de/nes a test that the system %erforms to allow3 or disallow3 a
reAuestor to %erform an o%eration on an instance of a s%eci/c class (Correct Answer)
(. An access grou% can only have one role a%%lied at one time
Q.=?) Which two statements are true about 44C security? (Choose Two)

A. An access grou% can reference one or more access roles. (Lour Answer)
!. A %roduction level of G identi/es an e*%erimental system (Lour Answer)
C. 'ecurity in 44C can be controlled at a class level (Lour Answer)
". A userPs ule'et list is a %ro%er mechanism to control access to rules
Q.=B) A userNs access grou% has two roles liste". ? oleA and ole! (in that order).? oleA has
the R+%en 7nstances of "ata>Admin> +%erator>7"R set to G3 and ole! has it set to =. Assuming
there is no Access "eny rule3 will this user be able to o%en an o%erator instance on a %roduction
system and why? (Choose +ne)

A. Les3 the higher of the two %roduction levels wins (Lour Answer)
!. Les3 access roles are a%%lied until a role grants access (Correct Answer)
C. Co3 if any role is set to G3 access is not granted
". Co3 all access roles must grant access
Q.=D) Where do you con/gure the authentication timeout in 44C? (Choose +ne)

A. 7n the web.*ml /le
!. 7n the %rcon/g.*ml /le
C. 7n the access grou% (Lour Answer)
". 7n the ule>Admin>'ystem>'ettings
Q.=F) 7f an Access ole to +b1ect and an Access "eny rule are de/ned on the same class3 which
rule ta$es %recedence with res%ect to security? (Choose +ne)

A. Access ole to +b1ect
!. Access "eny (Correct Answer)
MSAT Internal
C. 44C %revents them from both being a%%lied to the same class (Lour Answer)
". Cone ? they are both a%%lied
Q.?G) A user has an access role that allows them #evel = access to modify instances of the
-yCo>Wor$> 4olicyA%%>&ndorse class. Which rule ty%e should you use to disallow access to
instances of the -yCo>Wor$>4olicyA%%>&ndorse class? (Choose +ne)

A. Access 'ettings
!. Access ole to +b1ect (Lour Answer)
C. Access "eny (Correct Answer)
". Access 4rivilege
Q.?1) (True of (alse) &ven if you use a centrali0ed directory (#"A4) andI or identity
management system for authentication3 you need to store +%erator 7"s in 44C. (Choose +ne)

A. True3 &ven reAuestor in 44C needs an associated +%erator 7" (Lour Answer)
!. True3 Lou need the +%erator 7" to bind to the #"A4 directory.
C. (alse3 Lou use the #"A4 5ser 7" instead of the +%erator 7"
". (alse3 This is only needed if you? e re%orting oH of 44CPs database
Q.?)) There are two session>related timeouts that are con/gurable in 44C3 the authentication
timeout and the reAuestor timeout. Which statement is true? (Choose +ne)

A. Authentication timeout should be set to occur /rst (Correct Answer)
!. eAuestor timeout should be set to occur /rst
C. !oth timeouts should be set to the same value (Lour Answer)
". With %assivation enabled3 the authentication timeout should be set to G
Q.?2) Access grou%s cannot be referenced from which one of the following ob1ects? (Choose

A. +%erator 7"
!. Wor$;rou% (Lour Answer)
C. +rgani0ation
". "ivision
Q.?8) Which one rule ty%e cannot be associated with a %rivilege? (Choose +ne)

A. Corres%ondence
MSAT Internal
!. #ist@iew
C. "ecision Table (Lour Answer)
". (low
Q.?=) A user has the following class access ma%%ingsS ? -yCo>A%%>Wor$ -odify ules U 2 ?
-yCo> A%%>Wor$>CaseCreate -odify ules U = ? -yCo>A%%>Wor$>Case"elete -odify ules U G
Which three statements below are correct? (Choose Three)

A. The user can modify rules in the -yCo>A%%>Wor$>esearch class on a "evelo%ment
system (Lour Answer)
!. The user can modify rules in the -yCo>A%%>Wor$>Case"elete class in an
&*%erimental system
C. The user can modify rules in the -yCo>A%%>Wor$> CaseCreate class in a Test system
(Lour Answer)
". The user can modify rules in the -yCo>A%%>Wor$>CaseCreate class in 4roduction
(Lour Answer)
Q.??) ;iven the diagram below3 what ty%e of rule is can4erform? (Choose +ne)

A. Access 4rivilege
!. Access 'ettings (Lour Answer)
C. Access When (Correct Answer)
". Access "eny
Q.?B) Can the out>of>the>bo* (++T!) 44C Access oles be modi/ed? (Choose +ne)

A. Co3 all of these roles are in loc$ed ule'ets (Lour Answer)
!. Les3 out>of>the>bo* roles are starter roles that are su%%osed to be customi0e
C. Co3 out>of>the>bo* roles should be overridden in a%%lication ule'ets
". Les3 the ole &ditor allows you to modify all roles
Q.?D) An activity (-yCo>"iv1>.'aveQuote) is associated with the following %rivilegesS ?
mayQuote? may'aveA user has the may'ave %rivilege but not the mayQuote %rivilege. Can the
user run the activity? (Choose +ne)

A. Co3 the user must have all of the %rivileges listed on an activity to e*ecute the
!. Les3 all shared rules can be e*ecuted by a%%lications across the enter%rise
C. Les3 if the user has any of the %rivileges listed on an activity3 they may e*ecute the
activity (Lour Answer)
". Les3 %rivileges on an activity only control design>time restrictions
MSAT Internal
Q.?F) Jow would you determine whether a reAuestor holds a s%eci/c %rivilege? (Choose +ne)

A. 7nterrogate the "eclareK4rivilegeCame %age on the cli%board
!. -a$e use of the 4ublicA47.> tools.;et4rivilege(eAuestor).olename method
C. -a$e use of the functionS > T (4ega>5#&'S"efault).Jave4rivilege(RtoolsR3 %rivname3
%rivA%%liesTo3 %agename) (Lour Answer)
". 5se a section of .ava and utili0e the out>of>the>bo* (++T!)
#isteAuestor4rivilege(ole r) method
Q.BG) 5sing the Access ole editor3 you are able to (Choose Three)

A. get a tabular overview of all Access of ole to +b1ect rules that ma$e u% an Access
ole (Lour Answer)
!. create new %rivilege rules
C. view +%erators ma%%ed to selected ole (Lour Answer)
". co%y %ermissions to another role (Correct Answer)
&. create a new role (Lour Answer)
(. view Access "eny rules to a class
Q.B1) Which statement is false about ule>JT-#>4ro%erty instances? (Choose +ne)

A. ule>JT-#>4ro%erty instances can be circumstanced
!. ule>JT-#>4ro%erty instances belong to a ule'et version
C. ule>JT-#>4ro%erty instances can acce%t %arameters as in%ut (Lour Answer)
". ule>JT-#>4ro%erty instances have an A%%lies To class (Correct Answer)
Q.B)) 7n which order does validation occur on a standard Eow action? (Choose +ne)

