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by Mohammad Abdullah
16 April, 2006
Have you seen 1984, the screen adaptation of George Orwell's novel written in 1949? I
highly recommended it. You can also read the novel online at http://www.online- literature
I recently got a bootlegged version of 1984 (we in Pakistan seem quite happy not paying for
creative license), and I was dumbfounded by its symbolism. 1984 Oceania could be a
stylized 2006 Pakistan , or Saudi Arabia , or Iran or - any other failed Muslim state. I wonder
if Orwell had based his novel on Muslim thought. The allusion to communist East is clear yet
his dystrophic message also clearly describes the effects of Islam on civil society. From the
constant war mongering, the indoctrination of children, the "thought crime", lack of freedom
and innovation, the banal salutation of brother and sister all are terrifying reminders of a
Mohammedan society. Yet not even Orwell could have thought up the insidious mind control
that the pedophile Mohammad conjured up, in his sick demented state, as the cult of Islam.
Consider the following: in Oceania the population are constantly fed propaganda via
loudspeakers and television sets (which they cannot turn off), they have to wake up early in
the morning to exercise, watched through the TV sets by an instructor. Muhammad's five
times a day prayer was the basis of his mind control. The constant call to prayer is essential
1. getting the "faithful" together thereby infusing in them a sense of the collective
2. a chance for the preacher to exhort and inculcate the dogma of the cult of Muhammad 5
times a day, thereby ingraining in their psyche the falsehoods of his twisted mind.
3. a chance to spy on individuals who were not as enthusiastic as others. Even though this
is more difficult nowadays, but you would be surprised at the knowledge, the local mullah
retains of his neighborhood in Muslim societies.
As I saw Winston Smith (the main character in the movie) exercising in the early morning I
was shocked that Muhammad (around AD 600) could have thought up the exercise regimen,
which he associated with prayer, and the timings of these "prayers" to exert maximum mind-
control. The first prayer of the day in Islam also starts at dawn. I wonder if the sleepy mind is
more susceptible to propaganda at this early hour-
In Oceania they are constantly being reminded of their duty to the party, we in the Muslim
world hear the call to prayer five times a day, our reminder of our duty to Muhammad's
"message". Just like in Oceania Muslims refer to each other as Brothers and the women as
their sisters (this also appears to be true of all cults that I know of). Just like in Oceania sex is
considered a "bad thing" only fit for procreation. Just like in Oceania the core philosophy is
based on conquering and conversion of the "other". Just like in Oceania war is a constant.
In Islam the populace is given a heavy dose of "you are God's chosen one" philosophy. This
has the twin effect of making the "others" seem less than human and oneself in turn superior
to the "others". Heavenly rewards are offered for those who convert the "others", and if
someone strays away from the communal, he is a traitor worthy only of death. One of the
principal tools in this indoctrination are the half truths. Since Muhammad was plagiarizing
from existing faiths, he cleverly made up half-truths so that people could relate this new faith
to their existing faiths yet he could differentiate it enough to start his own following, and so
the story of Abrahams son's, the fasting, Genesis and the numerous other half-truths. The
dictionary of "new speak" and the "two minute hate" find loose parallels in the Muslim
world. Thought is to be controlled, and ideas suppressed. To question is death.
The control of the Mohammedan cult is quite impressive. Muhammad's ridiculous ideology
taps into our most basic of fears, the fear of the unknown, and provides the comfort and
succor that billions of feeble- minded individuals long for. It is surprising that even in this age
of reason and rational thought Muslims would cling to their flawed faith with such a fanatical
zeal. Yet this is a death embrace. It drags the individual and their societies farther and farther
down into the Dark Age rot that we see today as the Muslim world. Free thought and ideas
are stifled, the arts, sciences, culture are all subject to censure. Without the free flow of ideas,
societies suffocate and they can neither imagine nor create. Images of dirty broken streets
and electricity cuts in the movie exactly mirror our daily existence in these Muslim hellholes.
Interaction between the sexes is banned and results in a culturally repressed individual who is
immature at his best, incapable of experiencing the finer pleasures of life. He lives in a
subjugated existence, incapable of being creative, incapable of being productive, incapable of
reasoning, incapable of questioning.
In 1984 Winston writes in his diary "To the future or to the past, to a time when thought is
free, when men are different from one another and do not live alone -- to a time when truth
exists and what is done cannot be undone: From the age of uniformity, from the age of
solitude, from the age of Big Brother, from the age of doublethink -- greetings!" Replace the
blue overalls for the beards and the dress sense of Muhammad, replace the rigidity of action
by the imitation of Muhammad and we have our own dystopia. The last entry Winston writes
in his diary is that "freedom is to say that two and two makes four. If this is granted
everything else follows". At least Winston could dream of a future that could be better, I look
around at the madness of my fellow citizens and I cannot.
Here is my fear. In this Golden age, interaction with these decaying Muslim societies will
despoil those fragile civilizations that have fought for freedom of thought and justice, who
have built, created, and progressed technologically. These decrepit Muslim societies could
drag us all down into the Middle Ages, their perverted thoughts corrupting the sane. The
savagery of Islam will destroy the delicate social balance that is required for justice,
deliberation, tolerance and mutual respect. Only the intangible "frame of mind" separates the
prosperous west from the rotting Muslim east. As interaction with the Muslims increase will
draconian "Patriot Acts" proliferate, how can these advanced societies deal with the crass
Mohammedans living amidst them? If they sacrifice those tenets that they hold dear, like
Freedom of Religion thought and expression will it not be the beginning of the end. Yet how
else can one deal with a totalitarian system like Islam?
This I know as true. There is an evil philosophy in this world, it must be fought-
- its name is Islam.
Mohammad Abdullah can be reached at pbuhwasevil@bigstring.com