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Professional Growth & Development (test 2) Prepared by: Mr. Angelo Marc S. Rio, RN

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Professional Growth & Development (test 2)
Prepared by: Angelo Marc S. Rio, RN

NAME: SCORE: / 100
INSTRUCTIONS: Answer for the following questions. STRICTLY NO ERASURES ALLOWED
1. Which of the following is not included
in professional ethics?
a. Good grooming
b. Relationship with others
c. Behavior in public and private
d. Encroaching in the roles and
functions of other disciplines

2. A health center midwife can work
harmoniously with the other members of the
health team by:
a. Not interfering in their functions
b. Telling co-workers the fault of fellow
c. Not interfering with their illegal acts
d. Covering up their deficiencies

3. The midwifery curriculum prepares a
midwife to do which of the following?
a. Handle normal deliveries
b. Take care of post caesarean patients
c. Treat early pneumonia with
d. Treat diarrhea with oresol and other
home fluids

4. As a registered midwife who wants to
work in London legally, you must have
following documents except:
a. Working visa
b. Valid passport
c. Certificate of work experience
d. Tourist visa

5. To become a registered midwife, a
student-midwife should first do which of the
following after graduation?
a. Take the midwifery licensure
b. File her application for registration
at PRC
c. Join the IMAP as a regular member
d. Post a sign outside her house that
she can already accept home delivery

6. The public health midwife should be
guided by which of the following principles
when she joins a labor union?
a. Going on strike is the best action to
do when asking for a higher salary
b. Government employees can join
labor unions and go on strike
c. None of these
d. Joining an organization is a right
guaranteed in the constitution

7. Which of the following laws require that
prescribed medicines should be in generic
a. RA 6675 c. RA 7365
b. RA 7392 d. RA 7893

8. Unprofessional conduct means?
a. Violation of the ethical code
b. Incapacity or inability to perform her
c. Failure in the board examination
d. Failure to perform ones duties

9. Which of the following is true about the
Code of Ethics for Midwives?
a. A midwife who has accepted to
take care of a patient should render
service diligently and effectively
b. A midwife. is duty bound by
professional ethics to reveal any information
given by her patient
c. A practicing midwife may receive a
commission for referral of patient made by
d. A midwife working in a health care
facility should join a health team only at her
own discretion

10. While attending to a mother in labor,
the midwife failed to check the fetal heart
beat and has thus failed to recognize that
the fetus is in distress. This failure to assess
correctly will make the midwife:
a. Excused since she is not allowed to
handle complicated cases
b. Less liable because the physician was
not around at the time of delivery
c. Less liable because she is only a
newly registered midwife
d. Legally liable for negligence

2 Top Rank Review Academy, Inc. MIDWIFERY REVIEW
Professional Growth & Development (test 2) Prepared by: Mr. Angelo Marc S. Rio, RN

11. The following statements are true of the
functions of the POEA except:
a. Placement of Filipino workers for
employment abroad it
b. Issuance of passport and visa
c. Monitoring of activities of private
recruitment agencies
d. Hiring workers on government to
government basis

12. Which of the following organizations is
mainly concerned with the welfare of
midwifery students?
b. DOH d. IMAP

13. The physical aspect of one's personality
includes one of the following factors:
a. Religion c. Intelligence
b. Emotional stability d. Health

14. Which requirement is not required for a
midwife to complete if she applies for a work
in a foreign country?
a. Pay placement fee of the
recruitment agency
b. Secure a passport
c. Obtain a working visa
d. Verify with POEA if the recruitment
agency is accredited

15. Which of the following science deals with
the morality of human acts:
a. Anthropology
b. Biology
c. Logic
d. Ethics

16. A reliable guide for a newly appointed
midwife regarding her roles and
responsibilities in her new position is:
a. Her own ideas and decisions
b. Reading the textbook in ethics
c. Job description
d. Endorsement by friends working in
the same facility

17. You are a successful practicing private
midwife operating a lying-in clinic with
eight-bed capacity. According to DOH
licensing and regulation, you are required to
have your lying-in clinic licensed. This is
embodied in RA?
a. 7883
b. 7392
c. 4226
d. 7160

