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Standardized to Rationalized Core Infrastructure

Customer Solution Case Study

Leading Brake System Manufacturer

Consolidates Resources With New

Overview “The Microsoft .NET Framework and state-of-

Country or Region: Italy
Industry: Manufacturing
the-art server components are the
foundations of our global environment.”
Customer Profile
Pierpaolo Crovetti, ICT Director, Brembo
Brembo is a European leader in the
planning and production of high- The people at fast-growing European manufacturer
performance brake systems and
components. The Brembo Group Brembo are required to collaborate and share
has factories in nine countries and knowledge to drive innovation in the planning and
employs more than 4,300 people.
Business Situation production of high-performance brake systems and
The company required an IT components. Owing to ever greater cross-border
infrastructure to increase
collaboration, knowledge sharing, expansion, employees needed an IT infrastructure that
and process fluidity for employees, would let them increase collaboration, knowledge
and to ensure future developments
were consolidated easily. sharing, and process fluidity. The company worked with
Solution the Microsoft account team to deploy a range of
The company deployed a range of
Microsoft® solutions to consolidate solutions and processes based on the Microsoft®
and standardize its infrastructure Infrastructure Optimization model. The new architecture
and provide increased, unrestricted
access to information. ensures the company benefits from a consolidated,
Benefits automated infrastructure where geographical and
 Company-wide file sharing
increases productivity. technical barriers are removed, and employees have
 Reduced maintenance costs. immediate access to company-wide information. In
 Improved development
environment. addition, Brembo has experienced increased
 Automated infrastructure reduces productivity and security with reduced maintenance
risk of errors.
Brembo is a leader in the design, The group’s IT department was asked
development, and production of to develop a plug-and-play solution
racing and aftermarket brake that would let Brembo rapidly open
components for the worldwide new units or consolidate existing
automotive industry. Established in plants with minimal disruption using
1961 in Bergamo, Italy, it has become transferable technology.
a global leader in brake technology
and systems, supplying many leading Solution
race teams and high-performance To achieve interconnection between
sports car manufacturers. its employees, the group embarked
on developing a uniform technological
Due to Brembo Group’s continuous environment, capable of providing
international expansion, which maximum flexibility and automation,
includes the opening of new while eliminating the need to develop

“The Microsoft .NET production units abroad, the group

required IT systems that would
an application architecture for
individual functional components.
Framework and support collaboration, knowledge

state-of-the-art sharing, and process fluidity. Brembo required a technology that

would provide a robust and scalable
server components The use of collaborative tools and solution to meet its current and future

are the foundations processes in Brembo’s various

international units is considered an
needs. It also needed seamless
interoperability as the group created
of our global essential ingredient for new units. To that end, the group

