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The Quran and the naivete of the

Moslem fundamentalists

by Mohammad Zaidan
20 April, 2006
Below we find few examples of Islamic naivete held by Moslem scholars:
In 17:16 (If We "God speaking" wanted to destroy a village we would order its prosperous
and they transgressed, so it became right to destroy the entire village ).
Obviously here God shows how to conspire in destroying a village without apparently getting
blamed by His creatures. If He is indifferent to His creatures' reaction, He would simply
destroy the village without using any conspiracy of ordering his prosperous to transgress.
Notice here that the result would be to destroy the entire village, including the innocent,
because of the transgression of the few who are prosperous! How could God use such cheap
tactics to kill innocent people? Contacting some Islamic authoritative organizations, I was
told that God orders His creatures to do what is right and not to transgress. Even if we are to
accept such a nave explanation "tafseer", the fact still remains that God is not exonerated as
He still conspired against the innocent. So even according to the wrong explanation it still
emphasizes that God bad intention is easily proven by destroying a village totally which
includes the innocent. So God, who knows in advance that the prosperous, would transgress
even if He orders them to act properly, plotted to kill everyone including the innocent who
has nothing to do with the transgression of the prosperous! God then found a blameless way
of destroying an entire village without inviting the negative reactions of His people.
In 66:6 Hell's fire fuel is made up of stones and people. Really? In order for stones to become
fuel the temperature of the fire has to be extremely high (over 45000 degrees centigrade or
higher to melt the stones). At this high temperature human body will be consumed instantly
by the fire without having time to feel any pain. What then? Well the Moslem scholars
explain that God will change the burned skin and replace it with a new one. OK God changes
the skin, but still the process is repeated exactly like the first time as the body is consumed
again without having time to feel the pain. The obvious conclusion: God will establish a
human skin factory without achieving His cruel intentions of burning and torturing the
In 19:28 God says:"Oh you sister of Haron" talking to Mary mother of Jesus. Obviously God
did not know that Haron is the brother of Moses which is separated from Mary mother of
Jesus by over 1000 years! But wait: We cannot totally blame the all knowing God for this
blatant mistake because Haron and Moses do have a sister by the name of Mary, which
should lessen God's responsibility since His only obvious mistake is that He did not study
real history.
Contrary to the strongly held Moslem belief that the prophet Mohammad is totally infallible
verses 48:1,2 says that God will forgive Mohammad previous and future sins. This obviously
means that the prophet Mohammad did commit mistakes and would commit more in the
future which obliterates the strong held Moslem view that the prophet was infallible.
The historical contradictions in the Quran is further verified when in verse 10:92 the pharaoh
was saved from drowning, while in 43:55 & 17:103 he was drowned. Of course no where in
Egyptology any Pharaoh was drowned, but Moslem apologetics tend to rationalize the
contradiction by claiming that the pharaoh was saved in body. Really how could a human be
saved yet we end up with a dead body?
It should behoove all Moslem intellectuals to have a second study of the Quran, since most of
the so called explanations or tafseers, borders on sheer naivet". Here though we should not
forget the teaching of the great philosophers Hegel or De Karte who showed that biased
thoughts render any human very obtuse.