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KAESER Rotary Screw Compressor
Mobilair 135 / 10 bar
with CE mark and Declaration of Conformity
Free air delivery 13 m/min
Compressor discharge pressure 10 bar(g)
Compressor full load shaft power,
incl. ventilator 105 kW
Motor (water-cooled)
Nominal power 122 kW
Speed, full load 2000 rpm
Speed, idling 1300 rpm
Motor type 4-cylinder, diesel
Model TCD 2013 L04
Manufacturer Deutz
Weights and dimensions
Length x breadth x height 3140 x 1820 x 1475 mm
Fuel tank capacity 200 litres
Air outlet valve (claw coupling) 3 x G 3/4
1 x G 2
Total weight approx. 2300 kg
Guaranteed sound power level per
directive 2000/14/EC <99 dB(A)
Permissible ambient temperature -10C to +50C
Permissible altitude up to 1000 m
Subject to alteration without notice!
Construction and housing
- Vibration-damped airend and motor > Quiet operation
- Sound-attenuated, galvanised steel plate > Low noise level,-
bodywork long service life
Offre 8790886 - SARL Rolandtecnic Algrie 2/9
- Gull-wing maintenance doors > Good accessibility
- Stiffened underbody > Secure transportation-
and operation
- Rain-proof cover of the recessed lifting eye > Easy to crane
- Corrosion-resistant, internally mounted > Protection against accident al
exhaust gas silencer contact, long service life
- Ventilator grille > Maximal operator safety
- Airend with Kaeser-manufactured > Efficient, maximum cost
SIGMA PROFILE rotors effectiveness
- Inlet filter with silencer > Noise level reduction, -
with standard cartridge reusability ensures cost
- Electro-pneumatic inlet valve > Automatic operation
- Relief valve on the fluid separator tank > Maximum safety
- Compressor connected to diesel motor > Simple maintenance, optimal
via flanged transmission bell housing efficiency
- Generously dimensioned bearings > Long service life
Cooling and lubrication
- Reusable fluid separation > Minimal residual oil content of
cartridge 2-4 mg/m = 2-4 g/1000 m
- Ventilator on the motor shaft > Intensive cooling
- Supplied with fluid charged > Ready to run
- Valveless fluid circulation with > Maximum reliability
thermostat, bypass and micro filter
- Fluid cooling via aluminium heat > Optimal operating temperature
- Combined fluid reservoir and > Fast oil change
separator tank
- Optical fluid level check > Simple monitoring
- Continuously variable air > Simple, automatic matching
delivery through control of the to consumption
motor speed and compressor
inlet valve
- Automatic venting of the equipment > Gentle, pressure-free start up
after motor shutdown of the compressor
Safety system
Malfunctions initiate an immediate shutdown of the equipment, and are signalled
by a common fault lamp :
- Maximum discharge temperature exceeded
Offre 8790886 - SARL Rolandtecnic Algrie 3/9
- Motor oil pressure too low
- Non-charging alternator
- Fuel level low
Additional monitoring functions:
- Service indicator for the air inlet filter
- Start inhibitor when motor is already running
- Battery isolation switch > Complete system shutdown
inside the unit and lock-off against
unauthorised operation
- High capacity battery > Reliable motor starting
- Fuel pre-filter fitted in line > Maximum operational reliability
- Recessed lifting eye > easy loading and unloading
Instrument panel
- Analogue discharge pressure gauge
- Analogue fuel level indicator
- Emergency off button and main switch
- SIGMA Control Mobile
for KAESER portable compressors
SIGMA CONTROL Mobil is a fully developed product of the
construction machine industry and ensures safe portable compressor
operation through display of alarm messages and simple push-button
- Instrument panel with display and 12 buttons
- Enclosure protection IP 65
- Protected by a metal cover.
Functions and advantages
- Display of operating data and user guidance
Offre 8790886 - SARL Rolandtecnic Algrie 4/9
- Automatic engine regulation
- Analog data processing
- Function monitoring with alarm messages and fault diagnosis
- Pictograms understandable in any language
- Simple menu guidance
- Simple switchover from warm-up/dle to load
- Maintenance interval indicator counting down to next maintenance
EC directives applied
98/37/EC Machinery directive
87/404/EC Simple, unfired pressure vessels
2000/14 Environmentally damaging emissions of devices
and machines used in the open air.
97/23/EC Pressure Equipment Directive (for pressure relief valves, EC)
2006/95/EC Low voltage regulations
Drive engines conform to emission directives 2004/26/EC and EPA IIIa and
EPA level 3.