A. Client 'ide @alidation3 4ost 4rocessing Activity3 @alidate ule on (low Action
!. Client 'ide @alidation3 @alidate ule on (low Action3 4ost 4rocessing Activity (Lour
C. @alidate ule on (low Action 3Client 'ide @alidation3 4ost 4rocessing Activity
". Lou can change the order %er screen
Q.B2) Which two of the following tools are %rimarily designed to hel% debug and develo% the
user interface layout for an a%%lication? (Choose Two)

A. ules 7ns%ector (Lour Answer)
!. Tracer
MSAT Internal
C. 'tyle @iewer (Lour Answer)
". 4re (light
&. 4ro/ler
Q.B8) Which two statements are true regarding screen Eows? (Choose Two)

A. "e/ne a single harness for the entire screen Eow. (Lour Answer)
!. &ach ste% in the screen Eow can be routed to diHerent wor$list or wor$bas$et
C. "efer committing changes until the end of the screen Eow3 if con/gured to do so in
the start sha%e with W'ave #aterW set to true (Lour Answer)
". &ach assignment in a screen Eow allows for you to add more than one Eow action
Q.B=) Which one statement best e*%lains how you can control navigation within a screen Eow?
(Choose +ne)

A. &ach ste% in the screen Eow allows you to determine if you can 1um% to this ste% or
if you can only 1um% bac$ after it has been com%leted (Correct Answer)
!. 'creen Eows only su%%ort assignment sha%es thus always have a %re>de/ned
number of ste%s to com%lete
C. The harness de/nes if you are able to 1um% forward to future ste%s in a screen Eow
(Lour Answer)
". 'creen Eows always force the end user to wal$ through the Eow in seAuential order
without the ability to 1um% from one screen to another
Q.B?) Which client side events are su%%orted within 44C? (Choose Three)

A. +nChange (Lour Answer)
!. +n-ouseout
C. +nClic$ (Lour Answer)
". +n!lur (Lour Answer)
&. +n(ocus
Q.BB) According to 4ega?s best %ractice what is the recommended way to im%lement a solution
in this e*am%le. Lou have a list of %urchase orders on the screen3 each with a %rice. As you
change the %rice the ;rand Total should automatically be u%dated. (Choose +ne)

A. 4ut an +nChange client event on each of the %rice in%uts and have it use the
refresh section event to call an activity to calculate the ;rand Total
(Lour Answer)
!. !uild a "eclarative e*%ression to calculate the ;rand Total and use the
Calculated@alue JT-#>4ro%erty on the ;rand Total %ro%erty when dis%laying it (Correct Answer)
MSAT Internal
C. !uild a "eclarative e*%ression to calculate the ;rand Total and refresh the section
when in%uts change
". 5se +nChange client events on the in%ut elements and have them alter the value in
the ;rand Total %ro%erty
Q.BD) Which statement is true regarding the initial harness that dis%lays for a wor$ ob1ect?
(Choose +ne)

A. The initial harness is de/ned in the %y"efault model
!. The initial harness is de/ned on every Eow (Lour Answer)
C. The initial harness is only de/ned for Eows that create new wor$ ob1ects and is
". The initial harness can be s$i%%ed and this is con/gurable from the Eow rule
(Correct Answer)
Q.BF) Which of the following are false? (Choose Three)

A. e%eating list dis%lays are only for %age lists (Lour Answer)
!. Lou can dis%lay lists as row or column lists (To% to !ottom or #eft to ight)
C. Lou can only dis%lay a list as a row re%eating list dis%lay (#ist goes from to% to
bottom) (Lour Answer)
". There is no su%%ort for tabs when dis%laying re%eating lists (Lour Answer)
&. A section rule can be used to s%ecify how items of the re%eating list are dis%layed
Q.DG) Which four of the following are %rovided as out>of>the>bo* (++T!) widgets when creating
user interface rules? (Choose (our)

A. A. #ist>to>#ist (Lour Answer)
!. !. 'liders
C. C. "ynamic 'elect (Lour Answer)
". ". Toolbar
&. &. Auto Com%lete (Lour Answer)
(. (. #ist @iew (Lour Answer)
Q.D1) Which layouts are %rovided out>of>the>bo* (++T!) when building forms? (Choose Two)

A. Carousel #ayout
!. Accordion #ayout (Lour Answer)
C. Tabbed #ayout (Lour Answer)
". Concertina #ayouts
MSAT Internal
Q.D)) Which one statement describes the best %ractice for branding an a%%lication to meet a
com%anyPs style reAuirements? (Choose +ne)

A. 5se the A%%lication '$in wi0ard and then use inline styles on the user interface rules
!. 5se the A%%lication '$in wi0ard and then modify the generated s$in when needed3
try to limit inline styles (Correct Answer)
C. +nly use the style viewer and ma$e changes to the out>of>the>bo* C'' /les and
your own ule'ets (Lour Answer)
". 5se inline styles to change dis%lays to meet cor%orate standards
Q.D2) Which are best %ractices when designing user interface rules so they can be re>used?
(Choose Two)

A. !y building all dis%lays within cells of layouts it will allow you the granularity needed
to re>use the rule
!. !y building section rules or JT-#>4ro%erty rules with %arameters it will allow you to
re>use these dis%lay rules more freAuently within an a%%lication (Lour Answer)
C. !y grou%ing related data into section rules3 you can re>use these sections
throughout the a%%lication and control if they should be u%dateable or read>only in the %arent
section (Lour Answer)
". The best %ractice for re>using user interface rules is to assure it is in the right %art of
the class structure
Q.D8) Where do you con/gure the label that dis%lays in the dro% down at an assignment (i.e. the
list of available actions)? (Choose +ne)

A. 7t is set within the Assignment sha%e on the Eow
!. 7t is set by the short descri%tion from the Eow action rule (Lour Answer)
C. 7t is set by the usage on the history tab on the Eow action rule
". 7t is set by a %arameter in the %re>activity on the Eow action
Q.D=) Which features allows the wor$list to dis%lay additional data from the wor$ ob1ect?
(Choose Two)

A. The .+7C feature on #ist @iews now lets you 1oin the assignment table to the wor$
ob1ect table to add e*%osed columns to the wor$list dis%lay (Correct Answer)
!. The .+7C feature on #ist @iews now lets you 1oin the assignment table to the wor$
ob1ect table to retrieve any element from the wor$ ob1ect (Lour Answer)
C. The 'mart 7nfo hover over lets you dis%lay a 'ection rule to show additional wor$
ob1ect information (Lour Answer)
". Alter the getContent activity to write custom code to loo$ through items on wor$list
to %erform additional loo$u%s on the wor$ table
MSAT Internal
Q.D?) When wor$ing with 5ser 7nterface rules such as 'ections3 it is %ossible to save them in
the ?wor$? or ?data? %ortions of the class structure hierarchy. 7s the following statement true or
false? 'aving 'ection rules in the ?data? %ortion of the hierarchy is usually better because the
rules can then be reused wherever its associated data is used3 without having to worry about
correct %ro%erty referencing.

