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The Philippines is unique, hot and

The Philippines is always hot and the
average tempter is 40 degrees.
The Philippines population is 100,000,000 and the capital city
is Manila (11.449m). The main language they speak is Tagalog
and there is many more local languages. There president is
Benigno noynoy. The official name of the Philippines is
called republic of the Philippines.
The name Philippines comes from Phillip II who was the king
of Spain.
The currency of the Philippines
is peso- $100 Australian dollars
is worth 4091.62 peso but $100
peso is worth 2.443.
Philippines has
over 7,000 islands
the two largest
islands are Luzon and Mindanao. The islands of
the Philippines are homed to many species of flowering
plants and ferns, also it includes hundreds of species of
Fun Fact
When the
red part of
the flag is
at the top
Philippines Life
orchids. The Philippines have more than 200 species of
mammals, including monkeys, squirrels, lemurs, mice and
many more.

The Philippines has a lot to offer for people who want both
an action packed holiday but also a relaxing holiday.
In The Philippines, there is lots of great places you can visit.
Such as, Boracay, a small island with lots of activities to do
but also is a relaxing island. In Metro Manila the population is
a quarter of the whole entire Philippines, so it is an action
packed place filled with people. Last year, 173 000 people
visited The Philippines from Australia!
When you visit The Philippines, you will be helping out the
country because they arent that much of a rich country so
that with the money you spend, it might help the poverty.
Come to the relaxing Philippines to have a great
Health and Security
In Philippines, The department
controls the Philippine Education
systems especially the usage and
funds used for improvements. Male life expectancy is 66.4m,
and female is 72.5m and the total life expectancy is 69.4m
which gives Philippines a World Life Expectancy ranking
o114m. In the Philippines 17 out of 1000 kids die by the age
of 5.


The Products exported by The Philippines are Integrated
Circuits (23%), Computers about (10%), Office machine parts
and lots more technology exported to the Philippines. The
Products imported by the Philippines are Crude Petroleum
(9.3%), Refined Petroleum (6.8%) and cars around (2.9%).
Technology population