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Name of PIU:- SEONI-1

Subject :- Maintenance work of PMGSY Roads completed 5 years

Package No. :- MP-36 MTN 053 Total PAC- 275.9 lacs
(Initial Rehabitation works) PAC (in lac) 17.080
SOR Item
Description of Item (With brief specification & reference to book of
Qty Unit Rate Amount
1 2 3 4 5
1 9.1(A) Earthwork in excavation for foundation of structures as per drawing and
technical specification Clause 1104 includding setting out, construction of
shoring and bracing, removal of stumps and other deleterious matter, dressing
of sides and bottom, sortingout servicible & unservicible materials and
disposal of all materials upto 1000 m lead and backfilling with approved
366.994 Cu M 143.00 52480
2 11.4 (I) Providing concrete for plain/reinforced concrete in open foundations complete
as per drawings and technical specifications Clause 802, 803, 1202 & 1203
P.C.C grade M 10 Nominal mix 1:2.5:5 249.985 Cu M 3933.00 983192
3 9.3 (B) Providing and Laying Reinforced Cement Concrete Pipe NP3 as per design in
single row including fixing collar with cement mortar 1:2 but excluding
excavation, protection works, backfilling, concrete and masonry works in head
walls and parapets Clause 1106
(B) 1000mm dia
17.500 Nos 5099.00 89233
4 7.5
Cement Concrete Slab
Construction of un-reinforced and construction joint only, plain cement concrete
pavement, thickness as per design, over a prepared sub base, with 43 grade cement or
any other type as per Clause 1501.2.2 M30 (Grade), coarse and fine aggregates
conforming to IS:383, maximum size of coarse aggregate not exceeding 25 mm, mixed
in a concrete mixer of not less than 0.2 cum capacity and appropriate weigh batcher
using approved mix design, laid in approved fixed side formwork (steel channel, laying
and fixing of 125 micron thick polythene film, wedges, steel plates including levelling the
formwork as per drawing), spreading the concrete with shovels, rakes, compacted using
needle, screed and plate vibrators and finished in continuous operation including
provision of contraction and construction joints, applying debonding strips, primer,
sealant, approaches to bridge/culvert and construction joints, admixtures as approved,
curing of concrete slabs for 14-days,
48.155 Cu M 5185.00 249684
5 13.2 Supplying, fitting and placing HYSD bar reinforcement (Fe 415) in
substructrue complete as per drawings and technical specification Clauses
1002, 1005, 1010 & 1202 0.032 MT 61588.00 1957
6 9.8 (A) Providing & Laying Non ISI mark ,Plain Ends(conforming to IS Code 458-
2003} Reinforced Cement Concrete hume Pipe (burried conduits) on first
class bedding of granular material including fixing collar with cement sand
mortar 1:2 but excluding excavation, protection works, backfilling, bedding,
concrete and masonary work in head wall and parapets.
(A) NP3 Pipes 600 mm dia
200 m 1657 331400
(Routine Maintenace works) PAC (in lac) 60.800
Name of Road
Total Length of
1 2 3 4 5
MTN 053
Marbodi to Chhindgwar 2.190 Per Km. per year
MTN 053
Mungwani Khurd to Singodi 4.340 Per Km. per year
MTN 053
Sapapar to Sagar 13.870 Per Km. per year
Total 20.40
SSR w.e.f. 15-08-2013
(A) Schedule of Items (Part I of NIT)
(B) List of Roads (Part II of NIT)
\\vboxsrv\conversion_tmp\scratch_3\243904318.xls.ms_office MTN053
(Renewal of Bituminous surface wokrs) PAC (in lac) 152.040
SOR Item
Description of Item (With brief specification & reference to book of
Qty Unit Qty Unit
1 2 3 4 5
Periodical Renewal (Measurable):-
1 5.2 Tack Coat
Providing and Applying tack coat with bitumen emulsion (RS-1) using emulsion
distributor at the rate of 0.225 kg per sqm on the prepared bituminous surface cleaned
with Hydraulic Broom as per techinal specification Clause 503. 69409.13 Sqm 13 902319
2 5.9 20mm thick Open-Graded Premix Carpet using Bituminous (penetration
grade/modified bitumen) Binder
Providing, laying and rolling of open-graded premix carpet of 20 mm
thickness composed of 13.2 mm size @ 0.18 cum per 10 sqm & 11.2 mm size
@ 0.09 cum per 10 sqm aggregates using penetration grade/modified bitumen
@ 14.6 kg/10sqm to required line, grade and level to serve as wearing course
on a previously prepared base, including mixing in a suitable plant, laying and
rolling with a three wheel 80-100 kN static roller capacity, finished to required
level and grades to be followed by seal coat of either Type A , Type B or Type
C as per Technical Specification Clause 508.
Type-B (ii) Bitumen (S-65) 76350.04 Sqm 136 10383605
3 5.12 Seal Coat
Providing and laying seal coat sealing the voids in a bituminous surface laid to
the specified levels, grade and cross fall using Type A, Type B and Type C as
per Technical Specification Clause 510.
Case - II : Type B
(II) Bitumen (VG-30) 69409.13 Sqm 51 3539865
4 4.8
Construction of Hard Shoulder as per Technical specification clause 4.07
Construction of hard shoulder as per clause 407 with improved soil having CBR value
not less than 12 inclusive of all leads and lifts providing 4% camber I/c operations like
watering, rolling and compaction etc. as per clause 303.5
1347.75 Cum 281 378718
(Emergency works) PAC (in lac) 45.98
SOR Item
Description of Item (With brief specification & reference to book of
Qty Unit
1 2 3 4 5
This will be issued by the GM PIU as and when required. NIL
Total PAC
(Part-I + Part-II+Part-III+Part+IV)
Total PAC
(in lac)
Asstt. Manager General Manager
(C) Schedule of Items (Part III of NIT)
(D) Schedule of Items (Part IV of NIT)
\\vboxsrv\conversion_tmp\scratch_3\243904318.xls.ms_office MTN053