18. The ethical principle which means the
greatest good for the greatest number is
a. Principle of Two-Fold Effect
b. Utilitarian Principle
c. The Golden Rule
d. Principle on the Origin & Destruction
of Life
19. Doing a thing which a person should not
do or not doing a thing which a person
should do is called:
a. Misdemeanor
b. Negligence
c. Incompetence
d. Felony

20. Who among the following midwives
is an independent midwife practitioner?
a. A midwife who manages her own
birthing home
b. A supervising midwife in a city health
c. A midwife who works in a family
planning clinic managed by an NGO
d. The principal of a school of midwifery

21. What indicates a mandatory
obligation to do something?
a. Duty c. Obligation
b. Responsibility d. Function

22. If a midwife admits her guilt in a
crime she committed, her liability will be:
a. Justified c. Mitigated
b. Aggravated d. Exempted

23. Government recognition of the
school of midwifery is called:
a. Award c. Accreditation
b. License d. Permit

24. Which of the following words
describes the science of correct thinking?
a. Ethics
b. Psychology
c. Sociology
d. Logic

25. The responsibilities of a midwife to
her adult patients are the following except:
a . Always ask the consent of
the immediate family before providing
intervention to her patient
b. Attend to her patient
carefully and conscientiously
c. Guard as a sacred trust any
condential information entrusted to her by
her patient
d. Provide to her patients the
full benet of her professional training and

26. Which of the following is meant by
a. Long established practice that has
been handed down from one generation to
another generation
b. Knowledge of the origin and
interpretation of laws
c. The general structure and attitudes
of social groups
d. Philosophical science dealing
with the morality of the human acts

3 Top Rank Review Academy, Inc. MIDWIFERY REVIEW
Professional Growth & Development (test 2) Prepared by: Mr. Angelo Marc S. Rio, RN

27. When applying for a staff midwife
position in a hospital you should address
your letter of application to the:
a. Head nurse of the delivery room
b. Principal of the school from where
you graduated
c. Chief nurse of the hospital
d. Director of the hospital

28. An unmarried midwife has a live-in
partner. ln our society, this act is considered
a. Unprofessional
b. Immoral
c. Criminal
d. Illegal

29. According to RA 1080, a midwife who
passes the Midwifery Board Examination will
be considered as:
a. Qualified to be a staff midwife in a
private hospital
b. Capable of working abroad
c. Civil service eligible
d. Qualified to teach

30. Your application as a midwife in a
government hospital was accepted and as a
professional, the points to be followed
during the interview are the following,
a. Ask the interviewer about the nature
of the job and salary
b. Thank the interviewer at the end of
the interview
c . Answer all the questions honestly
and directly
d. Ask the secretary if you are
already accepted

31. You are a supervising midwife assigned
in the OB ward. To motivate your
subordinates to perform their job efficiently
and effectively, your actions will be to:
a. Reprimand in public, praise in private
b. Tell co-workers the deficiencies in
their job
c. Give due recognition to a job well
d. Inform the higher authorities the
simple errors your supervisee has

32. A health center midwife after being
trained in family planning is expected to
perform her role in providing pre-marriage
counseling session to prospective couples.
Which of these skills does she need most in
this activity?
a. Communication and analytical
b. Technical and analytical
c. Communication and human
d. Organizational and technical

33. The following statements are traditional
responsibilities of health center midwife
a. Home visit to a newborn until the
cord is off
b. Health teachings to pregnant women
concerning importance of breast feeding
c. Doing home visits to pregnant and
postpartum women
d. Treatment of simple pneumonia
cases at home

34. The salary of a midwife working in a
private or government entity is subject
annually to what tax?
a. Realty tax
b. Income tax
c. Value added tax
d. Community tax

35. Registered practicing midwives are
required to pay privilege tax except those
working in:
a. Lying in centers
b. Schools of midwifery
c. Government agencies
d. Private practice

36. Which Presidential decree refers to the
limitation of the number of children to four
for tax exemption?
a. PD 48
b. PD 658
c. PD 996
d. PD 69

37. Which of the following acts is not a
cause for removal of a member of the
Midwifery Board?
a. Guilty of immorality by committing
b. Serious negligence in performing
duties and functions
c. Under investigation for charges
of committing irregularities in the board
d. Incompetence

