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Bharati Vidyapeeths

Institute of Computer Applications and Management

A-4, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-63.
First Internal: Software Testing (MCA-303)
Max.Marks:45 Max.Time:2Hrs.
Q1. Attempt any five. [3*5=15]
A. What are the three categories of Defects? Give example for each.
B. Differentiate Limited Entry Decision Table vs. Extended Entry Decision Table. Support
your answer with example.
C. Fill in the blanks
i. Total test cases generated in case of Robust Worst testing are ________
ii. Weak Robust Equivalence testing is based on _________________ of reliability
theory. (Single Fault Assumption/ Multiple Fault Assumption)
iii. Consider a Program that sort a list of n two digit integers. No. of test cases for
exhaustive testing will be _____________.
D. Differentiate fault, failure & incident. Discuss with example.
E. Define Slice based testing. Write a program to find largest number among three numbers.
Create slice on any one variables.
F. Draw venn diagram to show relationship between the set T of test cases and the sets S
and P of specified and implemented behaviors. Represent the following region in the
i. Specified behavior that is not tested
ii. Implemented behavior that is tested
iii. Specified & implemented behavior that is tested
G. Which of the following characteristics and types of review process belong together? Give
reason for your answer
1. Led by the author
2. Undocumented
3. No management participation
4. Led by a trained moderator or leader
5. Uses entry & exit criteria
s. Inspection
t. Technical review
u. Informal review
v. Walkthrough
a. S=4, t=3, u=2 & 5, v=1
b. S=4 &5, t=3, u=2, v=1
c. S=1&5, t=3, u=2, v=4
d. S=5, t=4, u=3, v=1&2

Q2. Attempt any two. [5*2=10]
A. What is coverage? Write in short different types of coverage techniques with example.
B. A defect which could have been removed during the initial stage is removed in a later
stage. How does this affect cost? Discuss with example.
C. The following statement is often encountered:
It is impossible to test a program completely Discuss the context(s) with example, in
which this statement is true.

Q3. Attempt any two [5*2=10]
A. Write a function for binary search without recursion. Draw Program graph & Control
flow graph for the same. Demonstrate the different methods for the calculation of Mccabe
Cyclometic complexity using the same example.

B. Consider the following Scenario
If you take the train before 9:30am or in the afternoon after 4:00 pm until 7:30pm (the
rush hour), you must pay full fare. A saver ticket is available for trains between 9:30am
and 4:00pm and after 7:30 pm.
What are the partitions and boundary values to test the train times for ticket types?
Derive test cases for the partition and boundary values.

C. Consider the following scenario
If you hold an over 60s rail card, you get a 34% discount on whatever ticket you buy. If
you are traveling with a child (under 16), you can get a 50% discount on any ticket if you
hold a family rail card, otherwise you get a 10% discount. You can only hold one type of
rail card.
Enumerate all the effects of the scenario with possible causes. Represent the entire
scenario using cause effect graph technique.

Q4.Write short note on any four [2.5*4=10]
i. Project audit
ii. V Model
iii. Principles of Testing
iv. Data Flow testing
v. Software Testing Process
vi. Mutation Testing