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United Arab Emirates University

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

CIVL375: Water and Wastewater Technology
Catalog Data: Credits 3. This course aims at presenting the analysis and design
aspects of the main technologies employed in water and wastewater
treatment. It includes physical treatment processes like screening, grit
removal, aeration, sedimentation, and fltration. Chemical treatment
processes like coagulation- focculation, softening, iron and manganese
removal, disinfection, ion echange and adsorption, and !iological
treatment processes like activated sludge and anaero!ic treatment
units. The course addresses the reuse of wastewater and the treatment
and disposal of techni"ues of generated sludge. It also includes a
num!er of la!oratory eperiments illustrating selected water and
wastewater treatment technologies. #3-$-$%
Prerequisites: CI&'$() *Introduction to +nvironmental +ngineering*.
Textbook: ,eynolds, T. and ,ichards -., *.nit /perations and -rocesses in
+nvironmental +ngineering*, $
edition -01 -u!lishing Co. #2334%.
Referenes: ,onald '. 5roste, Theory and -ractice of 0ater and 0astewater
Treatment, 6ohn 0iley 7 1ons, Inc. #233(%.
8ammer, 9. and 8ammer, 9. 6r., 0ater and 0astewater
Technology, :
+dition, -rentice-8all #$))2%.
Course !b"etives:
2. ;pply knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and
!iology to solve and analy<e engineering pro!lems related to water
and wastewater treatment.
$. 5evelop the a!ility to construct fow sheet diagrams to treat
some characteri<ed water and wastewater.
3. .se the fundamental principles of mass !alance, chemical
kinetics and e"uili!rium to design a water or wastewater reactor to
achieve a desira!le treatment goal.
:. Conduct=5escri!e la!oratory eperiments related to water
and wastewater treatment.
>. Improve technical communication skills.
4. 5escri!e contemporary engineering issues relevant to the
area of water and wastewater technology.
Course !utomes and #related program outomes$:
?y the end of this course, students shall !e a!le to@
%& 5evelop a mass !alance epression for contaminants under
diAerent case scenarios and design a simple system to meet
desired needs #%' (' )' *$&
+& 1elect or construct appropriate treatment scheme to remove
certain pollutants present in water or wastewater #%' (' )' *' %,$.
(& 5esign a water or wastewater treatment component #(' )' *' %,'
)& Conduct !ench-scale water treatment processes #+' )$.
*& 0rite technical reports and conduct professional presentations #-'
Topis Covered:
T.1. ,eview of relevant material in CI&'$()
T.2. 0ater "uality and pollution
T.3. 0ater and wastewater treatment units
T.4. ,eactors and mass !alance
T.5. -hysical Treatment 9ethods
T.6. Chemical Treatment 9ethods
T.7. ?iological Treatment 9ethods
T.8. 5isposal and reuse of treated wastewater
.aboratory Experiments
Tur!idity removal
8ardness removal
;ctivated car!on adsorption
Ion echange
;ero!ic treatment
Computer Usage: 1preadsheet calculations or iterative design solutions is re"uired to
solve some homework assignments.
Contribution of Course to /eeting Professional Component:
This course focuses on the concept and design aspects of water and
wastewater treatment. The course eplores drinking and discharge
water standards as the !asis to meet regulatory limits of water
Class 01edule:1ection )2@ C,B 3$3$)
9onday and 0ednesday 2$@))-2@>)
6imi4:-$$4 #'ecture% or +(-))2) #'a!oratory%
1ection >2, C,B 33)>3
1unday and Tuesday C@))-22@>)
C4-))$> #'ecture% or +(-))2) #'a!oratory%
!2e 3ours: To !e announced later
4rading Poliy 9idterm +am $)D
Einal +am 3>D
Fui<<es #!est : out of > are considered G 4D each% $:D
Term proHect report 4D
-articipation including attendance #ecluded "ui< is counted at 2D%
'a!oratory data sheet #all will !e considered%
'a!oratory report as assigned !y the instructor #2 G 3D%
Einal la!oratory eam 4D
Notes: Unattended quizzes without an excuse will be marked zero. No makeup exams for
unattended quizzes with excuse, but other quizzes grades are averaged. A data sheet or a lab
report of an unattended lab will not be accepted.
A5ET Category Content:
9ath and ?asic 1cience@ ).C Cr. #3)D%
+ngineering 5esign@ $.$ Cr. #()D%
Prepared by: 5r. 9unHed 9ara"a, email@ m.mara"aGuaeu.ac.ae
Date: Ee! 3, $)2$