38. Which of the following is the well-known
Local Government Code?
a. RA 7624
b. RA 7277
c. RA 4226
d. RA 7160

39. A very intelligent newly graduate
midwife opened a lying-in clinic in her
community. She attends to deliveries of both
primis and multiparas. The action of the
midwife is considered as: 1 L '
a. Illegal
b. Negligence
c. Within the scope of midwifery
d. Misdemeanor

4 Top Rank Review Academy, Inc. MIDWIFERY REVIEW
Professional Growth & Development (test 2) Prepared by: Mr. Angelo Marc S. Rio, RN

40. E.O. 51 refers to which of the
following laws:
a. Generics Act of 1968
b. Milk Code
c. Safe Motherhood
d. Magna Carta of Public Health

41. Which of the following is an example of
crime with an aggravating circumstance?
a. The midwife attended a
delivery and the mother died because of
heart attack
b. The midwife was not able to
attend to the home delivery because she
was sick
c. The midwife attended a
delivery and the baby died because of
congenital heart disease
d. The midwife performed
an induced abortion for free

42. The law that stipulates the proper
conduct of public officials and employees:
a. RA 7164
b. RA 6713
c. RA 6675
d. RA 1612

43. A student midwife was called to
attend to a normal delivery and she charged
the patient for her services. She:
a. Can be held liable for malpractice
b. ls not held liable since she is only a
c. ls exempted from liability
d. ls justified in her action

44. A written declaration of a man's
decision which says what should be done
with his possessions upon his death is
known as:
a. Contract
b. Power
c. Will
d. Consent

45. Accidents which human prudence can
neither prevent nor foresee?
a. Respondeat superior
b. Do ut des
c. Res ipsa loquitor
d. Force majeure

46. When a midwife works as a private duty
nurse to a cancer patient who has just
undergone surgical operation, she is
a. Negligence
b. Malpractice
c. Unethical conduct
d. Incompetence

47. A midwife inserted a vaginal packing
to control bleeding and failed to remove it
resulting in infection. The action of the
midwife is considered negligence based on
what doctrine?
a. Force majeure
b. Respondeat superior
c. Res ipsa loquitor
d. Misdemeanor

48. You are a health center midwife for 8
years. You were called to attend to a home
delivery of G2P1 woman. You found out that
the presentation is breech. What is the best
action to be considered?
a. Perform version to turn the baby to
cephalic presentation
b. Accompany the woman to the
c. Give her oxytocin to hasten delivery
d. Attend to the delivery only if you
have attended a breech delivery before

49. You are a health center midwife,
thus, you are responsible for prenatal clinic
activities. A patient came for a checkup and
informs you that she did not have
menstruation since she delivered a year ago.
The following can be used as a guide in
determining her EDC, except:
a. Ask her to recall the rst date of
b. Measure the height of the fundus
c. Refer the patient for ultrasound
d. Check for the presenting part
50. Which of the following are elements of a
valid contract?
a. All of these
b. Consent of both parties
c. Subject matter of the
d. Cause or reason of the

51. A midwife agreed to assist in a home
delivery for a fee of P1500. The cause of the
contract is:
a. Professional fee
b. Service of the midwife
c. Midwife
d. Pregnant woman

52. A prescription to be valid should contain
the following information except:
a. Age and name of client
b. Address of the patient
c. Name and professional registration
number of prescriber
d. Date of prescription

53. You have learned from your training
in CARI that early pneumonia can now be
treated at home with cotrimoxazole. The
duration of the treatment is:
a. 4 days c. 3 days
b. 5 days d. 7 days

5 Top Rank Review Academy, Inc. MIDWIFERY REVIEW
Professional Growth & Development (test 2) Prepared by: Mr. Angelo Marc S. Rio, RN

54. Which of the following qualities are
essential for a midwife to have in counseling
her patients?
a. All of these
b. Acceptance
c. Empathy
d. Genuineness

55. When the state takes personal
property for public use, it is exercising:
a. Police power
b. Power of imminent domain
c. Power to tax
d. Graft and corruption