A. True (Lour Answer)
!. (alse
Q.DB) Which tools gives you the broadest %icture of your systemPs overall health? (Choose Two)

A. 4A# (Lour Answer)
!. 4ro/ler
C. 'ystem -anagement A%%lication ('-A) (Lour Answer)
". "!Trace
&. Autonomic &vent 'ervices (A&')
(Correct Answer)
Q.DD) Which two actions hel% to o%timi0e your database or %romote eHective 'Q# statements?
(Choose Two)

A. 4artition the database (Correct Answer)
!. Avoid arithmetic o%erations or functions in the '&#&CT clause (Lour Answer)
C. Write Aueries that o%erate on large results sets but only dis%lay small amounts of
". Create and use inde*es eHectively (Lour Answer)
&. Avoid using Where clauses
Q.DF) What are three %erformance im%acts of having an e*tremely large wor$ ob1ect? (Choose

A. 'lower %ersistence to database as the !#+! needs to be com%ressed (Lour Answer)
!. ;arbage collection im%acts when ob1ect is released (Correct Answer)
C. #arge cli%board %age foot%rint (Correct Answer)
". #arge wor$ ob1ects waste s%ace in the instance cache (Lour Answer)
&. &. #arge wor$ ob1ects are stored as ,-# /les on the /le system and will lead to ?out
of dis$? errors if they are not %urged freAuently (Lour Answer)
MSAT Internal
Q.FG) The 4A# indicators that refer to the ?stream? are measuring what? (Choose +ne)

A. The JT-# data going to the browser
!. Any %rocessing of reAuests and res%onses via 'ervices (Lour Answer)
C. eading and writing data in the database
". "atabase o%erations %ertaining to the !#+! (Correct Answer)
Q.F1) What is the !yte ;overnor alert (4&;AGGG8) and how does it wor$? (Choose Two)

A. 7t is a critical alert that can ta$e the form of an alert or an error (Correct Answer)
!. 7t is triggered when the total number of bytes sent to the browser in an interaction
e*ceeds a byte count threshold (Lour Answer)
C. 7t is triggered when the total number of bytes read from all Aueries in an interaction
e*ceeds a byte count threshold (Correct Answer)
". 7t is triggered when the total number of bytes saved to the database in an
interaction e*ceeds a byte count threshold
(Lour Answer)
Q.F)) Where do you customi0e the thresholds for alerts? (Choose +ne)

A. 4#+;;7C;.,-#
!. ule>Admin>'ystem>'ettings
C. 4C+C(7;.,-# (Lour Answer)
". Lou cannot customi0e the thresholdsM the defaults are /ne and do not need to be
Q.F2) Which tool is best to use if you want to com%are 44C &rrors with Alerts3 as well as the .@-
;arbage Collection #og? (Choose +ne)

A. 4#A ? 4ega5#&' #og Analy0er (Lour Answer)
!. A&' ? Autonomic &vent 'ervices
C. '-A ? 'ystem -anagement A%%lication
". &*cel
Q.F8) Lour a%%lication 1ust went into %roduction and the users are com%laining that res%onse
times are terrible. Lour best initial action should be? (Choose Two)

A. 5se the 4#A ? 4ega5#&' #og Analy0er to analy0e A#&T'3 'ystem #ogs3 and the ;C
(;arbage Collection) (Lour Answer)
!. un 4A# on every screen in the a%%lication
MSAT Internal
C. un 4re>(light
". Chec$ the 4ega Alert logs (Lour Answer)
Q.F=) Which one of the following are true about "! Trace and A%%lication 4ro/ler? (Choose Two)

A. They are essentially the same thing3 it?s a %ersonal %reference as to which to use
!. Lou can see Activity rule e*ecutions only in the A%%lication 4ro/ler
C. To see where database actions are ta$ing %lace3 the A%%lication 4ro/ler %rovides
more detail than "!Trace (Lour Answer)
". The A%%lication 4ro/ler is the better tool to see ste%>by>ste% where the ela%sed and
C45 time is being s%ent (Lour Answer)
Q.F?) Why is allowing instances to be stored in a default table (%rKother) a %oor design %ractice?
(Choose Two)

A. The default table does not contain adeAuate inde*es and columns for %erformance
(Lour Answer)
!. The default table does not have adeAuate e*%osed columns (Lour Answer)
C. The default table names are too generic
". The default table is too small to hold all of your data
&. !ecause the 4reEight tool will Eag it as bad %ractice
Q.FB) Which three of the following measurements are used by the alerts re%orted to the 44C
Alert log? (Choose Three)

A. The overall time ela%sed from when a user triggers Client 'ide .ava'cri%t
!. The time s%ent e*ecuting "eclarative e*%ressions (Lour Answer)
C. The time for a res%onse from a web service called using the Connect>'+A4 method
(Lour Answer)
". The time for a database Auery to e*ecute and return results to 44C (Lour Answer)
&. The si0e of the JT-# stream returned to the userIbrowser (Correct Answer)
Q.FD) Which one of the following statements is true? (Choose +ne)

A. The overall si0e of a 44C wor$ ob1ect im%acts the time it ta$es to com%ress and
store the ob1ect in the database (Lour Answer)
!. "uring #ist @iew e*ecution3 44C will only retrieveIe*%and the !#+! if the %ro%erties
retrieved are not e*%osed
C. "uring #ist @iew e*ecution3 44C will only retrieveIe*%and the !#+! if the %ro%erties
used in the generated Where clause are not e*%osed
". 44C only retrievesIe*%ands the !#+! via the use of the +b1>+%en and +b1>+%en>
!y>Jandle methods
MSAT Internal
&. !y default the 44C !#+! is stored in an encry%ted format in the database
Q.FF) Which of the following statements are true regarding 44C and garbage collection?
(Choose Two)

A. &Hective cli%board management is one of the best ways for an architect to reduce
an a%%lications memory foot%rint and time s%ent in %erforming garbage collection (Lour Answer)
!. When available3 additional .@- hea% s%ace may or may not im%rove the time s%ent
in garbage collection (Correct Answer)
C. As 44C architects it is im%ortant to set %ro%erties to null so that they can be
discarded as %art of garbage collection (Lour Answer)
". As long as re%orting is done by a 2rd %arty tool garbage collection will have minimal
im%act on the %erformance of a 44C a%%lication
Q.1GG) ;iven the following situationS A !4- a%%lication was de%loyed into %roduction nine
months ago and was %erforming well initially. Cow3 users com%lain of slow res%onse times on
certain screen interactions irres%ective of the time of day. Which one of the following statements
is most li$ely to be accurate as to the root cause of this issue? (Choose +ne)

A. +ver time more rows have been added to wor$3 history3 assignment and o%erator
tables and ine6cient Aueries against those tables are ta$ing longer than they did F months
earlier (Correct Answer)
!. A memory lea$ in the con/guration has led to more and more garbage collection
over the %ast nine months
C. 7f the 44C a%%lication server has not be restarted recently it is li$ely the case that
the 44C caches have /lled u% and are not being utili0ed well (Lour Answer)
". As new rules have been added to the 44Crule base3 the database containing the
rules needs to be %ro%erly inde*ed and tuned so that freAuent access to the rules is made as
e6cient as %ossible
Q.1G1) Which two statements are false about the #og>-essage method? (Choose Two)

