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About the Author

Paul Pitchford is a teacher and nutrition researcher. In his healing work with indi-
viduals, he develops rejuvenative plans based on awareness and dietary practices.
His early training, following ancient traditional practice, was primarily through
apprenticeships and private instructions with masters of meditation and East Asian
medicine. For more than three decades, he has applied the unifying wisdom of
Far Eastern thought to the major dietary therapies available in the West to create
a new vision of health and nutrition.
He has taught at various learning centers, including universities and schools
of traditional Chinese medicine, and at numerous healing events. When possible,
he takes an integrative approach that touches many facets of the human personality,
and enjoys teaching diverse programs composed of any of his long-term practices:
meditation, food and herbal therapy, zen shiatsu healing touch, and tai ji movement.
He finds spiritual awareness and the resulting guidance to be the essence of
life in all its aspects, including diet. Out of preference and to learn more about
the nutritive value of plant foods, he has followed a vegan diet devoid of animal
products for the last thirty years. From this and his extensive healing practice, he
has gained insights into the therapeutic nature of virtually every type of diet.
He currently lives in the Northern California coastal mountains at Heartwood
Institute, where he directs the Asian Healing Arts and Integrative Nutrition Pro-
gram and leads healing retreats.
If you have benefited from information in this book, the author would appre-
ciate knowing this. Correspondence with him regarding retreats, telephone or in-
person consultations, and upcoming training programs should also be addressed to
him c/o Heartwood Institute, 220 Harmony Lane, Garberville, CA 95542.
North Atlantic Books Series:
Food as Medicine, Food as Consciousness
orth Atlantic Books has developed a series of unique books on food as
medicine and the relationship between diet and consciousness. These books
transcend traditional categories of nutrition, alternative medicine, and spir-
itual practice to discuss health, diet, and consumption in terms of our actual human
situation. The three titles presently composing the series are Healing with Whole
Foods: Oriental Traditions and Modern Nutrition by Paul Pitchford (published
originally in 1993; revised and updated in 2002); Conscious Eating by Gabriel
Cousens, M.D. (published originally by Essene Vision Books in 1992; enlarged,
revised, and republished by North Atlantic Books in 2000); and How We Heal:
Understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection by Douglas Morrison (published
originally by Health Hope Publishing House as Body Electronics Fundamentals in
1993; revised and enlarged North Atlantic Books edition published in 2006). A
fourth title, Everyday Vegan by Jeani-Rose Atchison, is a cookbook written in
the spirit of conscious diet.
These books propose that every food is a medicine (and has long-term sec-
ondary effects on both our organs and our psyche) and that each medicine is like-
wise a food (and directly affects metabolic balance and energetic capacity).
In all three "food as medicine, food as consciousness" books, consumption is
viewed not just as a mechanical event of nutrition and bodily maintenance nor as
sensual recreation but also as a total psychospiritual process. Dietary sources and
preparation, cooking procedures and utensils, levels of taste and consumption
awareness, and diverse facets of digestion and fasting are explored. The authors are
concerned with the assimilation and transmutation of what enters the body-mind
(including enzymes, minerals, oils, type of water, type of air, etc.) rather than what
is either enjoyable and pleasing to consume or rumored to be healthy. Each of
these books explores the deeper cellular satisfaction and resonance that come
from eating, drinking, and combining foods as part of a serious daily practice.
Each ask: what makes food alive?; how does eating teach you who you are?; how
can whole foods and conscious eating help you find your destiny?
Each of the books also deals with the impact human beings have on the Earth
and its sentient beings (the role of compassion and responsibility in diet), plus
the reciprocal effects of the planet's environment on health and food. They presume
that eating must be attuned to communities and ecosystems.
Note: These books were written independently of one another. The individual
authors' advice, while overlapping in some areas, disagrees in others, sometimes
even offering contradictory solutions to the same issues (for instance, the advan-
tages and drawbacks of cooking and consuming food raw). None of the authors
specifically recommends the other two books or has any connection to them.
North Atlantic Books as a publisher is presenting these separate visions for
readers to consider in creating their own diets and addressing their own self-
healing. Individuals will find ideas in one or another book better suited to their
own constitutions and temperaments, so every reader should use sound personal
judgment and intuition in choosing a path of food.
How We Heal:
Understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
By Douglas Morrison
ISBN: 978-1-55643-579-9
$29.95 trade paper, 546 pp.
" . .. for healing to be possible, we must desire this healing and
yet have no attachment to it: we must remain willing to not heal.
We must be willing to put our full effort into the process and yet
have no attachment to the outcome of that effort."
-from the book
This book addresses healing in the broadest conceivable context. Though How
We Heal is a comprehensive resource on the physical basis of health, it goes far
beyond the physical to examine the emotional and spiritual elements that cause ill-
ness and can block even the most powerful healing methods from success. Morri-
son's genius lies in explaining the full nature of the healing crisis and the role of
resistance in preventing us from getting well. This book serves as an excellent
introduction to the frontiers of healing, where the most advanced realms of molec-
ular science meet the most esoteric aspects of spirit.