56. The following statements are
considered essential in making a working
contract valid except:
a. Subject matter of contract is not
contrary to law
b. Parties involved are of legal age
c. The contract have at least 4
d. Both parties have voluntarily
accepted the terms of contract

57. A word for word written account of
what transpired between the patient and the
midwife is called:
a. Interview
b. Process recording
c. Anecdotal report
d. Role play
58. Which of the following functions of a
registered midwife is considered traditional?
a. Piercing the earlobe of a baby girl for
b. Pill dispensing
c. Handling normal delivery
d. IUD insertion

59. Which is considered a murder?
a. Performing euthanasia
b. Killing a person during a vehicular
c. Killing a person in self-defense
d. Indirect abortion

60. If a hospital performed tubal ligation on
a patient without informed consent, the
persons who participated in the procedure
can be held liable for:
a. Mutilation
b. Homicide
c. Serious physical injuries
d. Grave coercion

61. A public health midwife employed for 5
years gave a DMPA injection to the client
without the proper training on family
planning. The midwife is guilty of:
a. Unethical conduct
b. Misdemeanor
c. Negligence
d. Malpractice

62. If a midwife failed to teach the
mother techniques of breastfeeding and the
mother developed mastitis, the midwife is
liable for:
a. Not liable because the mother is
already an adult
b. Malfeasance
c. Negligence
d. Malpractice

63. The following statements are causes of
revocation/suspension of license except:
a. A pending criminal case in
b. Use of fraud in obtaining
c. Serious ignorance
d. Serious negligence

64. A midwife accidentally injures a patient
while doing her duty but without intention of
inicting such harm. Her action is considered
a. Exempted because she is a midwife
b. Not liable because she is just doing
her duty
c. She is liable of negligence
d. She is liable of malpractice

65. All of the following is true about birth
registration except:
a. Hilots should be assisted by midwife
in lling up the birth registration form
b. The birth should be registered
with the DOH
c. The birth assistant should register
the birth
d. Birth registration should be done
within 30 days after the birth of the baby

66. A midwife who does not comply with
the terms of the contract with her employer
can be accused of:
a. Breach of condentiality
b. Incompetence
c. Breach of contract
d. Negligence

67. If a midwife prescribes drugs, even if
she uses the generic name, she is guilty of:
a. Ignorance
b. Negligence
c. Malpractice
d. Incompetence

68. You refused to assist a doctor in
performing a criminal abortion, you are not
liable because:
a. It is illegal in the Philippines
b. The patient is a minor
c. You have a right to refuse to follow
doctors orders
d. You are allowed to refuse if it is
against your religion

6 Top Rank Review Academy, Inc. MIDWIFERY REVIEW
Professional Growth & Development (test 2) Prepared by: Mr. Angelo Marc S. Rio, RN

69. In case of violators where the complaint
is lodged to the Board of Midwifery, the
litigants and witness maybe summoned by:
a. Summons
b. Writ of habeas corpus
c. Subpoena duces tecum
d. Subpoena

70. Under RA 7392, a nurse before being
issued a certificate of registration should:
a. Submit only 20 actually handled
delivery cases without taking the board
b. Take the board examination for
c. Submit to the Board 20 actually
handled delivery cases certified by
supervisor or director of the hospital
d. Submit to the Board 20 actually
handled delivery cases certified by the
supervisor or director of the hospital
and pass the board examination for

71. A law enacted by congress is called:
a. Presidential Decree
b. Executive Order
c. Republic Act
d. Board Resolution

72. This is the drug of choice in the
treatment of early pneumonia:
a. Cotrimoxazole
b. Salbutamol
c. Penicillin
d. Erythromycin

73. Health in the Hands of the people by the
year 2000 is.
a. People in the community will be
self reliant
b. People are utilizing health centers for
their needs
c. People who can afford to pay for
health care should be encouraged to go to
private hospitals
d. Community still prefers the dole-out

74. As a midwife which of the following
activities can you best implement in the
prevention and control of measles?
a. Immunization
b. Refer cases to hospitals
c. Treat the measles cases
d. Information dissemination to the
community about measles

75. The scope of Midwifery Licensure
Examination does not include:
a. Principles of Bacteriology
b. Domiciliary Midwifery
c. Pharmacology
d. Criminology

