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Department of Legal Management

College of Arts and Sciences

San Beda College

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for Marketing Management
Executive Summary, Situation Analysis and Marketing Strategy of the
Stand Firm Attorneys at Law
Submitted to:
Prof. Lalaine B. Divinagracia
Submitted by:
Karen Ann B. Huerto
Vanessa Marie C. Molino
Marie Claire G. Perez
Ysabella Juselle L. Sumaya
Paolo Eric B. Tamayo
1) Executive Summary
Juris-Semperfi is a new law firm in the Philippines established by five
lawyers with different specialty at law, namely Atty. Juris Briones,
Atty. Arvin Carl Salonga, Atty. Raymond Medina, Atty. Gerald Nunez
and Atty. Daniel Velasco. Juris-Semperfi law firm offers legal services
to all who are in need of it, whether natural, or juridical person.
Our clients are citizens and corporations in the Philippines primarily
people who are in need of legal assistance in our society nowadays.
Juris-Semperfi offers a variety of legal services 8 hours a day and 6
days a week.
Law firm business is not that common in this country. Manila area is
seen as one of the central places of industry in the Philippines.
Businesses companies and individuals are numerable in Manila City
which Juris-Semperfi may accommodate.
Juris-Semperfis marketing strategy is to emphasize the quality of legal
service and aid that we provide and the ability to accommodate each
citizens concern. People will not worry about stressful work and
thinking about the rights of the people because we will take care of it.
Our services will be accommodated by our legal assistants in the
practice of law. On start-up we train legal staff whose specializations
are in the practice of law.
The main co-owners of Juris-Semperfi law firm is Atty. Juris Briones,
Atty. Arvin Carl Salonga and Atty. Gerald Nunez. These three
executives came from the Lex Mastery College, San Beda College
Mendiola Manila which is popularly known for the field of law. These
co-owners are hands-on when it comes to the different tasks in the
company. In addition, Juris-Semperfi also has its advisors who were
Atty. Raymond Medina and Atty. Daniel Velasco who are also
graduates of San Beda College Mendiola Manila.
We have service commitments from our 55 clients and planning to
create our client base through Tv ads, radio ads, internet marketing,
Billboard ads and print materials. There is also an online website to
accommodate Juris-Semperfis clients every now and then.
I. Situation Analysis
A. Market Summary
Stand Firm will start independently relying on its genuine ability to
provide legal aid, services, guidance and assistance to persons who
are in direly need of such services that will enhance the societys
welfare. This law firm is recognized by the government as a firm that
upholds the countrys rules and laws.
Marketing Demographies
Target Market: Middle to High Class of the society
Age: 18 years old and above
Gender: Male and Female
Occupation: Students, white-collared workers
Status: Single, Married
Market Needs
The target market needs to have the legal guidance from the
most intelligent lawyers in the country. The target market needs
to be provided with good legal services to satisfy their needs.
This law firm is founded and managed by the bar top-notchers
who are willing to give assistance even to the higher class of the
society.The target market needs the highly skilled lawyers of the
country to assist them with the very crucial liabilities they
encounter concerning their professional work.
Market Trends
The market trends must be able to get along the current
happenings of the society. Technology nowadays is one of the
most useful tool to help every market attain their relationship
with the changing society.
The law firm offers a Virtual Law Firm, one of the trends of the
market in the legal aspect wherein it provides powerful mobile
devices, software as a service and secure, web-based technology
that allow legal professionals to work from virtually anywhere so
that they can serve their clients while maintaining a balance in
their schedule.
Market Growth
The growth of the law firm is a long term basis. This is because
even if the society is in need of legal presentations and legal
aids. The contracts that must be first analysed for a more
secured and valid contract in regard to their intention, that is
why at times they disregard the need and experience problem.
Our law firm, The stand law firm tries to defy. It will provide
information to everyone about our existence and to provide
service to our people.
B. SWOT Analysis
The Stand Law Firm specializes in criminal cases.
Services are provided by the finest lawyers of our generation
combining older attorneys with the new ones who are fresh out
of top law schools with the latest information in finding and using
the accurate information to win criminal cases.
Enhance effective communications and develop relationship
among their clients since lawyers deal with the people all day
Expensive and limited services.
Not enough advertisements to showcase the firms services.
Poor business skills since they spend most of their time in finding
the correct solution for a criminal case.
High crime rate in the Philippines.
Advancement in technology has opened up new field in Criminal
High level of competition around the location.
Lower cost of services of the competitors.
Bad economy in the Philippines.
The competition between law firms is indeed tight and not common in
the different industries in our country. Proper strategies are needed to
be applied in order to gain the success and effectiveness most law firm
aim. In creating a new law firm, we might not be able to attract new
clients since it started from scratch. Our competitors are obviously
those existing law firms that are popular and effective in our country.
There is also competition when it comes to the national economy. If
our economy is down, we might not be able to expect a good income
or profit from our clients since our services are costly for a criminal
case to be won.
Product Offering
The services which Stand Firm provides are legal consultation, notarial
services, strategic research and planning, client relationship
management and marketing, interactive, marketing campaigns,
spotlight on the law.
Key to Success
The key to success are to lure and inform middle to high class clients
to avail of the services, which in turn will satisfy and please the
customers by providing the services they want. This firm will be an
image of a firm that provides justice with great excellence of work
towards its clients. This will ensure that the firm will prosper and will
succeed in its endeavour.
Critical Issues
The critical issues that Stand Firm faces are related to
expansion. It is important for Stand Firm to expand, not for the
sake of expansion in and of itself, but because it makes wise
fiscal sense to. Stand Firm will continue to take a modest
approach to growing the business.
II. Marketing Strategy
A. Mission
The mission of Stand Firm is to provide the Philippine community with
technological and public interest legal guidance. We exist to attract
and maintain customers and to support the public interest community.
B. Marketing Objectives
The objectives for Stand Firm for its first year of operation include:

1. To create a law firm whose primary goal is to exceed customers
2. To develop loyal clients.
3. To increase the ability to serve public interest organizations each year.
4. To be able to offer each year some legal services at a subsidized rate.
C. Target Market
Stand Firm is a law firm that aims to provide legal aid and services of
middle to high classes of society.
D. Positioning
Stand Firm will help mould and shape the people through its values
and excellence that it possessed. This will be done by providing legal
services to its clients.
E. Strategies
To gain more profit and loyalty to its clients, the Stand Firm will
execute strategies that are deemed to be useful in developing a new
rise law firm in our country. The Stand Firm will adopt the
technological marketing strategy through which this law firm will be
marketed online. It will promote the services that most law firms
barely do. The clients will be able to access the firms records and
credentials of lawyers that might help them win the criminal cases.
Also through this feature the Stand Firm will accommodate clients
through recommendations which steps we will use to gain more
success and excellence.
The Stand Firm will also seek the promotions by referrals. Our law firm
seeks for justice and excellence. Through this aim, we assure the
referrals of our clients and extend to them the help that we can give.
F. Marketing Mix
Product: The firm will cater criminal and penal cases.
Price: Php 100,000 and above per case.
Place: The firm is located in Makati City, Philippines were most
companies and corporate establishments are near.
Promotion: The firm will be marketed through the internet,
newspapers, radio, and pamphlets.
IV. Marketing Executions and Control
A. Implementation
Philippine Partnerships must be registered with the Securities and
Exchange Commission (SEC).
Steps and requirements to register a partnership with the SEC are:
1 Verification and reservation of the name of the partnership at the
SEC. Once the name is accepted the SEC will issue a Name Verification
2 Articles of Partnership:
The Articles of Partnership define the obligations, responsibilities and
roles of each partner and how the profits and losses will be shared and
states who the general and limited partners are. Unless otherwise
stated a general partner may act on behalf of the partnership without
any limitations. By law a limited partner is not allowed to participate
actively in the management of the partnership or control of the
business operations.
3 - Affidavit of a general partner undertaking to change partnership
name (not required if Articles of Partnership has provision on this
+ Additional requirements:
- Endorsement/clearance from other government agencies, if
Partnership must be dissolved upon the death of one of its general
partners. General partners are personally legally responsible for all the
obligations of the partnership. Limited partners are personally legally
responsible only up to the amount of their capital contribution to the
Partnership. A partnership is taxed like a corporation. Foreigners can
not be a partner in a partnership which owns land. A corporation may
not be a partner in a partnership.
In the case of a limited partnership, the word Limited or Ltd must
be added to the partnership name. Articles of Partnership of limited
partnerships should be under oath only (Jurat) and not recognized
before a notary public.
B. Marketing Organization
Stand Firm is a legal consultants office founded by the most
prominent lawyers in the country known for their high stand skill in the
field of criminal law.
The executive board of Stand Firm is composed by Atty. Karen Ann
Huerto, Atty. Vanessa Marie Molino and Atty. Ysabella Juselle Sumaya.
Atty. Claire Perez and Atty. Paolo Tamayo are the co-owners of the
firm. They are all from the topnotchers of the Philippine Bar
Under it, there are seven major departments composing the firm. The
Advertising and Sales Department is being handled by Atty. Karen Ann
Huerto. The main function of the advertising department is to identify
the companys product and differentiate it from other law firms while
the function of a sales department is attract and retain customers. The
Promotion Department is being handled by Atty. Ysabella Juselle
Sumaya where its main focus is on the promotion of the firm through
net and referrals. The Marketing Department is taken over by Atty.
Claire Perez wherein she takes note of the plans for the law firm and
its performance. On the other hand, the Research and Human
Resource Departments are being handled by Atty. Vanessa Marie
Molino that will be deemed important in handling criminal cases to be
explored and employees being overviewed for the law firm. The Legal
and Accounting Departments are managed by Atty. Paolo Tamayo, him
having a background on the two departments, focuses on the fees and
costs by the law firm and the legal matters of the company.
C. Contingency Plans
1. To extend our legal guidance and assistance to the lower sector
of the society.
2. To lessen the high class lawyers and to welcome OJTs to help
giving our legal services to clients.
3. To budget our supplies every month depending on its
4. To promote Stand Firm to other sectors of society.
5. To give another set of objectives for the additional target market
Stand Firm will cater its services to.