A. Lou can force a stac$ trace
!. Lou can s%ecify the /lename where you want to write the message (Correct Answer)
C. 7t allows you to avoid using .ava ste%s to write to the 4age5#&' log
". Lou can add a message that will show u% in Tracer (Lour Answer)
&. 7t always uses the "ebug log level (Lour Answer)
Q.1G)) Which one of the following is not a refactoring tool %rovided by 44C? (Choose +ne)

A. enaming a class and %ro%agating the name change through the hierarchy and rule
MSAT Internal
!. Converting a -a%>@alue into a "ecision Table (Correct Answer)
C. 'earch and re%lace of a string in all rules (Lour Answer)
". -erging one ule'et into another
Q.1G2) Which feature is available when using Tracer? (Choose +ne)

A. Lou can set a brea$%oint for a s%eci/c ste% within an activity
!. +%en an named cli%board %age to dis%lay current data
C. 'elect which reAuestor session you wish to trace3 using the '-A tool (Lour Answer)
". e>run a s%eci/c set of ste%s with u%dated data
Q.1G8) Jow can you debug an agent using Tracer? (Choose +ne)

A. There is a way to select the agent and force its e*ecution
!. Lou can trace a given reAuestor by delaying an agent in '-A (Lour Answer)
C. Lou can set a brea$ %oint in the activity that the agent runs to have Tracer %ic$ it u%
". Lou can set a log>message ste% in the activity the agent runs to have Tracer /nd the
Q.1G=) Which two statements are true regarding con/guring log /les in 44C? (Choose Two)

A. Lou cannot con/gure within an Activity rule to which log /le you want to write errors
(Correct Answer)
!. Lou are able to con/gure within '-A which rules write to which log /les (Lour
C. Lou can u%date %rlogging.*ml /le to change the default 4ega5#&' log /le names
". Lou can u%date the %rlogging.*ml /le to change the log /le names3 roll over settings
and even add new log /les for s%eci/c rule ty%e and class within 44C (Lour Answer)
Q.1G?) Which of the following caches maintains references to the 1ava class generated
when a (low rule is e*ecuted against a wor$ ob1ect for the /rst time? (Choose +ne)

A. ules Assembly cache (Lour Answer)
!. ule cache
C. #oo$u% #ist cache
". 4ersonal cache
Q.1GB) All of the following are ways in which you can access system logs e*ce%tS (Choose
MSAT Internal

A. (rom the "evelo%er menu selectingM Tools 9 #og (iles (Lour Answer)
!. Clic$ing the 'ave icon from the Tracer tool (Lour Answer)
C. (rom the 'ystem -anagement A%%lication menu selecting M #ogging and Tracing 9
#og (iles
". emote logging using log81
&. Through the %rdbutil interface (Correct Answer)
Q.1GD) Lou are unit testing your Eow and have meticulously clic$ed ?Add eading? at
every transition. The result is below. 7s this a fair reEection of the li$ely %erformance of your Eow?
(Choose +ne)

A. Les3 there?s nothing wrong with it
!. Co3 it shows clear %erformance issues (Lour Answer)
C. Co3 you should run it againM these results have been s$ewed by rules assembly
(Correct Answer)
Q.1GF) Which one of the following statements about logging is false? (Choose +ne)

A. All log messages are written to either the Alert log or the 4ega log
!. #og severity level can be con/gured for rules3 rule ty%es3 activities3 classes and
%ac$ages (Lour Answer)
C. The alert threshold settings are con/gured in %rlogging.*ml (Correct Answer)
". The severity levels of logging areSfatal3 error3 alert3 warn3 info3 and debug
&. "aily rolling logs are con/gured in %rlogging.*ml
Q.11G) Which two of the following statements are true about 'ummary @iews? (Choose

A. 'ummary @iew re%orts %rovide a multi>level re%ort dis%lay with drill>down
ca%abilities (Lour Answer)
!. The ?drill down? ca%ability %rovides only the ability to invo$e another 'ummary
@iew rule (Lour Answer)
C. !ecause of the aggregate /rst>level dis%lay3 'ummary @iews allow you to re%ort on
very large re%ort sets of 1G3GGG rows or more (Correct Answer)
". 'ummary @iew rules generate JT-# and .'4 for dis%lay that can be further
Q.111) Which three out>of>the>bo* (++T!) features do #ist @iews %rovide? (Choose Three)

A. 4agination (Lour Answer)
MSAT Internal
!. "e/ning thresholds
C. 'ingle or multi>selection (Lour Answer)
". Trend e%orting
&. Class .oins (Lour Answer)
Q.11)) Which three statements are true about #ist @iew re%orts? (Choose Three)

A. A #ist @iew re%ort can be dis%layed in a Eow action (Lour Answer)
!. !oth develo%ers and managers can create and u%date #ist @iew rules (Lour Answer)
C. 7n an activity3 a #ist @iew rule can be e*ecuted to %rovide searching and sorting3
with no dis%lay3 as an e6cient alternative to the +b1>#ist method (Correct Answer)
". #ist @iew re%orts can only run Aueries against 44C assignment and wor$ ob1ect
Q.112) 4ic$ the one most a%%ro%riate statement about 44C re%orting. (Choose +ne)

A. 44C is an e*cellent re%orting solution and is recommended for re%orting instead of
%urchasing e*%ensive !usiness 7ntelligence re%orting software
!. Lou can always get the re%orting data you need by e*%osing %ro%erties as database
C. 7f the re%orting data is stored in sources other than 44C3 you need to create
connectors to retrieve the data from the source system
". 44C re%orting is highly o%timi0edM the im%act of running large re%orts in a
%roduction system is negligible
&. 44C includes %owerful !usiness Activity -onitoring re%orts that %rovide business
managers with real>time and historical information to measure and manage business %rocess
%erformance (Correct Answer)
Q.118) Which three statements are true about the out>of>the>bo* (++T!) 44C re%orts?
(Choose Three)

A. A database view can sim%lify re%orting3 es%ecially with %ro%erties from two or more
classes that are in se%arate class grou%s (Correct Answer)
!. e%orts in the -onitor 4rocesses category su%%ort day>to>day monitoring of the
bac$logs of wor$ that has arrived but is incom%lete (Correct Answer)
C. e%orts in the Analy0e 4erformance grou% analy0e which Eow actions were selected
how often3 by assignment3 and the timeliness of the selection (Correct Answer)
". Analy0e 4erformance and Analy0e Quality re%orts cover only unresolved wor$
&. -onitor Assignments and -onitor 4rocesses re%orts cover resolved wor$ ob1ects
(. The (inal ConEicts re%ort allows develo%ers to identify rules in the current
a%%lication ule'et version that conEict with %revious ule'et versions
MSAT Internal
Q.11=) Which two of the following statements are true about e*%osing !#+! data? (Choose

A. "eclare &*%ression or "eclare Trigger rules can be used to co%y a single embedded
%ro%erty to a to%>level %ro%erty3 and this to%>level %ro%erty can be e*%osed (Correct Answer)
!. "eclare 7nde* rules can be used to e*%ose many3 or all3 of the items in an
embedded list or grou% (Correct Answer)
C. As$ your "!A to create a database>level inde*3 because this is a good mechanism
to e*%ose embedded %ro%erties
". &*%osing a new %ro%erty with the -odify "atabase 'chema wi0ard will
automatically %o%ulate all rows of the res%ective database column ? both for new rows and
e*isting ones
Q.11?) Which two statements are true about 'mart7nfo dis%lays? (Choose Two)

