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Approximately at midnight, July 10 2001, 20 year old Sef Gonzales alarmed neighbour

(Shane Hanley) at his North Ryde home claiming his family had been shot. Earlier that
afternoon Sef arrived home in a rage at approximately 4pm after an intense meeting at his
parents office, they had been arguing about his university grades and the punishment of
having his car confiscated. He blamed his sister (Clodine aged 18) for getting into trouble
because she told her parents about Sef forging his grade papers. Sef put on his fathers
jacket and gardening gloves to prevent blood from getting on him and walked up the stairs
armed with a baseball bat. After Clodine sent a text regarding a party Sef stroke her across
the head with the bat causing her to smear blood across the wall. She was then stabbed
repeatedly by her brother and covered by a red sweater.

After a tiring wait Sef heard his mum drive into the garage and watched her walk to the
dining room ready to kill. After a struggle to get his mother (Mary Loiva Josephine aged 43)
on the ground he cold heartedly slit her throat and emptied the contents of her handbag
beside her dead body. Suddenly there were headlights flashing through the windows and
upon inspection Emily (family member) thought she saw the shadow of a man standing near
the door. With no response to the doorbell Emily was tempted to enter the house through the
side door but was convinced by her son to leave. At approximately 7pm the accuseds father
arrives (Teddy aged 46) carrying keys and a brief case. Sef took a knife and drove it into
Teddy's chest and then neck before distributing brief case contents beside the body. Before
meeting with a friend at 8pm Sef had a shower and used blue paint to graffiti the back wall of
the living room, he also roughly removed a fly screen to like someone had broken in.

After the alarm of the killings; police sergeant and senior ambulance paramedic (Jeff
Cilchrist) entered house and were not sure of how many people are dead, injured and if the
killers were inside. Sergeant pulled his gun when he saw Teddy's body, he also observed
that the injuries were in excess to kill, showing large anger; possibly suggesting family. Once
investigation commenced elements such as a clean premise, limited activity, no trail of
alleged killers and no moving around of the bodies raised the possibility that Mr. Gonzales is
a prime suspect and the possible killer. After 11 months of intense investigation Sef
Gonzales was arrested on 13 June 2002 for three accounts of murder with the evidence of
footprints of blood surrounding the victims, Sefs car parked at the residence at the time of
Emilys visit, his mother being treated for food poisoning and then seeds believed to be of
mass destruction found in the backyard which were ordered online by Sef.