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Visitor Medicine


RQ = Reader Question C = The Committee

RQ: Will our cousins' arrival bring a sea change to the treatment of autoimmune diseases in the next 7

For example, where an ileostomy (intestinal by-pass) would improve short term health but still not cure
bowel-related inflammatory diseases, could there come better treatments or cures for Crohn's or
ulcerative colitis that affect large intestines? Something that could also eliminate related arthritis,
cardiology, chronic pneumonia and pneumomitis conditions?

Is it worthwhile dealing with the pain to not undergo an ileostomy until our cousins demonstrate medical
technology and our understanding increases?

C: This question about medical treatment and technology we address generally then specifically.

The arrival of new technology for medical care is not different than any new thing visitors might offer to
Earth yet we say, they shall not, for the most part. We do not suggest nothing; there will be offerings but
limited. A small number would use what has become available for principally own purposes to the
detriment or downfall of others. The challenge of Earth existence is limitation; resources, supplies and
materials are deemed finite and required to be taken from others and elsewhere. Your emotion of envy
plays a part in this.

Technologies yet unknown on Earth would quickly be seized by the some to their betterment, as they see
it. Others would put what they believe a selfish interest aside and employ the technology for what they
see as the greater good, without asking that greater part if this good is truly wanted. Many foods and
drinks without nutrition are consumed to the detriment of those who ingest regular and larger amounts.
Who should control your consumption but you?

Introduction of technology happens as life courses will not be deviated beyond plan for too many of you;
the concept of interference is both positive and otherwise. There will always be approval and rejection of
the interference, together. Technology will be developed and applied by you humans; extraterrestrial
involvement in use there will not be. Many more should be helped than harmed and appreciation for life
will create this in newer ways.

We suggest all illness and disease as eradicated instantly; consider such unlikely development on Earth.
What would happen to the livelihoods of doctors, nurses and all related medical personnel? To all others
involved in the administration of medical treatment and facilities, and whom supply and maintain these
places? What will occur to industry of pharmaceuticals? What shall happen to design and supply of
medical equipment? Has the research and development of ever better medical technology occurred by
pure desire alone without investment or expectation of profit for investor risk decisions? Shall the study
of medicine be altruistic in all ways, its application free? If so, are the best doctors and nurses, and the
finest schools that teach them, all the lowest or zero cost ones? If not, then who shall pay and how much?

Introduction of a new technology will cause a ripple through this system, not all effects pleasant to
everyone, at all steps.

What makes the one affliction more deserving to be treated than the other? What reason for a technology
might lift cardiology above psychiatry, assist orthopedics but not oncologists? Who shall decide this?

This asks a larger question of interference with humanity and intrusion into what is deemed good. What
freedoms should encounter which restrictions? What system will be enacted to curtail increases in
restrictions becoming oppressive? Who shall decide when oppression commences?

We strongly suggest a patient follow treatment and advice provided by doctors and not wait for
extraterrestrial solutions. There are several considerations; life plans are sacred and some include the
ailments from which relief is sought. The lesson and understanding provided by inability to obtain relief
can be a part of a life lesson; an extraterrestrial possessing a body and feelings much like your own,
although very different in structure and function, appreciates this and is reluctant to interfere.

Introduction of technologies are a Guardian Angel function, not of an extraterrestrial, all of whom have
Guardians also, as do humans.

Advanced as it will appear when shown, extraterrestrial technology is not comprehensive and often
inapplicable as it might involve human bodily chemistry and function.

Each of you recognizes disturbance when encountered, if not when the cause is first observed. Often what
becomes bothersome began with anticipation of pleasantry, did it not? Did not a good understanding and
learning occur as an experience evolved? Each interpretation of disturbing must consider experiences and
views that form a person; for without inclusion of experience you would not humans be. Uniqueness of
your and life experience on Earth, by extension, create reactions which surface automatically. Who shall
interfere in these but you, willingly?