Harmonized norms/regulations applied
EN 1012-1 Safety requirements for compressors
EN ISO 12100-1 Safety of machines - basic terminology
EN ISO 12100-2 Safety of machines - technical guidelines
EN 294 Safety of machines - safe distances
EN 12516-3 Fittings, housing strength, part 3: experimental processes
(for existing pressure -bearing housing components).
EN 60204-1 Safety of machines - electrical equipment
The German National Equipment Safety Act
The Federal German Emission Protection Act
Conformity evaluation procedures
98/37/EC according to annex IIA
2000/14/EC Internal manufacturing checks with evaluation of technical
documents and regular inspections in accordance with annex VI of the
Compressor unit:
KAESER service manual including P & I flow diagram, electrical diagrams
and spares lists.
Engine manufacturers service manual
Available compressed air treatment versions
- Machine with a built-in compressed air aftercooler and cyclonic
separator to remove condensate from the compressed air.
- Machine with built-in compressed air heater for relative dry air.
The compressed air heater is an oil/air heat exchanger using the hot compressor oil, at about 80
C to raise the temperature of the
Offre 8790886 - SARL Rolandtecnic Algrie 5/9
compressed air by 5-10 K.
A machine with the air treatment devices of compressed air aftercooler,
cyclonic separator and air warmer will ensure that condensate does
not form in consumers such as air tools and sand-blasting plant.
- Machine with built-in filter to produce breathing air that can be
taken off from two outlets.
- Additional combination filter fitted downstream of the cyclonic
separator to give oil-free air suitable for concrete repair.
If a tool lubricator is fitted, oiled air can be drawn from any outlet.
If the lubricator is combined with air treatment devices, however,
oiled air may be taken from two outlets and treated air from the others.
Special air treatment systems available on request.
Offre 8790886 - SARL Rolandtecnic Algrie 6/9
Directives, normes, rglementations et
recommandations dinstallation
Les directives suivantes peuvent tre applicables nos produits :
2006/42/CE Directive Machines
2009/105/CE (87/404/CEE) Directive relative aux rcipients pression simples
97/23/CE Directive quipements sous pression
2006/95/CE Directive Basse tension
2004/108/CE Directive CEM
Les directives applicables sont mentionnes dans la dclaration CE de chaque produit.
Normes harmonises importantes :
ISO 12100-1/-2 Scurit des machines
EN 60204 Scurit des machines - quipement lectrique des machines
EN 1012-1 Prescriptions de scurit - Compresseurs
EN 1012-2 Prescriptions de scurit - Pompes vide (ASV, BSV, CSV)
EN 378 Systmes de rfrigration et pompes chaleur (Exigences de scurit et denvironnement)
Normes applicables aux caractristiques techniques :
Dbit rel :
selon ISO 1217:2009 annexe C
Niveau de pression acoustique :
selon ISO 2151 et la norme de base ISO 9614-2, tolrance : +/- 3 dB(A)
Niveau de puissance acoustique :
selon ISO 2151 et la norme de base ISO 9614-2, tolrance : +/- 3 dB(A)
Offre 8790886 - SARL Rolandtecnic Algrie 8/9
Recommandation concernant le raccordement lectrique :
Le raccordement lectrique sur site est excuter conformment aux normes applicables (par
exemple CEI 60364 ou DIN VDE 0100) et aux rglementations nationales en matire de scurit et de
prvention des accidents (en Allemagne, rglement de la caisse de prvoyance professionnelle BGV
Une combinaison interrupteur principal et fusible telle quelle est prescrite par les rglementations en
matire de scurit et de prvention des accidents est prvoir sur site.
Les prescriptions du fournisseur dlectricit local sont respecter.
Plages de temprature admissibles sur le lieu dinstallation :
Compresseurs en vis en gnral : +3 C +45 C
sauf SXC, DSG 290-2, FSG 500-2 (refroidis par air), FSG 520-2,
centrales de vide vis (ASV, BSV, CSV) : +3 C +40 C
Surpresseurs pistons rotatifs :
avec partie commande et puissance intgre (centrales) : +3 C +40 C
sans partie commande et puissance intgre (groupes): -15 C +40 C
Compresseurs pistons : +5 C +35 C
Surpresseurs : +2 C +40 C
Scheurs frigorifiques en gnral : +3 C +43 C
sauf TAH, TBH, TCH, TG, TH, TI, TCU : +3 C +45 C
Des ouvertures dentre et dvacuation dair correctement dimensionnes sont prvoir dans le
Nous sommes votre disposition pour vous conseiller en la matire.
Pour les machines refroidies par eau, veuillez respecter les spcifications de leau de refroidissement.
Pour les machines quipes dun systme de rcupration de calories intgr, veuillez respecter les
spcifications de leau de refroidissement.
Offre 8790886 - SARL Rolandtecnic Algrie 9/9