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Contents Page - Issue 38 - Sauchie Sites and Proposals

1. Schedule 4

2. Representations

Scottish Government (Historic Scotland) (CLDP070p)
Colliers for Mactaggart and Mickel Homes Ltd. (CLDP079k)
Alloa Community Council (CLDP163m)

3. Supporting Documents

CD031 Clackmannanshire Local Plan 1st Alteration - Housing Land
(October 2011)

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Issue 38 Sauchie Sites and Proposals
Development Plan
H16 - Sauchie West (Page 122)
H03 - Carsebridge Road North, H04
- Carsebridge (Pages 105-106)
H49 - Forestmill (Page 159)
T05 - Sauchie junctions (Page 126)
Policies SC23 and SC24 (Page 58-
Body or person(s) submitting a representation raising the issue
(including reference number):

Scottish Government (Historic Scotland) (CLDP070p)
Colliers for Mactaggart and Mickel Homes Ltd. (CLDP079k)
Alloa Community Council (CLDP163m)

Provision of the development
plan to which the issue relates:
Schedule of Sites: site allocations for
housing and the related Development
Guidelines for H03, H04, H16, H49, T05
Planning Authoritys summary of the representation(s):

Scottish Government (Historic Scotland) (CLDP070p) Any future
development should take into account potential impacts on the setting of
Inglewood House, particularly when looking to the Sauchie West expansion
area (H16).

Colliers for Mactaggart and Mickel Homes Ltd. (CLDP079k) Object to the
allocation of site H16 - Sauchie West, Sauchie, as there is no developer in
place, it is a long term development proposal, it has significant infrastructure
costs and is not effective.

Alloa Community Council (CLDP163m) The junction at Parkhead Road and
Fairfield Road is congested as it is. With the developments in the area at
H01/H02/H15/H16, this junction is going to become a major problem for traffic.
Consideration will also need to be given to the junction at the B908 and B9096
as this is also currently a busy junction.

With housing developments at H01 (320 units), H02 (22 units), H015 (150
units) and H016 (774 units) the traffic flow on Sunnyside Brae and along
Sunnyside Road/Parkway leading to the roundabout at the Leisure Bowl will
become even more congested and will put additional pressure on Hill Street
as it is the street with direct access to Tullibody Road and it has very
ineffective traffic calming measures.

Traffic using Hill Street dramatically increased after traffic calming measures
were introduced in Ashley Terrace some years ago. As Hill Street is the
quickest route from Tullibody Road to Sunnyside Road, few people drive the
extra distance required to use Parkway. Even though traffic calming measures
have been installed in Hill Street along with a 20mph speed limit they are
insufficient to deter many drivers to avoid the congestion at the Parkway
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roundabout and those determined to use the shortest route.

Modifications sought by those submitting representations:

Colliers for Mactaggart and Mickel Homes Ltd. (CLDP079k) Believe that
their client's land holdings at Clackmannan can come forward as an additional
housing site and is a preferable allocation to Sauchie West and other sites
which they have listed at Forestmill and Carsebridge.

Alloa Community Council (CLDP163m) Some consideration must be given
on the increased traffic flow that the proposed developments in the Sauchie
area will create.

Summary of responses (including reasons) by Planning Authority:

Scottish Government (Historic Scotland) (CLDP070p) Remark is noted.
The Proposed LDP safeguards the setting of listed buildings. No changes are
therefore sought to the LDP.

Alloa Community Council (CLDP163m) The Proposed LDP has been
formulated in close working with our transportation planners and the Schedule
of Sites includes measures required to mitigate any unacceptable adverse
impacts from traffic in Alloa/Sauchie. No changes are therefore sought to
the LDP.

Colliers for Mactaggart and Mickel Homes Ltd. (CLDP079k) The Proposed
LDP has not allocated land south of Clackmannan for development since that
suggested additional land is prime agricultural land, has other constraints on
development as shown in the Designated Sites Map, and development there
would prejudice the purpose of the proposed green belt in that it would
adversely affect, to an unacceptable degree, the attractive rural setting of the
former county town of Clackmannan. The land lies beyond the designated
green belt of Clackmannan and in the countryside. Its allocation would be
contrary to Proposed LDP Policies SC23 - Development in the Countryside
and SC24 - Residential Development in the Countryside. The option of
whether to allocate their site at Meadowend is considered in more detail under
Issues 40 and 54. No changes are therefore sought to the LDP.

The allocation for housing development at Sauchie West is included in our
adopted Local Plan (the 1st Alteration to the Clackmannanshire Local Plan
(Housing land) (CD031) and this Proposed LDP continues with that allocation.
It is not a new allocation of land. The wider context of Colliers objection in this
regard is fully considered under Issue 40. No changes are therefore sought
to the LDP.

Reporters conclusions:

Reporters recommendations:

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