environment.” competitiveness, with IT operating as

a key element in a solid and
decided to standardize on Microsoft®
technology and processes outlined in
innovative business model. The the Microsoft Infrastructure
Pierpaolo Crovetti, ICT Director,
governance of this industrial group, Optimization Model. This set of
therefore, goes beyond the concept of processes helps organizations review
IT infrastructure as a cost centre. It the manageability and maturity of
defines an evolutionary model where existing IT tools while eliminating
IT systems are valued for their expensive, manual management
capacity to support business processes. The solution, which
strategies. includes the use of updated Microsoft
software, is designed to help
Pierpaolo Crovetti, ICT Director, organizations optimize and
Brembo, says: “The most important standardize IT infrastructures through
challenge in the current market the use of standards and policies that
scenario is that of increasing ensure easier management of
interconnection between people, computers and servers.
information, and processes, to
eliminate inefficiencies, and increase “The Microsoft .NET Framework and
the capacity to respond to changes.” state-of-the-art server components
are the foundations of our global automation that makes it possible to
environment,” says Crovetti. “The manage 1,000 computers in Italy and
solution uses Web services to help the more than 200 workstations in the
intranet portal to integrate legacy various foreign units. Brembo adopted
systems, workflow, and Computer a dynamic automated model to
Aided Design (CAD) applications, as support its Microsoft Windows® XP
well as document management and SP2 desktops and to assist
project management.” distribution of application
management services. This model
The portal was developed on a range expedited the start up of an important
of Microsoft solutions, including production structure in Poland, with
Microsoft Office SharePoint® Portal three plants and just one employee
Server 2003, Microsoft Commerce responsible for managing IT systems.
Server 2002, Active Directory®
directory services, Microsoft Systems Benefits
“We no longer need Management Server 2003, and Employees benefited from the
to acquire new Microsoft Content Management direction taken by the Brembo
Server 2002. Group’s IT department, which
software for provided maximum fluidity in
controlling The solution permits efficient circulating information among people
document management while and between internal and external
production, which maintaining a simple user interface. systems in the organisation.
has reduced our The intranet interface is the heart of
the Brembo Group’s collaborative Employees Gain Reliable Access
operational costs, architecture, supported by a Voice to Data
and also protects over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system People at the Brembo Group can gain
and Microsoft Office Live reliable access to company
intellectual Communications Server 2003 to information and applications,
expertise.” guarantee efficient and convenient whatever their location. Brembo has
communications. removed both geographical and
infrastructure barriers to create the
Pierpaolo Crovetti, ICT Director, “The uniform nature of the ideal conditions for continuous and
Brembo environment, based on Microsoft dependable access to company know-
Windows Server® 2003, made it how and back-office systems. “The
possible to manage the increase in platform, integrated on Microsoft
clients and application management technology, has stopped our reliance
services without the need to increase on proprietary systems for factory
head count in the IT department,” automation, and created a workflow
says Crovetti. capability to set-up centralized
management of production lines,”
The systems in all the local units are says Crovetti. “We no longer need to
now administered from the central acquire new software for controlling
headquarters, with a level of production, which has reduced our
operational costs, and also protects management tools and methods we
the intellectual expertise that adopted have helped us to reduce the
constitutes our main business level of IT support costs as a
resource.” proportion of turnover,” says Crovetti.
“The increase in
Improved Document Sharing application management services,
Boosts People Productivity and and client systems was achieved
Security without increasing the number of
The ultimate goal of the new IT people working on system
environment is to help people in management, which maintains a
different geographical areas to share favorable relationship between
documents. Using the rich file-sharing administration spending and
functionality of SharePoint Portal investment in applications
Server 2003, this process has been development. The new collaborative
simplified and improved. “We can tools also helped us to improve the
“We have now share information at will, which really quality of interaction between our
achieved complete improves productivity between employees, achieving significant
departments,” says Crovetti. reductions in communication costs.”
interoperability of
technical and He is also pleased with the increased Technicians Accelerate
security brought about by the new Development with Automated
planning documents architecture: “Our security policies Environment
between process take place with the minimum The new operational model lets
commitment of IT employees, Brembo’s IT workers meet extremely
engineers and ensuring complete protection of the short lead times for the
plants.” intellectual property that constitutes implementation of IT systems in local
the main reason for Brembo’s units. It has helped the company
success.” introduce plug-and-play
Pierpaolo Crovetti, ICT Director, implementation models with remote
Brembo IT Workers Reduce System management. “We’ve now achieved
Management Costs complete interoperability of technical
Instead of spending days visiting and planning documents between
various production units to change process engineers and plants. In the
desktops, IT workers can automate medium-to-short term we’re aiming
distribution of data and software for complete factory automation with
updates to people across the centralized control of the production
company. By adopting the latest cycle,” says Crovetti.
Microsoft technology, Brembo Group’s
IT team have reduced the time spent Integration of Systems Drives IT
on managing servers and client Team Innovation
systems. Just 30 people can centrally One of the challenges people face
support the IT systems of the large when trying to integrate information
global organisation. “The desktop from numerous systems is to do so in
For More Information a smooth and seamless way, which Microsoft Infrastructure
For more information about can provide greater innovation. The Optimisation
Microsoft products and services, call convergence of enterprise resource Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization
the Microsoft Sales Information planning (ERP) data and the planning is designed to help you build a secure,
Center at (800) 426-9400. In documents of the CAD applications well-managed, and dynamic core IT
Canada, call the Microsoft Canada have constituted another evolution of infrastructure, to reduce overall IT
Information Centre at (877) 568- the collaborative environment. In costs, make better use of IT
2495. Customers who are deaf or addition, the gradual introduction of resources, and become a strategic
hard-of-hearing can reach Microsoft computers in the production lines asset for the business. The
text telephone (TTY/TDD) services environment will result in the Infrastructure Optimization Model
at (800) 892-5234 in the United complete automation of factories, (basic, standardized, rationalized and
States or (905) 568-9641 in Canada. with a continuous flow of information dynamic) from Microsoft has been
Outside the 50 United States and between people at plants, developed using industry best
Canada, please contact your local management offices, and practices and Microsoft experience
Microsoft subsidiary. To access department. “The layer of integration with its enterprise customers. A key
information using the World Wide created on the .NET Framework will goal for Microsoft in creating the
Web, go to: www.microsoft.com support the new operating model, Infrastructure Optimization Model was
with a continuous and automated flow to develop a simple way to use a
For more information about Brembo of data between management mature framework that is flexible and
products and services, visit the Web systems, supply chains, and the can easily be used as the benchmark
site at: planning and control of production for technical capability and business
www.brembo.com/ENG machines,” says Crovetti. “Our value.
business relies principally on our
people and their ability to generate For more information about
ideas and create innovative products. Infrastructure Optimization, go to:
Thanks to Microsoft technology, www.microsoft.com/io
people who have ideas can now
collaborate with others, and put them
into practice.”

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