The introduction of heretofore unknown technology and method will create intrusion, beneficial or
otherwise. We understand human arguments that elimination of disease can only be seen as good and
benevolent; we suggest there is more to see in some cases. To choose which cases are deservedly
beneficial and which not, is a judgment and classification extraterrestrials shall not undertake.

Marina 26/08/2013 2:48pm

why do so many sources say otherwise? why give false hope?

Patrick 26/08/2013 4:37pm

I am a reluctant "truth meter" for offerings elsewhere. I haven't read or considered other
suggestions on this subject.

Sarah 26/08/2013 3:14pm

Great post, by the way Patrick, could you ask Committee if this video is legit or fake:


thanks Patrick,
keep it up. you are great

Patrick 26/08/2013 4:56pm

I am getting that some of this footage is bona fide but the comments about agreements regarding
filming and photography are not; visitors to Earth can detect and prevent it and have. The footage
seen here was allowed and even encouraged, for the most part.

David 26/08/2013 4:04pm

I don't know what to believe anymore. I appreciate your posts, but they sometimes are in conflict with
what I have read elsewhere, including a website that is in a way tied to this one. I'll just sit back and not
worry about it I guess...

Patrick 26/08/2013 4:47pm

It seems there is great hope for medical (and all sorts of) solutions for Earth problems to come
from extraterrestrials.
Little will be shown; using what's demonstrated will apply as we choose.

Dr Laurie 27/08/2013 11:49am

David, I don't think this necessarily contradicts the info given on the "related" blog. If I may share
some impressions given by my guides and others... Patrick, please let the committee comment if I
am off-track.

Earth is a very dense place - the most dense world, according to Delores Cannon. Every
experience in our life here involves this physicality. Discipline regarding our bodies allows us to
become closer to Source, so this is an incentive to treat our bodies well. Without that relationship,
say if we eat crap, get sick, and were able to go get a magic pill to restore us to health, where
would the lesson be? Likewise, illness provides many lessons, and for many here, an illness or
injury is a purposeful part of their life plan. To take away that opportunity would deprive us of
those lessons.

That being said, new technologies and knowledge, especially regarding energetic medicine and
emotional healing, will eventually become the major part of medicine in the future. This was also
revealed to us in the blog, amongst other sources. Perhaps these visitors, as well as knowledge
channeled through healers on Earth, will assist us in advancing these new ways of medicine. And
what a great gift!

Illness and pain, for the most part, are a result of emotional issues (from this life, and other lives
some say). One of the greatest reasons beings incarnate to Earth is to gain emotional
experience. If we are experiencing illness and pain, we can gain some measure of healing,
possibly a "miracle cure," from addressing these issues. These new technologies and techniques
will make this approach much more successful and give us greater accountability and control of
our individual health! I would venture to say that this opportunity for growth, for this reason, will
not be taken away by "magical" alien technology rendering illness obsolete. I expect that these
experiences will remain a part of our human existence, although transformed into a different

For what it's worth, I thought I would share, as I believe I was sent to help in this transformation of
healing. I have had dramatic personal experience in the power of energetic and emotional
healing, and am changing my practice from a standard medical method to a practice which
incorporates this.

Patrick 27/08/2013 12:31pm

Not at all, Doctor, the locomotive is right on the rails.

Mo 26/08/2013 4:50pm

Another Great Post by Patrick,

My conclusion from this post in a few sentences:

We (Extra-terrestrials ) cannot intervene externally in the flesh BUT we can intervene internally on a soul
level via telepathic communication or we can asked our own extra-terrestrial spices to voluntarily
incarnate into a human body onto Planet Earth to help the human earthlings. This alleged idea is depicted
in Dolores cannon book, '' The Three Wave Of Volunteers. '' We have to abide the universal law of non -
inference until a civilization of a particular star system has matched up to the levels of other extra-
terrestrial civilization.


- Mo

Patrick 27/08/2013 12:36pm

Good, succinct summary, however visitors COULD interfere physically, highly, highly unlikely that