76. Which function of a midwife is not
included in the description provided for by
the Midwifery Act of 1992?
a. Management of normal deliveries
b. Suturing perineal lacerations
c. Administration of intravenous fluid
during obstetrical hemorrhage
d. Performing internal examination
in patients manifesting signs of

77. A person who makes a false statement
in an affidavit commits:
a. Perjury
b. Oral defamation
c. Slander
d. Falsication of documents

78. Insanity as a defense is an:
a. Exempting circumstance
b. Mitigating circumstance
c. Alternative circumstance
d. Aggravating circumstance

79. Which is a crime against a persons civil
a. Simulation of birth
b. Slander
c. Theft
d. Murder

80. The old Midwifery Law:
a. RA 2644
b. RA 1080
c. RA 2382
d. RA 877
81. The first part of the letter of applications
is the:
a. Purpose of the letter
b. Qualications of the applicant
c. Reference persons
d. Source of information

82. The summary of a persons skills,
abilities and personal qualities is written in
a. Application letter
b. Cover letter
c. Curriculum vitae
d. Resume

83. The Latin equivalent means to be
a. Ideals c. Values
b. Etiquette d. Law

84. When a health service is provided only
to persons who can afford it such as
cosmetic surgery, the principle of justice
applied is:
a. To each person an equal share
b. To each person according to
c. To each person according to free
market exchange
d. To each person according to merit

7 Top Rank Review Academy, Inc. MIDWIFERY REVIEW
Professional Growth & Development (test 2) Prepared by: Mr. Angelo Marc S. Rio, RN

85. When a midwife puts the bed in the
lowest position because the patient is in
danger of having a convulsion at any time,
she is observing the:
a. Principle of Beneficence
b. Principle of Non-maleficence
c. Principle of Autonomy
d. Principle of Justice

86. World Health Day which focuses on the
need for a healthy lifestyle is celebrated on:

a. April 7 c. April 4
b. April 10 d. April 9

87. Which correctly defines veracity?
a. Truthfulness
b. Justice
c. Loyalty
d. Duty

88. The duty of health care providers to do
good and what is best to their patient is
embodied in the:
a. Principle of benecence
b. Principle of justice
c. Principle of autonomy
d. Principle of nonmaleficence

89. Informed consent is based on the
principle of:
a. Principle of benecence
b. Principle of justice
c. Principle of autonomy
d. Principle of nonmaleficence
90. The President do not issue a/an?
a. Executive order
b. Republic act
c. Letter of instruction
d. Presidential decree

91. This law aims to control air pollution:
a. PD 825
b. RA 8749
c. PD 651
d. RA 9275

2. The PRC license is valid for a period of:
a. One year
b. Two years
c. Three years
d. Four years

93. A registered nurse-midwife can be a
member of IMAP as a/an:
a. Affiliate member
b. Associate member
c. Regular member
d. Active member

94. Performing all acts necessary for a
crime but not obtaining the desired crime or
result is what kind of felony?
a. Attempted felony
b. Frustrated felony
c. Consummated felony
d. Alternative felony
95. A midwife who refuses to follow the
order of her superior is committing:
a. Insubordination
b. Malpractice
c. Negligence
d. Ignorance

96. Under RA 7392, a midwife can legally
administer to an obstetric patient which of
the following drugs?
a. Antibiotic
b. Oxytocin
c. Contraceptive pills
d. IUD

97. In order to be a recipient of the benefits
provided by the Magna Carta, a midwife
should be employed in the following, except:
a. St. Lukes Hospital
b. Rural Health Unit
c. Philippine General Hospital
d. City Health Office

98. All of the following are Filipino citizens
a. Any person born in the
b. Persons whose mother is a Filipino
c. Persons who are naturalized Filipino
d. Persons whose father is a Filipino

99. The most important document that a
midwife should bring with her every day the
board examination is her:
a. School identification card
b. Notice of Admission
c. Pencil and ball pen
d. Test questionnaire and answer sheet

100. An examinee passes their Midwifery
Licensure examination if she obtains:
a. An average rating of 60%
b. No grade below 75% in any subject
c. An average rating of 75%
d. An average rating of 80%