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August 2014

JWBs Version of the Healing Code Prayer

In my own experienceand I know from talking with many othersthat praying for your entire prayer
list can become quite time-consuming. But God is not impressed with long prayers, especially when it
becomes a burden and we find ourselves skipping prayer altogether! Therefore, for my own spiritual
discipline to pray often, I have devised this form in order to cover everyone for whom I wish to pray.

You will have noted that the authors of The Healing Code have two slightly different versions, one for
oneself, and the other to be used when praying for others. I always want to pray for others as well as for
myself, so I combined them and added a few other changes toin my opinionmake it even more
effective, and to keep it from becoming a long and burdensome list. Here is my version:

I pray that all known and unknown negative images, unhealthy beliefs, destructive cellular
memories, and all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
issues related to ___[name persons and
issues, beginning with self] _______my hangnail
and anger issues_______, and _____[name persons
and (briefly) mention their specific issue(s)] _____John Jones financial problem, Betty Boswells
weight and guilt issues, Donald Duckworths depression issue, Mickey & Minnie Smiths marital
issues, Elmer Fudds cancer
that all our issues would be found, opened and healed by filling us all with the light, life and love of

I also pray that the effectiveness of this healing be increased by 100 times or more.

I now release the full effects of this healing in love TO ALL THOSE TO WHOM IT IS
DIRECTED, and I do this all in the name and by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

1. The authorsfor some reasononly mention physical issues. Why not cover them all?! So, I added
mental, emotional and spiritual issues.
2. Obviously, all the names and issues are made up for illustration purposes.
3. In order to prevent the prayer from dragging on too long, I keep the list of specific people I am praying
for to a very few. As a new specific individual prayer target comes on the list, I drop someone off the
specific list. The one dropped is then covered in the ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE category. This does
not mean that the prayer for the one dropped is any less effective, but it does keep your list from getting
too long. I use this form and I do the entire cycle of hands over the four areas, saying this prayer over
each area, and still finish the cycle in six minutes or less.
4. If praying this same prayer becomes hum-drum to you after using it a while, remember to refocus your
intent. It is my belief that it is our mental-spiritual focused intent thatby the grace of Godmakes our
prayers more effective. So always FOCUS INTENTLY on the individual and their issues as you are
praying for them. And tell your heavenly Father that it is your intent to have equal focus on the ALL THE
OTHER PEOPLE category and their issues as well.
5. There is nothing magical about the words so feel free to modify the prayer to however it works best
for you.
6. Before you begin praying at the first location, I would recommend you first offer brief thanksgiving
and praise to the Father for His provision of this prayer and healing method. Then begin the cycle of the
four locations with the prayer above.