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Chapter I

Background of Study
Speaking is one of four skills that have to be mastered in learning English. In school
based curriculum (KTSP), speaking is one of four skills which have to be mastered
by senior high school students because it is tested in national examination. Besides,
speaking skill is very important to master but the teachers ability to encourage their
students speaking ability in using certain method to achieve target language usage
well is deeply vital.
In some cases, students speaking ability is absolutely under standardization. It can
be seen through their attempt to speak and communicate to others, moreover most
students are still shy and unconfident to practise it in classroom and share ideas in
conversation activities. The phenomenon actually happened in a senior high school
of Banda Aceh, during the authors teaching training duty and observation, precisely
at SMA 13. Since carry out the teaching training duty, the author found some
problems in the school about performing erroneous teaching English speaking
The mistake of teaching performance obtained through the observation at the first
authors arrival to the school until to the end of teaching training duty was the use of
Indonesian language and language of origin (authors observation 24
of February -
of May 2011). The application of source language by the teachers has been
affected the difficulty among students in applying English language while speaking
and communicating, because they used to be taught speaking skill by using
Indonesian Language.
If the teaching speaking remain provided in such method, it is concerned that the
students capability would not develop at all even getting worse. The teaching
speaking which impacts on speaking activity passively conflicts to one of current
propositions in the literature of language education that states the language means
communication, not only a set of rule. On the other hand, the government should
prepare learners to be able to speak target language through cooperative school to
achieve proposition literacy as suggested (KTSP, 2007).
If the teachers misapplication teaching method will be going on simultaneously
without any change, concerned that the main apprehensive about complications that
would be faced by students are Passive speaking skill, lack of speaking practise
activity, and afraid of sharing ideas with friends. But the most principle is declining
students English speaking skill mastery dramatically.
To solve the problem, the author has already analysed and clarified that direct
method is surely and most appropriate method to apply in conducting teaching
speaking skill. According to the author this is the only solution to settle the
misapplication method, so that the mistake could be faced and fixed until achieve
expected purposes.

Purpose and Scope of Study
The intentions of learning are to explore some theories relate to direct method (D M)
in teaching speaking skill, to know the effectiveness of direct method, and to provide
them to teachers in order can be applied in schools to reach the purpose of teaching
and learning speaking skill process.
By the above processes expected that students can develop their speaking ability well
with teachers effort through practising direct teaching method in teaching speaking
skill in the classroom.
The research of study only focused on , specifically in
the first grade students of senior high school, in improving students speaking skill.
Method of Study
The method of study from the urgent research utilised is library research. The data
for producing the thesis were obtained through genre sources, such as certain books
contain direct teaching method theories that put forward by a number of theorists,
accessing various references through certain websites which provide direct method
theories, and dictionaries which have supporting theories in order to have more
complete data.
Furthermore, the data which got to write this thesis were read, discussed, and
analysed carefully by the author in order to have qualified understanding so that
appropriate to provide as the guidance of applying direct method in teaching
speaking skill.
Finally after getting enough sources systematically, the collected and classified data
were elaborated to figure out the most precise solutions to solve the issue and
concept that earlier touched in the background of study.