How We Heal explores some of the more cutting-edge methods of diagnosis
and healing, including iridology, sclerology, and Body Electronics. An extensive sec-
tion on nutrition includes cooking methods, the research of Dr. Weston A. Price,
diet versus supplements, digestion, elimination, the role of friendly microbes within
our digestive system, and the use of probiotics. Topics such as sleep, air and breath-
ing, quantity and quality of water, exercise methods, bodywork techniques, and
the dangers of amalgam dental fillings, root canals, fluoride, electromagnetic fields,
vaccinations, drugs, and tobacco are considered in a clear, informative way. Yet, as
thoroughly as Morrison presents all these physical factors, the author never loses
sight of the much larger picture, and it is his ability to integrate the physical, emo-
tional, mental , and spiritual aspects of health that is truly at the heart of this book.
Douglas Morrison studied Body Electronics with its founder, Dr. John Whitman
Ray, and has been teaching seminars since 1988. He is a graduate of Harvard Uni-
versity and holds doctorate degrees in naturopathy, nutritional counseling, and
alternative medicine.
Conscious Eating
By Gabriel Cousens, M.D.
ISBN: 978-1-55643-285-9
$35.00 trade paper, 874 pp.
illustrations, charts, recipes
Long viewed as the bible of vegetarianism, Conscious
Eating is a comprehensive effort to bring clarity and
light to the most essential questions regarding our food
choices and the process of living healthfully, happily,
and in increased harmony with all beings on the planet.
Conscious Eating not only serves as an encyclopedia
of vegetarian, vegan, live-food, and organic nutrition, but is really four books in one:
Principles of Individualizing the Diet; The Choice of Vegetarianism; Transition
to Vegetarianism and Live-Foods; and The Art of Live-Food Preparation. The
mystery and mastery of Conscious Eating is that it integrates all four books into
one. Read one book at a time, the entire text, or use it as a reference.
Conscious Eating, in a revolutionary approach, addresses the uniqueness of
each human and empowers readers to deal with this scientific reality as opposed to
the "one diet serves all" approach of fad books. Readers will learn how to indi-
vidualize their diets for their particular psycho-physiological types-including
four main perspectives: fast/slow oxidizer; parasympathetic/sympathetic auto-
nomic; ayurvedic; and blood type-to optimize their health on all levels.
Explore chapter after chapter of new information including:
How to heal the "biologically-altered brain"-the result of genetic weakness
compounded by generations of poor diet and present poor diet combined
with environmental and emotional toxicities.
A mind-body-spirit approach to the vegetarian way of life.
The importance of vegetarianism in healing self and ecology of the planet.
The most complete scientific explanation of vegetarianism and vitamin B

How a vegan diet protects you from the dangers of radiation.
Live-food and nutrition: from biophysics to metaphysics.
An extensive chapter on enzymes-the secret of health and longevity.
New theory of nutrition: why the material/mechanistic theory of nutrition
(nutrition focusing on calories) is inadequate, misleading, and an inaccurate
way of understanding nutrition.
The art of live-food preparation: two hundred recipes included.
In-depth discussion on the transition to vegetarianism, veganism, and live-foods.
Gabriel Cousens, M.D. and Diplomat of Ayurveda, is one of the foremost
medical proponents of a vegetarian/vegan, live-food, one-hundred-percent organic
diet as a key component to maximum health and spiritual awareness. He is the
founder/director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center located in Patagonia,
Healing with Whole Foods brings together authentic traditions of Asian
medicine with current Western research on health and nutrition to create
the most detailed sourcebook available on planning and preparing an
optimal diet. This comprehensive reference work features:
Current guidelines on nutrition basics, such as the protein/vitamin B12
group. fats and oils. sugars and sweeteners. water. saiL seaweeds. "green
foods" (micro-algae and cereal grasses). calcium. oxygen. and other
nutritional concerns.
Clear discussions of the Chinese healing arts applied to physical and
emotional conditions. including the Eight Principles (Six Divisions of
Yin and Yang). Five Elements. and syndromes of the internal organs.
Information on making a gentle transition from a diet based on animal
products to one centered on whole grains and fresh vegetables. Over
JOO hearty. purely vegetarian (vegan) recipes. as well as the healing
properties of plant and animal foods.
Sections on weight loss. heart and vascular renewaL female health.
digestive problems. candida yeast infections. root canals, food com-
bining. fasting. children. pregnancy. and aging. Includes insights from
Avurvedic medicine of India.
Detailed "Regeneration Diets" and herbal treatments for cancer.
arthritis. mental illness. drug and alcohol abuse. AIDS. and other
degenerative conditions. Also features a "Parasite Purge Program"
tailored to specific body types.
"I am grateful to Paul Pitchford for updating the classic Healing with Whole
Foods. If I could choose one book to recommend to students of the heal-
ing arts, this would be the one. Even more important than the wealth of
botanical information is Pitchford's alignment with spiritual purpose- to
inspire peaceful, balanced diet and life patterns as a viable antidote to
stress and dissipation."
-Edward Bauman, Ph.D., Director, Partners in Health, Cotati, California
"Paul Pitchford reminds us that all nutrients are available in unadulterated
whole foods. It couldn't be any simpler; the basis of life is a whole foods
-Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D., author of Natural Prescriptions for Common Ailments
North Atlantic Books
Berkeley, California
US $35.00 I $43.95 CAN
ISBN 978- 1-55643-430-3
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