D. Difficulties
One of the difficulties of Stand Firm is to establish its company name.
Because Stand Firm is only new, it will be very hard to get clients. It
needs to establish the good will of the company in order to be known
and get clients.
E. Risks
Because Stand Firm is a high class law firm, it needs to hire high class
lawyers to work on the company. One of the risks is because of high
paid lawyers there will be a possibility that not all the times, they have
clients. There are too many expenses but no income.
F. Key Indicator for Success
If the company is established well, you can get as many clients
especially big time clients. Many big companies will get this firm as
retainers that will serve as legal counsel. Like for example, ABS-CBN,
they can get Stand Firm as their legal counsel which will be paid every
Another indicator is that when the company starts to get winning
criminal cases, a lot of clients would refer Stand Firm to help them and
to be given legal assistance in case they need to.

G. Control
The purpose of Stand Firms marketing plan is to serve as a guide for
the organization. It is also to give its clients its genuine legal services.
The following areas will be observed to improve the law firms standing
and effective performance:
Customer satisfaction
Resolved criminal cases
Monthly costs
Loyal clients
Online services

V. Financials
Projected Balance Sheet
March to April 2013
Current Assets Cost Current Liabilities Cost
Cash PHP 180,000 Accounts Payable PHP 116,000
Accounts Receivables 120,000 Notes Payable 45,000
Inventory 30,700 Utilities Payable 30,000
Supplies 12,200 Wages Payable 70,500
Prepaid Insurance 7,000 Interest Payable 46,600
Total current
349,900 Taxes Payable 22,400
Non-current Assets Total current
Investments 50,000 Long term

Land 600,000 Notes Payable 85,000
Buildings 425,000 Bonds Payable 38,900
Equipment 300,000 Total Long term
Liabilities Payable:
Total Non-current
1,375,000 Total Liabilities: 454,400
Other Assets: 25,000 Stock Holders

Total Assets: 1,749,900 Capital 1,000,000
Earnings 295,500
Total: Stock
Holders Equity
Total: Stock
Holders Equity &