A. -ay utili0e in%ut /elds
!. 'mart7nfo can dis%lay as a %o%u% window or ill automatically %o%ulate all rows of
the res%ective database embedded (Correct Answer)
C. The 'mart7nfo feature is %art of Client>'ide %rocessing and handled com%letely by
the browser
". The 'mart7nfo dis%lay can contain images (Correct Answer)
Q.11B) Which three statements are true about 'ummary @iew and #ist @iew re%orts?
(Choose Three)

A. 'ummary @iew re%orts allow you to drill down to another 'ummary @iew re%ort
(Correct Answer)
!. 'ummary @iew re%orts allow you to drill down to a detailed view (Correct Answer)
C. !oth summary views and list views %rovide client side and server side /ltering
ca%abilities in addition to the database XwhereQ clause
". #ist views allow you to %ass in %arameter values to be used as selection criteria
(Correct Answer)
&. 4arameters can be used to override selection criteria that are hard>coded in a
summary view
Q.11D) Which two statements are true about the e%ort Wi0ard? (Choose Two)

A. The e%ort Wi0ard can only be used to create re%orts on wor$
!. 5sing the wi0ard will ensure best %ossible %erformance of your re%ort
C. Lou can use the e%ort Wi0ard to delegate created re%orts to an access grou%
(Correct Answer)
". Lou need a s%ecial %rivilege to run the e%ort Wi0ard (Correct Answer)
MSAT Internal
Q.11F) Which two statements are true about re%orts? (Choose Two)

A. #ist @iew and 'ummary @iew rules allow you to %resent the results in segments3
$nown as %ages
!. The criteria s%eci/ed in (ilter !y become %art of the 'Q# WJ&& clause
C. 4aging im%roves res%onse time and reduces the si0e of the cli%board (Correct
". The re%ort dis%lay generated by a list view can be embedded in a section
(Correct Answer)
Q.1)G) Which two statements are true about the getContent activity? (Choose Two)

A. The getContent activity should not be re%laced as it %rovides highly o%timi0ed
retrieval of re%orting data
!. Lou can customi0e the getContent activity by creating a co%y of the same name in
your a%%lication ule'et
C. Creating a custom getContent>li$e activity that is s%eci/ed as the re%ort source
allows you to fetch data from sources other than databases (Correct Answer)
". "ata can be fetched from an e*ternal database table so long as the $ey of the table
is ma%%ed to the %*7nsJandle %ro%erty (Correct Answer)
Q.1)1) Which two statements are true about re%orts? (Choose Two)

A. 'ummary views allow you to drill down into another 'ummary @iew3 #ist @iew3 or a
"etailed @iew (Correct Answer)
!. !oth #ist @iew and 'ummary @iew rules can use an override sort function
C. !oth #ist @iew and 'ummary @iew rules can use class 1oins to reference %ro%erties
from multi%le classes (Correct Answer)
". +nly #ist @iew rules may use %arameter
Q.1))) Which of the following is true? (Choose +ne)

A. Lou can test the %ersistence connectivity for a class on the Class rule form3 on the
associated "ata>Admin>"!>Table record3 as well as on the Class 'tructure @iewer
!. All four foundation classes (ule>+b1> Class3 "ata>Admin>"!>Table3 "ata>Admin>"!>
Came3 "ata>Admin>"!>Class;rou%) must be stored in %r8Krule table
C. +ne can use +b1> methods to the 44C database to readIwrite data to the wor$>
ob1ect tables without im%act on data integrity (Correct Answer)
". 4rocess commander searches the "ata>Admin>"!>Table using the %attern and direct
inheritance mechanism to /nd the table that stores the instances of a given class
MSAT Internal
Q.1)2) Which one action should you not ta$e when designing for rule delegation? (Choose

A. Choose rule names and %ro%erty names that are meaningful in the business conte*t
tion? (Choose +ne)
!. 7dentify which rules are useful to delegate to managers for maintenance
C. &nsure that the ule'et(s) that contain the delegated rules are %art of the
A%%lication ule3 not the 4roduction ule'et list (Correct Answer)
". After initial testing3 co%y the rules into a ule'et containing only the delegated rules
so that later changes can be segregated from the rest of the a%%lication
&. -a$e sure the delegated ule'et is loc$ed
Q.1)8) Which grou%s of rule ty%es use (unctions Alias rules on their rule forms? (Choose

A. "ecision trees3 -a% values and "ecision tables
!. "eclare e*%ressions3 activities and ule>Access>When
C. "ecision trees3 -a% values3 and ule>"eclare> Constraint (Correct Answer)
". "ecision trees3 When rules3 and "eclare e*%ressions
Q.1)=) Which two of the following are "eclarative rules? (Choose Two)

A. ule>"eclare>"ecisionTree
!. ule>"eclare> "ecisionTable
C. ule>+b1>-a%@alue
". ule>"eclare>&*%ression (Correct Answer)
&. ule>"eclare>+nChange (Correct Answer)
Q.1)?) Which one of the following rules can use bac$ward chaining as a method of
%ro%agation? (Choose +ne)

A. ule>"eclare> &*%ression (Correct Answer)
!. ule>"eclare>+nChange
C. ule>"eclare>Constraints
". ule>"eclare>Trigger
&. ule>"eclare>Case-atch
Q.1)B) "uring the e*ecution of a ule>"eclare>+nChange will declarative e*%ressions
e*ecute? (Choose +ne)
MSAT Internal

A. Les
!. Co (Correct Answer)
Q.1)D) Which one of the following rules allows you to co%y the %revious value of one
%ro%erty to another %ro%erty if you want to audit %ro%erty level changes? (Choose +ne)

A. ule>"eclare>+nChange
!. ule>"eclare>Trigger (Correct Answer)
C. ule>"eclare>&*%ression
". ul>"eclare>"ecisionTree
&. ule>+b1>-a%@alue
Q.1)F) Choose three times when a Thread level "eclarative %age is removed from
memory? (Choose Three)

A. When the user does not refer to it for a duration more than the timeout setting
!. When the user logs out (Correct Answer)
C. When the user session e*%ires (Correct Answer)
". When the a%%lication server is brought down (Correct Answer)
&. When the '-A is used to ?refresh? a declarative %age
Q.12G) As %art of a !& im%lementation3 is it %ossible to e*ecute unordered rules
dynamically if given a set of conditions that stat&. e*ecute all "ecision rules when 'tate is +hio3
and audit as to which rules get e*ecuted? (Choose +ne)

A. Co 44C has no (out>of>the>bo* (++T!) facilities to su%%ort this and we will have to
build something custom to su%%ort this
!. Les3 you can do this using a #ist @iew in con1unction with a ule>"eclare>Collection
(Correct Answer)
C. Les3 you can do this using a 'ummary @iew in con1unction with ule>"eclare>
". Les3 you can do this using a ule>"eclare>&*%ression in con1unction with a ule>
"eclare> Case-atch
&. Les you can do this using a ule>"eclare>Trigger in con1unction with ule>+b1>
Q.121) 7f you created a ule>"eclare>&*%ression rule on a target %ro%erty A /rst3 will 44C
let you to use %ro%erty A in the left hand side of a 4ro%erty>'et in a new activity? (Choose +ne)

A. Les
!. Co (Correct Answer)
MSAT Internal
Q.12)) The calculation ty%es (e.g. 'um +f3 @alue +f3 etc) available in a "eclare &*%ressions
rule are KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK? (Choose +ne)

A. "e%endent on the ?a%%lies to? class of the rule
!. "e%endent on if the e*%ression is conte*t>free or conte*t sensitive
C. "e%endent on the ty%e of the in%ut %ro%erties
". "e%endent on the ty%e of the target %ro%erty (Correct Answer)
Q.122) Which of the following is a diHerence between a "eclarative 4age de/ned as Code
level versus Thread level? (Choose +ne)

A. Code level %ages are read>only and thread level are not
!. Thread level %ages can use a when to determine when the %age needs to refresh3
node level cannot (Correct Answer)
C. +nly Code level %ages must be named "eclareKCodeK
". Code level %ages are loaded when 44C starts u% and thread level %ages are loaded
when the user logs in
Q.128) ule>"eclare>+nChange rules are diHerent from ule>"eclare>&*%ressions in that?
(Choose +ne)

A. +nChange rules can directly e*ecute an activity in a bac$ground %rocess rather
than set a single %ro%erty
!. &*%ressions allow con/guring of the e*ecution conte*t to any3 to% level3 or only
s%eci/c %ages (Correct Answer)
C. +nChange rules /re when designated %ro%erties change on the cli%board as
o%%osed to e*%ressions which reAuire a database commit
". +nChange rules +C#L use bac$ward chaining to trac$ changes whereas e*%ressions
can use either forward or bac$ward chaining
Q.12=) Which of the following is true? (Choose +ne)

A. "ecision Tables can call only "ecision Trees without having to use a utility function
!. "ecision Trees can only call other "ecision Trees without having to use a utility
C. "ecision Trees can call other "ecision Trees3 "ecision Table or -a% @alues without
having to use a utility function (Correct Answer)
". "ecision Tables can call other "ecision Tables3 "ecision Trees or -a% @alues without
having to use a utility function
MSAT Internal
Q.12?) (True or (alse) "ecision tables can associate a %rivilege with the ability to edit each
individual cell.

A. True
!. (alse (Correct Answer)
Q.12B) A ule>"eclare>4age named "eclareKichieTest is of %age sco%e Thread. 7t has a
efresh %eriod of /ve minutes and no timeout. There is also a ?4age is fresh when? rule ?
Cod7s7n'toc$? based on a TrueI(alse %ro%erty Cod7s7n'toc$ Consider this seAuence of eventsS?
"eclareKichieTest is /rst accessed and loaded at 18S28? Cod'toc$ is set to false at 18S2D?
"eclareKichieTest is ne*t accessed at 18S8=When is the "eclareKichieTest %age loaded again?
(Choose +ne)

A. 18S8= (Correct Answer)
!. 18S2F
C. 18S2D
". Cever3 once loaded the %age is never reloaded
Q.12D) Which of the following is false about "eclarative 4ages? (Choose +ne)

A. #oad Activity ty%e must be set to R#oad"eclarative4ageR
!. +nly Code level declare %ages %rom%t you to con/gure an Access ;rou%. 7f left
blan$3 eAuestor Access ;rou% is used (Correct Answer)
C. efresh conditions can be con/gured on rule form
". +nly Thread %ages may utili0e the ?efresh 4age When? o%tion to refresh the %age
&. Cannot be directly saved to database
Q.12F) Which three statements are true about %rimary and ste% %ages within activities?
(Choose Three)

A. A %rimary %age acts as the conte*t for the entire activity (Correct Answer)
!. A ste% in an activity where the 'te% 4age column is blan$ indicates that the ste%
%age is the %rimary %age (Correct Answer)
C. When iterating through embedded %ages3 each instance of the embedded %age
becomes the ste% %age for that ste% (Correct Answer)
". When an activity calls another rule3 the %rimary %age of the calling activity becomes
the %rimary %age of the called rule
&. The %rimary $eyword always refers to a to%>level %age
Q.18G) What are the ? Ns? (Choose 'i*)
MSAT Internal

A. A. e%eat
!. !. e%ly
C. C. eserve
". ". e%ort (Correct Answer)
&. &. e>e*amine
(. (. eceive (Correct Answer)
;. ;. eturn
J. J. esolve (Correct Answer)
7. 7. es%ond (Correct Answer)
.. .. +7
<. <. oute (Correct Answer)
#. #. esearch (Correct Answer)
Q.181) When is it a%%ro%riate to use a sub>Eow sha%e instead of a s%in>oH Eow sha%e?
(Choose +ne)

A. When you wish to run calculations in a se%arate thread from the current %rocess
!. When you wish to %erform wor$ on a diHerent wor$ ob1ect
C. When you want to transfer control to another Eow rule (Correct Answer)
". When you wish to route wor$ to a diHerent de%artment while continuing down the
current %rocess %ath
Q.18)) Which two of the following statements are true about the '%lit>(or>&ach and '%lit>
.oin sha%es? (Choose Two)

A. !oth sha%es allow you to continue %rocessing when ACL or A## of the sub %rocesses
com%lete (Correct Answer)
!. '%lit>.oin allows you to e*ecute diHerent sub>Eows whereas '%lit>(or>&ach calls the
same %rocess on diHerent %ages (Correct Answer)
C. '%lit>(or>&ach allows you to e*ecute diHerent sub>Eows whereas '%lit>.oin calls the
same %rocess on diHerent %ages.
". !oth sha%es create se%arate Threads for sub> %rocesses they create
&. '%lit>(or>&ach can only be used when iterating over a list of wor$ ob1ects
Q.182) Which one of the following statements is true about the im%lementation of 44C?s
'%in>+H Eow behavior? (Choose +ne)

A. '%in>+H Eows are e*ecuted in the current reAuestor in a serial mannerM however
they do %rovide business %arallelism by allowing multi%le users to have assignments on the
same wor$ ob1ect (Correct Answer)
!. '%in>+H Eows achieve greater through%ut by allowing assignments to be wor$ed on
by multi%le users at the same time by obtaining a se%arate loc$ for each sub>%rocess
C. '%in>+H Eows create se%arate Threads which allow for faster %rocessing of
assignments and calculations
MSAT Internal
". '%in>+H Eows create se%arate reAuestors so that wor$ can be assigned to diHerent
Q.188) Which two of the following statements are true regarding the use of "raft (lows?
(Choose Two)

A. "raft Eows allow users to directly ca%ture %rocesses without reAuiring referenced
rules to be com%leted (Correct Answer)
!. "raft Eows can be e*ecuted to demonstrate the %rocess (Correct Answer)
C. "raft Eows can only be e*ecuted if a %revious3 non>draft>mode version e*ists
". +nce a Eow is chec$ed in it cannot be mar$ed as a draft Eow. Lou can?t change the
status of a chec$ed in rule3 can you?
&. "raft Eows can only be e*ecuted if the Eow actions they reference have been
Q.18=) Which one of the following statements are true regarding %assing %age references
to activities? (Choose +ne)

A. !oth %age name %arameters and %rom%t %ages %rovide a way to %ass a %age
reference to an activity so %age names don?t need to be hardcoded (Correct Answer)
!. 4age name %arameters can only be used to %ass to%>level %ages
C. 4age names %arameters create aliases for %ages that can be used by any rule that
is e*ecuted after an activity
". 4assing %ages by reference reAuires 1ava code
Q.18?) Which two of the following statements are true? (Choose Two)

A. Assignment and wor$ ob1ect '#As allow for se%arate service levels to be de/ned on
individual tas$s and overall wor$ resolution (Correct Answer)
!. Wor$ ob1ect '#As are normally s%eci/ed in a model but can be modi/ed during
subseAuent %rocessing (Correct Answer)
C. Wor$ ob1ect '#As can only be set during wor$ ob1ect creation
". Assignment '#As default to the wor$ ob1ect '#A if not s%eci/ed
&. Wor$ ob1ect '#As are de/ned on the start sha%e of a Eow and are overwritten by
'#As on individual assignments
Q.18B) Which one of the following is true about the conce%ts of %ush and %ull routing as
im%lemented in 44C? (Choose +ne)

A. Assigning wor$ to a wor$list is an e*am%le of %ush routing and using get ne*t wor$
to grab wor$ from a wor$bas$et is an e*am%le of %ull routing (Correct Answer)
MSAT Internal
!. Assigning wor$ to a wor$list is an e*am%le of %ull routing and using get ne*t wor$ to
grab wor$ from a wor$bas$et is an e*am%le of %ush routing
C. 5sing a load balancing algorithm to assign wor$ to individual o%erators is an
e*am%le of %ull routing
". A single a%%lication should only use one ty%e of routing3 %ush or %ull
Q.18D) +ut of the !o* ;et Ce*t Wor$ functionality is C+T useful in solving which one of the
following business %roblems? (Choose +ne)

A. The Rcherry>%ic$ingR of easy wor$ selected /rst from wor$bas$ets causing some
wor$ to not be done in a timely manner
!. etrieving wor$ based on highest urgency
C. &venly distributing wor$ to all members of a team (Correct Answer)
". etrieving wor$ from one or more wor$bas$ets or wor$list
Q.18F) Which two of the following statements are true about covers? (Choose Two)

A. Covers cannot cover another cover (Correct Answer)
!. !y default3 only one covered item that belongs to the same cover can be %rocessed
at a time (Correct Answer)
C. Covers cannot belong to a folder
". Covers can only cover 1G ob1ects or less
&. The lin$s between a cover and its covered ob1ects is stored using foreign $eys in the
Q.1=G) Which two of the following statements are true about folders? (Choose Two)

A. (olders can contain two covers (Correct Answer)
!. A folder can contain another folder (Correct Answer)
C. A folder contains an embedded %age of all the wor$ ob1ects that it contains
". A folder cannot have a %rocess run on it
&. A folder does not have a status
Q.1=1) Wor$ %arties are . (Choose +ne)

A. stored in a %age list with the subscri%t re%resenting the %riority of the %arty
!. stored in a value grou% with the subscri%t re%resenting the identity of the %arty
C. data instances that are lin$ed to wor$ ob1ects as attachments
". roles with %otentially multi%le occurences that %artici%ate in a wor$ ob1ect (Correct
MSAT Internal
Q.1=)) Which one of the following actions could set diHerent urgency values for a wor$
ob1ect and an assignment on that wor$ ob1ect? (Choose +ne)

A. An assignment?s '#A has an urgency escalation (Correct Answer)
!. An u%date to the wor$ ob1ect urgency occurs when a loc$ is not obtained on the
C. An u%date occurs to the assignment '#A and the %y5rgency'ync %ro%erty is set to
". This cannot occur as a rule>declare>trigger is used to $ee% the values in sync
Q.1=2) Which one of the following statements is true about wor$ lists and wor$bas$ets?
(Choose +ne)

A. Wor$ can only be routed to a wor$ list if a data>admin>o%erator>id e*ists for the
s%eci/ed wor$list (Correct Answer)
!. ;etCe*tWor$ only uses wor$bas$ets when determining which wor$ to %rocess
C. Wor$bas$ets automatically notify all eligible o%erators that new wor$ e*ists
". Wor$ can only be routed to a wor$bas$et if a data>admin>o%erator>id e*ists for the
s%eci/ed wor$bas$et
Q.1=8) Which one of the following statements is true about wor$ ob1ect history in 44C?
(Choose +ne)

A. Jistory is automatically added during $ey events3 such as '#A deadlines as well as
by a%%lication s%eci/c rules (Correct Answer)
!. Jistory is automatically deleted from the 44C database when the associated wor$
ob1ect is resolved
C. Jistory is only added by a%%lication s%eci/c rules
". Jistory is stored as a %age list inside the wor$ ob1ect so it can be easily dis%layed in
the harness
Q.1==) Which of the following is true about out>of>the>bo* (++T!) wor$ history trac$ing in
44C? (Choose Three)

A. Jistory is added when a 'ervice #evel Agreement ('#A) is %rocessed by the '#A
Agent (Correct Answer)
!. The #og>-essage method can be used to add the history to the wor$ ob1ect
C. !y default history is written to database table ?logKhistory? (Correct Answer)
". eviewing a wor$ ob1ect adds an entry in Wor$ Jistory table
&. Audit notes on Eow sha%es are recorded in Wor$ Jistory (Correct Answer)
(. The level of history recordedcannotbe controlled
MSAT Internal
Q.1=?) Which statement 7' T5& about (olders? (Choose +ne)

A. (older ob1ects are stored in the 4CK#7C<K(+#"& table
!. A folder cannot be resolved when foldered ob1ects are still unresolved
C. (olders can contain covers (Correct Answer)
". As a best %ractice3 a folder should contains )G or less ob1ects
Q.1=B) 7n the conte*t of Corres%ondence3 identify the statement that is false? (Choose +ne)

A. Corres%ondence can only be sent to users who are de/ned as o%erators in 44C
(Correct Answer)
!. Lou cannot add notify sha%es to the 7ntegrator sha%e in your %rocess for
C. 'ending emails on a wor$ ob1ect is su%%orted out>of>the>bo* (++T!) as long as 44C
can connect to a mail server
". 7t is %ossible within 44C for a user to modify the corres%ondence te*t within a Eow
Q.1=D) Which of the following statements are true about routing in 44C? (Choose Three)

A. 5sers should be free to choose their ne*t wor$ assignment from those listed in their
!. The ;etCe*tWor$ algorithm can be amended by modifying a "ecision tree (Correct
C. ;etCe*tWor$ will always chec$ the users? Wor$ #ist before it chec$s any
". The behavior of ;etCe*tWor$ is controlled by Eags set on the +%erator 7" rule
(Correct Answer)
&. +%erators can nominate substitutes to receive their assigned wor$ when they are
unavailable (Correct Answer)
Q.1=F) Which statement is true about creating a ule>Admin>4roduct Y74 /le? (Choose +ne

A. Lou must s%ecify the 5# of the target system before generating the 0i% /le
!. ule'et versions must be loc$ed
C. Lou need to include ma1or3 minor and %atch ule'et versions
". Lou must create a When rule to include data instances
&. All rules being referenced in the 4roduct should be chec$ed>in3 otherwise errors will
be re%orted
(Correct Answer)
MSAT Internal
Q.1?G) When are ule'et %rereAuisites im%ortant? (Choose +ne)

A. 7n both develo%ment and run>time
!. 7n run>time only
C. 7n develo%ment only (Correct Answer)
". Cone of the above
Q.1?1) The customer wants to rollbac$ a recently de%loyed ule>Admin>4roduct which was
im%orted into a target %roduction system. What are the best ways to solve this %roblem? (Choose

A. !y doing an e*%ort of the ule'ets from the target %roduction system. An e*%ort
also deletes the rules which were %ac$aged
!. !y ta$ing a "! bac$u% before the im%ort on the target system and restoring from
the "! bac$u% in case a rollbac$ is desired (Correct Answer)
C. !y e*%laining to the customer that even though the new rules are in the target
system we can control which rules are e*ecuted through the access grou%s (Correct Answer)
". There is no way to do this in the %roduct or outside of the %roduct currently
&. !y selectively deleting the im%orted rules by logging into the target system
(. !y selectively e*ecuting delete o%erations on the database and ho%e that you
deleted everything
Q.1?)) 'hould you s%ecify Agent 'chedule instances as %art of your ule>Admin>4roduct
de/nition? (Choose +ne)

A. L&' otherwise none of your agents will wor$
!. C+ the Agent 'chedule instances will be automatically created by the target 44C
system (Correct Answer)
Q.1?2) 7f user A is wor$ing in version G1>G1>G) and user ! is wor$ing in version G1>G1>G2
of the same ule'et3 and if user A modi/es an activity in his version which user ! is also wor$ing
on in his version3 what does 44C do ? (Choose +ne)

A. This situation will never occur as 44C will never allow you to chec$ out the activity
in version G1>G1>G2 if it has been chec$ed out in version G1>G1>G)
!. 44C will Eag the activity in version G1>G1>G2 with a merge Eag which user ! will
have to manually resolve by res%onding to changes that user A introduced similar to how other
'C-' I C' systems such as ClearCase wor$
C. 44C will not warn 5ser ! if 5ser A modi/es the activity in a lower version of the
same ule'et (Correct Answer)
". 44C will warn 5ser ! if 5ser A modi/es the activity in a lower version of the same
ule'et by dis%laying a yellow warning at the bottom of the rule
MSAT Internal
Q.1?8) When adding the data %ortions to the ule>Admin>4roduct3 all of these classes
should be included e*ce%t one. (Choose +ne)

A. "ata>Admin>+rgani0ation
!. "ata>Admin>Wor$!as$et
C. "ata>Agent>Queue (Correct Answer)
". "ata>Admin>+%erator>Access;rou%s
Q.1?=) (True or (alse) ule'et %rereAuisites are not %art of rule resolution. (Choose +ne)

A. True (Correct Answer)
!. (alse
Q.1??) Which of the following statements are true about service %ac$ages? (Choose +ne)

A. 'ervice 4ac$ages allow you to con/gure error handling
!. 'ervice 4ac$ages allow you to s%ecify the %age name that is created on the
cli%board u%on an e*ternal reAuest
C. 'ervices 4ac$ages allow you to con/gure a reAuestor %ool for when they are
stateless and unauthenticated (Correct Answer)
". 'ervice 4ac$ages allow you to either e*ecute the service synchronously or Aueue for
later e*ecution
Q.1?B) 7n the conte*t of Eow actions3 identify the false statement. (Choose +ne)

A. The li$elihood value of Eow actions is used to determine the order of %resentation of
user choices on the 4erform Jarness
!. A local Eow action may change the status of the wor$ ob1ect
C. !y default3 local actions are dis%layed when buttons are used for the Connector Eow
actions (Correct Answer)
". Two Eow action connectors can have the same li$elihood
Q.1?D) Which two statements are incorrect in regards to .ava stac$ traces and 44C?
(Choose Two)

A. They are thrown only to log /les when an internal engine class /le throws and
e*ce%tion (Correct Answer)
!. They are hel%ful in debugging because it shows you the entire e*ecution %rocess u%
until the %oint of error
MSAT Internal
C. They can be found in the log /le3 or within the a%%lication (on the screen)
de%ending u%on where the e*ce%tion was thrown
". They are thrown only when you call the #og>-essage and chec$ the generate stac$
trac$ chec$bo* (Correct Answer)
Q.1?F) Which of the following rules /t the ?!uild for Change? %aradigm and are best
candidates for being delegated to business users? (Choose (our)

A. ule>(ile>Te*t
!. ule>"eclare>Casematch (Correct Answer)
C. ule>"eclare>Constraints (Correct Answer)
". ule>"eclare>"ecisionTree (Correct Answer)
&. ule>&dit>@alidate
(. ule>+b1>when (Correct Answer)
Q.1BG) oute wor$ to the o%erator s%eci/ed in the .ecommended+%erator %ro%erty3 if the
%ro%erty has a value. +therwise route wor$ to the ?;eneralWor$!as$et?. Which one of the
following a%%roaches is most valid? (Choose +ne)

A. Assigning wor$ to a wor$list is an e*am%le of %ush routing and using get ne*t wor$
to grab wor$ from a wor$bas$et is an e*am%le of %ull routing (Correct Answer)
!. Assigning wor$ to a wor$list is an e*am%le of %ull routing and using get ne*t wor$ to
grab wor$ from a wor$bas$et is an e*am%le of %ush routing
C. 5sing a load balancing algorithm to assign wor$ to individual o%erators is an
e*am%le of %ull routing
". A single a%%lication should only use one ty%e of routing3 %ush or %ull
Q.1B1) Which three of the following statements are false regarding the 44C log /les?
(Choose Three)

A. The Alert #og contains garbage collection details to hel% su%%ort %erformance
monitoring (Correct Answer)
!. The 4ega #og details the internal runtime e*ce%tions thrown by the A%%lication
'erver (Correct Answer)
C. The 4ega #og contains messages created by the A%%lication 'erver
". The #og 5sage #og contains details on how the system is being used (Correct
&. The Alert #og contains only alerts and su%%orts %erformance monitoring
Q.1B)) Which two of the following statements regarding the 4re/ght tool are false? (Choose

MSAT Internal
A. ules identi/ed by the 4reEight tool cannot be run in 4roduction unless corrected
(Correct Answer)
!. The 4reEight tool chec$s the 4reEight table to /nd which rules have warnings on
them (Correct Answer)
C. The 4reEight tool is Ee*ible and allows for you to create your own custom warnings
on rules3 %ossibly to im%lement additional best %ractices for a client
". An activity that has a .ava ste% is an e*am%le of a rule that would be identi/ed by
the 4reEight tool
Q.1B2) Which of the following statements are true? 'ervice %ac$ages
. (Choose Two)

A. are instances of the data class "ata>Admin>'ervice4ac$age (Correct Answer)
!. do not need to be de%loyed to other environments
C. assess incoming messages and write in%ut %arameter values to the cli%board
". are used to %ublish de%loyment artifacts (Correct Answer)
MSAT Internal